Angel Hunt and Streifen Roleplay

+ Alternate Universe 01 +

C H A P T E R O N E : P A R T 01

Blindingly bright orange-yellow light streaks in through bare floor to ceiling windows to shine directly on the room’s only bed nestled against the far wall, pulling a groan from the white haired teenager’s lips. Tapered fingers reach down to grasp at the hem of a plush comforter he knows to be somewhere nearby and after a few sleepy moments of feeling around, he finds it then rips it quickly up to cover his head. Just as Jun is beginning to slip back into a blissfully dreamless sleep, a hard knock at his dorm room door pulls him swiftly back up to the surface he’d nearly escaped.

“Mro Aray” he yells out, his voice muffled by the blanket that covers him.

Another knock indicates that the one at his door either doesn’t understand what he just said or doesn’t care because soon enough he can hear that same door swing open and the familiar laughter of his best friend, causing him to cringe in his sleepy state. A second later he finds himself stripped of his coverings, something he immediately tries to remedy by curling quickly onto his side while making a desperate grasp at the nearest un-used pillow. Undaunted, the other teenager reaches down and grips onto a lanky leg in order to yank his entire body back, sending him crashing face first onto the hardwood floor. Jun grunts when he hits the cold surface, his early dawn hued eyes cracking open as he twists around with a heavy, inconvenienced sigh, finding Taz’s dark silver gaze staring down at him in amusement. A frown forms on his lips that only widens the smile he’s being flashed and he reaches up to take a swing at the one above only to miss when the other teenager makes one fluid step away.

“That… was totally, so totally not cool, man…” Jun rasps while pushing himself up onto his elbows, his sleep filled vision watching as his friend moves towards the wardrobe at the opposite end of the room.

Please.” Taz snorts without bothering to look back even as the white haired teen behind him turns to crawl up onto the bed. Stopping just to the front of the clothing press and grasping onto an intricately embossed brass knob, the doors swing open and he reaches in to retrieve a uniform identical to the one he’s wearing. “It’s completely your own fault for not answering the first hundred times I knocked.” Turning back with the garments in hand, the tall teenager quirks an eyebrow as he finds his school mate back in his bed. “Hey, I’m not going to be late because of you. Get up.”

Flopping face first against his bedding, Jun slides a long arm up to make a dismissive gesture to his friend, his words once again muffled. “You dowen aave to stuay. I’ll cashh up do you layder.”

“I’m not going to let you be late either.” Taz smirks, waiting until he’s halfway across the room again before throwing the uniform at the white haired teen. “Get up, get dressed or I’ll drag you out of here naked.” He grins with a cracking of his knuckles that signals his seriousness.

Pink eyes snap open and he bolts upright, turning in time to find the other teenager in mid air. The struggle to keep himself in his pajamas begins the instant his classmate’s body hits the plush bedding, a typical routine they’ve repeated since the day they’d first become friends…

Lan: The tall Bright tosses his toothbrush into a crystal cup resting on top of the sink’s marbled surface, one handful of water taken and a quick swish later to clear the excess toothpaste free of his mouth. Straightening, yellow eyes rise up to meet his own reflection in the large vanity mirror that spans his bathroom wall and after a moment of staring, he reaches out to touch scarred fingers at its steamy surface before swiping them out with a slight shaking of his head. He’s had to look at himself like this every day since the incident that caused it and yet even now, after two and a half years, what he finds staring back at him in the mirror still tends to take him by surprise.

Turning away, Lan moves out into his room, sliding a crimson tie free of the plush chair’s surface before slipping it around his neck. Flipping his uniform shirt’s crisp white collar up, he completes the tie’s knot before reaching over to pull his blazer from his bed as he passes. Swinging the garment across a narrow shoulder, the white haired teen sketches a few quick patterns to his front with his free hand and in one shimmering wave, white strands turn black and yellow depths deepen to brown, the hand he drops to his side now the illusion of flawlessness as he continues moving through his room towards the door that will lead him out into the vast hallway that lies beyond…

Halacie: The tall, dark haired girl weaves through the crowded hallway with a graceful ease that makes those around her seem clumsy in contrast, her deep brown eyes scanning the far end of the corridor’s eastern entrance in search for a single person she knows will be making his appearance soon. And sure enough, just like clockwork, the heavy doors swings open and a fair amount of male students begin to spill in and amongst them, standing like a towering beacon is her fellow Bright. He spots her almost immediately from across the corridor before flashing her that slight smile he does every morning, just a little crook of his lips in a way that makes her want to melt. Before she can even make it to him however, a classmate pulls the other Selestarri’s attentions away, his movements halting rather abruptly and a small crowd gathering around them. A hard frown forms on her mouth as she continues moving forward, deep illusion covered eyes narrowing at the casual way one boy reaches out to touch Lan’s arm.

