Angel Hunt and Streifen Roleplay

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C H A P T E R T W O : P A R T 03

Jun: pink toned eyes shift back and forth between two different shirts resting on the back of one of the room’s sitting chairs. Loose jeans hang low on structured hips, held in place by a silver studded belt that allows the topmost part of the elastic waistband from printed briefs to show. He’s been staring at the shirts forever and he’s no closer to a decision on them than he was when he’d first pulled them out. He doesn’t even know why the hell he’s taking so long because it’s not like he cares at all what Ae-cha thinks of what he wears, but for some reason the ability to pick something left him and he doesn’t know what to do.

Tapered fingers slide away from his pockets, the chain securing his wallet to his belt rattling slightly as he slips his hand into short layered strands of softly spiked snow colored hair. The quietest of exacerbated sighs slips free of his lips and he has to turn away from his shirts, sinking down into a crouch a moment later and allowing his head to dip towards his knees while his other hand joins the first tangled within his hair.

Why does it have to be so difficult? It’s like he went completely stupid from the moment he woke up and something as simple as dressing himself seems harder than he’s ever remembered it to be. This entire date thing has him all twisted and he’ll be so frikkin happy when this thing is over and he can go back to how it was. Hanging out with some girl isn’t at all like hanging out with his friends and no matter how many times Taz or Zephyr have told him everything will be easy and fine, he can’t for the life of him see how they can be right. He doesn’t even like Ae-cha. She’s pretty, sure and her boobs are kinda big, sure, but he’s never once thought of her any differently than he’s thought of all the other kids in his school, even now. If she wants to touch him or hold his hand or something, god, even if she expects some kiss he’ll never willingly give, he’s probably going to make a complete ass out of himself by having a meltdown he won’t be able to control.

A light knock mercifully interrupts Jun’s thoughts of impending doom and he glances up, staring at the door for only a moment before rising while slipping his hands free of his hair. The various bits of paper stuffed in the crack that flitter down aren’t even noticed as he swings the lacquered wood open far enough to meet the deep blue gaze of his newest friend with his early dawn hued own. Midnight eyes seem unable to help the quick flicker down over his toned, bare topped frame and it’s yet another thing the first year seems oblivious to as he moves to the side to allow the blonde Selestarri in.

“Sorry, I’m not ready.” The white haired teenager apologizes as the door is clicking closed behind him and he slides his arm up to scratch absently at the back of his head as he moves again to the shirts he’d set out. “I… just… um… I’ll be done soon.” Reaching out to sweep both up, he turns just as Zephyr’s blue gaze is pulling free of his back and he holds them both out, the slightest traces of embarrassment showing in his features for even having to ask something he should know well enough how to do on his own. “I’m being kinda mental, but… which one do you think...?”

Zephyr: There’s a long moment where midnight eyes are glued to pale, flawless skin, a moment where he can see nothing aside from toned muscle and curving lines, a moment when all he can think about is how soft that skin must be and how much like silk it would feel beneath his fingers... He needs to move his eyes, he knows this and yet his gaze refuses to shift, much more interested in remaining where it currently rests. Worse perhaps than the fact that he can’t pull his eyes away, is the itch that’s crawling across his hands, wanting to touch and confirm what he sees. He really needs to stop that idea because Jun noticing the staring would cause the other teenager to freak out even more than he already is, but Jun catching even the smallest hint of an interest in touching would probably make his head explode.

At home, Zeph would simply satisfy all curiosity and it would be done with and over. No upset feelings, no real questions or worry about crossing lines, just a moment of being close and that’s it. But this isn’t Nova and Jun isn’t like anyone he’s ever met and all the rules and norms he’d once understood are completely useless here. Which basically means that he can be curious all he wants, but unless he’s willing to stomp all over the boundaries of personal space and completely ruin their friendship in the process, he needs to put his hands in his pockets and his eyes somewhere that isn’t on the half-naked teenager standing in front of him. The presentation of the two shirts is a welcome excuse to focus his attention elsewhere and as hands sink into the pockets of his jacket, the Dark looks from one to the next with much more interest than necessary.

