Angel Hunt and Streifen Roleplay

+ Alternate Universe 01 +

C H A P T E R O N E : P A R T 12

Jun: Pink eyes stare up a little blankly at the high ceiling above, the white haired teenager’s arms crossed behind his head and his thoughts continuously streaming over everything that had been said earlier in the dining hall. He… can’t believe he agreed to double date with Zephyr, he really can’t. What the hell was he thinking? Jun furrows his brows, actually, what the hell has he been thinking since the entire day began? First he gets himself roped into some date with a girl he barely knows by his best friend that he’s now seriously rethinking even having and then he goes and freaks out on Zephyr before somehow ending up in a double date deal when he didn’t even want to go on a single date to begin with. So not only is he probably going to make a total fool of himself in front of some girl, now his newest friend gets to be a witness to it as well. It’s like he hasn’t embarrassed himself enough in the last few days to last a lifetime already or something…God.

Then, aside from the entire date issue, there’s the matter of what Zephyr had said… that stuff about him being interesting, special and cu- the thoughts are stopped abruptly before they can complete themselves and a light flush he doesn’t even realize is there flares beneath the surface of his skin. He’s sure he heard that all wrong, he was kind of trying to ignore it anyway but do people really think he’s… that? Seriously? Does Zephyr? Because… that would be just… With a sigh, Jun shakes his head to clear his thoughts while pulling his arms out from underneath himself. Whatever ‘it’ would be he needs to stop thinking on it. Everyone’s always coming at him for one reason or another and he’s always chalked the reasons up to being because he’s Taz’s friend and no matter what Zephyr says, he still has no doubt that his ‘specialness’ ends with that, so yeah, he knows he had to have heard that entire thing all wrong. It’s not like he wasn’t sort of all over anyway with his stupid little freak out he was having.

Sitting up, he hunches over while long fingers thread into snow colored strands. He‘s got other things to think about anyway, mainly being the date, or what’s now - a double date. He can’t go through with it, he just can’t. He’s got to find a way out; maybe talk to Taz and have Taz talk to Ae-Cha about canceling… a small exacerbated sound leaves him at the thought. No, he can’t do that because it would be rude and cause a lot of drama. Like Zephyr said, it’ll cause more problems trying to cancel and will be better if he just goes through with it all. Slipping his fingers free of his hair as a frown forms again on his features, he turns to push himself off of his bed. Bare feet hit cold wood and he flinches just a little before moving towards his wardrobe. Within moments he’s reached in and pulled a sweater free, turning away even as he’s slipping the over sized garment over his head to cover the light t-shirt draping his slender frame.

He needs to go talk to the blonde, at least… find out what you’re supposed to do on a date to begin with or… something. But just as his hand touches the brass knob, the white haired teenager stops and curls his fingers back. Okay… so doing that has got to be the worst idea he could have thought up. Ever. It’s bad enough he’s got no idea what he’s going to be expected to do, but to announce it to someone he’s really only recently met seems like it’d just make things a million times worse.

With a sigh, Jun reaches for the knob once more and twists it to pry his door open. A few bits of folded paper flitter to the ground that he completely ignores as he steps into the empty hall, hands shifting into the pockets of loose pants as Jun pads his way to the center stairwell with the intent of heading back to the dining hall below. He’ll just go and try to get some food instead before curfew since he never did eat during dinner …

Zephyr: Chill, late autumn wind rips across the grounds of the school, scattering leaves and slamming into anyone caught in the open spaces between the buildings. White-gold hair blows across midnight eyes as the Dark pulls the scarf wrapped around his neck just a little tighter, the long sleeve t-shirt he wears doing nothing against the wind. His iPod blasts techno as he quickly walks, the boys’ dorm just up ahead, and the smile on his lips remains in spite of the cold. He’d been in the library, not to read or study, but to talk to the other kids since Rec is closed tonight. It had been as easy as he’d expected to secure his end of the deal for the double date with Jun and Ae-Cha. Eun-Mi is talkative and he’d picked her for that reason, hoping that she’d help relieve his classmate from feeling like he had to say much of anything at all during the date. She’s pretty enough, too, which helps since he’ll be spending an evening with her, so she might as well be nice to look at. Now he just needs to ask Jun where he wants to go or do, although he doubts that the white-haired teen will care much and will just want to get this all over with as quickly as possible. In fact, the Dark was pretty surprised that he’d agreed to the double date in the first place, even though it was the only way that Zeph could see to help him out of a bad situation.