Oh hell no, that kid did not just put his hands on the other Bright.

Continuing to weave her way easily through the crowd, her called name is lost a few times as she passes, by both by her inability to fully hear it and the determination she has to reach her goal. She is not going to let some upper classman try to get in close to someone that practically the entire school knows to be dating her

Sashi: Students crowd the hallways during the last few minutes before class begins, laughter and chatter ringing down the tiled corridors in a way that’s become very familiar over the past two years. Here and there the suit and tie of a teacher can be seen amongst the sea of red wool jackets, the more popular of the adults being called to and waved at by the teenagers. Shifting the messenger bag on his shoulder just a fraction, the telepath weaves his way through his fellow classmates with seemingly little attention paid, his thoughts mainly on the one he knows to be sitting down at the assistant principal’s office at this moment.

Zephyr had arrived late last night under escort from Nova, the other Selestarri looking none too happy to be trailed after by two Dark about two hundred years his senior. It hadn’t entirely been a shock to receive the news that his brother would be joining him at the boarding school down on Earth, not after the events of the last several weeks. He kind of wished he had been on the floating island the day that the younger teenager stood up and declared to the Assembly and the Seeker that since the Bright had assigned two of their own, he’d be going down as well. There had been no offers of choice or discussion and somehow, no one protested sending off someone as young as Zeph. The looks on their faces would have been worth enduring the presence of people that he often liked to pretend didn’t exist.

His brother had managed to grow at least another couple of inches in the last six months, so tall and lean that he could easily pass for someone several years older. Slightly surprising as well was that after a succession of rainbow colors, Zeph’s hair was returned to its natural white-blonde, meaning that he must be at least partly serious about playing the role of a Scandinavian teen. What had caught Sashi the most, though, was the change in the other Dark’s eyes. Not the color, because the midnight blue was just as deep and clear as it had always been, but something that lurked in the back of those depths, something he knew was associated with what had happened last month, but that he wasn’t ready to discuss with his brother. There are things that Zephyr doesn’t know yet about the two of them and their now deceased parents, all of which he’ll tell him at some point, maybe after more time has passed…

The sudden appearance of a short girl with her hair parted in two long, skinny braids yanks Sashi’s attention back and he’s forced to halt in his tracks or risk walking into her. Her chocolate brown eyes are glued to the floor, but the slight twisting of her hands at the bag she carries looped over one shoulder give away her nerves. Her voice is so quiet at first that it would be impossible to hear if most of the surrounding hallway hadn’t gone almost completely silent.

“Hisashi… did you… did you get my friend Chan-Sook’s note today?” When he doesn’t immediately respond she adds, apparently trying to be helpful, “about going into town?” Oh right, he did find another note wedged under his door this morning, or rather Zeph found it. He’d have completely forgotten if the blonde hadn’t laughed about it so hard.

The close presence of several more students interrupts his negative reply, the members of his soccer team crowding around to find out what this girl wanted from one of their captains. “Tell Chan-Sook that he’s already taken because he’s going with us,” the tallest of the group, a redhead, announces as the others nod in agreement. The girl finally lifts her gaze, apparently ready to argue, but Sashi cuts them all off, his voice flat. “I’m staying in, I have to study and my brother just arrived last night.”

That casually dropped tidbit sets off the exact firestorm of surprise and speculation he wished for and he slips away during the renewed burst of excitement from his classmates. Turning quickly down a small side hall, the Dark leans back against the wall, pulling the black framed glasses from his face as a sigh slides free of full lips. Don’t they ever get tired of him turning them down? Two years and they still haven’t taken the hint that he doesn’t want anything to do with any of them… Soft chimes signal the start of class and Sashi waits until the sounds in the main corridor die away before stepping out and heading for his homeroom…

Zephyr: “It says here that your academics were superb at your previous institution,” the small Asian woman says, flipping through the papers in his file one by one. “That would make sense given your scores on the entrance exams…” More papers rustle between fingers painted with a demure French manicure, the movement stopped only to dip into the bowl of after dinner mints that sits beside the telephone. “You’ve most recently been in Sweden, is that correct?” She peers up at the Dark through thick glasses and he nods, completely bored by her chatter. “A very good school…”

As she continues looking over his paperwork and shoveling down mints, Zeph leans back a little in the chair, midnight eyes wandering over the office furnishings. Each item is crafted of heavy woods and plush upholsteries, the whole place smelling like as much of an antique as the woman herself. Seriously, if Sashi hadn’t been assigned here— “Your older brother is Hisashi Morika?” Blinking as her words echo his thoughts, the teenager takes a second to nod. “I never would have guessed,” she continues on, “given the… difference, in your appearances.” When he doesn’t reply she goes back to shuffling paper, stopping every so often to sign her name or to write a note or two.

