Character information on the cast of Angel Hunt's Fourth Alternate Universe Storylines.


Name : Jun

Age : [PreDeath] 257+ | [Rebirth] Less than 10

Race and Rank/Position : [PreDeath] Angel, sealed. Lower class, Rank C | [Rebirth] Angel, Higher. 1st Class, Rank B

Height | Weight : [PreDeath] 5'10" | 145lbs [Rebirth] 6'0" | 160lbs

Hair : Snowy white

Eyes : [PreDeath] Early dawn hued pink | [Rebirth] White with pink streaks

Personality : ...printing

History and Relationships : ...printing

Zephyr belongs to Evphaedrielle

Name : Zephyr

Age : [PreDeath] 57 | [Rebirth] ...printing

Race : [ReDeath] Selestarri-Dark | [Rebirth] Incendia Seeker, Dark Selestarri

Height | Weight : [PreDeath] 6'3" | 170lbs [Rebirth] ...printing

Hair : [PreDeath White-gold | [Rebirth] White-gold, ends pitch black

Eyes : [PreDeath] Midnight blue | [Rebirth] Pitch black

Personality : Cold and distant. As the Seeker he has a reputation as a fair leader, but brutal when crossed. He is unfailingly loyal to those he loves and those who have earned his trust. Zeph does not smile or laugh and seems to find very little joy in life.

History and Relationships : Zephyrís creation was engineered to fulfill a prophecy spoken by the Incendia Seeker, the spiritual leader of the Dark Selestarri. His father, Sevyrikk, a Bright who slowly lost his sanity, tricked the partners, Akadrienne and Kethtria, into creating two children in a mad bid to hasten the Empyrean Prophecy. Despite this early purpose, Zephyr lived a very normal childhood on Aureus Eyrie with his best friends, Innic, Mijah, and Alyvanne. He befriended Sashi, not knowing that they are half-brothers. When he was a very young teenager, Sevyrikk kidnapped Zephyr and forced him to watch the murder of Akadrienne and Kethtria only to be killed by Zephyr immediately after, revealing the Empyrean Prophecy and his relationship to Sashi in his dying breaths. Slowly growing disaffected with the Bright, he was manipulated by the Incendia Seeker, in the guise of Grey, into choosing to leave the Eyrie, alienating his best friends and lovers in the process and fleeing to Hong Kong. Zephyr spent the next several years with Grey, believing the Dark to be a mentor and teacher, only to learn the truth when he was almost killed by Grey during his reunion with Sashi. After a forced fifteen-month coma, he returned to Earth, meeting and falling in love with Jun. Shortly after his return, he and Sashi confronted the Seeker, warning her to stay away from them, and Zeph kept watch over her from afar, using her own networks to spy.

He and Jun spent the next several years living in several countries, clubbing, partying, and just being in love. Before long the Seeker began to once again plot manipulation of the brothers, and they retaliated, gathering allies and seeking to push her from power once and for all. Bloody encounters with the Seekerís agents became much more frequent the harder they pushed, and it was in one such battle that Jun was killed. Sorrow and grief overwhelmed Zeph, but with Sashi and Innicís help he killed the Seeker and assumed her title and responsibilities. Ten years has passed, and three times Zeph has attempted suicide and three times heís failed. The loss of the one he loves is still sharp, and although he completes his responsibilities as necessary, he grows colder and more distant with each passing day and wants nothing more than to escape into death.

Innic belongs to Evphaedrielle

Name : Innic

Age : ...printing

Race : [PreDeath] Selestarri-Bright | [Rebirth] Selestarri-Dark

Height | Weight : 6'2" | 165lbs

Hair : Blue black

Eyes : Sunset orange

Personality : Direct and blunt, sometimes sarcastic. Innic is not one to sugarcoat or tread lightly on a subject, preferring to lay things out as they are and get right to the heart of a matter. Heís not immune to sensitive subjects or the feelings of others, he just thinks that most things can and should be dealt with directly. The few he chooses as friends, heís fiercely loyal to, especially Zephyr.

History and Relationships : Innic had a fairly standard upbringing on Aureus Eyrie. Heís a natural with weapons and is a brilliant tactician, the best within the Selestarri in several centuries. However, as gifted as he is at fighting and strategy, Innic is much more interested in studying law and history and having political debate. Heís honed his skills with weapons out of necessity, but heíd rather be tucked in with an ancient book of political theory. Innic and Zephyr have been best friends since they learned to walk, but their friendship came to a screeching halt when Zephyr left the Eyrie when they were teenagers. Terrified of losing him, Innic turned his back on the one he loved, and they did not speak until shortly before becoming adults. Once reunited, their friendship was slowly renewed and Innic spent a lot of time with Zephyr and Jun even as his own responsibilities on the Eyrie increased. Innic was the youngest Selestarri ever named as general of the Bright armies, which placed him in a unique position to aid his best friend against the Incendia Seeker.

After Junís death, Innic spent more and more time with his grieving best friend. When Zephyr attempted to kill himself the second time, Innic left the Bright and defected to the Dark, concerned that if he didnít take direct action he would lose the only person he really cares for. He and Zephyr swore the oaths of partnership and he has remained close to him for eight years.


Name : Haniel

Age : ...printing

Race and Rank/Position : Angel, Higher. Upper Class, Rank A

Height | Weight : 6'0" | 170lbs

Hair : Snow White

Eyes : White

Personality : ...printing

History and Relationships : ...printing

Carrow belongs to Evphaedrielle

Name : Carrow

Age : ...printing

Race : Selestarri - Dark

Height | Weight : 6'0" | 160lbs

Hair : Honey blonde shot through with streaks of bright orange and red

Eyes : Amber

Personality : Outgoing, friendly, and loud. Carrow gets along well with almost everyone and often tells jokes or stories to amuse others. He is dedicated and loyal to those he chooses.

History and Relationships : Carrow was raised at the South Towers of the Eyrie, but left shortly after becoming an adult. It was a plan heíd had since discovering his small abilities as an Ivna, a defection to the Streaked to protect himself, and one he laid out with meticulous care. Given his speed and dexterity, Carrow was a natural thief, and he traveled the world stealing all manner of items, sometimes for the payout and sometimes just for the fun of it. Less than a year into his exile, he crossed paths with Serienne, one of the Incendia Seekerís inner circle, during a heist. She took an interest in him and they ran several more thefts together before she offered him a place within the Dark faction. Carrow accepted, but didnít realize until it was too late that his unquestioning loyalty to the Seeker was part of the bargain. His resistance encouraged Serienne to pry into his life, and she began to heavily suspect that he was an Inva. A confrontation between the two of them ended with Serienne dead, killed by Carrow to protect himself, and it wasnít long after that an enraged Seeker had him hauled up to Nova. After months of imprisonment and torture, he escaped the twin fortresses and fled to the northern part of Nova. With both wings broken he managed to evade those sent to track him down, trekking through the wilderness only to accidentally pass out close to the Caeli Tower. Upon waking, he told his story to Olier, the de facto leader of the Dark Wardens, just before the Seekerís people arrived to demand his return. With his own reasons to hate the Seeker, the older Dark refused and instead swore the oaths of partnership with Carrow to keep him safe. In return he remains at the Caeli Tower to protect Olier and the other Wardens.

With their hatred of the Seeker, Carrow and Olier were natural allies for Zeph and Sashi when they began their coup. With them came the strength of the Dark Wardens, the involvement out of character for the normally reticent sect, but instrumental in the Seekerís downfall. Once Zeph assumed the title, the partners became some of his closest advisors.

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