Angel Hunt and Streifen Roleplay

+ Alternate Universe 01 +

C H A P T E R O N E : P A R T 09

Still wrapped in his coat and thick scarf, Sashi makes his way down the hall toward the second year classrooms, weaving through the crowds of students without much thought lent to it. Other kids greet him and wish him a good morning, but he simply nods and continues onward. He’s only over here for one reason and the whole thing is probably stupid anyway. It’s not like it’s really any of his business to begin with, aside from the connection with his assignment and while he doesn’t truly give a shit about that beyond the reports he makes to the Assembly, he still needs to tie up all the loose ends. Which is what he keeps telling himself to justify the casual stop at an empty dorm room yesterday and the path down a corridor that is in the opposite direction from his classes—it’s just fitting together some of the pieces for his bullshit report and nothing else.

Lan didn’t return to the school after the festival. He went off with that Angel and hasn’t been seen since. There was no sign of him at breakfast yesterday morning and when he didn’t show at the evening meal, Sashi had stopped by with the intentions of returning the medical items that had been leant to him. When his knock went unanswered, a quick teleport into his room revealed that the bed was not slept in. It’s not like he’s worried or whatever because there’s no reason to be concerned for a person who he barely knows and has only really talked with a few times. Yeah, Lan was kind to him, but that doesn’t make them instant best friends or anything. He’d probably gone back to the Eyrie for some reason and these thoughts that have been gnawing at him since yesterday morning will prove to be foolish. It’s really just another lesson in why he doesn’t let anyone close to him even in small ways. Even if that person had cared for him unasked and unrewarded. Even if that person sought him out for reasons that didn’t have anything to do with assignments or their factions or for anything other than to simply talk. Even if that person had, in a roundabout way, promised to be there for him should he get hurt again, which is more than anyone has ever done for him…

But he keeps coming back to the fact that Lan left with that Angel and given all that he’s read on the files in Nova, that is most likely not a good thing. Since he can’t seem to get his thoughts away from that last moment when the Bright slipped into the car and his efforts to contact Lan had not worked out, he has to resort to this. The pain of the wounds that remain from letting out his magic only serve to make him grumpier this morning and this whole little task is quickly becoming annoying, even if it will answer his questions as to the other Selestarri’s whereabouts.

It’s easy to find the one that he seeks amongst the first and second year students who crowd the hall, not only her magic standing out like a beacon, but her height as well. She turns before he gets within twenty feet, a shadow of fear and unease moving through illusion-screened chocolate eyes before being quickly replaced with anger. Ringlets shift around her shoulders as Halacie steps away from her friends and walks down the corridor and around the corner into a narrow side hall. It takes only a few moments to follow her path and he finds the Bright with her arms crossed over her chest, the frown on her lips mirrored by the one on the Dark’s. Gray eyes narrow behind black-framed glasses when they finally stand close enough to speak quietly and the gaze Sashi levels at the girl is cold enough to burn. “I have something that belongs to your boyfriend and I wish to return it.” The slide into telepathic speech is easy, the link between them formed before she can mount any flimsy attempt to keep him out. [So where is he?]

Halacie: Masked brown eyes are stuck for a moment after the Dark before her has forced his way into her head before she’s able to pull her gaze away, the scowl on her features only shadowing further and her curt words soon given back. [Whatever you have of Key’s, you can give to me…] she’s finding herself annoyed that despite the faint amount of fear she still feels simply standing in Sashi’s presence again, she wants to know what he took of Key’s and why. Because seriously, why would the raven haired Selestarri have anything of Key’s at all? It’s not like her fellow Bright would give him something willingly so knowing the way he seems to work, he’s probably just using this as some excuse to either continue showing off all that power he has or he’s just using it to get to Key for whatever twisted reasons he has. She’s a little torn between wanting to know and not at the moment, just as she’s torn between asking him what got said between the two of them over the weekend while she was gone and telling him to fuck the hell off.

[As for where Key is…] she starts up again a moment later, her voice falling a little lower as she allows her illusioned eyes to slide back over to meet Sashi’s gaze […it’s really none of your business. If he wanted you to know, he’d have told you now wouldn’t he have? So-] she uncrosses her arms and holds her hand out with a smirk she can’t help. [-Why don’t you just give me whatever it is you have so I can go back to pretending you don’t exist.]