“Definitely the black one, I like the print on it more.” Jun looks visibly relieved for the choice to be made and Zephyr has to forcibly avert his gaze to the desk and windows as his classmate slides the garment over his head. What is his problem today? Sure, the white-haired first year is cute and looking at cute people is always fun, but wanting to touch them is a different matter entirely. All of which he’s going to need to think on after this date is over, but not right now because his job is to ensure that this whole thing goes as smoothly as possible. There really shouldn’t be any issues or snags and if worse comes to worse, he can always alter memories where needed. A soft frown slips over the tall Selestarri’s mouth. Well, maybe not Jun’s since he still hasn’t been able to quite figure out what’s going on with all that weird blanked out memory shit in his friend’s head. He needs to get on that because he’s never seen anything like it and he’s not sure if it worries him or if he just finds it really interesting because it’s unusual.

The bed frame creaks a bit as Jun sits down to put on his shoes, pink eyes concentrating on tying the laces with fingers that seem to have forgotten how to make the proper knots. “So,” Zeph says, trying to distract the other student from what he’s sure are thoughts of complete panic. “We’re going to the restaurant—that one with the good Korean food that we had before—and then the game place and the ice cream store. Once we get back to the school, we drop the girls at their dorm and it’s over. They’ll really do all of the talking because they’re girls,” and he honestly doubts that either of them can be quiet longer than a few minutes. “So you just have to get through a couple of hours and I’ve got your back, so things will be fine.” The blonde finishes his pep talk with a smile that doesn’t seem to quite make it to his friend given that he’s still working on getting the laces to tie correctly.

“Hey, just trust me, okay?” A knock at the door pulls both first years’ attentions and Zeph crosses toward it. “I promise that things will go smoothly.” It’s the best reassurance he can give and most likely the last for now since on the other side of the door is Kwon, the upperclassman who’s acting as their escort. The dark-haired fourth year smiles at them both as he waits in the hall, hands in the pockets of his long coat and thoughts already focused on the gift he’ll be buying his girlfriend while in town. The Dark turns around as he wraps a long scarf around his neck, midnight eyes meeting dawn-tinged pink. “Ready?”

Jun: the white haired teenager nods as he rises up from his bed, turning to grab his jacket and a scarf for himself. Despite the okay given indicating he’s ready, he knows for a fact that he’s really not ready at all. What he’d like to do at the moment to be honest, is take off in the opposite direction, that’s just how ready he is not. As Zephyr steps out and he moves to follow, it takes a hell of a lot for him not to actually do it... a whole hell of a lot. The chain at his belt rattles just slightly as long fingers hook casually at the pockets of his pants, his outward demeanor giving nothing away despite the fact that he’s pretty sure the mild panic he’s feeling inside is showing regardless of his attempt to hide it.

The steps they take are done in silence as all three students moving down the dorm’s main winding stairwell while Jun works to busy himself with staring at the back of their escort’s head, suddenly feeling very aware of the blue gaze that seems to shift towards him periodically as they move. As they make it out of the main doorway and into the chilly air, pink eyes dare to glance over when the feeling of being watched becomes too intense and he’s met with a reassuring smile that causes a weird sort of thump to happen inside of his chest. The first year’s own eyes pull swiftly away to rivet again to the back of the one before them and he frowns just a little at a reaction to that smile that he can’t even explain.

He knows he’s been all messed up and bent sideways since this entire date thing began, kind of freaking out over something that a lot of the students here; Zephyr included, seem to be able to do with ease, but still… why is it that when he catches Zeph looking at him –something that should be so completely normal, he gets this weird sort of feeling inside? It’s happened before, not just with him but also seems to happen a lot when it comes to his best friend, yet lately –and the more time he and the blonde spend together, it’s been happening a lot more frequently with him as well.

He doesn’t get it.

Maybe it’s just something that happens when you are closer to someone? Maybe it’s just normal. Because even though he and the taller teen are relatively new friends, he hangs out and talks more with him than anyone else; save Taz, in the group. It’s not like he’d know what normal is anyway, he’s really never known, so he guesses that could be it.

Whether it’s normal or not though, he kind of needs it to stop, especially now because as they move across the school grounds and each step takes them closer to a towncar he knows will have a set of girls waiting for them, the last thing he needs is to be trying to figure out some weird friendship feelings when he needs to concentrate on finding a way to make it through the next couple of hours alone…

Zephyr: Following along behind Kwon, the Dark doesn’t even bother with an attempt to curb the frequent glances that he makes to the teenager at his side, midnight eyes lingering a little longer each time. For a second there, he swears to god that Jun was going to bolt, and despite the nonchalant behavior that his classmate is displaying outwardly, he’s been a firsthand witness to the panic that swirls within that slender frame. So he can’t really help but to watch carefully because as much as Jun may want to split, doing so will only make everything worse. The one time he’s caught looking, the blonde flashes his best reassuring smile at his friend, knowing that it pretty much has no effect whatsoever, but trying anyway. He hates seeing someone he cares about in this much distress, but there isn’t much he can do at the moment aside from ensuring that the next few hours go as smoothly as possible. In order to do so, he needs to entertain a pair of human girls, which after dealing with Selestarri females his entire life, probably won’t be too difficult. Well, at least he’s hoping…

