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Modern Day | Meetings

The small coffee shop is busy and bustling, the collective murmur of voices from patrons locked in conversation –everything from passing fancies, to the weather, to invites to dinner parties, social gatherings, clubs and beyond fills the air with an overall static buzz.

Amidst the clinking of chinaware and rustling of papers, of keyboards clicking or phones screens being tapped, nestled back towards the far spanning windows of the building is a small table where two occupants sit who both stand out and somehow don’t, two cups of coffee set between them with small wispy tendrils of steam rising from within.

Mid-back length, pure white strands of the taller of the pair are pulled back into a neat ponytail held at the nape of his neck while even cut bangs frame the sight line of deep silver eyes cast downwards to the papers in his hands. The other's chin length pink dyed fringe is held by small black clips from matching hued eyes that are locked on the cup at his front, his short white spiked hair practically glowing in the afternoon sun that shines in on them both. One is dressed casually in a pair of loose fitting jeans slung low on his trim hips and a wide necked white sweater draping his torso, while in contrast, the other wears tight black bondage pants held to his structured body sitting just beneath a hidden tattoo and naval piercing by a wide studded belt, his long-sleeved, dual toned mock turtleneck stretched tight over his well toned muscles to leave little to the imagination all around.

“Oh yeah,” the taller of the two continues, flipping a page of the folder he holds and taking a moment to scan its contents before glancing up and speaking again, “Your brother got accepted to that boarding school in France and even though officially you’re ‘divorced’, the Family is asking that you to show for his send off party-”

“He’s… not my brother” Jun frowns, his eyes remaining locked on the untouched cup before him and his voice set low.

“And Megumi isn’t your sister,” Taz retorts, leaning fluidly forward just far enough to slap the file folder down on the table before sitting back in his chair and running long fingers through his evenly trimmed fringe. “Christ Jun, none of these people are family, they aren’t even the same damn species as us. I know that, you know it, the Council knows it, even the damn Family knows it, but you aren’t supposed to know it so get the fuck over yourself about it so we can get on with business, okay? I know you don’t want to be here but why in the hell are you even arguing semantics in the first place; it’s a complete waste of time.”

The pink and white haired teen doesn’t answer, instead his teeth grind behind tightly pursed lips and his early dawn hues narrow.

Taz stares at the other Angel for a moment before he offers a resigned sigh and without pulling himself from his seat, he slides a long arm out to grab his cup and slip it from the table. “What’s with this attitude anyway? You know this bull is all formalities and you know you have to keep it up or that cushy little life you’re living with that kid-“

“Zephyr” Jun interrupts again, finally pulling his gaze from his cup and up to meet Taz’s silver in an instant, the look he flashes the other teenager dangerous. "His name is Zephyr."

“Fine,” nonplussed, the Angel rolls his eyes before taking a sip of the steaming liquid he holds, making no attempt to hide his distaste for someone they both know he doesn’t like. “-that cushy little life you’re living with Zephyr will go down in flames. I don’t like doing this any more than you do Jun, but we have to so why don’t you pull that stick out of your ass for five minutes and make this a little easier on us both?”

Again, Jun offers no reply, his eyes falling back down to his cup and the sour look on his face only darkening. He knows Taz is right, he gets that. He knows that if he wants to keep living his life and keep what freedoms he has with his boyfriend, he has to keep up this ridiculous charade as well, but mother fuck, it’s not that easy to just suddenly pretend he doesn't know who and what he is now any more than he can forget what Taz has done to him pretty much the entire time they've known one another.

He may still care for Taz, he may still think of him as a friend and while deep down he truly does understand exactly why the other Angel did it all, it still hurts him and it still feels like a betrayal. It’s not like he can just get over that in an instant, it’s not that easy.

Everything is still too… raw.

“Look,” the taller teen continues, setting his coffee cup back down before crossing his arms beneath his chest. “What’s this really about huh? What’s changed? I know you have to keep that ki-” Taz catches himself, pursing his lips when pink eyes dart up and he puts a hand up to stop the shorter Angel from chastising him, “your boyfriend, I know you have to keep him happy, but-“

“This has nothing to do with him” Jun says evenly, “Nothing and I’d appreciate it if you’d stop dropping his name in this like he’s some disease or something, it’s really starting to piss me off” if being pissed off is even the way to describe it. Gods, he knows Taz and Zephyr don’t like each other, he’s known it for a while but at least before the seal broke, his best friend had made an effort to keep his issues with the blonde to himself. Now, it’s as if he’s going out of his way to vocalize them and he swears that if he has to keep listening to it, formalities or not, friendship or no, he’s going to lose it and end up punching the other Angel in the face just to shut him up.

“Okay I get it; it has nothing to do with him.” Taz sighs again, “It’s me. You’re still sore at me, but try to see it from my perspective will you? You know how the Council is, you know what they’ll do if you are found out, what they’ll do to me for helping you.”