Sitting at that table in the dining room with Jun so upset and nothing he was saying making any kind of reassurance had been hard. He’s not really sure why since they’ve only been hanging out for a few days and not a lifetime or anything, but he really likes him and likes talking and hanging out with him. It’s just one of those things where you meet someone and it just gels or something and doesn’t matter if you’ve known them forever or for a day. Now that there’s this whole date thing giving Jun a hard time, he’ll step up and try to help. The tall Selestarri has always been protective of his friends and it seems like that will be the case with his first real human friend as well. He may not be able to comfort the other first year the way he would his friends on Nova, but he’d do whatever else he could to ease things as much as possible. If that means going out with some chick whose name he’d only learned an hour and a half ago, then he has no issue doing so.

The path leads to a door in the side of the dorm building and Zeph pulls open the heavy panel as a gust of wind rushes past. Stepping inside, he rakes long fingers through blonde hair and continues onward, heading for the stairwell that will take him to the second floor. Engrossed in the song that streams through blue metallic headphones, the Dark doesn’t pay much mind as his magic sense flares up not four steps in and instead it’s the flash of white that catches his attention. A deep frown slides onto his lips when midnight eyes settle on the figure leaning so casually against the archway that leads to the main area. Great, this asshole… Taz is standing with a couple of other guys that he recognizes as second years, laughing at some joke or another without much notice paid to the Selestarri’s approach. What had Jun said earlier, that Song had set him up? This same shit who had claimed just a few nights ago to be the first year’s best friend?

Anger, much colder than the night he’d just stepped out of blossoms to life deep inside the slender Dark, seeping quickly through him in a chill wave. Sneaker-clad feet are leading him directly toward the Angel before he even quite realizes it, midnight eyes narrowed and the frown remaining on pale features. The iPod falls silent as he draws close, Taz’s silver gaze finally sliding in his direction. “What the fuck is your problem?” Zeph demands, not bothering to make any attempt at masking the ice that sheaths each quiet word. “You know how he feels about all this stuff, you fucking know, and you set him up.” He’s well within the second year’s personal space and from the corner of his eye he catches the other students uneasily shifting off to the side. Magic, thick and heavy, is sliding through the barriers that normally contain it, saturating the air and adding fuel to the anger that is only barely held in restraint. “Was it just some kind of joke to you?” Their heights even, he glares directly at Song, the distance between them almost nonexistent. “Do you care about him at all or are you just fucking around to get a laugh?”

Taz: He stands in silence for a moment after the Selestarri’s words have been practically spit out before the most incredulous of smirks forms on his face. Without even answering, he turns towards the two students he’d been chatting with and waves them off, the relief in their features clear as they quickly take the opening and skitter away. Turning back once he and Zephyr are left alone, the white haired Angel’s expression shifts instantly cold. “First, I’d appreciate it if you backed the hell out of my personal space.” he starts, his tone even and kept very low despite the fact that Zephyr refuses to move and the air surrounding them only seems to grow thicker. “Second, who the hell do you think you are? I’m going to remind you, again, that you have no idea what’s going on here with me or with Jun so you need to get the hell off your high and mighty horse, stop acting like you know him well enough to talk to me like this and cut the ‘swoop in and defend him like you’re his personal savior’ bullshit you’re playing.”

The tall Angel’s hands move to his pockets, the shift causing the other teen to tense in the slightest and he only smirks at the response while he hooks his fingers casually into his pants. “What’s in it for you? Why do you even care?” he continues and despite his casual demeanor, he’s anything but. He’s seen how much this kid has been hanging around his best friend, all the whispers on the grapevine of their excursion and how the blonde’s attentions seemed focused too much. It’s been pissing him off in truth, and he’s been working his own ways to try and distance Jun from him without any cover being broken. This date was one of those ways and he’ll be damned if he lets this asshole mess up his plans. “You think after a week or whatever of knowing him that you have any idea who he is or what’s going on? You think that after a week of being in this school you have a right to get in-between our friendship? Jun’s my friend, he’s been my friend for far longer than you’ve even been alive so I’ll say it again, mind your own god damned business or I will make sure yo-“ Taz stops abruptly as a familiar scent hits his nose and a second later he turns his attentions up towards the stairwell only to be met with a set of confused pink eyes.

