Angel Hunt and Streifen Roleplay

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C H A P T E R T W O : P A R T 01

Chocolate brown eyes stare out into the near empty school grounds, the lanky Bright resting against the side of a large tree and a long arm draped over his upturned knee. His thoughts are far from where he sits, just as they have been for the entire week and he’s found himself easily distracted –his mind drifting more often than not.

Since that night in the beginning of the week, there’s been no more chance encounters with the Dark, mainly because Sashi had been absent due to a ‘family emergency’ that he has no doubt was simply a call back to his home. He also has no doubt about the connection of that call to what happened when he’d returned and it’s left him with a sort of empty feeling for the first few days afterwards that he still can’t quite explain. He supposes it was all too much for the fourth year and it’s not anything he can blame him for. Between himself stepping over boundaries that hadn’t been crossed for the past two years to the dark haired teen finding him as he did and seeing what lies beneath his masks… after thinking on it the entire week, he’s pretty sure this is what ended up driving the other Selestarri away.

It’s been an unsettling thought though and with Sashi away, he hasn’t been able to put it to rest.

He’s waffled a lot on it actually, on whether he should take the hint that was given and just allow things to go back to what they’ve been for these two years, or whether he should apologize whenever the Dark does decide to come back. On one hand he wants to tell Sashi that he’s sorry at least, sorry for pushing himself where he wasn’t wanted and for what he had to see, but then on the other he might end up making the situation worse instead of better… which would be the main issue he has of yet to resolve overall.

Lan is so distracted by his thoughts that he doesn’t notice the set of shapely legs stepping up to his front and when he finally does, he slides his illusioned gaze up to find a matching set of masked eyes above, staring down with a fair amount of concern painted within.

[Key…] Halacie starts [you’ve been acting strange ever since you got back. I’m worried…]

“I’m fine, Hail” he says quietly while signing, attempting to put her mind at ease. “Now that you’re here…”

The tall teen smirks and shakes her head. [I’m being serious Key, I’m really worried about you...] stepping forward, tapered fingers reach out to touch in shaggy strands moments before she kneels down and slides her slender frame in, touching her forehead just above the place her hands have settled at his chest. [I hate how much they hurt you.] She knows he doesn’t speak about the extent of the damage those Angels cause and it worries her. They kept him longer this time and ever since he came back, he’s been a little distant which worries her even more. Lan is being his normal, cheery self to most others, but she’s known him long enough to tell when he’s putting up a façade. Something is bothering him and she wishes he’d tell her what it is…

Lan smiles softly and leans down to touch his lips briefly in a crown of curled hair. He wants to tell her that this time, it wasn’t what the Angels have done that hurt him, that it was his own foolishness pushing him in the direction of someone who did not want him there that has caused the damage, but he can’t. She wouldn’t understand and he wouldn’t expect her to, especially since he barely understands it himself.

A week or so ago, life within this school was fine. He stayed on his side and the Dark stood on the other. He had no problem with it then, no problem with only seeing the other teenager in passing because he’d been too wrapped up in what was happening with his assignment to bother. Now… for as easy as it should be just to go back to how it was before, he’s beginning to suspect by the way his thoughts alone have been centered that it won’t be so simple to just continue on as they have for the last two years and it bothers him that he can’t seem to let this all go. His friendship isn’t wanted, their flirty little banter has run its course and all that’s left is for things to return as they were, it’s a simple concept that seems determined on not getting through…

Slowly Halacie pulls back and despite the concern she still shows, he simply offers her his normal reassuring smile. After a moment it seems to satisfy her and she rises up, offering her hand to him soon after. He reaches out and slides his fingers against her palm while his free hand moves back to brace against the tree, allowing the other Bright to pull him up onto his feet as well.

Once he’s straightened, he pulls the hand he holds back to wrap her arm around him and a soon both teenagers are moving back towards the looming building just behind as Halacie leans into him with every new step they take...