He always forgets that humans have that thing about siblings looking alike and that this would cause surprise when they discover that he and Sashi are related. Whatever, it’s just another of their stupid assumptions to ignore while he’s here. If he weren’t so aware of just how unfair the Dark had been in their treatment of his brother, he’d wonder how the older telepath had managed to be as unlucky as to land himself with this assignment. Holed up out here in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of humans and other assorted people, seriously? It would drive any person insane, which was one of the many reasons he had decided to come help out. Truthfully he could care less about who they’re supposed to be talking to or spying on or what reports need to be sent when and will probably only do any of it because Sashi will expect it of him. He’s not so young as to be blind to the fact that his brother has worked hard to fly under the Assembly and the Seeker’s radars for the past two years. There’s no love lost between any of them and for the time being he has no wish to interfere. Of course that means he’ll probably have to follow at least some of the rules, which is so boring that it may kill him in the process…

The blonde teenager shifts his attention back to the woman across the desk when she pulls a thick envelope from the back of his paperwork and holds it out in his direction. Zephyr takes it and slides the flap open to find his school id, several key card access codes, the student handbook, and a piece of paper listing the assignments for his homeroom and classes. Scanning it quickly, he tunes in on the continuous drone of her chatter just as she’s wrapping things up. “…Which of course I have no doubt you will follow completely.” She pauses for a moment and the Dark nods in agreement with whatever she was saying, earning him a tight smile. “Excellent. Then if you’ll straighten your uniform, we’ll proceed to your homeroom.”

Rising to his feet to tuck in the crisp white dress shirt, midnight eyes roll skyward before Zeph reaches up to tighten the knot of the scarlet tie at his throat. God he hates bullshit like this… Scooping up his bag, he follows her nondescript tweed suit and graying bun out of the office and down the tiled hallway with a quiet sigh. Before they’ve even reached the door of the next room his telepathy has slid easily into her mind. At least he can take comfort in the fact that every time she so much as glances at those candies for the rest of her life, all she’ll see is giant bugs…

Jun: tapered fingers slide up in a too late attempt to cover a wide yawn that escapes him, pink eyes still filled with the same sleepiness he’d felt since dawn had broken in the sky. He shifts a little in his seat and he re-crosses his arms to his front while the excited babble that he’s barely been able to grasp onto continues to stream from the boy assigned to the desk ahead of him un-interrupted. He’s saying something about the Third and Fourth years going into town come Friday to kick off the weekend with some festival going on. Something about a group of First and Seconds taking advantage of this by sneaking a dorm party into the girl’s barracks because two of the dorm moms will be away. Something about how a record number of the girls from Homeroom C had asked for him specifically and something about how a few of the boys in D as well as the very kid who’s currently speaking to him desperately need him to accept the invite because those same girls don’t want to show unless he’ll be there himself. He’d be able to keep it all in his head a lot better if he didn’t feel like he was about to fall back asleep and for the twentieth time since his best friend had dragged him out of his bed this morning, he’s cursing the fact that the day has to begin so early. God, he’s so grateful that the weekend is only a single day away… He feels like he spends all week looking forward to it simply so he can actually sleep in.

“…So, you’re coming right?” his fellow student asks as his long tirade finally come to an end and it takes Jun a moment to even realize it’s happened, then another to realize that a few around them have suddenly found reasons to stop their own chatter in order to catch the response he’s now supposed to make.

“Uh… I-“ he starts as early dawn hued eyes shift away from dark brown and over to his side when he notices how un-naturally quiet the previously bustling homeroom has become. He catches a few fellow students’ gazes for only a moment before the soft chiming of the first bell pulls everyone’s attentions quickly away, causing him to sigh in slight relief over the interruption.

Students both in the room and out hurry quickly in, while those who had been standing seat themselves to their assigned desks and those who were already seated making sure their bags and effects are all in order. The second bell rings a moment later and right on cue, their teacher finds her way into the room, the task of role call beginning before she’s even fully turned her petite body to face her class.

“Mi Young Suk.” She calls and a young slight girl with a long braid of thick black hair dusted in highlights of bleached orange answers, the teacher marking her paper with a single wide stroke.

“Jung Su Kim.” She calls and the white haired teenager raises his hand, the teacher again marking her paper with another wide stroke. Role call continues as one name after another is called and one or another marked to signal the start of another typical day...