Jun stands bare footed, his hands stuffed deep in his pockets while he stares down at the scene with a reserved look painting his pale features. He has no clue what the hell is going on, but whatever it is -the tension between his friends is so thick it’d be easy to cut it with a butter knife. Whatever he just walked in on isn’t good and he suddenly finds himself upset for a reason he can’t even begin to understand.

“Um…” he starts quietly, his early dawned hued gaze shifting between the two teens as a frown begins to darken his face. “S-sorry. I didn’t mean to… whatever’s going… sorry.” Every word comes more flustered than the last and soon Jun turns abruptly away to escape them both because he can’t seem to stop the sinking feeling he’d gotten just by staring down. As he moves quickly back around the corner to disappear again down the hall, a quiet curse word slips from Taz’s mouth and before Zephyr has much time to react, the Angel is in motion with the intent to bound up the stairs after him.

Zephyr: Attention shifts from the Angel standing directly in front of him to the stairwell where confused pink eyes stare down at the scene below. Each flustered word combined with the frown on pale features strikes at the blonde, keeping him stifled and his feet secured in place even after his friend has turned away and the Angel is following in his wake. There’s a moment of absolute, unnatural stillness as the Selestarri stands in the empty room, shrouded by magic and sheathed in a depth of anger cold enough to freeze on contact. The midnight gaze narrows for a fraction of a second and the wall beside him groans as cracks shoot up its length and across the high ceiling when the energy surges out of the Dark in a barely contained wave. Plaster falls in a silent rain, its presence unnoticed as his eyes remain trained in the direction his classmate had disappeared.

Fuck fuck motherfucking fuck. He had certainly not wanted Jun to be witness to his little conversation with Taz. The other teenager has enough to occupy his thoughts without his friends mixing it up in the main entrance of their dorm. He should have reined his temper in on even the off chance that it would get back to Jun, but he just couldn’t help himself when he saw the Angel. He takes it very personally when his friends are messed with and it doesn’t matter if he’s known them for days or a lifetime, the need to protect is just as strong. How can that asshole stand here and say that the first year is his friend after he’s treated him like shit, or worse, like some amusement he’s getting his kicks from by setting Jun up on a date that’s freaking him the hell out? Where was Song during the meltdown at the dinner table? Where was he to see the fear and outright panic in those pink eyes? To hear the pleading for answers about what to do and how to act? Where the fuck was Taz if Jun is his friend and no one else’s?

It takes a lot of effort for Zeph to turn his feet in the direction opposite of his classmate’s, the anger inside wanting nothing more than to go and finish what he’d started on the person who deserves to have his ass kicked. Jun’s presence is the only thing keeping him from that because it’s likely about the last thing the other first year needs at the moment. The shadow cast across pale features is darkened by the frown on full lips as the Dark heads for a secondary staircase, the damage to the wall and ceiling left behind him without a second thought…

“Jun!” Taz calls out just as he’s reaching to top of the stairs and rounding the corner just in time to see a streak of white flicker around the next. The tall Angel frowns, his steps hurried into a light jog as he works to catch up with the other teen.

Of all the times his friend decides to come down so close to curfew, he just had to choose that time didn’t he? He’s not even sure how much Jun saw or heard, but judging from the look on his face and the way he’s streamlining back towards his room, he’s going to take that it was enough. He supposes it could have been worse, Jun could have come down a second later just when his fist was planted in that stupid Selestarri’s face and then he’d have to explain why he’d beat the crap out of his new ‘friend’… but still, Jun has enough to deal with and he really doesn’t like the fact that he’s just added to it.

He has to fix this somehow, he can deal with that asshole blonde later. Despite the fact that the shorter teen’s got a jump on him, it really takes Taz no time to catch up. Jun makes it through his door a half second before the Angel does and before he’s even had time to reach back and close it behind, a firm hand is wrapping around his wrist to stop him. The white haired teen stops, pink eyes trained ahead and refusing to look back while he’s unable to stop the flustered look that crosses his features.