Sashi/Zephyr: A frown slides across the blonde first year’s face, darkening his expression as long arms fold over his chest. “Seriously, that’s your whole reason for up and hauling off to Nova in the middle of the week?” His voice is tinted with an annoyance he doesn’t bother to hide. “And you really expect me to believe that you, who hates Nova more than anything else, would go running there just to get your leg healed?” Cold thundercloud eyes lift from the task of hanging and straightening the dry cleaning in his wardrobe to meet midnight, holding steady until the younger Dark gives an exasperated sigh. “Fine, whatever.” The taller teenager flops down on the bed and pulls a magazine from the opened messenger bag beside him. “I knew that Bright would fuck it up somehow,” Zeph mutters as he flips a page.

Tanned hands fall still halfway through adjusting a shirt on its hanger, stalled by the odd sensation that creeps through his stomach at the mention of the third year. “It’s not Lan’s fault,” Sashi whispers before he can catch himself, willing his fingers back to their work and crushing the feeling under the numbness he’d worked so hard to reinforce at Nova. He hasn’t been able to completely suppress the unease of simply walking away from someone who has treated him with kindness, even if he could see the fear in Lan’s eyes. There is some kind of explanation that should be given, but how can he explain to the other teenager the reasons he couldn’t accept his offer? How does one explain that deep inside is a monster that eventually taints everything that it comes into contact with? How does he tell the Bright that it’s for his own safety to stay away? The stare of midnight eyes from the bed bores into the telepath’s back and he places the shirt with the others before moving on to folding his ties. “I was careless with the wound...”

The deep blue gaze blinks with disbelief before Zephyr turns back to the magazine. “Right…” The same brother who has spent his whole life caring for injuries has suddenly let this one worsen to the point of needing healing? That seems unlikely. Something is definitely happening with his brother and he wants to know what it is. If those Bright are messing with Sashi, there’s going to be some serious ass kicking because he sure as fuck isn’t going to tolerate that shit happening down here. “Are we on a real name basis with the other faction now? Perhaps I need to make a formal introduction with them, then.” The magazine page flips over and he idly scans the photo montage of snowboarders as long legs bend upward to hook at the ankles, casually swinging back and forth.

“Just… leave it, Zeph.”

Long strands of white-gold fall across the younger Dark’s line of vision as he shakes his head. “Not if he’s fucking with you, I won’t.” Not when he knows how important this assignment is to keeping his brother’s sanity in one piece. This place actually gives Sashi some sense of peace, which he’s never had on Nova and no one will take that from him while he can do something about it. “Is it about that night he took care of you? Is it the payment?” There’s no reply from the other side of the room and after a moment, the blonde slides from the bed and crosses the hardwood floor to stand in front of the other Selestarri. The gently-pry-and-then-wait-for-an-answer technique doesn’t work with his brother, he’d learned that a long time ago. Direct questions are really the only way to get whatever small amount of information he’s willing to give and even then Sashi is ridiculously stubborn. Like right now, when he wants to pretend that Zeph’s not standing here waiting for a response. Stubbornness is in the blood, though, and he can wait just as long as the raven-haired Dark. “I suppose I could always ask him myself…”

Storm-tinted eyes finally lift from the crimson tie held between his hands and the telepath frowns. Letting Zeph free in Lan’s head is not something he wants to see happen, mostly because the Bright doesn’t deserve to have his memories picked over, not on top of the things that are being done to his body and magic. “It’s not that, so stay away from him.” The fold of silk is quickly wrapped into a circle and stored in the drawer that lies open in front of him. “Besides, I’m the one who broke my promise of the repayment… so even if he did want something, it would be justified.”

