Character information on the cast of Angel Hunt's Second Alternate Universe Storyline.


Name : [Actual] Jun | [Official] Jung Su Kim

Age : [Actual] 257+ | [Official] 23

Race : Angel | [Official] Korean

Height | Weight : 5'10" | 145lbs

Hair : Snowy white

Eyes : Early dawn hued pink

Faculty Position : Asian Languages Teacher

Personality : Outwardly cold, distant and disaffected. He maintains a strict straight faced facade, he doesn't smile, he doesn't laugh and rarely offers those around him more than a single curt word. Despite his distance, he has an ethereal air to him that draws both his students and fellow teachers in and even though he doesn't reciprocate, he's usually the center of attentions at any given time. Internally however, he's quite different than what he shows on the surface. He's a little withdrawn and slightly bitter about the circumstances surrounding his trial and punishment, but he's confident and sure of himself. He knows himself to be beautiful and fully accepts his place as a Divine, but unlike the rest of his race, he has some humility to him and is actually kind and fair at his core.

History : In his youth, Jun broke a law, got caught and was put on public trial for his crime. Due to the circumstances surrounding him at the time, he was given a choice that so few others in Angelic Society are given and that choice spared him a death sentence. Part of his punishment was to have his memories re-written and a seal placed over his heart to keep another from helping him to circumvent his punishments. The magic used was faulty however and he broke the seal himself shortly after it had been placed. After multiple attempts to replace it (the first few attempts being nothing short of torture) Jun realized that the High Council would not stop until they succeeded, even if it meant killing him in the process so he began playing along to keep himself from having to endure any more.

He's been kept alive simply to be used as leverage against a powerful threat to the Angelic Society (the same reason he was put on trial in the first place) and is stationed periodically on Earth to be used as bait whenever there's a suspected sighting. He's usually assigned a 'handler' to ensure his memory rewrites remain intact and he's the perfect programmed Angelic Soldier he's supposed to be. While most of his past handlers have cared little about him or his status, his current handler Taz has taken special care. Unable to convince Taz of his facade, he was discovered almost immediately after being being assigned and instead of reporting him as he should have, Taz instead began blackmailing Jun into his bed. He despises Taz and has no physical or emotional attraction to him whatsoever but he feels he's the lesser of two evils and has chosen to comply with his demands rather than risk being sent back home for another memory rewrite and more torture.

Zephyr belongs to Evphaedrielle

Name : [Actual] Zephyr | [Official] Zephyr Kjellen

Age : [Actual] 57 | [Official] 24

Race : [Actual] Selestarri-Dark | [Official] Swedish

Height | Weight : 6'3" | 180lbs

Hair : White-gold with black streaks

Eyes : Midnight blue with black spots

Faculty Position : European Languages Teacher

Personality : Outgoing and friendly. Zeph is well known amongst his coworkers and well-liked. He takes the time to know them and his neighbors at least by name because he recognizes that part of his assignment at the school is a social game as much as anything else. He cares deeply for his friends and loved ones and is intensely loyal. Alternatively, his manner while dealing with those outside his immediate friends or those hes conducting business with can be cold and chillingly serious. Most of the other Dark have a very thorough understanding that its a bad idea to cross Zeph, and while one may do so once and live, none have ever survived a second attempt.

History : Zeph had a fairly standard upbringing on Creperum Nova and is generally liked by the other Dark. Hes very strong magically and a gifted with weapons, one of the only Selestarri to hold equal ability as both a mage and a fighter since the Ancients, which has earned him quite a bit of respect, as well as fear. Created as the second part to a prophecy spoken by the Seeker, Zeph has always hated the way she attempted to manipulate him and began to resist her attempts early on in his life. Hes known since he was small that Sashi is his brother and loathes the way the older Dark is treated by the rest of their people and has always stood by him, even when hes gotten hurt in the process.

