Angel Hunt and Streifen Roleplay

+ Alternate Universe 01 +

C H A P T E R O N E : P A R T 04

Zephyr/Sashi: There’s a slight breeze in the twilight air that does little aside from ruffle the newly changing leaves on the trees around campus. Dusk stripes the sky in shades of orange, purple, and magenta, highlighting the fieldstone buildings and causing the entire school grounds to look like something out of a Halloween movie. On the roof of the boys’ dorm, two figures watch from the shadows as small groups of students make their way to and from the main buildings, some taking their time while others hurry to meet with friends or study groups.

Smoke coils up from the slender stick held between the fingers of the shorter of the two teenagers, gray eyes flat as he glances over at his companion. Zephyr stares down at the students below, hands stuffed in the pockets of his scarlet uniform jacket as he leans casually against a rooftop outcropping. The younger Selestarri looks slightly bored, as if he were the one assigned here without a say and not the same person who had demanded that the Seeker and the Assembly send him to this school. Sashi sighs quietly and flicks ash off the cigarette and out into empty air. He’s been in a shitty mood ever since Halacie had chased him down during lunch and started flinging around accusations that she knew none of the real truth about. It’s not so much that he cares what she says, it’s more that just like every other Selestarri, she’s made assumptions about him without even attempting to discover the truth. He’s just fucking sick of it all. Following the school day, practice had been one long slave drive by the coach and his already aching muscles are now screaming for rest and bags of ice. To top it all off, once he gets a shower he really needs to go out someplace private and dump his magic, since the effort of reining in the energy is stressing out his barriers too much. Awesome. This whole fucking day has just been awesome.

[So… do you mind signing the escort forms?] Zeph’s voice floats into Sashi’s annoyed thoughts with a cautiousness that indicates he’s picked up on the telepath’s foul mood. Tanned fingers rake through unruly strands of coal-black hair in a fruitless effort to keep it from his eyes before giving up all together and letting the wind do as it wishes. [I don’t care, whatever. Just remember that we have reports due next week and the Assembly will be expecting to get one from you.]

[Yeah, I know, Sash,] Zephyr replies, midnight eyes sliding over to meet gray. [They briefed me at home, remember? I’ll get it done and follow the Assembly’s stupid rules for once.]

Sashi takes a long drag, holding the smoke deep in his lungs for several moments. If only it were first time he’d heard those words from Zeph. The younger Dark isn’t exactly known for his respect of authority figures. Actually, he’s surprised that he hasn’t been called down to the Headmaster’s office to hear about the blonde’s latest escapade over the course of the last two days. This must be some kind of record. [Not what I’m concerned about, I just don’t want to deal with the Assembly if you fuck up. Keep in mind that if you’re expelled they’ll haul you right back to Nova in spite of last month’s events. Before you know it you’ll be running recon missions for the Seeker with that memory of yours.]

A deep scowl slips over the other teenager’s mouth and blue eyes narrow in the slightest. He knows that more than anything Zephyr hates recon, so that should be enough to remind him to behave for the most part. Not that Sashi truly cares what the younger Selestarri does one way or another when it comes to these humans and their rules. He supposes that he should be happy that his brother wanted to come down here to be surrounded by a bunch of humans, a couple of Bright, and at least one Angel, especially when the rest of their race would rather pretend that he doesn’t exist.

Silence settles over the two Dark for a minute before Zephyr is once again reminded of the other reason he’d tracked his brother down after the soccer practice. [Hey, one of these kids in my class, he’s friends with this second year that I’m pretty sure is one of those Angels. He’s got the white hair and silver eyes and a pretty obvious magical signature. Know who I’m talking about?]

The smoldering stick slides back up to full lips and the telepath nods. [Yeah, Song or something is his name, right? I watched him for a bit when he first showed up, but I didn’t see any connection to other Angels or to anything that seemed like it might be going on behind closed doors.] Sashi shrugs and exhales a stream of smoke into the darkening air. [I don’t know what he’s doing here and as long as there’s no involvement then I don’t give a shit.]

Midnight eyes shift back to the grounds below and a frown deepens over the blonde’s mouth. He probably should have saved this conversation for a time when his brother was in a better mood. Too late now, though. [What about Jun, the guy in my class? Is he an Angel, too? He looks like one except for the eyes.]

Sashi shrugs. He knows which kid Zeph is talking about, but he honestly didn’t pay him too much attention since rumors and his school records indicated that he’s some kind of albino. He probably should have, but he just doesn’t care all that much aside from the reports he has to file. [So he sort of looks like an Angel. Do you get any magic off him?]

The blonde shakes his head, the frown etching itself deeper. [Not really, but what about the fact that Song—Taz—whoever, is always hanging around Jun? Isn’t that a little odd? I mean, how much coincidence can there really be in a place like this?]