Skeptical blue eyes narrow at the idea of his brother owing any further debt to the Bright. There’s not a chance in hell that he’s going to let that happen anytime soon when a simple erasing of memory will fix the whole problem once and for all. But, it’s weird for Sashi to protect anyone in the way he’s protecting Lan, just like it was weird for him to run off to Nova in the first place. “What did he ask you for?” The blonde presses, knowing that even as he does so, Sashi is shutting down right in front of him. He hates it when the older Selestarri does this shit—deliberately pushing him out when all he’s trying to do is help. Why doesn’t he get that? “Look, I’ll take it from him whether you want me to or not because whatever he did was enough to send you home and that’s a big fucking deal. I’m not going to let some Bright ruin everything for you and if that means you hate me for it, then whatever, I don’t care.” He’s done trying to pull information from the telepath, done playing this walk around the issue bullshit. All week he’s worried about him, knowing that something happened, but having nothing to go on other than the note he’d been left. Each day he’d have to fight off the temptation to go home and find out exactly what was happening, only staying here because he knew it would completely blow their cover if he left without proper escort. Every hour he’d waited and this is all the explanation he’s going to receive? No way.

He hasn’t seen Zeph this upset in a while and more than that, he doesn’t like being the cause. The note hadn’t been enough, he’d known that even as he cast the spell, but at the time there was nothing else he could do. The urge to get away was too strong and that included hunting his brother down to give explanations. A long minute passes in silence, both teenagers too stubborn to back down until the telepath relents. “He wanted something that I can’t give.” Sashi moves away from the open wardrobe and towards his desk. “Now get out, I have work to catch up on.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” the tall, dark haired Selestarri signs while behind her, their group of friends’ loud banter resonates just above the soft murmur of the towncar’s idling engines. “Karaoke…”

Lan smiles and shakes his head. “I’ve got too much school work to do,” he starts softly, tapered fingers signing every word he speaks in return. “I’ll never catch up if I don’t study.”

Halacie sighs. “Right… you know this lot won’t be happy” she points back towards their friends. “And I’m going to hear about it the entire time, so you owe me” The taller Bright’s smile turns a little sly and he leans in, the bustle behind them suddenly coming to an abrupt halt as all eyes rivet to them when he tilts his head just slightly to touch his lips to hers. Pulling back only a little, he’s greeted with a smirk despite the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ that erupted throughout.

“If you think that’s enough.” Halacie signs. “They messed you up more than I thought.”

The shaggy haired teen can’t help the laugh that escapes him as he’s straightening, amused on the surface by words that deep inside he understands are truer than he’d like. Before he’s pulled himself back completely, she reaches out to latch her fingers around his wrist, yanking him towards her and leaning up to steal another kiss before spinning on her heals to join the rest of the entourage. Lan stuffs his hands deep into the pockets of loose pants as various car doors are closed, waiting as they all pull out while smiling and nodding at each wave given as they drive by.

The smile fades as the line of town cars are well out on the road that will lead them from school and to town, the gusts of wind that blow shaggy masked locks around his line of vision ignored as he turns and moves back towards the grounds. Slow, steady steps carry the tall third year closer towards his own personal sanctuary, his thoughts again drifting while settling on nothing in particular as he moves.

He’s not sure why exactly he didn’t want to go with Hail and the others, but he hasn’t been feeling up to much since he’d gotten back in the beginning of the week. There’s been an unsettled feeling swirling inside of him, a spot of bother that he hasn’t been able to shake. Most likely it’s because he feels… off kilter. Off for unwittingly showing more of himself to another than he’d ever meant, and off for pushing himself on that same someone and being told, quite plainly, that he wasn’t wanted.

He understands Sashi’s position and it’s not one he blames him for. They are, after all, on opposite sides of their factions and his interest did come across to be a little sudden. He can’t really explain himself there and quite honestly, he hasn’t tried. But no matter what his reasons were, he did enjoy the short time they’d flirted, the short time they’d walked together and the short time they almost shared a mutual understanding he’s never been able to share with anyone else –Halacie included, since this entire assignment began. But he knows that what lies below his illusion spells would be too much for anyone, as it’s at times, far too much for himself. He’s constantly surprised and grateful that Hail doesn’t recoil whenever she sees him so he can understand why Sashi would. It may prick a little deep inside, but he does understand. If he could go back and redo it, he’d find a way to warn the other Selestarri just so he could spare them both.

