Information on the cast of Angel Hunt's Modern Day Storylines.
(Beginning in Year 2003)


Name : Megumi Takashi [ Meh - goo - mee Tah - Kah - She ]

Birthday : February 14, 1982

Hair color : Black

Eyes : Deep ocean blue

Height/Weight : 5'3" | 105lbs

Race : Human + [information locked]

Weaponry/Abilities : [Information Locked]

Personality : Megumi is a quiet broody. She always seems to be detached from everything, she rarely shows emotions and doesn't speak all that often. When she looks at you, it's more so she's looking through you as if you are a pane of glass. She'll often answer thoughts not said outloud when in conversation, though she doesn't exactly realize she's doing it. She's content to be by herself.

Relationships : Older sister to Kazuya and Jun (Jun, by adoption). The only girl in the immediate branch of the Takashi household. Technically Saiyuri's twin sister. Married via business arrangement to Jenova (in name only) in 2008.


Name : Kazuya Takashi [ Kah - zoo - yah Tah - Kah - She ]

Birthday : July 7, 1999

Hair : Very light blonde.

Eyes : Light blue

Height/Weight : 4'5" | 65lbs

Race : Human

Weaponry/Abilities : None.

Personality : Kazuya is a normal boy, he's very protective of Megumi because he feels that even though she doesn't protest the roles enforced on her by their family, she should be free to choose her own path in life. He doesn't like how his family runs things and wants no part of it other than his name. He's very outspoken and a little stubborn.

Relationships : Younger brother to Megumi and Jun (Jun, by adoption). Only biological son in the immediate branch of the Takashi household.


Name : Jun Takashi [ June Tah - Kah - Shi ]

Birthday : Officially February 1, 1980 [actual birthday is n/a]

Hair : Naturally pure white. Dyed pink bangs.

Eyes : Early dawn hued pink

Height/Weight : 5'10" | 145lbs

Race : Angel

Features : 'Natural' pink eyes. Tummy tattoo. Belly ring. Pure white wings.

Weaponry/Abilities : 9 ring broad sword. Limited healing. Low level magic. Limited telepathy. Highly honed sense of smell.

Personality: Jun is by all means a normal teenager. He can be very prideful and outspoken, but there are many times that his insecurities show and you will see his shy side. He comes across as pretty sure of himself, but in fact he has always been a bit detached from everything and everyone. He's very protective of the ones he loves.

Relationships : Older brother by adoption to Megumi and Kazuya. Boyfriend to Evphaedrielle's Zephyr. Taz's best friend.


Name : Jenova [ Jeh - noe - vah ]

Birthday : n/a

Hair : Pure white

Eyes : Flawless Crimson

Height/Weight : 6'4" | 195lbs

Race : Demon [ancient, predates the current Demon Clans. Rumored 'First']

Features : Long Glass-Like Claws. Very clear red eyes. Large Black feathered wings with iridescent shine. Pure white hair [Unseen in Demon clans]. Highly honed sense of smell.

Weaponry/Abilities : Elongated Katana [also known as a nodatchi]. Extensive Telepathy, uncharted magic use. Uncharted regeneration and Healing abilities. Speed. Strength

Personality : Arrogant, cocky, extremely stubborn, sure of himself, confident beyond belief [he does not second guess himself or his choices and very rarely regrets a decision made]. Chaotic and unpredictable at times. He comes across as very cold and unfeeling, doesn't speak unless he has to and won't bother wasting his time on the majority of the population. He finds little worth in much of anyone, and usually has an agenda of his own when he does actually speak to those around him. He doesn’t care about anything or anyone save one person <-Fuan. He won’t think twice about killing whatever either annoys him or is in his way at the time. He will do anything he deems necessary to protect the ones he actually does care about, including and not limited to destroying everything around them if he feels it to be a threat, [friends, foes, he won’t distinguish as he has no attachment to anything but what he loves].

He will however attempt to appease them up until a point and do things diplomatically, [as well as care by proxy], but again, the moment this method begins to fail, he will simply resort to his own solutions [and his solutions are usually very black and white and irreversible]. He has a twisted sense of humor and when he gets very bored will drink to pass the time [it doesn't actually effect him, but he enjoys the game].

Relationships : Hesue's "creation". Married to Megumi in 2008 [in name only] via a business arrangement.


Name : Fuan [ Foo - on ]

Birthday : [PreDeath] n/a [he was just over 400 at time of Death] | [PostDeath] 21 as of 2006

Hair : Pitch black.

Eyes : His left eye is pitch black, his right is missing.

Height/Weight : 5'9" | 140lbs

Race : [PreDeath] Angel | [PostDeath] Human

Features : Missing Right eye completely [no pupil or iris] Many body scars

Weaponry/Abilities : Twin straight swords, pre-death. As as Angel Fuan's abilities included Telepathy. Healing. Weapons summons and extensive magic use. As a Human he can only project with Telepathy and is unable to use his weapons.

Personality : Fuan is a drama queen. He can be selfish but also very giving when it suits him. He's possessive of what he views as his. He's prideful and doesn't like to admit when he's wrong. He likes to be in charge but lacks the will to do it when he's around certain people [Jenova]

Relationships : Twin brother to Fanuel.


Name : Fanuel [ Fawn - oo - el ]

Birthday : n/a [Was over 400 at time of sealing. Sealed for a few thousand years]

Hair : Light silver until 2010. Now pure white.