One last drag of the cigarette warms the older Dark’s lungs before he crushes the end of the slender stick against the stones at their backs. He’s more than over this conversation and just wants that shower before having to go back out again. [You’ve got skills, little brother,] Sashi snaps, the irritation clear in his tone. [So use them and find out for yourself.] Snagging the bag containing his equipment off the rooftop, he draws the magic to teleport, leaving the blonde standing alone…

Jun: the white haired teenager’s hands are stuffed deep in the pockets of his jeans, pink printed tee hanging loose on his lean frame and early dawn tinted eyes staring ahead at nothing as he moves down the darkened halls of the boy’s main dorm while his thoughts wander. He’s still a little iffy about going into town with the new student, not for any reason in particular he supposes, more so that it’s just one of those standard comfort zone things. Zephyr actually seems to want to be his friend, and he does like him enough to want to friend him in return… but it’s all happening so… fast. He’s never agreed to go spend time alone with someone he’s just met and the fact that he wants to kind of surprises him.

It’s weird… weird in a way that he doesn’t quite know how to handle yet. He gets so self conscious around the taller teenager in a way that’s only ever happened with his best friend and he feels odd when he catches those blue eyes on him or when he smiles that easy smile. But there’s no real reason for feeling off since Zephyr seems to be open and easy in general, the last two days of school have proved that since Jun has seen him laughing and smiling at pretty much everybody. Which is why he doesn’t get how it is that when he does it to him, it makes him feel… kinda weird.

Pulling his hand free of a pocket as he rounds a corner to find the main stairwell looming before him, he sighs and scratches at his head before he begins making his way down. It’s just confusing in general since he’s never had this kind of thing happen to him. All the kids around him want to hang out, they all want to ‘be his friend’ but it’s always as a group. No one beyond Taz has ever wanted to just sit down and talk to him, or hang out one on one, he’s pretty sure. But really how long will it all last? How long before his new classmate is around him enough to realize what the white haired teenager is still surprised the rest of them haven’t realized; that he’s rather boring and that he really is lame. Taz is the one in their group that smiles, the one that jokes and laughs and has an easy way about him similar to Zephyr’s easy way, not him. It’s only a matter of time before the blonde gets it… which is a thought that doesn’t want to sit well with him anymore than the weird feelings seem to want to.

Reaching to bottom of the stairs, Jun slides his hand back to his pocket and looks up in time to find himself face to face with the very student he’s been thinking about. He stops and blinks when midnight eyes lock with his, only to pull his gaze away immediately after in order to stare down at the floor. “Um…” he starts, his voice set low as he searches for something to say. “There’s… this thing over at Rec… it’s kinda… DDR basically and a few from our class and from B are having a comp.” glancing back up, he shrugs. “I don’t know if you play… but, I was heading over there… you… wanna come?”

Zephyr: The frenetic techno beat pulses through metallic blue headphones as the blonde crosses the threshold of the main entrance to the boys’ dorm. The lobby area is virtually deserted, the other students lingering in the dining hall or out around the grounds despite the chill of the autumn air. Straight ahead the main staircase rises to the second floor with all the grandness of the finest mansion, the wide risers lined by a beautifully carved rail. Midnight eyes catch sight of a familiar head of white hair descending, lost in thought so deep that he doesn’t seem to notice when the Dark reaches the bottom step and leans against the banister. He watches his classmate in silence, finding that for whatever reason he enjoys simply seeing the other teen move. It’s like there’s this gracefulness that he’s only seen in some Selestarri and rarely in humans, almost preternatural in a way, like the most elegant model or dancer and then one step above even that. It’s fluid and beautiful…

Pink eyes blink in surprise when they finally land on the Dark and then immediately drop to the floor, the words that trail on and off tinged with the shyness that’s becoming the norm between them. An easy smile slips across Zeph’s mouth as he switches off the iPod and nods at the invitation to play DDR. “Yeah, it’s been a while since I played and all, but it’d be cool to go since I don’t really have any plans tonight.” Long fingers reach up to flip wayward white gold strands from his face and he chuckles. “Well, actually I told some girls from…C class, I think?... that I was hanging out with my brother, but really they were just annoying and I needed a break. You can only hear so many times who likes who and what kid’s family has the most money, right?”

The white haired teen leads the way back through the lobby and Zephyr falls into step beside him. Speaking of Sashi, the older Dark had told him to use his memory telepathy to find out the truth about Jun. He’d thought he’d just wait until they went into town tomorrow, but it wouldn’t hurt to just take a quick look now before they get to Rec. “Hey,” he says quietly, flashing a grin at the other student, “I need to use the bathroom before we head out, okay?” Diverting their path to a short side hall, they push open the door and cross into the tile and glass room.