Lan’s thoughts are interrupted when another light wind carries a scent he’s run into before straight to his nose. His steps slow for only a moment and a sigh passes his lips before he slips one hand free of his pocket and reaches up to push messy strands from his eyes. As he’s rounding the corner of dorm buildings that will open up to the stretch of field preceding the forested area beyond, and resting ‘casually’ up against the worn brick just up ahead is exactly who he’d thought he’d smelled only a few paces back. Midnight eyes turn to greet his masked gaze and he stops a few paces away, his hand returned to his pocket and a light smile painting his lips.

“Good morning…”

Zephyr: Deep blue eyes calmly meet illusionary chocolate when the Bright steps around the building’s corner, and a short nod is given in response to the greeting. The last time they’d stood within one another’s presence had been over Sashi’s battered body and he’d been cranked up a little tight about his brother being hurt. The only real information he has on either of the Bright at this school is that for the most part, they’re pretty ordinary. No exceptional magic or abilities, no amazing training or anything off from the standard that it seems all youth in the other faction receive. The chick is mostly deaf, which is interesting, but not all that remarkable for a society with telepaths and Kealani here had next to nothing of note in his file at all. Not that he thinks the file that the Bright have on the two of them is exactly forthcoming with true facts, so there’s most likely shit going on that isn’t in the dossier. The blonde had come here prepared to ignore the other factions as Sashi had and that plan probably would have worked out great until he found his injured and magic drained brother in the care of the third year.

There had been rumors floating around all last week and whispered questions about why the two upperclassmen were suddenly seen together several times when they’d never had any previous association. Any slight change in normal routine wound the rumor mill up and he’d starting hearing stuff pretty much immediately after they were seen together. Zeph had shrugged off the inquires, although he was curious as well, and then this whole thing with Sashi running off to Nova happened and left him with a lot of very serious questions that need answering. There will be no more information of any kind from his brother and really, he was surprised at what little he’d managed to wring out before the walls slammed down hard and the telepath was locked away and out of reach. Something is going on with these two and in order to keep his brother from any further flights back to their home, he needs to know what it is.

Which brings him to the lanky teenager standing quietly before him with his hands sunk deep in his pockets. Zeph pulls a bag of blueberries from his coat and pops a few into his mouth, holding it out for Lan to share before the shake of a shaggy head declines the offer. “Sashi doesn’t want to tell me why he went home this week,” the first year’s words are quiet and calm, much more relaxed then in their previous conversation and while he kinda doubts he’ll be able to stay chill, it’ll all depend on what he hears. Intentions of best behavior sometimes are only that—intentions. It would all be so much simpler to go in and take what he’s looking for, but that would seriously piss off his brother and he’d like to avoid doing that any worse than he’s already going to anger him just by having this conversation in the first place. “I know it had something to do with you because other than my arrival, the only thing that’s changed for him has been your sudden association.” He pulls another berry from the bag and studies it for a moment. “You’ve talked to him more than twice, so I’m sure you’ve realized he’s not very forthcoming with information, like at all. But,” the Dark discards the rotten bit of fruit and brings midnight eyes back up to meet chocolate, “there was mention of repayment and a request he couldn’t fulfill and it’s fucking him up, which I don’t like…”

Lan: he blinks at the young Dark’s statement, the confusion over his claim rather evident in his masked gaze. For a few moments he doesn’t even know quite how he should answer since he’s never once asked for anything; given or taken, that he can recall. He was confronted with this the last time he and the blonde had talked, that day just after Sashi had collapsed in his arms and he’d brought him back to him room for care. He thought he made it pretty clear then that he expected nothing and asked for nothing in return. Yet standing here, having it brought up once more, it seems that he wasn’t clear enough at all.

For about the twentieth time since he began conversing with the older Dark, he finds himself curious as to how life actually is for them on Nova. They’ve all heard rumors, stories, that sort of thing but he never felt much like paying attention to the gossip. Now that he’s begun talking to some from that faction, and their constant insistence that he must want something despite his numerous words to the contrary, he finds that perhaps all those rumors might actually be true. There never seems to be any give, only take in order to get something in return and he can’t help feeling a little sorry for them to have to live like that. And while even on his side of the wall things can be that way for a lot of them, he’s never really been one for the train of thinking.