Sashi: Yeah, now he recalls why he dislikes this chick so much and it took all of three seconds. She’s definitely not his choice of people to talk with and if she wasn’t Lan’s girlfriend and probably the one person who knows where he is, then he wouldn’t bother with her at all. In fact, he probably shouldn’t be messing with this whole thing at all, but between the care that was given to him on Friday night and the fact that there was an Angel involved, he’s finding that as much a he tries to put it out of his head, it all just keeps creeping back to irritate him. The Dark ignores Halacie’s smirk and outstretched hand and continues to hold her illusioned gaze with his own. [What I have for Lan is between us and maybe if you were important enough he’d have told you he was lending things to the ‘enemy’ faction in the first place, right?] He really shouldn’t waste his time with this, but he can’t help but indulge in this little game that she’s starting. If she wants to fling shit, she’ll quickly find that he doesn’t back down.

The raven-haired Selestarri shifts his stance just slightly, amused when the Bright tenses a little before dropping her hand. [Anyway,] Sashi continues, his tone turning dismissive. [Since I don’t exist, then I guess what I know about whom he left the festival with doesn’t matter to you.] The telepath shrugs lightly, but continues to hold her with a chilly stare. [Maybe I was wrong in thinking you’d care that he hasn’t been back at school all weekend…?] Okay, so he’s definitely pushing at her there since it’s completely obvious that she probably cares a little too much, but just like their previous encounter a couple days ago in that classroom, the fourth year is finding it hard to resist baiting the slender Bright. If Lan is just at the Eyrie or whatever, then she can end this whole thing and they don’t have to speak again. Shit, she just annoys him and the hostile, condescending attitude isn’t helping matters. Again, he shouldn’t care beyond the whole Angel thing since that’s his assignment or whatever, but he still feels like there’s a debt he owes for the way that Lan took care of him on Friday night, even if the Bright claimed there was not.

Halacie says nothing and for a moment and the two Selestarri continue to glare at one another as the main hall behind them bustles with activity. [Look,] Sashi’s voice is frosted with ice and storm cloud eyes match the tone. As entertaining as messing with her can be, he doesn’t really have time or energy to keep this up. [You can either tell me where he is or I can rip it out of your head forcefully and you can spend the rest of your days as a pretty, vacant little doll. Your choice.]

Halacie: illusioned eyes widen just a little at the threat and for a moment she doesn’t know what to do. He can’t really be serious about what he’s just said… can he? But then, as she instinctively takes a half step back that doesn’t go un-noticed by the Dark, she can’t help but recall their first ‘confrontation’ and the fact that he’d easily shattered her own illusion spells. She’d never felt that kind of natural magic from any one of their kind, his faction or her own, before that day and it’d scared her enough to send her running back home all weekend just so she could have some time to collect herself in the aftermath.

She’d come back only to find they’d called for Key again, and she was angry at herself for leaving him alone before it… only now she’s finding that he might not have been exactly alone, that this Dark she’s loathing more and more with every new encounter used her absence as an excuse to get himself in again close, even after her first warning to keep his annoying presence away. God, she suddenly finds her emotions conflicted between the fear she feels and her annoyance for him zeroing in on her boyfriend after how many years of them all understanding that it’s better they all stayed away from one another. [You wouldn’t dare] she scoffs. [and even if you did, it wouldn’t do you any good because Key never tells me where it is they take him] she continues with a frown before she’s fully comprehended that the words have even left her and that apparently, her fear won out. [He always comes back in a few days-] even though normally, they usually bring him back before school starts up again so the fact that they haven’t yet is worrying her more than she’ll ever tell this stupid Dark. [-so why don’t you take that up with him when it happens.] Halacie stops and her frown deeps as she quickly changes her mind. [Actually, don’t. He doesn’t need someone like you bothering him, especially now, so again, just give me whatever it is you’ve taken from him and leave my Key the hell alone.]

Sashi: The telepath is torn between being entertained by Halacie’s obvious fear and hating that look he sees in her eyes. She may not understand exactly what he is, but she knows enough. He shouldn’t have bothered with her in the first place, should have just walked away when she tried to give her lecture about her boyfriend a couple of days back, but he’d been stupid and now there’s one more to add to the list of people who fear and despise him. The length of that list is something he doesn’t like to think about, but after all these years it shouldn’t matter anymore to him, right? It’s not like if he starts caring that people will suddenly stop being afraid, so there’s no real point at all. However, the Bright has given him all the information he needs for the moment. [If they’ll bring him back, then I can wait.] He’s assuming that the ‘They’ she referenced are those same Angels as the one he saw with Lan in town. Apparently this isn’t the first time it’s happened, either, which Sashi finds… unsettling. Their assignment is probably similar to his in the ‘find out about these people and what they’re doing at the school’ directive, but to be taken away by them to some place for several days seems dangerous. It just doesn’t sit well with the Dark, which he neither understands or can stop, and is frustrating on both accounts.