Every surface gleams brightly from the obvious care taken by the cleaning staff and the whole place smells of disinfectant. The Selestarri steps up to the nearest urinal while Jun moves to the sink to stand before the large, gilt framed mirror, tapered fingers lifting to ruffle through snowy strands. There’s no resistance as Zeph slides into the shorter teenager’s mind, but the heavy sense of magic that strikes him immediately is almost enough to send him staggering. Foreign in its signature, the energy is as suffocating as when Sashi opens full up, but unlike his brother, he can sense multiple sources that are like layers, ringed around and around every bit of the consciousness he’s standing in. The darkroom clotheslines with the pictures stretch out as they normally do when he accesses his telepathy, but there’s something definitely wrong with the photographs themselves.

Usually each one contains a frozen image from a memory, chronologically arranged from childhood to the present. But in Jun’s mind he only sees memories on the lines nearest to him, the images colorful and bright while the others… are just… odd. Zeph steps closer, his fingers skimming the surface of the nearest photograph. It looks like there was once a picture within the white boarder, but now they’ve been placed behind a thick cloud… or something like a pane of frosted glass… Midnight eyes squint, but he can’t make out what’s behind them. He’s never seen anything like this before. The only thing that comes even remotely close is the few people whose heads he’s been in that have amnesia. Their memories are always jumbled and often whole sections are blacked out with the pictures missing or pulled down from the lines. The blonde moves away from the stretch of photos with a sigh. Regardless of what may or may not be going on here, he’s not getting any magic coming from Jun himself, just from the memories. It’s weird because how can someone’s memories be magical but not the person? He should be able to sense it though, so it looks like he might have been wrong about the other teenager being an Angel after all. Oddly, he feels a little disappointed…

The Dark slips out of Jun’s mind with well-practiced skill and turns away from the row of urinals to join his classmate at the sinks. Washing his hands, he flashes a smile to the shorter teen in the mirror and then snags one of the thick paper towels before heading toward the door. The main doors close softly behind the two students and the night sky cloaks them with silver-highlighted shadow as they move down the fieldstone path toward the recreational center with only the chirping bugs and distant owl hoots as accompaniment. “By the way,” Zeph says as they near the well lit building, “my brother said he’ll sign the escort papers, so we’ll be all set to go tomorrow.”

The blonde pretends not to notice the slight flush that stains Jun’s pale cheeks while the door is held open for him and they walk into a tiled lobby. Seriously, he wonders if he even knows how cute he is when doing that… The magical signature that he’s come to associate with Taz hits him immediately and it’s not seconds after they enter the nearest doorway to find the competition in full swing that midnight eyes shift to catch silver and the faint hint of a scowl that quickly passes over the Angel’s face…

Taz: he catches their scents pretty quickly, Jun’s… well he’d know that one anywhere. Jun could be a mile away and he’s be able to catch him coming closer, his scent’s been with him for a very long time and it’s something the Angel is pretty sure to be ingrained deep inside. The other may be new, but it’s becoming just as familiar and is as unique as the other three of his race that have been in the school for years. Not Angel, not Human… Selestarri he’s been told. Normally he could care less what those Selestarri do with themselves as it’s no real business of his own. The Council knows they are here and they deal with them however they’ve chosen to deal with them. His own assignment and Jun’s reason for being here are completely separate issues, neither interfere and so they don’t interfere with each other.

But it doesn’t seem as if the new one understands that and since he’s come in, he’s appeared to be a little too focused in on his best friend. He’d hoped that in witnessing their normal morning routine, it’d be enough to push that blonde away, but that obviously wasn’t the case. He doesn’t like how he’s seemed to insert himself by his friend’s side over the last few days and he has a feeling he’s going to have to talk with this one in order to set things straight. Jun’s an innocent now, in more ways than one and he’s not going to be able to understand that by allowing the new student to be where he currently is, it could quite possibly end up costing him his life… or at the very least, put him in some serious danger. Since he has no way of getting Jun to understand that, he’ll have to find a way to get the other one to understand it instead.

The side doors to the Rec room open, the autumn chill spilling in momentarily until the two scents he’d picked up walk in. Silver eyes focus immediately on blue when the tall teenager catches him in return and the scowl on his features last for only a second before pink eyes pull his attentions away. Taz has just enough time to meet Jun’s gaze before a few from their class are running towards the pair and soon after, the white haired teenager is being dragged away from the blonde and pushed towards the DDR machines in the room at his back. Another classmate lingers, talking excitedly to the Dark even as his midnight gaze follows the group that pulls his shorter companion away and Taz smirks at the scene before pushing himself free of the surface behind him in order to make his way towards the pair.

The Selestarri’s eyes pull away from Jun as he draws near and he leans down to say something dismissive to his classmate, sending him running enthusiastically off towards the bar. Stopping just at Zephyr’s front while in the background, Jun steps up onto large, lit metal pads, the Angel slips a hand free of his pocket and holds it out for the blonde to shake, the smile on his lips not even coming close to reaching his silver gaze. “Chung Hee Song… or Taz as a lot of my friends know me… Kim’s best friend.”