“Let go” he says quietly, still refusing to look back.

“Not until you talk to me.”

Jun’s head drops. He has no idea why he’s so upset. He doesn’t even know what’s going on but… walking in to whatever was happening between his best friend and his newest one, seeing the both of them looking so… angry at one another, upset him like nothing else has in so long.

“Look,” Taz starts again when Jun doesn’t speak. “He told me you were having issues with the date and if it’s really upsetting you this much, I can call it off for you. I just thought it might… you know, do you some good after what’s happened.”

At his friend’s words, guilt spikes him pretty hard. So that was it? Whatever was going on between them was because of him. No wonder… he did freak out on Zephyr and because of it, seemed to have upset him enough to cause some confrontation. He doesn’t blame Zephyr for that, he was making a huge deal out of it. So he’s responsible for whatever was said and now there’s some wedge between them that’s there because of him.

He’s so stupid. He should have kept his mouth shut because if they can’t get along, it’ll all be his fault.

The white haired teenager simply shakes his head a little and shrugs. “It’s not… upsetting me that much.” He lies. “It’s just… I dunno, I kinda freaked out a little because I’ve never… been on one of these things before. So sorry… for you… you know, being a pain… about … everything.”

Taz blinks as Jun’s words become more fractured and broken, his tone growing quieter with everything said. He’s known the other teen for far too long and it takes little time to recognize what’s going on in his head. He may not have seen or heard anything that happened between himself and Zephyr, but Jun’s already starting to blame himself for whatever it is. It was obvious from the Selestarri’s words that Jun had talked to him and even though Taz knows it’s just Jun being Jun, that blonde asshole’s not going to get the white haired teenager’s idiosyncrasies at all and seemed to have taken his words more seriously than he ever should. Now because neither of them could keep their shit together, Jun’s beating himself up.

Just great. The next time he can get that Selestarri by himself for sure, he’s going to kick his ass for this alone.

With a soft sigh, the tall Angel finally let’s Jun’s wrist go and even as the first year is sliding his hand around to his front his own fingers are slipping into layered strands of snow. “You…” he starts with the slightest traces of a smirk before he’s reaching back to shut Jun’s door behind them. “…are such a girl.”

Zephyr: Shadows flicker in the dormitory hallway, the cloudy night outside letting little of the silver moon and starlight through the overhead sky lights. The thickness of the shadows make it almost impossible to see the tall, lithe teenager standing before one of the closed doors until he moves, one knee sock clad leg lifting to idly rub the side of his foot against his calf. It’s chilly in the hall, calling for more warmth than the oversized, long sleeved shirt and boxers that he wears can really supply, but he barely notices. Fingers push through damp strands of white-gold before arms cross loosely around his waist and he stares blankly at the varnished door before him. A good five minutes has passed as he’s stood here debating whether to knock or to just wait and apologize to his friend in the morning. Shit had not gone down in a way that he could have foreseen earlier in the evening and he’d tried to wait it out and tried to sleep, but it’s all still bothering him now, hours later.

He’d been defending a friend against the jerk who knowingly set him up in a bad situation and he’d had all intentions on showing that asshole exactly where he could shove it, which is something he’d do for anyone that he considers a friend. It’s his habit not to let those that he cares about get messed with like that and when he’d seen Taz standing there the actions had been practically instinctual, but… he hadn’t counted on Jun showing up out of nowhere and being witness to it all. There had been something very close to hurt in those pink eyes once the confusion had cleared and it’s left Zeph with a bad taste in his mouth. Whether Jun knows it or not, he’d been protecting him, even though he understands exactly what the scene must have looked like to the other first year. He’s only known the white-haired teenager for a couple of days, but that’s long enough to have seen how sensitive he is to things, so walking in on the person he calls his best friend about to mix it up with the new kid was definitely not good.