Zeph was assigned to the teaching position at this school by the convened full Assembly of both Bright and Dark Selestarri after he and Sashi narrowly missed assassinating the Seeker. In the wake of the failed attempt, he has terrible nightmares about killing his father, Sevyrikk, when he got in their way while fighting the Seeker. He also has moments when he falls into the memories of others that he absorbed while wielding his telepathy as a weapon during the fighting, losing track of where he is and how much time has passed in the present. The residual damage is something hes still working out.


Name : [Actual] Kealani | [Official] Lan Palakiko

Age : [Actual] 61 | [Official] 25

Race : [Actual] Selestarri-Bright | [Official] European

Height | Weight : 6'2" | 165lbs

Hair : Pure white

Eyes : Summer yellow

Faculty Position : Chemistry and Biology Teacher

Personality : Kind, patient and laid back. He always has a warm smile to offer and is the teacher everyone seems to go to when they want to talk. Hes got an unhealthy obsession with biology and chemistry and has been known to be a little extreme in his methods and very rarely can unnerve his students when he gets into those moods. Due to a spell gone awry when he was a child, his Selestarri magic was pushed almost into dormancy and a fire elemental magic infused into his core. The elemental magic itself has a personality of its own and can manifest separately from his body when his emotions are either too high or too low. Despite his outwardly warm and inviting personality, he's spent most of his life in isolation and while being a genuinely nice guy, he's very much alone.

History : Lan's childhood was relatively standard until his pre-teen years. He was raised on the Eyrie and was well liked amongst the adults and his peers. However, everything changed when he and his childhood friend Halacie came across a forbidden spell that promised to alter the compositions of their magical streams in order to harness elemental magic. It went terribly wrong and instead of harnessing fire like hed hoped, the spell completely ruptured his magical core and mutated what he is. He was engulfed completely and unable to control it, it resulted in Halacies death when he unintentionally incinerated her in the process. He survived himself, but he still has many scars from the incident, both physical and mental.

Because his actions were the direct cause of Halacie's death and because his newly attained elemental magic was so unstable, Lan was immediately isolated from the rest of his faction and kept alone. The adults began treating the accident as a crime he'd committed on purpose and he was subsequently quarantined and shunned. Unfortunately he blamed himself for his friend's death just as much as the others did and has extracted his own form of punishment by the refusal to mask the color of his eyes and his hair. Due to the unpredictability of his elemental magic, he's generally feared and treated with disdain by most in his factions, something that's hurt him deeply over the years. He took the assignment as Watcher to Sashi and Zephyr out of curiosity and has remained much longer than any of the previous Bright watchers for reasons that are his own. His faction's Assembly has allowed it because they aren't comfortable having him on the Eyrie due to the instability of his elemental magic and the fear that instability garners on a whole.

Sashi belongs to Evphaedrielle

Name : [Actual] Hisashi | [Official] Hisashi Morika

Age : [Actual] 65 | [Official] 27

Race : [Actual] Selestarri-Dark | [Official] Japanese

Height | Weight : 5'10" | 155lbs

Hair : Black

Eyes : Grey

Faculty Position : Psychology and Sociology Teacher

Personality : Bitter, withdrawn, and disinterested. Sashis always been quiet and separate, but since the failed coup, hes pulled away even more. The only time hes remotely affectionate or looks somewhat like he cares is with Zeph, but to anyone who doesnt know them, Sashi still comes off as slightly cold. He doesnt talk much, he smokes a lot [in his classroom, in his office, at faculty meetings, pretty much everywhere], and his glare is outdone only by his prevailing disaffected stare.

History : Sashis childhood and adolescence were filled with misery and neglect. From the time he was small and his extremely powerful magic began to develop, hes been branded as a monster. This was lead, in part, by the Incendia Seeker, who wished to separate Sashi from the rest of the faction in order to have free rein in manipulating him toward the fulfillment of her prophecy. The only break in his complete separation is Zeph, who has been by Sashis side from the moment they discovered they were brothers. He loves and cares for his brother and is very protective of the bond they have.