Zephyr: Cold blue eyes take measure of the one who stands before him, one hand extended in a gesture of greeting that both of them know is only for show. Nor is he fooled for a second by the smile stretched across the Angel’s mouth, not after having grown up on Nova where that look is so commonplace. The dislike he’d immediately felt for the teenager at their first two meetings is intensified up close and even though he can’t exactly put his finger on why that is, there’s no doubt in his mind that it has to do with Jun. Even if he’s not the same race as Song, he’s still being lied to in some way or another and that does not sit well with the Dark. Lying is for people who don’t matter, not the ones you claim to be best friends with.

Silver and midnight hold as the blonde stretches out his hand to shake the Angel’s. “So I’ve heard,” he replies quietly. “Jun mentioned it once or twice as we’ve talked. I’m Zephyr.” The Selestarri’s tone is casual and he pulls his hand away without hurry before sliding it into the pocket of his hooded sweatshirt. How much of a favor would he be doing everyone if he pulled his sword out right now and stabbed it through Taz’s chest? Sure he’s standing in a crowd of people and his cover would be completely blown. Sure, Jun would most likely never speak to him again. Sure, Sashi had checked into him already and found no activity with the rest of his race. But wouldn’t one less Angel hanging around be a good thing? Seriously, how could it hurt?

Unfortunately there are three factors working against him here. First, he wants to know what Song knows about the stuff happening at this school and while he could go in and look at his memories now, he’d rather wait and do it when he has time to really sift through. Second, Zeph is more than aware that this place is the only real escape that Sashi has right now from Nova and he’s not going to fuck that up for his brother unless he has a damn good reason. And third, the whole Jun never speaking to him again thing. Why that bothers him at all since they’d only met yesterday, he has no clue, but he likes hanging out with the other teen and would be kinda sad if it all was finished so quickly. So all of that adds up to keeping his sword hidden away and behaving for the moment at least, which sucks but can’t be helped.

The deep blue gaze slides away from silver to watch the figure across the room as he moves so fluidly over the metal dance pads. The lean body steps in perfect rhythm with the pulsating beat, the multicolored arrows on the screen moving so fast that they can barely be seen. His white-haired classmate is good, damn good, and the rest of the kids gathered around obviously think so as well from the way they’re staring at him. Taz follows Zephyr’s eyes and they watch for a moment in silence before a frown slips over the blonde’s mouth. “That little morning routine you so nicely let me in on today,” the Dark says softly, “it really embarrassed him and that wasn’t cool. I don’t know what your point was, but let’s leave him out of it all because it seems like Jun has enough shit going on…”

Taz: the white haired Angel’s eyes don’t bother to pull away from his friend’s lean frame as his feet continue to move across the lit, flashing colored pads beneath him, but he does blink in response to the blonde’s words, finding himself at a loss for a moment because of just how ridiculous the other teen’s little lecture really is. He remains silent for a second longer before a sudden bout of incredulous laughter spills from his lips, loud enough to pull the attention of a few others that happen to be near. Midnight eyes narrow and slide over just as his laughter dies down and he meets the Dark’s gaze with slightly amused yet very cold silver.

“You… have no idea how much ‘shit’ he’s got going on, Zephyr.” Sliding a hand free of his pocket in order to push layered snow colored strands away from his face, the slightest hints of a smirk forms on his mouth. “But a day and a half in the school, a few hours talking to him and you think you know it all, do you?”

Pulling his hand away from his hair, he returns it to his pocket and shakes his head, allowing his gaze to slide back over to the competition in play. The tall teen stands there for a few moments simply watching Jun as he moves, each step and shift, every twist and turn fluid and perfect in a way that no human around him even has the hopes of coming close to. Many of their fellow classmates stand around him staring as well, some trying their hand at competing while knowing it to be futile while most seem content to simply look on in the same way he is now. He doesn’t blame them really because even compared to other Angels; Jun’s grace has never been easy to match. But there’s not anyone else here who would understand it the way that he does, not even the other white haired teenager himself… and certainly not this kid standing next to him, speaking as if he has any real clue.

Movement off to their sides catches his attentions, pulling him from his thoughts. Glaning over, he finds the earlier student making his way back to them with a can of something in his hand. “I’ll keep this short since you’ve got company coming” he starts, keeping his voice pitched very low. “But I figure since we’re playing the role of the concerned new friend, I might as well make this one thing absolutely clear.” Silver eyes shift away from the approaching boy and back to meet deep blue. “I know what you are, just like I know what the others are. I leave them alone, and they do the same in return. You’re new to how it works here, so I can forgive you not understanding how we roll, but Jun… he’s not like any of us, if you know what I mean. He’s just a normal kid living as normal a life as he can given what’s happened to him so if you’re thinking about bringing any of your business into his scope... don’t. I’m an easy going guy, but I’m not at all opposed to getting myself involved if you try to complicate things for him.” Turning away from the Dark, Taz begins moving towards the game floor while prying a hand free of his pocket in order to wave dismissively to the Selestarri. “Try to keep it in mind while you’re here, okay?”

