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P A R T 09
No Promises

“You… are not one of them…” the tall Demon smiles only in the slightest, his crystal clear gaze locked with the flawed gaze of the other.

“You think so, do you?” the mock Demon grins.

Jenova can only offer a small amused laugh in response. He has not met one of such in a very long time. Not since his own people, not since the very beginning of his existence in form all those years ago.

This one is not at all what its shape presents it to be.

The dark haired figure steps in closer, reaching out to run his long fingers through silken white plaits playfully before pulling a weft up to his nose to take a deep breath in.

You… are not what you appear to be either, are you my white haired beauty?

The smile painting his pale lips fades, a frown forming in its stead and a single brow arching in distaste. “Keep yourself… out of my head” Jenova states flatly.

The Demon narrows false flawed eyes before he suddenly twists his fingers in the taller man’s hair, yanking his built body back hard. The movement is swift, far faster than even he is able to follow or stop and so he falls, his head soon contacting with a strong forearm to break his decent and a simple smirk shot down at him from above.

“Only if you keep yourself out of mine” the black haired creature practically purrs as he leans down to touch full lips against his captive’s own.

“I make… no promises…” Jenova smirks, his every word brushing pale velvet against the mouth above.

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