Information on the cast of Angel Hunt's Crossover Game Storyline
(These profiles start in 2010 and go on from there)


Name : Fanuel [ Fawn - oo - el ]

Birthday : n/a [Was over 400 at time of sealing. Sealed for a few thousand years]

Hair : Shoulder length pure white, layered with side swept bangs.

Eyes : 1 pure white [white iris, black pupil], 1 missing [left side]

Voice : Melodic, masculine with fluid undertones. Abrasive at times when he's pissed.

Wings : Pure white, feathered.

Height/Weight : 6'0" | 170lbs

Race : Angel. Forced Higher status a couple of years prior to meeting Cade

Features : Face is completely scarred, but he’s able to keep the right half masked. The left side he can’t due to his missing eye, so his bangs usually cover this. If he were to drop the complete seal, it would show his entire face to be scarred in wide, criss-crossing and deliberate slashes.

Weaponry/Abilities : Large silver Glaive. Healing. Weapons summons. Very limited magical knowledge. Highly honed sense of smell.

Personality : arrogant, cocky, easily irritated and angered. He’s got a hair trigger on his temper and lacks the discipline to keep himself in check. He’s single minded a lot of the times and it takes a great deal [and the right personality] to get his thinking elsewhere. He’s a top, with a bit of a bottom complex [meaning, he’s usually a top but can be controlled despite it and on occasion, ends up in a bottom position because of it] He prefers males because he comes from an all male society and needs a strong personality to override his own.

He swears like a mofo- when he’s pissed and his general disposition is angry. When really mad, he reverts to Angelic without realizing it. He finds most humans and all Demons to be Lower filth, and he’s open and vocal about that to a fault. He enjoys drinking [a habit he picked up while in the White City] and when really drunk, loosens up considerably and can almost be considered sane. He’ll fight anything and anyone that pushes him and pushing him is easy because of his temper. He has no problems with killing or maiming whatever he’s fighting because his value on life is pretty much limited to his race and his brother. Despite his genetic makeup, he’s a good guy beneath it all, it’s just that there’s so much covering that seeing beyond his bigotry is difficult [and by difficult, I mean near impossible unless you have the patience]

Relationships : Twin brother to Fuan and harbors deep seeded, unrequited feelings for him. In 2010, he met prophetek's Cade in a bar after being dragged to his world on Saiyuri's whim. The feelings he's beginning to harbor towards the other man are growing faster than he'd ever care to admit...


Name : Saiyuri [ Sigh - yer - ee ]

Birthday : n/a

Hair : Jet black in various styles depending on her mood.

Eyes : Deep flawed red.

Voice : smooth and liquidy, often resembles a 20's starlet of sorts.

Wings : n/a [does favor producing white or black wings when she wants to because she finds them pretty]

Height/Weight : 5'5" | 120lbs

Race : [Race unknown]

Features : her chest size tends to change depending on her mood. Usually shifts between very large to gigantor.

Weaponry/Abilities : Before form, she and her sister’s abilities closely mirrored their fathers, before form, there was very little that could actually damage her and at that point, possessed an infinite amount of abilities that included, but was not limited to: shapeshifting, mind hopping, dimension hopping, spacial hopping, uncharted magic use, weapons summons and telepathy.

Once she was solidified, many of her abilities became limited or nonexistent for a long period of time afterwards. Currently, she has regained most of what was taken from her, though her shapeshifting is limited to an extent. While she can shift, she can no longer change her voice as Hesue and Io can, and so when in male form, she sounds male in a way that’s uniquely her own, and when in female form, she sounds uniquely female as well.

Personality : flighty, arrogant, fun loving, flippant, destructive, flaky, overbearing, has little care for who she hurts so long as she’s having fun. Doesn’t prefer one sex to another [doesn’t look at the shell, sees only what lies beyond] flirtatious, cocky, easily bored and easily entertained. She has little true emotional attachment to anyone or anything and pretty much goes where ever her whims take her. She has a hair trigger in temperament. Can be easy going and relaxed in one moment, then set off and destructively angry in another. Mainly she’s just out to have a good time and will go to great lengths to seek it.