Zephyr: Cold anger courses through him in a frigid wave, seeping further and further inside with every word that comes out of that Angel’s mouth. There’s no visible change in his stance to indicate that anything is wrong and he’s careful not to let it show much in his face, a lesson learned from years of scraps with other kids and a culture that thrives on deception, power, and backstabbing. The anger pushes him to fight, to unleash his magic on the one standing beside him and it’s only a lifetime lived on Nova that enables him to rein it in before it explodes. Yeah, it definitely would have been a favor to everyone if he’d planted his sword into this asshole and next time he won’t hesitate to at least put a fist in that shit-talking mouth of his. What the fuck is Song even talking about? He makes these assertions like he has any idea of what the Selestarri are doing here or more specifically what Zeph himself is doing here. And what was all that ‘Jun not being like the rest of them’ shit? Of course he’s not—he’s a human with some fucked up memories and a bunch of magic in his head, unusual yeah, but not an Angel or a Selestarri. So why the hell would the Dark even bother complicating anything at all for Jun in the first place? What is there to even complicate?

Midnight eyes glare at the back of Taz’s head for a long minute before a smirk slips over the blonde’s mouth. Ah, now he gets it. Someone’s jealous. All this big talk, the little demonstration this morning, it’s just a front because he’s insecure about Jun having a new friend, one who’s not like the other humans at this school. It makes perfect sense and is seriously pathetic. Maybe he should do the Angel a favor and rewrite a few of his memories when he gets a moment to go inside his head and find out what he’s even doing here in the first place… The kid standing beside the Dark says something and Zeph pulls his eyes away long enough to nod in agreement to whatever it was and then Jun is stepping off the pads and those who were watching intently are all crowding around him with nothing short of adoration. There’s no smile on the white haired teen’s lips, just the faint flush of exertion as he accepts a drink and declines the calls for him to play another round. The blonde’s midnight gaze meets pink and he grins at Jun, giving a slight wave before the other student is swallowed up by the crowd of their classmates…

Jun: early dawn hued eyes catch the flash of a wide grin moments before he’s shut off from the blonde’s view when his friends and other classmates surround him. The words thrown in his direction are as fast and jumbled as they are excited and enthusiastic, as if they’ve never seen him play the game before this very day. It’s always like this though; they act like what he does is supernatural or something amazing when really it’s all just a matter of him having practiced at a game he likes in order to become good. He shakes his head when the first and second years at the machines call for him to play a few more rounds, finding a way after a few assurances that he’ll be back at it once he’s gotten a moment to breathe to make his way through the crowd. He’s just done about five rounds and even though he could probably continue on for another ten or so without pause, he feels a little like he’s being put on show and would rather step back for a few minutes and cool down. Besides, he’d seen Taz briefly when he’d originally been dragged away from Zephyr and he wants to find him again so that he can properly introduce the two. He’s pretty sure they’ll get along... Everyone gets along with Taz and just from the few times he and Zephyr have been talking, he’s kind of confident that the same can be said for him in return.

Pink eyes catch a crown of snow colored hair above the scattering of fellow students before him and he heads towards the person he knows to be attached to that hair without pause. But as he moves closer he realizes that his friend isn’t exactly standing alone and that realization stops his steps dead in their tracks. With his back to Jun, Taz’s attentions are on that girl; Eun Sung as she stands to his front smiling a flirtatious smile and laughing at some unheard joke he told. The white haired first year stands in place for a moment, simply staring as slender fingers slip up to bat playfully at the taller teen’s arm and with that gesture he frowns, suddenly finding himself a little flustered about it for reasons that are completely beyond him. He turns away from the scene and quickly makes his way back through the crowd before finding an empty block of wall somewhere off to the side. With a sigh, he leans back and slides the drink in his hand up to his mouth in order to hide the frown now plastered on his features.

What… was that and what the hell is going on in his head? There’s no reason that should have bothered him, especially since he doesn’t even like that girl... or at least, he’s pretty sure he doesn’t like her since she’d been coming after him for a while and he’s constantly turned her down because he’s long since suspected that Taz likes her instead. But… watching her touch his best friend, hearing her laugh at whatever joke he told her… it bothered him and now he’s got this odd feeling shifting around inside of him that he doesn’t have any way to explain. It feels almost like… how he’s been feeling when Zephyr smiles at him in some weird sort of twisted way, which, is just so way off that he doesn’t even know where to begin. God, seriously… like, what is his issue? He can’t figure it out and he’s not even sure he wants to right now since he’d really just rather the thoughts and feelings on a whole, whether they’re related to Eun Sung and Taz or related to Zephyr, would go away because it’s too confusing and annoying to be shifting through his head.