That had been a few hours ago, before curfew, but the Dark still can’t get it out of his head. He shouldn’t have lost his damn temper and he really needs to remember that this isn’t Nova, that fights don’t happen here every day and that it’s not the norm for guards to be up and on the defense at all times. This shit is a big deal to the humans, not something that’s barely paid attention to and pretty much immediately written off like it is with his faction. A direct confrontation was definitely not a good idea and if hadn’t been so pissed off, he would have realized that there are other ways to teach that Angel a lesson. The blonde sighs and slender fingers lift to brush at the errant stands that block his vision once again. Now he’s fucked things up with Jun and wants to make them right—if the other first year will talk to him or even open the door considering how late it is… Midnight eyes shift to study the notes wedged into the doorframe for a moment before dropping down to those littered on the floor. Somehow the news of the date had only increased the amount of ‘fan mail’ his classmate gets each evening, although he sort of doubts that Jun will notice. Even with all the upset and flustering that had gone on at dinner, Zeph had found his friend to be really cute and he can see why the other students show him so much attention. The knock on the door is soft and completed before he truly realizes what he’s done and the stretch between the time that the Selestarri lowers his hand and the turn of the knob is an eternity. He’s just about to pull the magic to teleport and give up on his apology until morning when the smallest of space appears between the frame and the door and pink eyes meet deep blue. “Hey,” Zephyr says softly after a moment has passed, “I know it’s late and you’re probably sleeping and don’t really want to talk to me, but… I just wanted to say that I’m sorry…”

Jun: the white haired teenager blinks at the apology offered, confused in his mild sleepiness as to why Zephyr would be saying he’s sorry. “I… wasn’t really sleeping…” he says quietly before taking a step back and opening the door to let the blonde in. It’s true there, he wasn’t sleeping… or he should say, he hadn’t been sleeping too well.

Taz had left a bit before curfew had happened, after he’d explained it all to be just a misunderstanding that the pink eyed first year still feels really responsible for. His freak out caused some drama between his best friend and his newest one so if anyone should be apologizing, it would be him; which is something he intends to do. He’d been up thinking about it… thinking about risking curfew to go knock on the taller teenager’s door, but… Zephyr just beat him to it.

“Um…” Jun starts again right after he’s closed the door behind the blonde, turning to meet midnight blue eyes through the darkness of his room. “You don’t have to apologize cause… whatever happened between you and Taz is… kinda my fault.” Not even really ‘kinda’ as far as he’s concerned, but pretty much entirely his fault. Tapered fingers slide up towards the back of his head, threading into messy strands of white and scratching idly in a way he doesn’t even realize he’s doing as his early dawn hued gaze falls towards the floor. “I know I all but freaked out on you about this date thing during dinner and I can kinda see how bad that’d look for Taz. He said you guys just had a misunderstanding and that it’s no big deal, but… I’m sorry anyway.” With a sigh, the first year pulls his hand free of his hair and allows his arm to drop so he can latch his fingers around his free wrist. “I’d been thinking about it a lot… I was kinda thinking on going and apologizing, but you know… curfew.”

Zephyr: Um, okay… isn’t he the one who’s supposed to be apologizing? He’s the one who picked a fight with Jun’s best friend, and while it’s not like he regrets that so much, he regrets the fact that the other first year walked right in on it. If their roles had been reversed, he’s pretty sure that he’d be angry at his friends for fighting, not apologetic like this and it kind of throws the Dark off a bit. “Yeah, curfew… I don’t really pay too much attention to stuff like that.” The blonde leans against the closed door of the closet, midnight eyes catching pink for a second before the other teenager looks away. “But it’s not your fault, you know, if I misunderstood. I mean, I’m still the one who got angry and wanted to start something, right?” Why does he get the feeling that Jun is trying to take the blame here and why does that not sit well at all?

Tapered fingers slip into strands of white gold and flip long bangs from Zeph’s face with a motion so ingrained that it requires almost no actual thought. “I’m always protective of my friends, especially when I think that something has been done to them intentionally. I just… kinda lose my temper really quick.” He’s been that way for as long as he remembers and at home the other kids had learned that he’d come after them for messing with anyone he cared about. Well… anyone but Sashi. The person he cares for the most and wants to protect is the one he can’t seem to and he knows that in this way, he’s failed his brother… He can sense Jun’s gaze on him and it pulls the Dark’s attention, an easy smile moving to his lips even though pink eyes are now locked too strongly on the floorboards to see it. “My friends mean a lot to me, you know?” There’s a seriousness to his tone that he can’t quite pull out, even when he’s trying hard to make the other teenager feel better and be reassuring. Friends mean more to him than they probably do to humans, since Selestarri don’t have families to be close with. “I don’t like to see them hurt. I probably should have mentioned that or something and we could have avoided this mess, huh?”

