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Modern Day | A Near Miss

Sitting partially bent over his friend’s desk with one arm outstretched and his hand wrapped around the wireless mouse while the other is up to support his tilted head, absent clicks every so often by tapered fingers shift images across the laptop screen. Behind where he sits in the open kitchen of the large loft apartment, Taz pulls some objects from a polished wooden countertop before turning towards him, the taller Angel approaching with two cups of coffee in hand.

“He’s gotten taller since he’s been away” Jun comments idly as another picture flicks through the viewer, a solemn figure dressed in a simple casual tailored suit with his short, black hair ruffled by an invisible breeze and his striking gray blue eyes staring back at him through the screen as if he knows he’s there.

“Yeah, and more withdrawn” Taz returns as he sets Jun’s cup down, leaving his hands free to grasp his own with both and turning slightly, he leans up against the desk directly to the shorter Angel’s side. “It’s the crap from the Family he’s getting… I think they are catching on that Megumi has no plans to make them an heir so they’re starting to pressure him for it. Trying to arrange a marriage like they did with her so he can give their line a girl, you know that drill”

“Seriously?” Jun frowns, slipping his hand from the mouse and sliding it over to grab for his cup before sitting back in the chair, his pink eyes sliding up to meet his friend’s silver. “That kid is what, ten?”

“Fifteen now, actually” Taz smirks, taking a sip of the drink he holds, “Your sis-“ the pink and white haired teen shoots him a look and he snorts, “Megumi, sorry, she was fourteen when they arranged that engagement to the Demon, remember? He’s of age in their weird little human world and they aren’t letting him forget it.”

“God… I feel sorry for him” Jun sighs, taking another sip as well, “You know, he and I never really got along when we all lived together and I’m not sure if he really saw me as his older brother, but even before the seal broke, I always understood it was just his way. He was just being protective of his sister and I never held that against him or anything. I was the outsider after all.” When he was pulled from that boarding school in Korea and shipped off to Japan to meet his supposed new family, it was too much for him to handle at the time to really accept any of them as his own. He and Kazuya had an immediate distrust of one another because of it and looking back on it, he’s not sure he ever truly thought of the kid like a brother the way he did Megumi a sister, but at the same time, it’s not as if he wanted anything bad to happen to him either. He was just a regular kid stuck in a really crappy situation and he was just trying to protect someone he loves, same as them all. “They spent all that time grooming Megumi for her role in their ridiculous scheme so I always thought he’d at least get to live his life free of it. I mean, it was bad enough they married her off to that asshole and it’s not like that arrangement didn’t score them all that money they’re so fond of, so you’d think they’d at least let one of their kids have something that resembles a real life, right?”

“It’s called Human politics.” Taz snorts before twisting his lithe frame partially around to set his coffee cup down on the desk behind where he’s perched. “It may be small and petty and they’ll go through their short little lives never understanding that it’s meaningless bullshit in the end, but it’s all they have” Straightening, the Angel crosses his arms beneath his chest. “Every one of them is a waste of carbon, if you ask me” he snorts.

“You know, I really wish you’d stop with that” Jun frowns, casting a sideways glance to his best friend, “they aren’t all that bad and definitely not what I’d consider wasted” humans may be flawed, but they aren’t any worse than every other life form on this planet as far as he’s concerned, in fact, he really just finds their innocence and naivety kind of… weirdly endearing. “Honestly, I’d rather be one of them than one of what we are. It’s not like our people are much better when it comes to the waste of carbon and space thing.” the shorter Angel snorts, taking another sip of his coffee before setting his cup down.

“You would say that” his best friend scoffs, unfolding his arms before reaching out to punch the pink and white haired teen playfully on the arm. “I’m telling you, something happened while that seal was active, scrambled your damn brains. I may not buy into our supposed ‘Great and Noble Divine Purpose’ or anything, but come on Jun, we’re still a step higher than the monkeys, even you can’t deny that” Taz quirks a brow with a smirk.

“Watch me” Jun retorts, “’cause yeah, we’re so much higher right?” rolling his eyes, he sits back in his chair with a shake of his head, “Come on, as a people we have a collective stick shoved so far up our asses that I’m surprised any of us can even walk. Not one of us will admit we like to get just as dirty as these supposed filthy monkeys or that we all fuck one another behind closed doors like a bunch of apes.” He snorts, “But sure, yeah, we’re so noble. Okay” reaching out, the pink and white haired teen grabs for his coffee cup again and pulls it close to his lips once more.

“You don’t give us enough credit. Not all of us get ourselves dirty you know” Taz returns with a smirk, “just because you like to spend your nights sweaty and gross, rubbing up against some Angel wannabe doesn’t mean the rest of us do” unfolding his arms, the white haired Angel raises a hand into the air and takes on a mock tone of superiority “I for one, am as pure as the freshly driven snow. Scouts fucking honor.”