With another soft sigh, he starts to pull the drink away from his mouth only to be caught a bit off guard when he finds one of the people he’d been thinking about nearly in his face. He blinks as he realizes the tall blonde is standing before him, smiling in a way that causes him to fluster and he quickly pulls his gaze away and allows pink eyes to settle on what he can see of the DDR machines off to their sides. “Um… sorry, I didn’t see you…” is all he manages to say, sliding the soda can up to his lips to bite at the metal lip in an absent sort of way. “Kinda… out of it I guess.”

Zephyr: midnight eyes watch over the heads of the kids clustered around as Jun moves through the crowd, looking slightly embarrassed at all the attention he’s getting after his run on the dance machines. From the way that pink eyes scan the students, the Dark can tell that other teenager is looking for someone and he guesses correctly as Jun turns toward Taz only to stop short a few steps later. The blonde nods absently at whatever the guy in front of him is chattering on about, much more interested in the frown that crosses Jun’s lips a second before he turns and moves in the opposite direction. The white-haired student slips around toward the wall at the side of the game room and the Selestarri excuses himself with a murmured apology and follows.

Lost in thought, pink eyes don’t even take notice when Zeph comes to a halt in front of his classmate. The can held before his mouth does nothing to hide the frown that is oddly paired with the slight blush on his cheeks and which he still finds really cute for whatever reason. It’s weird because usually he only thinks girls are cute when they turn all red and embarrassed, but this is like the tenth time in the past two days or something that he’s had this thought, so he’s not really sure what to make of it. He doesn’t think Jun is a girly or anything, far from it actually, it’s just that he only really has those old references to go on, so that’s what he’s comparing this all to. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that when Jun is all embarrassed, he’s just damn cute. The Dark can’t help the smile that he gives when the other teen finally realizes he’s there, dawn-tinted gaze sliding away from midnight as the apology is given. “No worries,” he replies, stepping to the side to lean against the open stretch of wall at Jun’s right. “You’re good, really good, at DDR. Seems like everyone likes watching you play and I have to say, it was pretty cool.” Long fingers flip strands of white-gold from his face and he laughs. “You’d totally kick my ass in no time.”

Deep blue eyes follow the direction of Jun’s gaze as it flicks to the tall form of the other teen’s best friend. Taz’s back is facing them as he talks to some girl, her playful smile visible even from where they stand. Is the white-haired teen pissed about the Angel talking to a chick he likes or is it the other way around? Both possibilities are interesting, but it could just be that Jun wants to hang out with his friend and the girl is interfering. Zeph takes a sip from the can he’d been given earlier and leans his head back against the wall. “So, we’re going into town tomorrow. Aside from the festival that’s going on, what is there to do?”

Jun: he can feel the slightest stains of red flushing beneath his cheeks when the other teenager praises him for his skills on the DDR machine and the involuntary action makes him frown just a little deeper. There is no reason whatsoever that he can think of that Zephyr’s words should either embarrass him and make this weird sort of fuzzy happiness spread inside, yet both of those emotions seem to happen pretty much at the exact same time. Okay… now he knows there’s something definitely wrong with him because it’s not like this is the first time somebody has gone on about how good they think he is at that game, he’d just been in the center of a swarm of his classmates as they were going on about it and not once did he feel the least bit flustered at any of their words. He’s really… completely off his game and the only reason he can think of as to why is when the blonde saw he and Taz’s lame wakeup routine. It must have completely tuned him wrong.

“Um…” Jun starts as he tries to pull his jumbled and confusing thoughts together, sliding the can in his hand up to his mouth when he speaks to partially muffle his words. “I haven’t been to town in months but… there’s lots to do, I think.” Glancing over at the one at his side, he lowers his drink just a little. “Like… there’s a really big arcade and a bunch of shops and stuff.” Lowering the can completely, he pulls his eyes free and lets them slip to the machines all over again. “There’s also this really good place to eat… it’s kinda one of my favorites and the food is way better than anything we ever get here at school. Maybe we can go there… if you want-” His words trail momentarily when early dawn hued eyes suddenly catch silver narrowed at both he and the taller teenager from across the room only to have those same eyes slide quickly away, his best friend’s attentions returning to the girl at his front. Jun falls silent and frowns, having just enough time to begin wondering what in the hell that was all about before he realizes he’s stopped talking, flustering in embarrassment.