Zephyr: The door to the classroom swings open on soundless hinges, the short assistant principal entering while the Dark remains standing in the hall. Midnight eyes wander over the sign proclaiming this to be room 01-A and he shifts the messenger bag on his shoulder with a bored sigh. He’s done this all before, a couple of times actually, when he’d been doing immersion training back on Nova. Those had all been short events, however, and this is the first time he’s going to be interacting with the other students on a long term basis. Should be interesting…

The Korean woman steps partially through the doorframe to signal that he should enter and Zeph pulls himself away from the wall, long fingers absently combing through strands of white gold before he complies. Every eye is glued to him as he walks across the front of the room to stand beside the teacher, his height causing him to tower over the two women. His deep blue gaze calmly meets those of his classmates, overwhelmingly chocolate brown with the exception of one set of dawn-tinted pink pools that only glance at him for a moment and then drop away. With his white hair, it’s easy to see that the other teenager must stick out just as much as he himself does in this group. Hmm… also interesting… Then the assistant principal is clearing her throat and turning to address the room. “Students, this is Zephyr Kijellen-Morika,” she throws extra vowels into his fake last name, but doesn’t mangle it too badly. “He’ll be joining this class and I know that you’ll make him feel welcome.” With a nod to the teacher she takes her exit, closing the door behind her.

He bows to the teacher as respect and custom dictate and then waits as she writes his name on the board and asks him to speak about why he’s transferred in and where he was living before. Shifting his weight, the Dark slides his hands into the pockets of his red uniform jacket, a few white-gold strands falling over his eyes as he does so. “Until a few weeks ago I was living with my mother in Europe,” he recites, the words practiced over and over before he was allowed to leave Nova. “Now I live with my father, but he’s a businessman and often traveling, so he sent me here since my brother attends this school as well.”

“Your brother is Hisashi Morika?” The teacher asks, her eyes not lifting from the file folder that the assistant principal had handed over even when he nods. “You’re fluent in Korean, I assume?”

Zeph nods again, already bored by answering questions that she’s obviously able to see quite clearly in his paperwork. “Yes, ma’am. I’m fluent in Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, English, German, Swedish, Dutch, French, and a few other languages, as well.” At the shocked look on the faces of the other students, he explains, “my mother was a model and a bit of a socialite, so we’ve lived in several countries.” The model part was true, since that had been his mother, Akadrienne’s, assignment, but he had never lived with her exclusively. However, he couldn’t exactly say that he’d been learning these things a few decades before any of the teenagers in this room were born.

“Excellent,” the teacher says with a smile, closing the file folder and laying it on her desk. “Please take the empty seat behind Suk.” She indicates a desk two rows over from the kid with the white hair.

Making his way down the row, Zephyr grins at the students whose seats he passes, swinging down into the short desk and taking a notebook and pen from inside the messenger bag. Long legs stretch out under the seat of the girl in front of him and the Selestarri fixes a bored expression on the front of the room as the teacher resumes the morning announcements...

Sashi: The air is thick with smoke, the grey, swirling curls coalescing to form a hazy cloud at the ceiling of the tight storage area. Whispers and laughs are shared as freely as the cigarettes, gossip on the lips of those standing along the walls or sprawled out on crates and old furniture. Most stand in groups, shoulders close and heads bent near to exchange the latest gossip, familiar enough to disperse with the cultural formalities. A few of the smokers stand alone, too dreamy or distracted or hurried to engage in conversation and instead content to burn their way through the slender sticks on their own. Out of the sight of the teachers and other adults, the students squeeze into the old room that had probably had an actual purpose aside from housing unused items, somehow finding a way for everyone to get in despite a few stepped on toes and the at times near indecent press of bodies. It’s one of the many privileges handed out, this room, one that’s not talked about and never endorsed but is known by all regardless. Every few months it gets raided at the lunch hour just to keep up appearances by the staff, but generally only the lower ranking students are punished and the rest are ignored. Then it’s back to pretending it doesn’t exist and everyone is the happier for it.