The long, sleek town car is waiting in the drive with a few others, readied to take the school’s privileged students into the city with as much class and style as possible. Kwon moves around to the passenger side even as the driver opens the door for the two first years. From inside, the sound of whispering ceases immediately, replaced by nervous laughter that Zeph is absolutely sure will be grating on his nerves by the end of the night. Standing to the side, he waves Jun in toward the open door, not quite willing to turn his back completely and give his friend a chance to bolt. There’s a definite moment of hesitation on the white-haired teen’s face, but to his credit he manages to hide it rather quickly, and with a graceful movement that belies anything remotely like panic, Jun ducks into the waiting vehicle. Two sets of chocolate brown eyes meet midnight as the Selestarri folds his tall frame into the seat facing opposite , a grin slipping over full lips as he settles in. “Hey,” he greets the girls, “You both look awesome.” And actually, they do. Ae-Cha has straightened her long hair to fall as a thick curtain over her shoulders and Eun-Mi has curled her hair into soft ringlets that are quite pretty. Both have a fairly liberal application of lipgloss and the other cosmetics that he’s seen the girls at this school wear whenever they weren’t in class, but it’s not really over the top. His comment is met with more giggling and a quick glance at Jun brings only the back of his classmate’s head as the other teenager stares hard at a point beyond the window.

With the slightest of jolts the car glides away from the curb and the school grounds are quickly left behind. Zeph chats randomly about their classes and teachers, the other students and the upcoming soccer game, trying his best to keep anything directed away from the white-haired first year and allowing Jun to maintain his silence. “So do you like it here so far?” Eun-Mi asks as she flips spiraled locks over one shoulder. “I mean, I’ve been to Europe and it was the most amazing thing ever, so do you miss it a lot?”

The Dark gives something between a shrug and a nod in response. “Yeah, I miss home sometimes. Things are kinda different here,” they have no idea how different “and it’s hard to keep screwing up the customs since I’m not used to them.” Hell, he has a damn manual that they gave him on Nova and he still offends Jun every five minutes, it seems. Each time he thinks he understands how formal he needs to be or what distance he needs to stand at or some such thing, it’s wrong and he causes his friend a lot of discomfort. “But, I’ve also met some really cool people here, people that I get along with and like a lot.” Somehow Zeph manages not to let his gaze slide over toward Jun as he speaks, although it takes quite a bit to stay focused on the girls. “So even though I don’t have what I’m used to, I actually do like the school and after a while, it really will feel like home maybe.”

Both girls nod and faster than the blonde can catch her, Ae-Cha leans forward a little to brush her hand against Jun’s knee, trying to gain his attention. “Don’t you feel that way, Jun? Like school is home and home is just some place we go to for the holidays?”

Jun: pink eyes stare past the two girls, focused somewhere beyond the town car’s lightly tinted windows while the scenery passes them by. The white haired teenager’s mind is elsewhere, his thoughts all jumbled, zeroed in and blank at once. He can hear Zeph talking, hear the giggling of their dates, the responses they make along with the quiet engine of the vehicle they are all in but it’s really nothing more than background noise while he sits there and does everything in his power to blend in with the plush leather cushions he’s sitting upon.

It’d taken a lot while he was standing outside of the car on the school grounds not to turn tail and bolt back for the dorms. Especially after the door had opened and he’d seem Ae-cha and her friend, sitting inside all primped to hell and looking very much like they’ll both expect more out of him than he wants to give. Girls… are a little scary he has to admit. He likes them, they are okay to look at, be around even so long as they keep a normal respectful distance away, but god. Up close? They worry him. They giggle, whisper, send weird messages through their eyes alone and he’s never quite sure what to make of anything they do. He gets letters and cards and all sorts of notes attached to his door all the damn time, things he works so hard to ignore because most of it seems too weird – professions of love and crushes and all that stuff that he knows can’t hold any measure of truth because how can they love someone or even crush on someone they don’t know in the slightest to begin with? It never makes any sense to him and it’s easier just to stick some blinders on and pretend it’s not happening at all.