“Ah… actually…” he starts again while pushing himself away from the wall. “Maybe I should go try and sleep ‘cause you know… that whole waking up thing.” He shrugs apologetically while reaching up with his free hand to scratch at the back of his head. “I really don’t want to screw up us going or anything.” Zephyr: The frown that pulls over the shorter teenager’s mouth pulls midnight eyes in the same direction as pink and he’s not surprised to find himself looking at Taz’s back once again. It definitely seems like something about the Angel is bothering Jun, but if he were to ask it would be doubtful that he’d learn the reason. He’s not stupid enough to think that after just a couple of days he’d be privy to anything that’s between a pair of best friends, so even though the Dark doesn’t like seeing that look on his classmate’s face, there’s not much he can do aside from letting it go for now.

Shifting his gaze back to the one beside him, Zeph has to work to hide the smile that wants to form at the sight of the hint of embarrassment that stains pale cheeks as Jun pushes away from the wall. Apparently he realized that he’d just stopped talking in the middle of a sentence and that was cause enough for the blush to spread and halting words to be pitched over the noise of the surrounding game room. Okay, it’s really getting weird that he likes seeing that flush and the shyness that comes from the other first year and he’s not sure at all why that is. It’s cute and it’s not like this is the first time he’s ever thought it was or something, but still, it’s different, too, and he’s just not getting why…

The blonde nods and grins before downing the rest of his drink and tossing the can in a bin just a few feet away. “No worries about screwing it up or anything, but I understand. I think I’m gonna head over to the pool and do some laps for a while before crashing, too.” The two teenagers thread through the crowd toward one of the room’s large sets of doors. Zeph stops at the threshold and leans against the frame, hands pushing deep into the pockets of the hooded sweatshirt he wears. “I’ll come get you in the morning, probably around 10:30 or so? My brother can be a late sleeper sometimes.” When he sleeps at all, that is, and with Sashi too much of one or too little of another can both be dangerous. Dark blue eyes glance back at the shifting mass of students in the room behind them. “Your adoring fans will be sad that you gave them the slip,” he teases lightly, “but I’ll distract them so you can get out of here.” Two girls are already beginning to approach and the Selestarri shoots Jun a grin as he turns to face them. A moment later he hears the door to the outside click softly shut…

Lan: the early fall breeze blows the multi-colored leaves gently around him as illusioned chocolate brown eyes remain closed to the world, the tall Bright perched on a lower branch of the tree just past the downed trunks of the secluded clearing with a long arm draped casually across his upturned knee. Grey smoke spirals up and flitters back and forth, the tendrils streaming from the smoldering stick resting in between tapered fingers lost before they get too far. The wind shifts again and sends shaggy locks across his face and he reaches up with one hand to push the stray strands away while his other slides the cigarette to his lips in order to take another drag. Inhaling and holding the smoke deep in his lungs, he drops his arm back down and returns it to its resting place at his leg before sliding his head back against the rough bark behind him, releasing the smoke it into the air with a sigh.

Hail had called for him during lunch break, upset and shaken yet wouldn’t tell him why. She had been angry beforehand and he knew it had been because of the morning. He’d tried to reassure her that he and the Dark standing next to one another had honestly been a coincidence, but he knew she didn’t buy it. He figured that she’d cool down eventually like she usually does. Her jealousy isn’t unusual; she’s like that no matter who comes in close to him. As children she’d always been his self-proclaimed protector and after that incident back at the beginning of his assignment, she’s only gotten worse in that regard. He’s always found it rather cute even if it can get a little irritating when she lets herself get out of control… but in the end he’s never seen it as anything serious. They are friends, they’ve been friends since they were children and despite the fun they have together on occasion, friends are what they’ll always remain.

She’s a strong girl emotionally, not the type to back down or cry. A little overbearing at times, true, but she has a good heart and simply stands up for what she believes in. The times he’s seen her scared have been far and few between so to see her shaken on a deep level was all rather… unnerving. Especially when she won’t tell him who or what caused it.

Another sigh slips free of full lips as he finally opens his eyes to stare up at the night time sky, the distant sounds of music and socializing filtering through the comforting sounds of the nature that surround him.

Sashi: Labored breath spills into the night air as a bloodied hand reaches out to the nearest tree trunk to grasp at the rough bark before the slender frame slumps heavily against it. Sticky liquid drips slowly from a series of gashes that peek through ruined clothing, the once black fabric stained with dirt. Torn fingertips press against a particularly deep wound on his forearm, a sad attempt to stem the worst of the bleeding. Each rise and fall of the narrow chest pulls aching muscle taut against bruised ribs and there’s a swelling in his left wrist that he’s reasonably sure is from some kind of sprain. The head of tangled, pitch-colored hair drops down and gray eyes close tightly in pain.