Tanned fingers push aside the few strands of raven-black hair that insist on falling in front of his eyes, the Dark taking a long drag of the cigarette held loosely in one hand. He stands by himself, as he prefers, or rather as close to by himself as he can manage in a crowded room. The groups he stands between chatter away freely and he’s made it clear that he wishes not to be included in whatever they’re going on about, instead choosing to enjoy his cigarettes in silence. Sashi drops his head back against the wall pressed at his back, thundercloud gray eyes closing for a moment in an effort to shut out everything around him. It had been a long night and a long morning, all made worse by the fact that in his intention to draw attention away from himself and onto Zephyr’s arrival in the hallway before homeroom, he’d instead managed to make it worse. The notes passed during class and on breaks had been full of endless questions. How old was his brother? What class was he in? Would he be going into town tomorrow night? It’s so tiring and annoying and all he really wants right now is to go back to his room and take a nap…

The door to the storage area opens briefly, the group on his left shifting just a little as the newcomer is greeted enthusiastically by the kids nearest the entrance. Every magical sense he has goes off as Sashi reopens his eyes to find that the tall, third year Bright has appeared and is gratefully accepting a cigarette from one of his classmates. For once he’s alone, unaccompanied by the girl who always hangs at his side possessively and he can hear him explaining to his friends that he can only stay a minute. The gray gaze slides over the other Selestarri’s frame for a moment, taking in his height and the slenderness of his build. He’s never really paid either of the assigned Bright any particular interest, each one knowing that the other is present, of course, but not even bothering to make with introductions or formalities. They’re all here for the same purpose but that doesn’t mean they have to be friendly in any way toward one another. Ignoring seems to work the best for both factions and if he has a say it will continue on like that.

Sashi brings the cigarette to full lips once again, gray eyes drawn upward when it becomes obvious that he’s being looked at with more than a passing glance. Drawing the smoke in deep, he meets the chocolate brown pools of the Bright…

Lan: the smoldering stick he holds is pulled to his lips the moment it’s handed to him and the tall Bright inhales the smoke deep into his lungs, uttering a quiet thanks with a smile to the girl at his right. His friends practically protest in unison when he tells them he can’t stay for more than a minute since he’d been lucky enough to find even this moment to get away. He managed to dodge Halacie long enough to get in here for a much needed break but he knows that he won’t be able to keep dodging her for very long. She’s been in a mood since the morning and while normally he can ignore her when she gets that way, today he hasn’t been able to because she’s been rather overbearing and loud about it. There are days when the other Bright and he see eye to eye as far as their relationship goes, and then there are days like these when she has her own mind on how things should be. Normally he finds her anger and possessiveness cute, but today… he’s really not in the mood.

As he pulls the cigarette away from his mouth and tilts his head back enough to release the smoke into the thickly saturated air, he feels a pair of eyes on him that he knows belong to another of his kind. The tall Selestarri’s deep brown gaze slides over to meet gray, both teenagers’ eyes locking for just a second before the other quickly pulls his away. Lan continues to stare though, taking his time to look over the full measure of someone he’s only seen in passing for the last two years. He’s known about the Dark the entire time that he’s been in this school –each on what he’s assumed to be a similar assignment, but before this day, he’s never been in close vicinity to him and so never paid him much mind either. The Bright have their assignments and reasons to be in this school as do the Dark, and so long as the two don’t interfere there’s no reason to bother with one another at all.

It’s an arrangement that everyone has seemed contented to maintain.

But… when his gaze lingers and a few more moments pass, gray eyes rise back up to once again find his, he makes an impulsive decision that breaches the unspoken arrangement that had been in place. The two Selestarri simply look at one another in silence until a soft touch at his jacket pulls his attention back to his fellow student, and he smiles in response before handing her back the last of the cigarette he holds. Excusing himself, the tall Bright begins moving towards the Dark with little thought lent to his actions and even though he can practically hear Halacie’s voice resonating in his head with a lecture he knows she’d give him for attempting any type of contact with the other faction, his graceful footfalls continue unabated.

Coming to a halt at Sashi’s front, he offers the older teen a slight sort of smile and a nod. “Do you have an extra?” The Bright asks, motioning towards Sashi’s cigarette while ignoring the fact that the rest of the lounge inhabitant’s eyes have shifted to them both. “I just gave the last I had to my friend.”

Sashi: The only show of surprise on tanned features when the Bright begins to make his way through the crowded room is a blink of storm cloud colored eyes. What the hell is he doing? They’ve spent two years ignoring one another, so why approach him now? Perhaps it was Zeph, the younger Dark overbalancing the more even two-to-one odds in power in a way that he doubts the other Selestarri would find favorable. More than likely the two students from the other faction never understood that with or without his brother it would never have been a fair fight to begin, at least not once he let go of the hold on his magic.