Jun opens his mouth as if to protest only to have his best friend press on, a finger brought up to silence him, “No, don’t even say it. I have been helping you and you know it. The entire time. That ki- sorry, Zephyr” he corrects himself once more, “He doesn’t understand that because he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t understand anything about us or our people, or what it’s like for us because in his happy little world, rules apparently don’t exist. But you do understand and you always have. You know full well I’ve been with you since day one and just because you’ve spent some time down here, living among these short lived talking monkeys doesn’t mean you’re one of them. You may be acting the part of some dumbass human teenager but I’ll remind you that you aren’t one any more than you’re some naïve Youth who just got his first wing color change. Fucking Christ, Jun, you’ve been around the block more times than I have, you’re older than me by nearly a hundred so you have no excuse for the attitude, at all. I did what I had to in order to keep myself on this assignment, to keep myself next to you and resetting your damn seal didn’t do you any more harm than what you did to yourself by getting tangled up with her in the first place, so why are you acting as if I’m personally responsible for all the shit you’re swimming in now?”

The pink and white haired teen blinks at the mention of Haniel, the dark cloud over his features deepening to a new level of black.

That was… a really low blow and if Taz meant it to hurt, it did. More than he wants to admit even to himself. He knows full well that this whole thing is his fault, that everything that’s been done -his trial, the seal, the Family, all the bullshit that came afterwards, even these ridiculous meetings, all the danger he faces and that he’s dragging the person he loves into simply because he’s remembered who he is, are because he got involved with her, he knows it. He spends every waking hour in guilt laden regret over what’s happened and what could happen in the future because of his actions, he really doesn’t need the other Angel slapping him in the face with it as well, especially when he feels he has a right to be upset over the part Taz has played in this and he doesn't appreciate basically being told he's the only one here who's done wrong. Not one fucking bit.

“Imagine what would have happened if I’d disobeyed my orders,” Taz presses despite the look painting his friend’s features and unfolding his arms, he grabs his coffee cup from the table and pulls it to his lips, “Imagine what would have happened if they sent in someone else who didn’t give a fuck about you at all." Taking a sip of the steaming liquid, the white haired Angel reaches forward to set his cup back down before sitting back in his chair once more, "Do you think for one second you’d be where you are now, getting to live like some clueless human or that you’d be allowed to love someone else openly, to be with him, to spend your damn mornings sleeping in and your nights fucking around at those clubs you two like to frequent so much? Do you think for a second whoever they’d send in to replace me wouldn’t report your ass in a heartbeat like I’m supposed to, but haven’t? That they wouldn’t send some fucking Enforcer Faction down here to drag you straight back to the Heavens to stand trial all over again, or that they wouldn’t just off your little blonde boy toy for good measure, and make you watch it? You can be sore at me all you want, but whether you’d like to admit it or not, you know straight up that I’m the only reason you’re able to enjoy what you have, that I’m the only one who’s stood between you and the Council and I’ve been the only one from day fucking one. Think you can at least acknowledge that?”

Jun only scowls in response, unwilling to give the other teen anything beyond the shadow that stains his features. As it was with the jab about Haniel, every word the taller Angel has just said might as well have been a punch to his gut. It hurts. It hurts more than it should and more than he wants to admit.

He knows his best friend is right about it all and that's the worst of it. He knows that despite the hurt he’s feeling over Taz's betrayal, the resetting of his seal and his general involvement from the very start, that if it weren’t for that involvement, things would be very different for him right now. He knows full well what will happen to both himself and to Zeph if the Council were to find him out and he knows full well what Taz is risking by not turning him in, but god damn, he doesn’t need it thrown in his face right now, he really doesn’t. He just broke the seal and everything is still new. Regardless of everything the other Angel has done for him, he still feels as if he has a damn right to feel the way he does.

He still feels like he has a right to be upset.

“Fine,” Taz starts up again when he realizes the pink and white haired teenager isn’t going to much more than sit in silence across from him, refusing to meet his eye or even look up from the cup he has yet to touch. “I’m sick of this silent treatment bullshit so why don’t we call it quits for today, okay? I’ll tell the Family you’ll be there for Kazuya’s send off and I’ll mail you the details later.”

Uncrossing his legs, he reaches out to swipe the folder from the table’s surface and for the first time, the Angel’s normal outwardly easy-going demeanor shifts, the irritation he feels over Jun’s attitude shining clear, “Have it your way, hate me for all I care, make me the bad guy in this and blame me for all the shit you brought on yourself. Whatever floats your damn boat” pushing his lithe frame easily up, the white haired teen rises gracefully from his chair, “whenever you do decide to come back to your senses and get that log pulled out of your ass, try to remember that I’m not the enemy here. Try to remember that I am and always have been your god damned friend”

Jun’s frown shifts as the Angel turns to leave and for the first time since he came, his hurt and anger subsides, pushed down by a small measure of shame, and he sighs.

Fucking hell. He may still feel hurt over this whole thing and over the other Angel’s involvement of years’ worth of things that have been harming him, but when it comes down to it, none of it is Taz’s fault. Taz is right. He's only ever tried to help him, which for their people is insane considering what could have and could still happen to him if the Council were to ever get wind of what he’s done and while he’s been acting as if his friend has had any real choice from the start, he knows full well that he hasn’t.

He’s been pissed off at Taz for all the wrong reasons and it isn’t very fair. “Taz,” Jun finally says, his words halting the taller teenager’s movements and finally pulling his early dawn hued eyes from his cup, he shifts them up to find his friend's silver. “Hey look, wait...”

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The Angel Hunt story has been written by Nezumi LacSeul and is (C) 2004 - Present. Please don't use, steal or borrow any part of it or take in whole.