Jun snorts so suddenly in response that he almost blows the liquid in his mouth out of his nose. “Okay man, not cool” he laughs, his coughing pulling an amused chuckle to the taller Angel’s lips. “You’re about as pure as my ass,” the pink and white haired teen scoffs, sliding his cup back onto the desk. “But now I know the reason you’ve got the same stick up your ass that the rest of them do and you need to do something about that,” he teases, “you need to get your ass laid”

The smile on Taz’s lips falters for only a moment before he just shrugs and replies that maybe Jun is right, his silver eyes pulling from pink and shifting to the opened kitchen at their backs –all the life he’d expressed just moments prior dulled in an instant. Noting the sudden change in his friend, Jun falls momentarily quiet, simply staring up at the solemn features of the one at his side.

“Hey…” he begins quietly, the lightness in his earlier tone gone to leave nothing but seriousness in its wake, “How… how come you’ve never hooked up with anyone?” he wonders and Taz’s eyes go momentarily wide in response before slowly, his silver gaze pulls from the kitchen and slides over to meet the shorter Angel’s earnest pink, “It’s just… haven’t you ever found anyone you like?”

Taz frowns. “Okay Jun, A, The Council is a major cock blocker and you of all people should know that. The only reason you get to slut it around right now is because they think you are still programmed and they know that’s just what humans do so to keep the cover, they are allowing you to do it.” Ignoring the dark look that crosses the shorter teen’s features, Taz’s silver gaze slides back to the kitchen and his voice drops a little low. “and B, even if I was allowed it, I haven’t found anyone who measures up to my ideal and I probably never will.” It’s not possible since his ideal is one of a damn kind.

“Your ideal?” Jun wonders with a quirked brow, genuine interest clear in his tone. “Is your ideal really that great?”

Pulling his gaze away from the kitchen once more, the taller teen glances over and stares at his friend for a moment in silence before finally speaking, his own tone cautiously withdrawn “…are you… are you just fucking with me Jun, or do you really not know?”

“Fucking with you? Why the hell would I be fucking with you?” the pink and white haired Angel frowns, “Come on Taz, I’m asking a serious question. It’s just… you know, you’re my best friend and I’d like to see you happy, that’s all”

Taz doesn’t answer, his gaze pulling away from Jun’s again and shifting back to lock on no spot in particular in his kitchen, his mood instantly sobered. It seems as if the other Angel truly is in the dark about his feelings and somehow he doubts it’d go over real well, despite his claim that he wants to see him happy, if he were to clue him in as to how deep they actually run right now. He fell in love with Jun pretty quickly after he’d been reassigned to watch over him back when they both still lived in the Heavens and he’s spent far more times than he’d care to admit dreaming about him or fantasizing what it’d be like to hold him, truly hold him, kiss him and feel that amazing body of his wrapping his own. He’s had chances to see all his dreams come to fruition too, long before Jun ended up with the asshole he’s with now, back when the other Angel seemed like he might be feeling the same for him in return. He’s had so many chances. But because of the danger involved, he always pushed the pink and white haired teen away, figuring that when the time was right, when all the shit Jun was in blew over, they could find a way to make it work and everything he’s spent all this time dreaming about could finally come true.

But it didn’t work out that way, did it?

He supposes that some of his hatred of that Selestarri stems from all that, from the jealousy he can’t help but feel in knowing of what that asshole gets and takes for granted, and he doesn’t. Originally he had no reason to feel jealous because he didn’t think what went down between his friend and that jerk would ever matter in the long run, that it’d be some quick thing and Zephyr would take off like the other guy had and in the end it’d go back to being just him and Jun, the way it’s been from the start… only it didn’t. It didn’t and he should have known better, because this is Jun and when Jun falls, he falls for good. He’s since had to admit that this one might actually be one to stay and for as much as he hates the blonde, he envies him as well. He envies him for what he has. Something that as it turns out, he’ll probably never have himself. He’s begun to hate the blonde for that, if he’s really going to be honest with himself. He hates that the blonde will never appreciate Jun the way he does and yet he’s the one who gets to touch him, hold him, fall asleep next to him, wake up next to him and be immersed in his unique scent. That’s the thing that sucks the most in this because he’ll never understand what he actually has in his hands and how special that thing is or how special Jun is. He knows he doesn’t, and he’s really come to hate the blonde for that too.

“Jun, look, I…” Taz starts again and pulling his eyes from the kitchen to slide them back over to meet his friend’s pink, he has to take a moment to hold his tongue in check. The other Angel continues to stare up at him with those infuriating innocent eyes that tell him exactly how clueless he truly is, and not for the first time he curses himself for being someone who values their friendship more than he does a desire he’s been harboring since day one.