Their gazes meet when the taller teenager stops before him and it’s obvious that the attention of the room has shifted along with him. The other kids continue to talk quietly amongst themselves, but all eyes are locked on the two of them. The telepath can automatically feel his defenses rise, this almost exact same scene having played out many times when he was younger. One approaches him while the others hang back, waiting while the first either taunts him outright or tries to catch him off guard with false promises of friendship. Once he’s had enough and the game is over, the others would come in like a pack of dogs, looking to hurt him with either words or fists or both. He’d learned to fight back pretty quickly, understanding that even if he lost and wound up having the shit kicked out of him at least he’d done more than just sat back and let them act as they wished. After a few years he’d become fairly skilled in hand to hand fighting and the other young Dark had settled for more of the verbal abuse than the physical variety.

So there’s no reason to think that this little meeting he’s about to have thrust upon him will be any different. There’s always the possibility that the Bright have heard about him somehow and believe that he’s the monster that everyone is always saying he is. This could just be more of the same shit he’s endured for the past forty-three years… But standing here, looking into the magically masked eyes of the other Selestarri, he doesn’t get that same impending feeling of either eminent bloodshed or humiliation. He doesn’t really get what he’s sensing at all and that almost makes him more uneasy. The thundercloud gaze narrows in the slightest when he’s asked for an extra cigarette, his guard coming up close as he works to figure out what the hell is going on. After a moment Sashi gives a slight nod and pulls the pack and a lighter from the pocket of his jacket, holding it out for the Bright to take. “These things will kill you, you know.”

The small, soft smile on the taller teen’s mouth widens as he takes the box, slipping one of the slender sticks free and sparking the lighter at its tip. [Any one of your friends over there would have given you a cigarette,] he says, taking a drag from his own nearly spent stick and switching over to telepathy. Sashi leans back against the wall, arms crossing loosely around his waist as the gray haze around the ceiling is multiplied. [So I assume you want something. It’s been two years, so if you were looking to just borrow smokes we probably would have met before now…]

Lan: The smile on his mouth only widens as he slides the cigarette up to full lips, taking a long drag. Chocolate brown eyes meet thundercloud colored gray even as he tilts his head enough to release the smoke into the air. [Has it been two years?] Lan wonders lightly with a soft shaking his head that sends shaggy dark strands shifting above narrow shoulders. […What have we been doing this entire time, hmm?] This is a pointless comment because they both know full well what they’ve been doing the entire time -each faction is here to unlock the mysteries of this school, but for the sake of small talk, he makes it anyway.

[Honestly, I’m not looking for anything…] he smirks slightly while taking another drag of his cigarette [I don’t think I’ve ever had clear windows open for a hello but today seemed different, so… hello] and that much is truth. Both he and the Dark are normally surrounded by their classmates, their teachers, their team mates, or himself by a fellow, rather overbearing Bright. Neither have had the opportunity to be in the same vicinity without an interruption pending, and the few times they have, there seemed to be little reason to bother. But today… it could have been something about the looks cast from across the room that set him in motion, or it could have been something else, he’s not really sure. What he is sure about is that he felt compelled to talk to the other Selestarri for once and so that’s exactly what he did.

[Well… now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I suppose I’ll go.] Gray eyes narrow and he only smiles a little wider in response before taking one last drag of his cigarette. Flipping the half burnt stick around, he then holds it out for the Dark to take. [I don’t really have time to finish and I’d rather not waste it so…] Sashi’s gaze slowly begins to pull away from his and travel down to rest on the offering, a few long moments spent where both teenagers remain as they are before he finally pulls an arm free of his waist and reaches out to take it. When tapered fingers brush against his however, the shorter Selestarri stills, a frown quickly forming in response. The smile on the Bright’s lips wavers for just a moment when he catches the shift in the older teenager’s expression, breaking the contact when he swiftly pulls his hand back.

“Thanks, Morika.” Lan says quietly, dropping his hand down and latching his fingers onto the pockets of his tailored uniform pants as he turns away. “The next one will be on me.” those gathered around the telepath practically explode into an array of chattering whispers the instant the taller teenager is in movement back towards his group while storm cloud colored eyes continue to watch as the other Selestarri offers those same students a hasty goodbye before he exits the crowded, smoke saturated room.

Jun: the slender teenager makes his way down the wide hallway that leads back to his homeroom class, his steps just a little hurried and his hopes high that he won’t be caught yet again by a fellow student somewhere along the way. He spent the entire beginning of the lunch hour dodging a few of his classmates and various friends as they bombarded him with their constant chatter about his intentions as far as the upcoming planned dorm party are concerned. It cost him the first ten minutes of the only time he gets until the school day is over to catch up on sleep and he’s already a little annoyed in general over that fact alone.

