Angel Hunt and Streifen Roleplay

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C H A P T E R T W O : P A R T 02

Lan: He sighs to himself, again finding himself a little confused because again, he can’t recall asking the raven haired Dark for anything. He doesn’t understand what kind of conversation could have happened between these two brothers that would make the blonde before him think otherwise and he’s starting to wonder if getting to know the other Selestarri was really something he should have tried to do. Their side of the faction seems to be nothing but give in order to take, and as it seems, perhaps fabrications in order to gain a sense of debt that isn’t truly there. He’d said nothing as far as he’s aware to give Sashi that sort of feeling and all he tried to do was help another when it was needed, even if it was quickly made clear that it wasn’t wanted.

“That isn’t something I can answer.” The tall Bright says quietly as he slips his hand free of his pocket to brush at the stray strands blown across his line of vision from the light autumn wind. “Since things are as I said. I’ve asked him for nothing and I expect nothing…” now more so than before. He helped the telepath when he needed it, and in turn, Sashi had come to help him when he’d needed it. So if there had been any debt that the two other of his kind keep insisting there is, it’d been settled with that as far as he’s concerned.

It isn’t exactly a settling thought though… mainly because he honestly enjoyed the short times they’d interacted. There’d been something in Sashi that had drawn him, and it was something he couldn’t ignore. Now as he’s looking back on the last few weeks and the way the fourth year reacted to him once he’d seen him for what he truly is beneath this illusioned surface, he supposes he should have found a way. It would have spared them both –and now with the involvement of his brother, all three of them.

“If your brother thinks I’ve asked for something and it caused him to go somewhere he doesn’t like,” Lan starts again as his steps begin to resume. “Then perhaps you can apologize to him for me as whatever was said wasn’t intentional…” just as he’s moving past the young Dark, he glances to the side to meet his midnight gaze. “I would do it myself, but it seems like no matter how many times I say I didn’t see the care given that night as a debt, it’s not getting through…“ That and he doesn’t want to continuously push himself further where he’s obviously not wanted. “So it’s probably best it comes from someone he’s close to, I think…”

The lanky teenager’s gaze shifts back to his front and he waves at the one behind him with a short, casual gesture that mirrors the easy steps he takes towards the grounds. “Like I said,” he continues without looking back, the last of his quiet words carrying even as he disappears around the building’s corner. “…I won’t be bothering him anymore, so don’t worry.”

Zephyr: That… was not the answer he’d been expecting. In fact, that wasn’t even really an answer at all. Full lips frown behind the plastic lid of the coffee cup before the Dark takes a sip and leans back against the brick wall of the dorm building. Sashi is too rattled for any of this to be a simple broken promise and misunderstanding of an owed debt. There’s definitely a piece missing, but whether he’s the one missing it or both the older students are, he’s not sure. He should probably be happy that Lan has decided to stay away from Sashi, because really, what would be the point of either faction socializing? Only, he doesn’t feel happy… There’s like this weird, underlying sadness to both his brother and the Bright that he doesn’t understand, but catches fragments of when they each speak. He’d seen it in Sashi first, just as the older Dark was shutting down, and it’s why he’d even bothered to track Lan down in the first place. Now here’s that sadness again and he just doesn’t get what’s going on with them. They don’t seem to get it either, which makes it all the more confusing…

Whatever. Zeph sighs and pushes away from the wall, long legs carrying him toward the side door entrance of the dorm. He’s got other things to concentrate on today, like the double date that he and Jun will be going on in just a couple of hours...

Sashi: The last shades of the late afternoon sun warm the Dark’s back as he finishes a long run around the grounds of the school, the trail ahead winding out into the open grass just as he pulls to a stop. Steadying himself against the nearest tree with one hand, he rests for a long moment, letting his breath catch up and his heart slow down. He’d picked a challenging path for his run intentionally, looking for a break from the thoughts that have plagued him all week. Unfortunately there’d been only mixed success with that plan, since while he did get a reprieve from his head, his body had stepped in with fresh complaints from muscles already riddled with bruises and battered from abuse. He just can’t seem to win this week, no matter what he does…

Going to Nova hadn’t brought him any peace, nor had burying himself in schoolwork, sleeping, or exercise. He still feels… guilty, about what had happened on Monday night. There should be some kind of apology for walking away from Lan because the Bright doesn’t deserve that type of treatment, not when he’d treated Sashi with kindness over the course of their short association. It was more than everyone with the exception of Zeph had ever given him and he’d stomped all over the gestures in response. To make it all worse, he hasn’t been able to bring himself to face the other Selestarri in order to say the words of apology that are rightfully owed. Good fucking job, there. In the end he’d done the right thing and protected both Lan and himself, he’s sure of that, but that knowledge isn’t really making him feel any better at the moment.