With a last sweep of the Bright by storm-colored eyes, Sashi turns around as the bell rings to signal the start of the day. [Lan may not need ‘someone like me’ bothering him, but if that’s what he wants, he can tell me himself.] The telepath’s voice is quiet as long legs take him to the end of the side corridor. [As much as I’m sure you’d like to, you don’t get to speak for him… at least not to me...]

The cover of the thick textbook drops closed and the Dark pushes it away from the center of his desk before scribbling a few lines on the notebook that lies beside it and rising to his feet. It’s past midnight and he’s been studying long enough for his body to begin complaining about sitting in that wooden chair for so many hours. Without soccer practice, the afternoon and evening had been one long opportunity for him to wonder about Lan’s disappearance and it was only after the annoyance of having it creep into his thoughts every other minute or so that he decided to bury himself in studying. He doesn’t like that he keeps thinking about it because really it has nothing to do with him and there’s no need to be involved at all. He’d fulfilled whatever debt may have been lasting from the other night by inquiring with Halacie on her boyfriend’s whereabouts. She doesn’t really seem concerned that he’s gone with a race they don’t know much about, and he gets the impression that not she’s one to let up on things if she feels threatened. Besides, on the day of the festival Lan didn’t seem to be forced into the car, so he must have wanted to go with the Angels for whatever reason.

Sashi crosses the cold hardwood floor of his bedroom suite and flips on the light to the bathroom. A moment later the shower streams water in the tiled stall and the Dark leans against the sink as he waits for it to heat up. It’s just not sitting well that she said they take the third year away and then bring him back. Take him where and why? From all the files he’d read about the Angels he doesn’t think that they’re into being all open and sharing about themselves and their motivations, so it seems unlikely that they’ve taken Lan somewhere for tea and crumpets or to give him a tour of their home. Something is just… wrong, and he doesn’t know what. Hell, he doesn’t even understand why he apparently cares so much.

With a sigh, the telepath rakes pitch-black hair from his eyes and then carefully begins to unwind the bandages that wrap over torn hands. The medical kit that had been lent to him has soothed the worst of the scrapes and bruises that he’d taken from falling into that chasm and it probably won’t be too many more days that he’ll have to take so much care with the bandaging and dressing of the more minor wounds. The edge of the Dark’s magic awareness flickers, but he ignores it and continues to unwind the gauze, working his way over the wooden splints that cradle his sprained wrist and dropping the used wrappings to the floor. The steam from the water is beginning to cloud the mirror and fill the small room with the promise of possibly being warm for a minute or two, which will be nice change since he’s always so damn cold. Another tug at his awareness is brushed aside and the Selestarri pulls off both the long-sleeve tee and the one underneath to gain access to the bandages on his chest. These wounds aren’t too bad, all things considered, and he studies them carefully for signs of infection before moving on. At the third twinge of magic, Sashi finally pries his attention away from the wrappings. Okay, what the fuck? What keeps yanking at him and being so damn annoying?

Concentrating, the Dark quickly locates his brother’s magical signature on the other end of the dorm, as well as the one of that second year Angel, both of which have been steady in the background of his awareness all night. What’s new and has been poking at him is the third signature, weak but familiar. Caramel-tinted hands cease the unwinding of the bandages for a moment and Sashi frowns at the relief that washes through him. Lan is apparently returned from where ever he’d been taken. Well fine, at least he’s back and that means that the telepath can put his mind on other things. Loose black pants slide down toned legs, extra care taken with the stitched wound on his upper thigh. He’s still limping pretty bad and even with the meds from the Eyrie, it’ll take a while to heal. Gray eyes slide to the opened tin beside the sink and before he even realizes what’s happening, he’s reached out to check on the Bright. Still faint and much weaker than Lan’s signature should be. Had he dumped all his magic for some reason or… had those Angels hurt him…? It’s not his business, let Halacie deal with it in the morning if there’s anything to deal with in the first place. She’s all about being in her boyfriend’s business, so she’d probably be all about taking care of him. Which is the way it should be, right?