For him, his word is his word and he feels that a good deed given is just that. Though at the moment, it’s beginning to look like that despite how he feels, when it comes to his interactions with the Dark, the human saying of ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ couldn’t be truer.

Casually sliding a hand free of his pocket, the Bright reaches up to push at disheveled shaggy strands once he’s collected himself enough to answer. “I’m a little confused, in truth.” He starts quietly, his hand slipping back down to latch onto his pocket. “I asked for nothing that I can recall. As I told you that day -your brother collapsed, and I helped him… I didn’t want anything in return for it then and I still don’t now.” He stops and a thoughtful look crosses over his features. “In town, and only because he was so insistent as well, I did ask him to promise to take care of himself since he was obviously still in pain, but beyond that…” he shrugs just a little. “There was nothing. No request, no repayment…nothing.” which… has him both confused and a little worried that anything would be messing the raven haired fourth year up in that regard.

It’s then that it hits him, a realization that what Sashi had seen of him in his room just after the Angels had brought him back and the help he’d given that night might in fact be what his brother is talking about. He’s said that Sashi did indeed go back to his home, and that it had to do with him. Now that he’s back, whatever that was is still bothering him and after an entire week to think on it, he has little doubt that he, himself is the ‘it’ this Selestarri is talking about. He sighs quietly, doing what he can to ignore the slight hallow sort of jab that knowledge brings. “You don’t have to worry.” Lan starts again, slipping his fingers completely into his pocket as his masked gaze again meets midnight. “Your brother made it pretty clear I was being… a little too helpful where I wasn’t wanted.” He smiles a soft, slight sort of smile. “I don’t plan on stepping over those boundaries again.”

Zephyr: Sometimes life is a serious pain in the ass. Like right now, where he really wants to just accept what’s been said and leave it alone. Walk away and wash his hands of this whole thing, concentrate on the date he has tonight or go hang out in Rec with everyone else. Only, his telepathy has caught a lot of unease from the third year, which really shouldn’t be there if things were as cut and dry as Lan is implying. The Bright does a pretty good job of masking it, he’ll give him that, but there’s a little too much control and through it, he’d seen the slight discomfort that Lan is trying to glaze over. Growing up on Nova had taught him to notice things like that, mainly to exploit, but here it’s a bit more complicated. It’d also be a hell of a lot easier if this didn’t all involve his brother because where Sashi is concerned he just can’t back down. Like he said—a serious pain in the ass.

One of his concerns has been addressed, though, so at least he accomplished something by seeking out the older student. Sashi had said he’d broken a promise, which must be the one that Lan asked for concerning the care of his health. The telepath hadn’t been able to keep his injuries under control, so when he said that he’d broken it and that the Bright had the right to ask for further payment, he was correct. The lanky teenager seems good with letting it go and being done with it, so that matter should be closed. But it still isn’t enough to have sent Sashi back to Nova, not when he hates it so much there. Returning to abuse and scorn, let alone the questions he surely had to give the Seeker as to why he’d showed up in the first place, was not something that’s done because of a broken promise. “So you two have settled the stuff from Friday. Good. Unusual or whatever, but good.”

The last of the berries disappears into Zeph’s mouth and he stoops down for a moment to retrieve the paper coffee cup that rests besides his foot. He takes a sip of the black, bitter liquid before shifting his gaze back to meet illusionary chocolate. Crossed boundaries, huh? That’s not tough to do with his brother. Hell, just touching him in a casual way crosses about six lines and is very likely to lead to a complete shut down on the older Dark’s end…which could very well be the entire issue. If that’s what happened and Sashi closed down, it would definitely explain why he’s been so fucked up and could even have sent him home. A slight frown shadows the blonde’s features. “Sashi said you asked for something he couldn’t give you. Something that upset him enough to go somewhere he despises. So what was it ?”

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