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P A R T 08

One man’s training sword swings up and clashes with the twin blades of the other, a simple twist of the silver haired figure’s wrists and a light hearted yet merciless shove sends the aggressor stumbling a few paces back.

“I can’t!” the younger Angel huffs angrily as his unsteady steps come to a halt, his dark silver eyes catching those of his brother’s and his training sword left on the marbled tile where it had fallen and already forgotten.

“You can, you simply need to control your temper and focus your energy on the task” Fuan sighs, sliding his own blades downward and offering his sibling a small shake of his head. “Pick up your sword and we will try again. We will continue trying until you get it right.”

Fanuel frowns as his brother takes a graceful step back to reposition himself, the look of disappointment that had flashed momentarily through his eyes more than enough to send a tinge of guilt streaking through his slender frame. He always does this doesn’t he? Disappoints Fuan in one form or another... No matter how hard he tries or how much he endeavors to prove himself to the other Angel, it seems like he always comes up just a little short. It’s been this way since the very day they were born, where Fuan has the Grace and Light of their Maker, he’s been missing it. He knows the others see it as well, that while they don’t dare speak of it in the open, they whisper behind their backs.

One day though, he’ll prove them wrong, show them that he too can stand by his twin’s side and hold his own, that he too possesses the same Light gifted to his brother. He’ll make them eat their words, shove their doubts down their damn throats. He’ll prove them all wrong. He’ll earn his place by Fuan’s side. He’ll make sure he becomes something worthy of the other man’s love.

Without another word of protest, Fanuel leans down and swipes his practice sword from the floor and returns the offensive stance and he swears that just for a moment before the two Angels clash again, the disappointment swimming in his brother’s eyes over his earlier transgression is overshadowed briefly by what he can only hope is a trace of pride.

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The Angel Hunt story has been written by Nezumi LacSeul and is (C) 2004 - Present. Please don't use, steal or borrow any part of it or take in whole.