He’s had worse, right? Worse beatings handed out by others and worse losses of control. It’s a pathetic attempt to reassure himself when his body is screaming. And motherfuck is it screaming…

Dumping the magic had become a priority so he’d left after dinner to take care of it without any chance of being seen by his fellow nosy students. If he were any other Dark he could have gone off into the woods and released it without any major issue. But nothing is ever that easy for him and had he tried that it would have drawn anyone who can sense magic within a fifty mile radius. So he opted to teleport out to this place he knows, quiet, remote, and thousands of miles from the campus, perfect for him to take care of things with no one the wiser. Only, mid-way through the dump the ground gave out beneath him where the rock had weakened, dropping off into a kind of chasm and making a hell of an attempt to take him down along with every tree and bush in the surrounding area. He’d panicked as he fell and completely lost control, unleashing way too much energy as he’d fought to slow his plunge. He remembers hitting the side of the chasm and scraping down along the edge through rock and the jagged remainders of trees, desperately clawing at anything and everything as wave after wave of magic destroyed everything in its path and turned the air into a swirling whirlwind of debris.

Somehow he grabbed hold of a narrow outcropping of rock and clung to it until his magic had burned itself out. The devastation around him was immense; a reminder of what he is in such a way that it turned his stomach. He’d spent the next hour inching his way to the top of the chasm, too weak to even teleport because he knew he’d only get one shot at it with the frayed energy he had left. If he wasn’t absolutely dead on with the positioning of the spell he’d fall short of the school grounds and be royally fucked. He’d walked after that, slow and dizzy, the loss of blood from the battering his body had taken rapidly becoming a concern. Nothing to do but press onward and when he finally reached a place he felt was close enough, he’d made the jump to the edge of the campus.

That had been maybe an hour or so ago…? He’s losing focus on the peripherals, all concentration set on placing one foot in front of the other and just getting back to his room so that he can collapse in peace. There isn’t even enough energy to shout telepathically for Zeph, although he knows that he’ll need the younger Dark at some point to do stitching on the deeper wounds. A hard frown sweeps over tanned features and gray eyes reopen to stare down at his feet. How the fuck had he been so careless? Losing control like that… It’s been a long while since he’s felt that kind of hopelessness against the energy created by his own body. Maybe he’s weak like they’ve always said he was, or a freak or a monster, something that deserved to have his own magic turn on him…

Long fingers dig into the rough bark of the tree in an effort to drive the thoughts away and with teeth grit Sashi forces himself to straighten. He can hear the distant sounds of the school, which means he’s finally close. Just a little longer and he can let the black void that’s been creeping up on the edges of his vision take over and pull him down into unconsciousness. The injured leg moves in front of the other, the limping step causing him to wince as pain stabs deep and a fresh trickle of blood slips down his shin. He didn’t drag himself all this way just to lose it no—the dregs of the Dark’s magic sense flare to life before he’s even twenty feet from the tree that bears a stain of crimson. Gray eyes widen and his labored breath hitches sharply. Fuck no, just no, he can’t deal with this now, he just can’t. There’s no mistaking this particular signature and he should have realized where he was just on the off chance that the Bright would be exactly where he is, exactly in the same place he’d led Sashi to last evening.

There’s no doubt in his mind that after his run in-with Halacie this afternoon she’d told Lan about the dispel he’d done in that classroom. Two years of masking himself so carefully and he’d pissed it all away because he’d been getting too much fun out of messing with that stupid bitch. Only the most powerful Selestarri can do things like that and now they’d know why his faction hates him so much. The next time he looked into illusionary chocolate brown eyes he’d see the same fear and awe that he sees from his own people with the exception of Zephyr, and as much as he doesn’t want it to matter, for some reason he can’t explain, it just does. Right now he can’t take it and needs to be anywhere but here.

Turning, Sashi begins to limp in the opposite direction …

Lan: the wind shifts to blow both spiraling smoke and black hair back away from his face, and with it comes a scent he’s growing increasingly familiar with on more than just a passing level. The smell of blood is strong as well and it brings a quick frown to the tall Bright’s lips as illusionary brown eyes shift down to find the source. There practically right beneath the place he’s perched upon is the Dark, the injuries riddling his slender body apparent even in the surrounding shaded gloom. His reaction is immediate, no real thought even lent to what he does as he flicks the partially burnt cigarette away, the butt combusting as he leaps down from the high branch up above.

His landing is graceful as his feet touches the soft grass and he straightens immediately before rushing over to the one currently attempting to limp away. The fuzziness of the other teen’s vision is apparent when he stops before him and with it, comes an underlying level of emotion that he can’t even begin to describe staring back at him through those glazed thundercloud tinted eyes. He reaches out to steady the other Selestarri when he wobbles dangerously only to have him flinch harshly away, but the action has the opposite intended effect and sends him spilling towards his lanky frame instead. He’s swift in his movements to catch him and as Sashi’s bruised and bloodied body hits his chest, the Dark losing his battle with consciousness and collapsing a second later in his arms …

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