The Dark’s gaze shifts back to his leg and then to the battered tin before he sighs. Morning is a long way from now… He shouldn’t care, he really fucking shouldn’t. The loose pants are raised and retied just below slim hips and a second later the pair of shirts slip over his head. He doesn’t owe the Bright anything at all. It’s better to leave things as they are, better to let their ‘chance’ encounters end with the festival. Everything will go back to what it should be. Long fingers twist the knob to cut off the stream of water. This is all foolish and he’s only going to get hurt… Thundercloud eyes stare at his reflection in the foggy mirror for the briefest of moments and then the void surges up, the bathroom disappearing in a swirl of black…

Lan: Yellow eyes crack open, proving almost immediately to be a pointless venture as the tall Bright’s vision is obscured and fuzzy. Long scarred fingers twitch in the slightest at coldness beneath the tips and he spends a few minutes moving in and out of hazy consciousness simply trying to remember where he is, or anything much at all for that matter. The last thing he can recall is being in town at the festival… wasn’t he talking to Sashi at some point? He can’t remember and right now it’s a little hard to focus when all he can feel is the pain that wracks him. He hurts. A lot and as the seconds tick by he’s starting to notice just how warm he is as well… too warm in fact -on the inside instead of the out. It’s fire, he feels like he’s on fire. Lan groans, finally managing to get his eyes to focus a little only to find his blankets beneath him, his body hanging oddly over the side of his own bed while his hand trails the drafty wooden floor below.

He remembers now. The car, the Higher, another one of their labs. They kept him longer this time and the tests had been brutal. After these last few years, his body has started fighting the genetics they’ve been trying to get inside of him and in the attempts to fuse them better, they took more risks. They hurt him, more than they normally do and he can still feel that hurt deep inside. It’s twisting in the pit of his stomach and reaching out like the tendrils of vines, he can feel it pushing against his barriers and he needs to get it under control or something will burn.

The white haired teenager attempts to push himself up, an action that takes him a few minutes longer than it ever should and by the time his bare feet hit the floor, the wood is already scorching in tiny black lines. With gritted teeth he pushes away from the bed and stumbles forward, every step he takes wobbly and unsure. Halfway to his goal the fire inside of him shifts so suddenly that it takes his breath away and he doubles over with a partially muffled cry, losing his balance rather quickly in the movement. Before he knows it he’s falling forward, a long scarred arm reaching out for the nearest surface he can find in order to keep himself from crashing. Tapered fingers grasp desperately on the frame of the bathroom doorway, shaggy snow colored locks shifting down over summer colored vision now blurred to the point of tears. The wood frame begins to singe beneath his hand and even though he tries to rein it back in like normal, Lan finds that it’s simply not listening to his internal commands. He feels hot, overheated and feverish… to the point of burning. What were they thinking this time? They should never have brought him back so soon, they should have known better. Gods… He needs the meds, he needs them now or he’ll completely lose control. Why didn’t they give him any before the tossed him so carelessly into his room? Why did they bring him back at all?

Quickly pushing away from frame and leaving a large, crackling handprint behind, he stumbles further into the bathroom towards the medicine cabinet within. Every step he takes, every breath, every moment he’s mobile he’s using energy that he doesn’t even have and it begins to overtake him, the exhaustion more than he’s able to bear. He can’t pass out though despite the fact that his body is trying because if he does before he’s taken those pills; he knows the fire inside of him will get out.

Lan reaches blindly out for the medicine cabinet door and as he fumbles to get the thing open he continues to sink down further. It seems to take an eternity before he manages to get it open and another eternity to successfully grab a hold of the dark unmarked bottle just inside. His hand drops with the weight and he practically slams the medicine against the white, pristine marble in a slump he can’t control. The Bright stands on shaking legs just breathing in his attempts to calm the fire now lurching inside of him and he’s panting by the time he’s able to lift his hands high enough to try and work the top off. A moment after the lid goes clinking into the sink his legs decide to fail completely and multicolored pills go flying as he crashes down towards the floor, scarred fingers only barely grasping the edge of the sink to break his fall as the bottle skids across towards the tub before the tall third year falls to his side, yellow eyes filmed in misty white rolling as the tile beneath his body begins to burn…

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