Early dawn hued eyes glance back down the hallway the moment he reaches the empty, darkened classroom and once he’s satisfied that no one has spotted him, he moves quickly inside before reaching back to close the door behind him. Throwing his black leather book bag at his desk once he’s halfway across the room, he flops down in his seat and sighs heavily. A moment later pure white, partially spiked strands spill across the desk’s surface as his face sinks down against crossing arms and he allows his eyes to close, happy for the first time since the beginning of the day over the prospect of a few minutes of peace. One would think that with the arrival of a new student, especially someone who’s a foreigner, that the attention he normally gets would ease up just a little. But god… there’s been no slowing of note after note after note passed to him during class, and the questions asked during breaks have been nonstop, and no reprise of the nagging of his friends for him to show up. No one is giving him any time to think about whether he wants to go or not and it’s getting kind of irritating because he really, really dislikes being put on the spot. And while okay yeah, he understands that he’s been asked for specifically by a bunch of girls from C who are kinda hot, and a lot of those girls have like… huge boobs so it’s no wonder his friends are all on about him showing up just to ensure they will as well, he’s just not feeling it at the moment and would rather spend his weekend catching up on the sleep he can never seem to get enough of instead.

“Jun!” his name being called by a familiar voice pulls him from his thoughts and the slightest of frowns forms on his mouth before he lifts his head just enough to find the near black eyes of a Second Year staring at him from just beyond the doorway. “Eun Sun’s looking for you dude, something about that thing coming up on Saturday. I think she was going to ask you directly but then Taz sidetracked her and now there’s some shit going down. You have to get to Dining now.”

Jun nods, the frown painting his lips deepening a little. “Yeah… okay, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” The kid grins wide in response before disappearing from the partially cracked doorway, his hurried footfalls resonating out in the hall to signal his retreat. But the white haired teen makes no movement to actually get up and follow him, instead he simply drops his head back down against his arms and closes his eyes once more.

He finds it kind of annoying to know that Eun Sun was going to approach him directly and he has no intentions of getting up and going out to Dining to confirm it for himself. He knows that girl… she’s some Second Year in Taz’s class and while she’s pretty and all, there’s no way he’d accept an invite from her. The main reason being he’s pretty sure Taz likes her and after hearing there’d been an interception, that suspicion seems to be getting confirmed. Even if he were interested, which he isn’t, he’d never go after someone his best friend was gunning for anyway so it’ll be better for everyone if he just sits here like he originally planned and avoid the entire thing altogether.

Not to mention… the thought of Taz and Eun Sun going out kind of annoys him for some reason, even if he’s not entirely sure what that reason might be… Interrupting his thoughts, the footfalls that had just gone away return and without bothering to lift his head to greet the student again, he pulls an arm free of the desk and waves at the approaching upper classman dismissively. “God… I’m coming, I swear-“ his words come to a rather abrupt halt when he finally slides pink eyes back open and allows them to rise up, finding not the one he expected, but the deep blue gaze of the new transfer student instead.

“Um…” Jun starts, flushing ever so slightly in embarrassment, “Sorry…” the white haired teenager mutters before straightening and it doesn’t take very long for the blonde’s silence to make him a little nervous so he drops his gaze to his desk. “I …thought you were someone else.”

Zephyr: The noise of the dining hall fades behind the tall Selestarri as he makes his way down the empty corridor toward the first year classrooms. Branching off into one of the smaller hallways, he stops and leans back against the wall, long fingers threading into white-blonde strands. A quiet sigh slips from between full lips as he takes a second to just relax. There’d been practically no sleep last night and he’d forgotten how draining humans can be at times, especially when someone or something is new to them. The endless fucking questions might actually make him go insane. How the hell has Sashi dealt with all of this over the last two years? A short chuckle echoes in the empty corridor as he remembers exactly how his brother deals with it: by being himself.

Well, maybe he can at least get a couple of minutes away to just bust out his iPod and chill in the empty classroom before the afternoon kicks off. Tomorrow would be easier once he’d had a break and actually had a chance to unpack his stuff. He’d been hoping to see his brother while they ate, but the older Dark had gone off somewhere and with his damn barriers held down so tight it was almost impossible to sense him unless he was practically standing right beside. Straightening up Zeph pushes away from the hall and retraces the route his class had followed from the room to lunch only twenty or so minutes ago. He sees only one other kid as he goes, nodding just slightly as they pass one another in the stretch of rooms belonging to the second year classes.