Why in the hell does Jun always have to make this so hard on him? On one hand that look makes him want to knock the other Angel flat on his ass for being so stupid and trusting of him because there’s literally almost nothing beyond his own self control stopping him from doing what he wants, while on the other it’s this exact same look that makes him want to throw the shorter teen’s lean frame down, say fuck all to the Council, to that son of a bitch blonde and to his own self imposed rules and ravish him in ways he’s only been able to dream about.

Jun… has never made this part of their friendship easy and he’s starting to suspect that he never will.

“…Never mind” the tall Angel amends quickly, pulling his silver gaze from those dawn hued depths he longs to drown in just to keep himself from doing something that he knows will ruin their friendship forever. “It doesn’t matter. It never has” without another look to his side, he pushes himself away from the desk while swiping his cup from the surface before moving towards the kitchen at his front, speaking as he goes. “I am happy,” Taz states flatly as if he’d never faltered, “Happy as a god damned clam, or whatever it is those humans say, because unlike you, I don’t need someone else to validate my existence and can get along just fine on my own”

Jun frowns as he watches Taz move, taken slightly aback. Okay… so what the fuck was all that? It seemed as if for one moment the other Angel was going to say something but then he flipped and it’s just… what? He and Taz used to talk about everything and things used to be so easy between them, but ever since he broke his seal it’s changed and he really doesn’t know how to make it better, especially when it feels as if everything he says now is somehow wrong. God, why has everything gotten just so weird between them? Is everything now really that different? Is he really so different?

With a sigh meant only for himself, the pink and white haired teen pushes himself up from his chair and following suit, he drags his cup along with him, moving towards the open kitchen to join his friend. “Well, you don’t really seem happy, to be honest.” Jun states as he continues towards the taller Angel, whose back remains turned to him at the sink. “And I’m just concerned is all. You’re my friend Taz and you should know that if you did like someone, you could tell me. It’s not like your secret’s not safe with me… I’m not gonna run off and tell the Council or anything stupid lik-“

“Would you just stop” Taz interrupts, his raised voice catching the shorter teen by surprise and stopping him dead in his tracks, “I told you I’m fine. There are no secrets, so drop it already”

For a moment the pink and white haired Angel can only stare at the back of his friend’s head, taken aback by the taller teen’s suddenly serious tone. “Hey, look…” Jun starts carefully, resuming his steps to the kitchen before coming to a halt and setting his cup down on the island counter, his tapered fingers sliding up to scratch absently at the back of his head, “I’m sorry man, I wasn’t trying to be a dick or anything by pushing it… It’s just… you know, things have gotten so weird since I broke the Seal and I’m trying… I’m trying not to let it get in… you know, get in the way and…” He’s spent enough time angry about everything, and lately, he’s been trying to make a conscious effort not to hold Taz responsible for things he’s done that he knows he had little control over. But it feels as if he might have actually messed everything up because no matter what he does now, no matter how nonchalant he tries to be, and no matter how much he tries to get them back to the place they used to be before the Seal, it always ends up going like this. “I just hate how awkward we are now and I miss you being… you know… my best friend… again” he misses being able to talk about stuff with Taz without some white elephant parking its huge ass between them. He misses not being upset and not causing upset in the other Angel. He just… misses what it was. “But uhm… sorry, ‘cause I didn’t mean anything by it. You should know that. I just want things to go back to the way they were… before I remembered who I am.” He shrugs.

Closing his eyes for a second, Taz’s head drops just a little and his own fingers grip around the sink’s ledge, his words slightly whispered. “God damn Jun…” he sighs, “You really are an idiot” an infuriating idiot whom he happens to love and whom he currently wants to just… punch really hard in the face. Reopening his eyes, the tall Angel slides them back over his shoulder to find his friend’s early dawn hued pink. “It’s never going to go back to what it was and you need to get that through your thick head.” It can’t go back because it’s not what the other Angel thinks it is. It never has been.

Silent for just a moment longer, he tosses the shorter teen a smirk before suddenly releasing his grip and turning his lithe frame around. Taking a single step forward, Taz throws a long arm out and latches onto Jun’s neck only to drag close before he has a chance to react. Switching his grip with one swift and easy motion, he wraps his arm around his friend’s head while sliding his knuckles up to rub hard against snow tinged spikes before suddenly letting him go. Turning towards the living room even as Jun is working to right himself, the white haired Angel slips his fingers into his pocket while his free hand slides up to motion to be followed, his earlier carefree lightness once again prevalent in his tone.

“Enough of all that. We still have a lot of paperwork to do and the Maker forbid we keep that boyfriend of yours waiting so let’s go…”

Slipping his own fingers from his hair and with a look of reservation pasted on his pale features, Jun can’t help but stare at the other teen for a moment longer before he shakes his own head in turn, finding himself confused in a way that’s becoming more and more familiar whenever he and Taz meet up.

“Yeah…” he sighs, “the Maker forbid…”

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