Relationships : Hesue's daughter [his fractured piece]. Twin sister to Megumi. Currently she's found her way over to prophetek's world and is having a spot of fun with his Bella and Liz. Where this fun takes them all remains to be seen.

Belongs to prophetek

Name : Cadeyrn [ Cah – der - n ] | Cade [ Kayd ]

Birthday : 24th August 687CE

Hair : Natural black

Eyes : Fire Orange

Voice : Deep calming tones with a strong accent resembling Irish

Wings : Dark leathery demon wings

Height/Weight : 6’4” | 190lbs

Race : Undead Half-Demon

Features : Pointed horns protruding from the forehead, roguish smirk and large strong hands. Has a long angry scar on his chest over the length of his heart, and aligned on his back where an angel’s blade ran him through.

Weaponry/Abilities : Fights with a long sword, but is also skilled with knives and spears, Flight (via wings), Fire Magic (expert), Hand to Hand combat (expert), Weapons combat (expert), Controlled Healing (intermediate), Telepathy (basic), Telekinesis (very basic)

Personality : Self-assured, cock-sure, brazen and often hedonistic. Cade is often too cocky for his own good, unwilling to back down from a challenge and unable to admit he has his limitations.

He knows what he likes and isn’t ashamed to go after it with an almost complete dismissal of all else of importance. Cade believes he is quite charming, and often is in his own way, but when he’s not after something, or when it suits his purposes he becomes far more laid back and able to cut through the bullshit. Sexually experimental he’ll try most things once, but prefers to be the center of attention, whether that’s top of bottom he doesn’t mind, but will quickly default to top if his partner is not aggressive enough.

He prefers men to women as he was raised in a time where men were an unquestioned power, though through his mother’s influence he never developed a negative view of women and is willing to give one just as much of a chance. He’ll tell you he’s not interested in commitment, but in reality he’s simply afraid of compromising himself for it, and with Byrne always in wait for him, has no burning desire to overcome that fear.

He considers most men and women playthings for his amusement, but occasionally one is fiery enough to bite back, and this is when he truly pays attention, though to date has only been disappointed.

Cade likes fighting, drinking, playing poker and magic tricks, many of which involve demon fire magic which he’s not supposed to show off in public. He has a seething grudge against angels for his own assassination, and the countless other war crimes against his race, but has not seen true battle against them apart from his own slaying.

If one can get past his utter self-concern he’s actually quite caring deep down, but not many penetrate that barrier long enough to see the benefit of this fact, however those he cares about he will protect fiercely and to the death.

At the end of the day Cade enjoys the challenge, and as a result will push himself further than most others would ever dare, because of this, some day he will be far more powerful than even he expects.

Relationships : Son to Bella and Mael (the High King of Ireland in the late 7th Century). Has a long term companionship with Byrne, a death spirit who he met as a boy and who saved him upon his death, forming a friendship which turned into a strange and open relationship when Cade grew to develop such feelings. Cade sleeps with anyone he wishes and thinks nothing of it as few truly catch his eye for long, however occasionally he meets individuals who spark his interest more than a one night stand. Had a short fling with Flayrah’s Sasha that he maintains meant nothing to him, but most recently is in some serious denial about the way he’s beginning to feel about Fanuel after the two started a very heated brawl in a local bar.

Belongs to prophetek

Name : Belial [ Bel - i - al ] | Bella Malkain [ Bel - la Mal - kayne ] | Lucifer [ Loo – si – fer ]

Birthday : Came into being 17th May 2986BCE

Hair : Natural Black

Eyes : Cool arresting blue

Voice : Husky and confident, often sounds like a sultry old Hollywood actress or lounge singer