The telepath sighs and drops his head back against the tree, long tanned fingers lifting to brush at sweat-dampened bangs with a gesture so ingrained that he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. A shower is feeling pretty necessary, but while he’s out here, he really should stop at the classroom building and pick up that book he needs to complete a history assignment. The good thing about having back due assignments is that he can stay in his room for the entire weekend without constant pestering, whining, or begging from his teammates and classmates to go do shit with them. Zeph said he’s got some date thing going on tonight in town, so even he won’t be around to break the solace that the telepath desires. He needs until Monday to be ready to deal with the onslaught of questions and concerns both written and in his face from the rest of the third and fourth years and to let his body heal a bit from the abuse it had taken while paying his debt on Nova.

Between one heartbeat and the next, magic slips from careful restraints to open a void that dissolves the forest he stands in and replaces it with the deserted and darkened stairwell of the main school building. Thundercloud-tinted eyes refocus in the dim light as the energy pulls back, but before Sashi can take a step toward the double doors that rest just in front of him, one pushes open and the Dark finds himself looking into a surprised chocolate gaze that he knows masks the true yellow beneath…

Lan: both teenagers stand almost unnaturally still for a few short moments, storm cloud tinted eyes locked with his masked own. The surprise at finding himself face to face with the very person he’d been thinking about for the better part of the week shows for only a second, replaced quickly with his usual warmth that hides the pangs of hurt threatening to spring up to the surface. He didn’t expect to run into the other Selestarri, not after what happened on the Monday before and especially not after his little talk with Sashi’s brother in the morning. He figured he had until the start of the school week to prepare himself before he and the telepath would be facing one another again… standing here now, it seems he’d been wrong.

It shouldn’t surprise him anymore, it seems he’s been wrong about a lot of things since he and the other teenager began speaking.

Working his gaze away from Sashi’s, the tall Bright steps around the fourth year and the lightest of apologies for the un-intentional blocking of the doorway is said. He’d like to say something beyond it if truth be told and it takes a lot for him to force himself silent. He’d like to say that he’s glad to see the Dark mobile, that from his appearance, his trip home seems to have done him well. He’d like to apologize for the events that lead him there though, and for pushing himself where he wasn’t wanted in the first place. He’d like to clarify that there’s no debt between them, especially after the talk with his brother indicates Sashi still believes that there is. He’d also like to thank him for helping him that night and tell him that he understands why the raven haired teen recoiled and ran from him, and that he doesn’t and won’t lay any type of blame.

But as he steps farther from the stationary figure into the empty hall, he knows that speaking any of this would be a bad idea considering the feelings towards him that Sashi has already made pretty clear. So he says nothing as he moves, his foot falls becoming the only sounds that echo throughout while his hands shift to his pockets in the easiest of ways. And deep inside he does everything in his power to ignore an odd sense of… something stirring inside of him that he can’t explain any more than he can place while he forces illusioned eyes to remain trained on the secondary doorway that suddenly seems to be a million miles away…

Sashi: Despite the cold wall that he’d worked all week to put into place and the numbness he’d pushed himself into, there is a place deep inside the Dark that aches hard when Lan strolls past. Given the lightest of apologies and then summarily dismissed as though they were complete strangers, it… hurts in a way that he can’t understand or describe. It shouldn’t matter, is what he tells himself as the footsteps echo throughout the stairwell, he shouldn’t care what the Bright does or says. Everything can go back to what it was before last week and he’ll be the nonexistent presence that Halacie had so vehemently wished him to be. Their factions are separate, their assignments are separate, their lives are separate, so why step beyond those lines, why disrupt something that had worked so well for the past two years?

…Because maybe in spite of what he is and the hurt he causes those around him, he’d been almost… happy to find someone else who understands the masks and the pain and the uncontrollable magic. Someone that for a brief moment helped him not to feel so alone.

“Lan…” the whispered third year’s name is out before Sashi can stop it, so quiet that it doesn’t reach beyond the footsteps and too late as the far door clicks softly closed. The ache inside twists sharply at the sound and forces him into motion through the entranceway at his front and into the darkened hall beyond. At the first small side corridor the Dark veers off, his back meeting the cold wall before his slender frame sinks down into a crouch. From all directions the shadows move to wrap around him and for once he draws them in close like a blanket, wanting to be cloaked and invisible.

He knows he did the right thing on Monday, he protected them both, so why does seeing Lan hurt so much? Why does that casualness with which he was treated sting? The Bright has every right to be angry with him for walking away without explanation, the kindness that had meant so much to Sashi practically thrown back in his face. The third year couldn’t have known that he’s poison to other people, tainted and dirty, and his association only brings them pain in the end. Lan couldn’t have known that loneliness and hurt is all he deserves. Even before he’d walked into the other Selestarri’s room that night, he knew what their ‘chance’ encounters would all lead to because this is always how things work out. Why should the pattern change now? The lesson is familiar: open up even in the slightest and it would come back to cause harm.