Eyes : his right eye was dark silver until 2010. It's now pure white, his left is missing.

Height/Weight : 6'0" | 170lbs

Race : Angel. Status - Higher [forced status rank by Hesue's Other in 2010]

Features : Missing Left eye completely [no pupil or iris], extensive facial scars, half hidden on seeing eye side [scars cover his entire face]. Pure white wings.

Weaponry/Abilities : Large silver Glaive. Healing. Weapons summons. Very limited magical knowledge. Highly honed sense of smell.

Personality : Fanuel is an asshole, pretty typical for his kind. He's a very possessive person, he hates being wrong and is extremely prideful to the point of dying before admitting he's at fault. He has a jealous personality that's gotten him into trouble more times that he can count. He's very passionate in general and his emotions can usually be read on his face at any time. Typical to his race, he's a elitist to the extreme. He's good at talking shit and has some serious anger management issues he's never bothered trying to overcome. Despite this though and buried beneath all the bravado, there's a good guy somewhere inside. Most are unable to work past his asshole-ish ways though and very few ever see that aspect of him.

Relationships : Twin brother to Fuan.


Name : Hesue [ He - Soo - Ay ]

Birthday : n/a | age/timeless

Hair : Black

Eyes : Solid cobalt blue with an iridescent shine [he has no distinct pupil, iris or eye white]

Height/Weight : 4'11" | n/a

Race : [Race unknown]

Weaponry/Abilities : Shape shifting. Mind hopping. Mind control. Un-charted magic use. Telepathy. Can create (souless life) when united with his Other. Un-charted other abilities. Technically Formless [his body and his solidity is little more than projected thought]

Personality : Hesue’s only real concern is having fun. He is selfish, unbelievably cruel and extremely carefree. The only other thing in existence that he truly holds emotion for is his Other, [who he both loves and hates at the same time]. He feels a measure of attachment for his daughter [Saiyuri] and his Other’s daughter, but it’s easily forgotten whenever the mood hits him. He’s fickle, forgetful, [he can forget things for years, tens of years, even thousands at a time], and unless you can keep his interest, he has no issues with killing/maiming/mutilating/all of the above you until you “break”. He thinks of all life beyond his own, his Other and their daughters as “toys” and treats them as such when he wants to “play”.

He tends to pick favorites and he will remain interested in them for as long as they can hold his attention, but will not hesitate is breaking them the moment they become boring to him. His current favorite, [and by current I mean, he’s had this favorite since he created him], is Jenova and due to the fact that Jenova is very obstinate and refuses to bend to his will, so he's been able to hold Hesue’s attention far longer than any other toy of his in the past. He's gender neutral [just as his body is an illusion, so is his projections of gender] yet prefers the male form, but will often don girly clothing and ruffle bum undies because he finds them cute, which too are nothing more than a projected illusion.

Relationships : Saiyuri's daddy. Technically Megumi's uncle. His Other's, Other half.


Name : Saiyuri [ Sigh - yer - ee ]

Birthday : n/a | Ageless/Timeless

Hair : It varies according to her whims. Currently it's black.

Eyes : This also varies according to her whims. Currently they are tainted red.

Height/Weight : [Current form] 5'5" | 120lbs

Race : [Race unknown]

Weaponry/Abilities : She has two sets of weapons that she alternates between depending on her moods. The first set is a pair of Silver Sais with gold inlaid handles. The second is a short sword very similar to a Roman Gladiator sword. [Silver and heavy, with a short thick blade]. Saiyuri's abilities closely mirror Hesue and Io's before she was semi locked into form. At present she has limited shape shifting abilities [she can shift, but it takes her longer due to what was done at her banishment]. Extensive telepathy. Healing abilities. Extensive magic usage. Illusionary magic. Dimension hopping.

Personality : Saiyuri is outgoing and obnoxious. She's a spoiled brat, likes to get her own way and gets angry when she doesn't. She can be very calm and collected one moment then fly off in a rage in another. She's flighty and likes to have fun even at other people's expenses... mostly at other people's expenses... especially at other people's expenses <_<; -she can be serious. Sometimes... if it suits her... really it depends on her mood at that particular point in time.

Relationships : Hesue is Saiyuri's daddy. Literally. She is a fractured piece of him. Technically Megumi's twin sister.


Name : Taz

Birthday : Officially June 23, 1985 [actual is n/a]

Hair : Pure white

Eyes : Very light silver

Height/Weight : 6'0" | 160lbs

Race : Angel

Weaponry/Abilities : Elongated Sabre. Basic healing. Mid level magic. Highly honed sense of smell.

Personality : Taz comes across as easy going and somewhat flippant as long as you are on his good side, but he can turn downright nasty the moment you set him off (though it does take a whole lot for this side of him to show). Like most of his race, he's arrogant and a bit of an elitist, even if he doesn't take himself very seriously. He's loyal and giving to those he calls friends and while he tends to subscribe to the diplomatic side in his approaches over the 'draw first, think later' that's common with his people, he will not hesitate to fight if he feels the need. While he tends to exhume an air of nonchalance, in truth he's very calculating and takes every single situation he steps into with a seriousness that's usually hidden behind disarming smiles and casual words.

Relationships : Jun's best friend.

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