Character information on the cast of Angel Hunt's First Alternate Universe Storyline.


Name : [Actual] Jun | [Official] Jung Su Kim

Age : [Actual] 136+ | [Official] 14

Race : [Actual] Angel | [Official] Korean

Height | Weight : 5'10" | 145lbs

Hair : Snowy white

Eyes : Early dawn hued pink

Grade : First year

Homeroom : 01-A

Personality : Shy and withdrawn. Quiet with those he's not familiar with and often a little awkward. Despite his outward shy nature, he's very popular and has a lot of friends.

History : ...printing

Zephyr belongs to Evphaedrielle

Name : [Actual] Zephyr | [Official] Kjellen-Morika Zephyr

Age : [Actual] 36 | [Official] 14

Race : [Actual] Selestarri-Dark | [Official] Swedish-Japanese

Height | Weight : 6'0" | 160lbs

Hair : White-gold

Eyes : Midnight blue

Grade : First year

Homeroom : 01-A

Personality : Outgoing and friendly. Zeph has tons of friends and knows everyone. Heís always smiling and laughing and he cares very deeply about his friends. He often teases them, but always because he cares, never to actually hurt them. Due to his height and the fact that he comes across very mature, Zeph is often mistaken as older than his true age. He loves skateboarding and snowboarding and is often seen in the company of his headphones and music player.

History : Zeph was only very recently assigned to the school, a position that he basically gave himself after declaring to the Assembly and the Seeker that they would be sending him and offering little alternative. The reasoning given was that the Bright had sent two of their own, so the Dark should as well, however the true reasons have to do with an incident that Zeph was involved with on Nova during the previous month.

Zeph is well liked on Nova, despite the fact that heís related to Sashi, and while heís powerful magically and a natural fighter, heís also a bit of a troublemaker and has seen his fair share of detentions and punishments. Heís extremely lax about things like rules and authority figures and has no issues ignoring anything he doesnít wish to follow. Sashi is the one exception since Zeph loves his brother and will listen to him. He hates how the older Dark has been treated all his life and sticks up for him, even if it ends up getting him physically hurt.


Name : [Actual] Kealani/Lan | [Official] Hyun-ki Mun

Age : printing

Race : [Actual] Selestarri-Bright | [Official] Korean

Height | Weight : 6'1" | 160lbs

Hair : [masked] Black | [Actual] Pure white

Eyes : [Masked] Chocolate brown | [Actual] Summer yellow

Grade : Third year

Homeroom : 03-B

Personality : ...printing

History : ...printing

Sashi belongs to Evphaedrielle

Name : [Actual] Hisashi | [Official] Morika Hisashi

Age : [Actual] 43 | [Official] 17

Race : [Actual] Selestarri-Dark | [Official] Japanese

Height | Weight : 5'10" | 150lbs

Hair : Black

Eyes : Grey

Grade : Fourth year

Homeroom : 04-A

Personality : Standoffish and guarded. He doesnít smile or laugh and often looks distant from whatís happening around him. He plays the popularity game with the other students when necessary, but any emotion he shows is purely for their benefit and is completely fake. Heís often seen smoking and wears black framed glasses during class hours even though his vision is perfect. Heís the captain of the soccer team and top in his grade academically.

History : Sashi was assigned to the school two years ago by the Dark Selestarri Assembly. He cares little for the actual reports that heís forced to make and jumps through all the hoops because heíd rather be at the school than on Nova.

His childhood was difficult, filled with neglect by all the elders due to the strength of his magic. Their dislike trickled down to the kids and they drove it in to him with years of harsh words and blood. In order to cope, Sashi learned to fight and to keep himself protected behind thick walls, defenses that are all but automatic by the time heís a teenager. Zeph is the only exception, his presence tolerated, but itís very, very rare that Sashi opens up to him at all. He keeps the strength of his magic masked almost all of the time because he doesnít like the way that other Selestarri look at him when they realize just how powerful he is, and this is kept up at the school as well.


Name : [Actual] Taz | [Official] Chung-hee Song

Age : [Actual] Printing... | [Official] Printing...

Race : [Actual] Angel | [Official] Korean

Height | Weight : 6'0" | 158lbs

Hair : Pure white

Eyes : Dark silver

Grade : Second year

Homeroom : 02-B

Personality : Printing...

History : Printing...


Name : [Actual] Halacie | [Official] Soo-Yun Dahn

Age : [Actual] Printing... | [Official] Printing...

Race : [Actual] Selestarri-Bright | [Official] Korean

Height | Weight : 6'0" | 145lbs

Hair : [Natural] Green | [Masked] Dark brown

Eyes : [Natural] Orange | [Masked] Chocolate brown

Grade : Second year

Homeroom : 02-A

Personality : Printing...

History : Printing...

Innic belongs to Evphaedrielle

Name : Innic

Age : [Actual] 43 | [Official] 15

Race : [Actual] Selestarri-Dark | [Official] Danish

Height | Weight : 5'11" | 153lbs Printing...

Hair : blue-black

Eyes : Orange (masked between brown and green)

Grade : First year

Homeroom : 01-B (when visiting)

Personality : Quiet on initial meeting, which leads many to mistakenly believe that heís weak or shy. Innic is often very direct and honest and is not afraid to tell it like it is. Cool and almost clinically efficient when in a fight or discussing strategy. A brilliant tactician, but would rather spend his time reading ancient books.

History : Innic has had a fairly normal childhood on Nova. Similar to many Selestarri, he does not know who his parents are, nor if he has any siblings. Since they were very small, he has been best friends with Zephyr and he is particularly loyal to him. Throughout his training, the elders have taken a keen interest in Innicís tactical and strategic abilities, much to his unhappiness and in spite of his attempts to ignore them all completely. While he would rather be in the company of the librariesí oldest books on history, law, and politics, Innic does have many friends within his age group and generally no shortage of others willing to warm his bed.

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