Wings : Dark leathery demon wings

Height/Weight : 6'10" (hooves) - 6'5" (human appearance) / 185lbs

Race : First Generation Demon

Features : Large cloven hooves, dark bone horns, voluptuous busty figure

Weaponry/Abilities : Prefers to fight with two sharp Katars, but is also skilled with many bladed and blunt weapons, Flight (via wings), Shadow Manipulation (expert), Shadow Step (expert), Fire Magic (expert), Hand to Hand combat (expert), Weapons combat (expert), Controlled Healing (expert), Telepathy (expert), Telekinesis (intermediate), Other forms of demon magic (intermediate upwards)

Personality : Arrogant, sly and seductive Bella is convinced of her own superiority, and will rarely back down from any challenge to prove it. She always needs the upper hand in any situation and has a severe fear of being not in control, something which she overcomes for very few people. Bella has long ago realized that there are few things in her life that she truly cares about, so she enjoys them to the best of her ability while she is able to. These “vices” include sex, food, cigars, and her family, though she considers the last somewhat of an unavoidable weakness.

Brash and often cold and jaded, Bella does not humor weakness, and respects only those who are truly powerful. Bella does not prefer any sex or gender to another and looks beyond the physical shell, but is hugely attracted to power, and the only thing that turns her on more is having power over the powerful. Bella has boiled down her life to the things that she loves and is not embarrassed about what she wants; she is an unashamed seductress, a ruthless fighter and a cold hearted business woman and whenever possible, always gets what she wants.

Relationships : Mother to Cadeyrn, In a long term, but open relationship with Lisette. After a chance encounter, is becoming quickly entangled with Saiyuri as well. Bella has had countless lovers throughout the years, but tends to shy away from long term attachments by nature.

Belongs to prophetek

Name : Lisette de Beaumanoir [ Li - zet de Bow - man - wah ]

Birthday : 30th December 1774CE

Hair : Blackwith blue dreads

Eyes : Violet

Voice : Soft and feminine, much to her disgust

Wings : None, but she envies all those who do and considers them very attractive.

Height/Weight : 6'6" | 170lbs

Race : Human turned Vampire

Features : Lithe and tall she takes pride in her body, modified by the change for hunting and speed. She has tattoos across her arms, back, chest and hips, each with a special meaning to her and piercings on her ears, tongue, belly button, and sometimes nipples.

Weaponry/Abilities : Telepathy (basic to intermediate), Speed, Strength and enhanced sight and hearing.

Personality : Lisette is cocky, sultry and bold. She has a penchant for excess and a lust for her own satisfaction that drives her far beyond many expectations. Many find her cold or confronting, but under her brash surface a sweet and loving side hides away, reserved for very few whom she feels a real connection. She is a natural flirt, even with men whom she has no interest in, and often uses this to her advantage. She is naturally a leader and is sexually dominant in many of her short term flings, but as time goes on and her sweeter side comes out she falls naturally into a more neutral position, comfortable with taking the lead or being led herself.

Above all Liz enjoys a good time, and as such is a frequent traveler and is almost always out on the town, taking in a show, seeing a band or spending time with a lover.

Relationships : All of Liz’s blood relatives are now dead, however unbeknownst to her she belongs to the same line of Vampires as kawaiimon’s Pavel, Svetlana, Anastasia, Phoenix and Avel. Lisette is only interested in woman and due to her personality and busy schedule tends to start many casual relationships of which she truly follows up on very few. She has formed a close but open long term relationship with Bella after meeting her in the 1970s at her club in Paris and the pair spend as much of the year together as their busy schedules allows. Recently Liz has met and formed a new relationship with Seijikat’s Amanita, and as a result is now entering business negotiations with Cire. On a planned trip to visit Bella she stumbled across her lover with Saiyuri and true to form capitalized on the situation, only time will tell how this new turn of events will pan out.

Belongs to prophetek

Name : Byrne [ Burn ]

Birthday : ...printing

Hair : ...printing

Eyes : ...printing

Voice : ...printing

Wings : ...printing

Height/Weight : ...printing

Race : ...printing

Features : ...printing

Weaponry/Abilities : ...printing

Personality : ...printing

Likes : ...printing

Dislikes : ...printing

Relationships : ...printing

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