A quiet bout of laughter slips from between full lips before the blonde straightens up and takes a step toward the door. Midnight catches dawn-tinged pink as he shifts and the smile moves right back to Zeph’s lips. “I don’t wanna keep you up since we have class in a few hours, but seriously, I’m sorry about all this mess and if it upset you. I promise that I’ll rein in my temper from now on.” Well, at least he’ll rein it in if he’s somewhere that it can be viewed by those he’d rather not bear witness. That look of hurt he’d seen in Jun’s eyes earlier is not something he likes and he’d kinda like to avoid seeing it again. “So even though I’m short-fused and protective and probably a pain in the ass, are we still friends?”

The door shuts softly behind the Dark, the chill of the hallway wrapping over him just as quickly as the thick shadows. Sock-clad feet make no noise as he moves down the corridor, one hand reaching for the brass knob of his door before Zeph pulls it back. He’s tired of sleeping alone and really just wants to be curled up around someone else right now, feeling their warmth, letting the comfort seep deep inside and returning it in kind. That lingering feeling of having hurt someone he considers a friend doesn’t seem to want to ease up, even after apologizing and it’s kinda made worse by the fact that he knows Jun blames himself. It’s all just really making him not want to be by himself for the few remaining hours of the night.

The blonde blinks out of sight between one heartbeat and the next, reappearing further down the hall and moving in short hops from one shadow to another. Sashi is used to having his bed to himself, but he’s going to have to deal tonight since there aren’t any other options he can use at the moment without some memory erasing involved.

Leaving the first year rooms behind, he quickly passes the second years’ as well and is into the more unfamiliar hallways of the third year students when an ethereal blue glow catches his attention just behind. Standing in a patch of silver moonlight is a large dog, its tail slowly swinging back and forth as faintly shining eyes stare up at the Dark. Zeph recognizes it as the messenger dog his brother always summons when sending a note and in less than a minute has opened a small wound on the heel of his hand and is holding it out for the ghostly creature to smell. A folded note drops to the floor a moment later, the dog vanishing even as it hits the ground. Midnight eyes scan the hastily scrawled symbols and a frown slips over pale features.


Sashi: A warm wind gusts across the balcony, tugging disheveled stands of black into gray eyes that are fixed blankly on the muted landscape hundreds of feet below. Blood trickles from various shallow cuts and scratches, running down over reddened skin that will later fade to deep purple bruises, but the telepath scarcely pays attention. A sense of hollowness has gripped him tight, familiar and calming, reminding him of who he is and what he deserves. Two days on Nova has driven the lessons in hard, reinforcing what he should have remembered on that first day that Lan had approached him. There are reasons why he’s alone, why the rest of his faction fears and hates him, and why no one is allowed in too close. In the end, a friendship with the Bright would only have hurt the other teen, so it was best to walk away.

At least, he thinks it was… maybe…

Far beneath the numb hollowness, if he tries hard enough to feel it, there are still the traces of shock and confusion, fear and disbelief that had washed over him while sitting in Lan’s room, looking at his outstretched hand. So many things promised with the gesture and in the quiet words that had been spoken, but he has no wish to drag the Bright into issues that can’t possibly be prepared for or expected, just as he has no wish to see the tall Selestarri suffer any pain because of him. There’s been little kindness in his life, but Lan had given it to him without question and at least for a while, had looked at him without fear. That alone is a gift that Sashi will hold onto, even if he’s not worthy of it and even if it wasn’t given with intention and understanding. Once the Bright had known the truth, there’s no doubt in the telepath’s mind that he would have run anyway, shared experiences or not, so in the end he’s saving them both from hurt.

His name is called from somewhere behind, dragging the Dark’s attentions back to the one waiting impatiently for him to pay the remainder of his debt. Thundercloud eyes slip closed for a moment, the sigh that escapes bruised lips instantly pulled away by the wind before he turns and walks on his newly healed leg into the darkened room…

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