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P A R T 10

A pained cry spills from Shura’s lips as the taller Demon rips his head back, small hands clawing desperately at the harsh grip of fingers tangled in his long ebony hair.

“You… are so pathetic.” The black haired man sneers, his fingers twisting tighter around the prone Demon’s locks to pull a cry of pain from his lips. “You’re nothing more than his used trash” with a sneer of disgust, Narughua shakes Shura once before casting him down and taking a step back, he turns his head to the side and spits before crossing his arms beneath his chest. “You can’t lord over us anymore now that Mashtrim stands by his side so you think you can just crawl to me instead? What makes you think I even want you?”

Shura grits his teeth, his deep red gaze sliding up through long strands of black now in disarray. He’s begun to tremble, but not for the reason the other man assumes and while his hands remain anchored to the fur strewn ground beneath him, his fingers dig in deep to keep him from doing something he knows he’ll regret.

Want him? There is nothing about Narughua he wants. Just being touched by him is repulsive and if it weren’t for the fact that he needs him right now, he’d gut the other Demon and then scratch his disgusting eyes out for good measure simply for daring to suggest it in the first place.

Unfortunately… he does need him. He needs this pathetic excuse for a man on his side if he’s to regain the place he lost when that thing managed to steal his white haired beauty’s favor from him. He needs not only this one, but those loyal to him and the only way he’ll manage it is if he bites his tongue, swallows his pride and plays this tedious game. This game where he has to crawl on his hands and knees and beg. This game where he has to lower himself and be soiled by Narughua’s dirty touch. This game he detests.

But he will play it and he’ll play it masterfully because this moment of humiliation and all the moments that are to come after will be worth the prize he seeks to retake.

Once he’s won his place back from that newcomer however, retaken the prize that has always been rightfully his, then and only then will he repay Narughua for this. He’ll do more than just gut him then, he’ll have Jenova tear him apart inch by inch and he’ll make sure his white haired beauty keeps him conscious through it so he’ll feel every last moment of it as well. He’ll make sure Narughua understands then the truth of his feelings towards him, that he’s isn’t fit to lick the dirt from his boots let alone touch him. He’ll make sure he understands then that the one, the only one who has ever ensnared his heart, the only one worthy of his love is the very person who will be tearing him apart. He’ll take special glee in making sure that understanding is the last thing this filth knows before the light is snuffed out from his eyes.

And so in his usual way, Shura pushes his true desires away and forces himself to smile seductively, his tainted red gaze not reflecting the disgust he feels but instead a deep seeded longingly, as if the taller Demon is all he’s ever wanted in his entire life.

“Why? Because you’ve always wanted me…” the petite figure whispers and shifting his slender frame over with the fluid agility of a cat, he rises onto his hands and knees and crawls forward while reveling internally in the way Narughua’s tainted eyes follow his every movement with a hunger he isn’t even bothering to hide. “…just as I’ve always wanted you in return,” stopping at the other man’s feet, Shura slides clawed fingers out to touch at rough, tan skin, the contact pulling a small gasp from his target’s lips, “I’ve seen you watching me Naha,” he purrs, rising upwards and dragging his claws teasingly along Narughua’s legs, “I’ve seen it because I’ve been watching you as well…”

Narughua’s arms uncross and fall limp to his sides as the petite figure rises gracefully to his feet, his fiery gaze following every movement with intent as tapered fingers ghost along the contours of his chest and when Shura presses his slender frame forward, the contact of silken skin against his muscular body pulls the smallest of sounds from within.

“I’ve longed to touch you… “ Shura whispers, his fingertips sliding upwards to trace the line of his lips before he leans in closer as if to kiss, “…to taste-”

Without warning, Narughua suddenly reaches up and wraps his hand around the shorter Demon’s neck and forces him back a step, tapered fingers ripping away from his mouth to claw at the ones that now hold him, “Don’t flatter yourself,” he growls, snapping Shura’s entire body once to tear a cry from his lips, “If I had been looking, it wasn’t at you.”

“Mu-must you be so cruel?” The petite figure gasps, “I’ve only ever seen you, Naha, I swear it. It’s always been you!”

Narughua smiles, his grip constricting enough to pull quiet pained whimpers from his captive in a way he finds he rather enjoys. He can’t help but take a moment to revel in seeing the one who up until a short while ago was practically second in command within the clan because of the favor he garnered with their chieftain, prostrate in his hands and while there might be a part of him somewhere deep down that knows this is all a game to Shura, that nothing that comes from those full lips of his is truth and that he’s treacherous, his desires outweigh all else.

They always have, especially where Shura is concerned.

So he simply pulls the petite man closer again until their mouths nearly meet, his whispered words causing the slightest traces of a triumphant grin to tug at the corners of the shorter Demon’s lips.

“Prove it”

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