Storm cloud eyes slip shut and a quiet sigh slips from between full lips. In spite of what he knows or doesn’t know, there was still that small moment of happiness when he’d learned of the other teenager’s struggles, not because he is suffering, but because finally someone may understand. Sashi can’t seem to forget it any more than he can stop seeing the image of the Bright’s hand held out for him to take, that offer of friendship that he’d never before experienced. Lan doesn’t know any of it and the Dark doesn’t expect him to understand the storm of emotion that went through him at that moment, the same storm that took a trip to Nova to settle into the hurt-tinged numbness that now sits like a stone in his chest. Nor does he expect any form of forgiveness once he can actually apologize. Which he will once he can find the words, he’s just… not ready yet to give the explanation that he knows will push Lan away for good…

Lan: the lanky teenager stops just outside once the doors have closed behind him, masked chocolate eyes closing and his head falling back to welcome the light breeze. Tapered fingers pull free of his pocket, rising up soon after to touch at the spot just beneath his heart while the softest of sighs to slip free of full lips.

After two years of being experimented on, two years of having his body and magic forcibly altered, two years of the constant masks, the pain, the return trips home where he’s told time and time again to go back and sacrifice himself for the greater good… keeping himself silent and walking away from Sashi just now had to be the most difficult thing he’s done. But now more than ever he understands that it’s what the other teenager wants… there were no words said to him as he moved, nothing to stop him from walking away, just the same usual silence he and the Dark had between them previously to when they’d started talking. Things are… as they should be for two Selestarri living on opposite sides of their factions.

So why does he continue to feel this dull ache somewhere inside? Why is there a hallow sort of pain digging just beneath the place his fingers are touching at his heart? Why does the silence given to him make him feel so… sad? Why does he have this strong urge to turn around and go face the other teen despite everything that’s been said and done, even knowing full well that Sashi doesn’t want him there doing it?

Reopening his illusioned gaze, the tall Bright stares up at the autumn sky for a few moments longer before he drops his hand back towards his pocket; his head soon to follow as his steps resume. He can’t and won’t do what he really wants to do; he’s caused enough damage already. He knows this. The ache deep inside –like the rest of what he goes through, will simply have to be pushed down and he’ll have to find a way to deal with this on his own. And so Lan moves back towards the dorms just as he’d been doing before he and the telepath had found themselves face to face, hoping that perhaps some time in his room, secluded and locked away with his thoughts will help him get his mind off the odd sort of hurt that’s sprung up in a way he can’t describe…

Zephyr: Music blasts from a pair of speakers linked to the sleek black portable music player, a feverish beat that’s backed by a thumping bass and harmonized by lilting French lyrics. Slim hips trace the pulse absently as the Dark takes a pair of pants from the open wardrobe, pausing only a moment to slide them on, the fit perfect for his lithe frame. Pulling out a shirt as the song transitions to a trance rhythm, the black and white garment slips over his head, followed by a tee shirt and the first year studies himself in the mirror for a moment before turning toward the bathroom. Locating the correct container of product in a vanity drawer, he dips long fingers into the gel and then rakes them through strands of white-gold, pushing the locks into place with practiced skill.

He kinda has no idea what’s going to happen tonight. Yeah, he’d been the one to make most of the arrangements and had lined up the fourth year soccer player that had generously ‘agreed’ to chaperone them in town as a favor to Sashi. He’d called the restaurant for reservations and found the game place with an ice cream store nearby and all that shit, but that doesn’t mean that he has any clue how this whole thing is going to play out. Jun had gotten more distressed as the week went on, promising a half dozen times that he was going to call the whole thing off until reminded how much of a mess that would make. Any time that they so much as passed in the near vicinity of Ae-Cha and her friends, the white-haired student turned so pale that Zeph had been afraid he’d pass out. He honestly would have found the whole thing hysterical if Jun wasn’t his friend and he didn’t know just how freaked out he really was. So instead he’d been playing it all off as a small a deal as possible, telling his classmate that it would be painless and as short as it could be without coming off rude and generally just trying to reassure him in every way that he could.

Those times that he wasn’t hanging out with Jun, but knew that the other teen was with Taz, he’d hoped that the Angel was doing the same kind of reassurance. Between this date stuff, Sashi’s disappearance to Nova, and the time he’d taken out to track down that Bright early this afternoon, he hadn’t had time to plant his fist in the second year’s face like he still intended to do. He needs to get on it, because whenever he does have a second to remember, it seriously pisses him off all over again.

Wiping his hands on a damp towel, Zeph makes his way back into the bedroom, locating his shoes and slipping them on all while shadowing each beat with his slender frame. He kinda wishes that they were going to a club tonight, because dancing sounds awesome right now, but he really wanted to save that for a less stressful evening since it would be Jun’s first time on a real dance floor. So a restaurant, game center, and ice cream place will have to do in the meantime while they both entertain a pair of chicks that neither one of them is overly interested in. The Selestarri locates his jacket on the back of a chair and flips off the music before sliding his wallet and id cards into a pocket and taking one last glimpse in the wardrobe mirror. A second later the light goes out and soft footsteps sound in the hallway as he heads towards Jun’s room. An even larger pile of notes than usual sits before his classmate’s door, many emblazoned with the symbols for good luck and more than a few smelling like perfume. Unable to help the smile that slips over full lips, Zeph gently pushes the papers to the side with his foot and then knocks lightly …

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