The door to 01-A is halfway open, but he’s relieved to see that the lights are off which likely means he can grab those few minutes of relaxing— The presence of another crawls over Zephyr’s awareness to interrupt his thoughts just as he moves into the doorway, midnight blue eyes taking a moment to adjust to the dimness. At his desk near the windows is the kid with the white hair, one hand waving at the Dark dismissively just before frustrated words spill out into the space between them. The pink gaze finally opens while he’s trying to figure out why his senses are registering something is off in the room, the other teenager apologizing for thinking he was a different student. What the hell is he noticing all the sudden? Nothing has changed as far as he can see and now the sensation is fading completely away…

Zeph continues to stare hard for a second longer before he realizes he should probably be doing more than just standing in the hall. The Selestarri forcibly pushes the strangeness to the back of his head and smiles at his flustered, white-haired classmate. “Happens all the time, me getting mistaken for other people, especially here in Korea,” he jokes, continuing over the threshold and walking across the front of the room. There’s a flush to pale cheeks that only deepens when he teases the other teen and he’s finding it kinda cute… “Sorry to break up your sleep or whatever. One of the girls said I should get the books for the afternoon classes from some storage cabinet in here during lunch.” Tapered fingers flip blonde hair from his eyes as he stops and drops his bag into his assigned seat. “She even offered to help but at the moment I’m kind of over it all, you know?”

Long legs straddle the desk that separates them and he sinks down, resting one elbow on the flat surface and propping his head up with his hand. He flashes a grin at the other teenager that isn’t returned, just another quick glance of those unusual pink eyes. “You’re Jung-su, right?” The Dark’s grin fades into a slight frown. “Can I call you that or is this a country where we use last names? Sometimes I can’t keep all the formalities straight… Anyway,” he holds out his hand to shake, “I’m Zephyr...”

Jun: he keeps his eyes trained on his desk as the blonde moves into the classroom, speaking to a little more freely than he’s used to. The white haired teen only takes a few quick glances here and there before the other kid has settled at the desk in-between them, his hand slid out for him to shake. Finally pulling his gaze up, he stares at the Dark for a moment without movement, finding himself unsure. There’s a confidence about his classmate that takes him a little aback, a friendliness and lack of formality to him that he isn’t sure he knows how to handle. The other First Year is speaking to him so casually, as if they’ve been friends for years when in truth this will be the first time they’ve talked since he’d been introduced in the morning to the entire class. It makes him a little uneasy for some reason and he’s not quite sure what he’s supposed to do.

When he first came to the school after his parents had died, he’d spent the first… what? At least three or four months being bombarded with question after question about his background and even now he’ll get the same whenever somebody new transfers in or an upper classman he’s never seen before catches sight of him in the hall. He’s used to being stared at by other kids in this school, used to the comments or questions about his height, his eyes or his hair, so to have the first words the taller teenager has spoken to him not be anywhere near that and instead just be just some casual whatevers with an introduction is just… kind of weirding him out.

The white haired teen realizes that his thoughts have begun to wander and a few moments have passed since his eyes had fallen on Zephyr’s outstretched hand and he’d gone silent, so he blinks, working quickly to pull himself out of his head. He reaches out just a little hesitantly to shake the other teenager’s hand and nods. “Jung-su’s fine…” he says, pulling his hand swiftly back and his eyes soon slipping free of deep midnight as well. “…or Jun, ‘cause my friends call me that. So whatever’s easiest… I guess.” Suddenly, he feels a little awkward and despite his attempts to come across casual, he knows it probably shows. He’s never really felt comfortable around new people, hell he barely feels comfortable around his classmates and he’s been around them for nearly a year, but for whatever reason the way Zephyr’s looking at him makes him feel doubly so.

“Uh…” Jun tries again, allowing himself another quick glance up to meet the other teen’s gaze. “It’s pretty formal here, so most teachers and Upper Classmen call us by our last names, so do other kids we don’t know, that sort of thing but I think some people are going to have trouble with yours ‘cause it’s kind of long and kind of… you know, different.” Kind of different? That’s an understatement. It’s very different because the other teen is like, from a whole other country or something.

“Anyway.” he frowns at himself, searching for things to say. “So… they moved you into the dorms right? Do you know which floor you’re going to be o-?” the white haired teenager words come to an abrupt stop and again that slight little tint of embarrassment flushes beneath his pale skin. Why is he even asking that? Not only does it not matter what floor Zephyr’s going to be on, it’s none of his business and is far too personal to ask someone he’s only just met. “Um, nevermind...” He amends, quickly looking away as a single hand is brought up to absently scratch at the back of his head.

Slipping his fingers from snowy white strands, he pushes his lean frame back in his chair and rises to his feet. “Lunch is probably going to be over soon and they sorta don’t like it when you are late to class, so…” reaching over pull his leather book bag free of his desk, he offers the Dark a slight nod before turning to make his way towards the partially opened door. “-should probably go. It’s ah… nice to meet you and I’ll see you around … I guess …”

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