Sashi was assigned to the teaching position at this school by the convened full Assembly of both Bright and Dark Selestarri after he and Zeph narrowly missed assassinating the Seeker. During the fighting, he lost hearing in his left ear and partial sight in his left eye. As a teacher, hes completely disinterested in the students, and often gives lectures on the failure of humankind. His classes are popular despite the very real chance of developing cancer from secondhand smoke. The rest of the faculty generally keeps their distance given Sashis cold outward demeanor, and any time he does make a request, its complied with immediately.

Name : [Actual] Taz | [Official] Same

Age : [Actual] 556 | [Official] 30

Race : [Actual] Angel -Higher, Rank C | [Official] Russian American

Height | Weight : 6'0" | 158lbs

Hair : Pure white

Eyes : White

Faculty Position : Assistant Student Body and Faculty Counselor

Personality : Hes very cold and calculating, typical for his race. Despite the constant smirk that tends to grace his lips, he's the equivalent of a sociopath in terms of personality. He's very good at playing the game and unlike Jun, can smile genuinely and install a false sense of friendship in any who speak to him. His views of humans and those he deems to be beneath him are no different than any other of his race and he feels little to no remorse when it comes to the suffering of others. He's a little sadistic, opportunistic, enjoys playing games and will do or say anything if he thinks it will get him what he wants.

History : Taz is a powerful Angel whos worked his way up the ranks over the years, achieving a low level Higher status as a relatively young age. He purposefully got himself assigned to Jun as his Handler once he learned his history because he has some grand ideas about using Jun for his own means in order to capture and exploit the (legendary) powerful being that fell in love with him. Tazs ideas are to eventually run the High Council and he sees Jun as the perfect opportunity in actually achieving it. He enjoys exploiting Jun both mentally and physically, and takes every opportunity to remind him of what he holds over his head. In some ways hes attached to the other Angel on a base emotional level and he enjoys sleeping with Jun immensely (even more so because he knows Jun doesn't reciprocate), but mainly he sees the younger Angel as a means to an end.

As a councilor, he's generally seen with indifference by most staff as he spends more time absent than in the position itself. Students like him due to his outwardly friendly disposition, but have an innate fear of his counseling sessions for reasons not one of them can either explain or understand. Despite the fact that he's also been assigned a cover as faculty councilor, the only teacher he's ever seen actually counseling has been Jun. Very little questions are ever asked.

Name : [Actual] Innic | [Official] Innic Lindegaard

Age : [Actual] 57 | [Official] 24

Race : [Actual] Selestarri-Dark | [Official] Danish

Height | Weight : 6'2" | 170 lbs

Hair : Blue-black

Eyes : Orange

Faculty Position : Political Science/Law Teacher

Personality : Direct and blunt, sometimes sarcastic. Innic is not one to sugarcoat or tread lightly on a subject, preferring to lay things out as they are and get right to the heart of a matter. Hes not immune to sensitive subjects or the feelings of others, he just thinks that most things can and should be dealt with directly. Despite, or possibly because of this, hes well-liked amongst the rest of the faculty. The few he chooses as friends, hes fiercely loyal to, especially Zeph.

History : Innic had a fairly standard upbringing on Creperum Nova. Hes a natural with weapons, and is a brilliant tactician, the best within the Selestarri in several centuries. However, as gifted as he is at fighting and strategy, Innic is much more interested in studying law and history and having political debate. Hes honed his skills with weapons out of necessity, but hed rather be tucked in with an ancient book of political theory. Innic and Zeph have been best friends since they learned to walk, and he was instrumental in planning the first assassination attempt on the Incendia Seeker. When it failed, Innic saw to it that he was assigned as the watcher representative from their faction. He also heads up the group within the Dark that opposes the Seekers group and actively champions Sashi and Zeph in the Assembly meetings as both the Bright and the Dark try to decide what to do next. He enjoys teaching his classes and is known for his challenging coursework and strict grading system. Not afraid to call kids out on their bullshit, they generally either love him as a teacher or hate him.

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