…kind of like how he’s trying so hard to pretend that at this very moment he’s not in this town car, not stuck sitting across from a girl that he’s supposed to be on a date with while they are pulling farther and farther away from the safety of the school and closer and closer to a town where he’ll have to actually step up for and pretend he wants to be somewhere he really does not.

And all the way up until a set of slender, nail tipped fingers reached out to skim across his leg, he was doing a damn good job of it too. But the moment Ae-cha touches him, Jun practically jumps at the contact and a second later he’s yanked forcibly back to find three pairs of eyes on him attached to three faces looking at him a little expectantly. It takes him a bit to pry his own gaze free of the spot she’d run her hand across, and during it, he has to stifle this small voice in his head screaming at him to just open up the door and fling himself from the car despite the fact that it’s moving. That touch was way too personal, way too close and if she’s already doing this before they’ve made it to town, it’s beginning to worry him on how it will be once there. He’s really not sure he’ll be able to deal with this. Yet, despite the urge he has to jump out to his death just to save himself the next few hours of what he’s sure will become agony, the white haired teen simply shrugs while glancing off to their sides.

“I guess…” he mutters quietly, the lightest of frowns painting his features that only Zephyr seems to catch. Even after answering, he has to work a little just to figure out exactly what she’d said considering he hadn’t really been paying attention to any of the conversation going on. And once he does find a way to hear it, it only deepens the light frown he wears a little more. What is he supposed to say to that kind of question anyway? It’s not like anyone here knows that for him, he’s really truly got nowhere else to go anymore and the school is his home. No one but Taz and the board know his parents died and no one but them know that come holidays, he practically the only one left while everyone else goes to whatever home they have and he’s usually there, celebrating nothing all on his own. It’s not like he can really tell them either, something like that isn’t exactly casual and Zephyr aside, not something he ever plans to be sharing with two chicks he can’t trust not to blab personal info all over their school the instant they have the chance.

“School… always feels like home.” He continues soon after, another shrug given and his voice a bit quiet and low. “I mean, we all kinda live there full time so it’s hard not to start thinking of it that way, right?”

Zephyr: Even though he’s not from this country, or this culture, or even this continent, the Selestarri knows that about a thousand rules of formality were just broken when Ae-Cha reached over and touched Jun. It looked casual and in many places it would hardly be noticed, but not here and not with the white-haired first year. What was most likely a bid on the girl’s part to get closer had actually driven her date even further away from the way that Jun is now attempting to truly meld with the seat that they’re sitting on. Neither girl has seemed to notice his extreme discomfort, but the Dark has spent enough time around his friend to see it and the fact that they’re ignoring something so obvious is kinda pissing him off.

Everyone knows that Jun is pretty shy; it’s obvious even if you don’t hang with his group or spend too much time with him. He doesn’t really meet your gaze too often, he doesn’t talk much, and to date, Zeph hasn’t seen his classmate smile or heard him laugh. He’s just really reserved and deeply entrenched in the customs here and the fact that Ae-Cha basically ignored that and crossed those lines when she definitely knows better is not cool. The way that Jun practically jumped out of his skin does not sit well with the Dark and even though he knows that it’s just that protectiveness that he always feels for his friends kicking in, he still wants to break her fingers if she tries that again.

The outskirts of the city limits are sliding by outside as the blonde rakes long fingers through his bangs and smiles at the white-haired teenager. “I think it’s that way for everyone,” Zephyr says lightly, trying hard to be reassuring. “You know, feeling like school is really home. Like you said, we’re here full time, so I think a lot of us get to that point.” He shrugs and shifts back just a little on the seat, casually stretching long legs out in a way that separates the girls from Jun as much as possible in the confines of the town car. Midnight eyes slide away from his friend to settle on their dates. “So where are you two from in Korea?”

Their excited replies and explanations fill the car with sound as it travels deeper into the city. From the corner of his eyes, Zeph keeps a watch on Jun, silently hoping that the other first year will find it in him somewhere to get through this date. He’s been trying hard to keep things as unfocused on the white-haired teen as much as possible, but considering he’s already screwed up once with Ae-Cha, the Dark knows he’s not going to hold them off forever. They’re going to do what girls do at some point, and that’s dig for information. It’s like a natural curiosity that runs through all females that he’s met and there’s little doubt that these two will be any different. He has no doubt that there’s an entire girls’ dorm waiting back at the school to hear about how this date goes and how every second is spent. Eun-mi and Ae-Cha practically have a mission and although the blonde will deflect as much as possible, he’s not sure it’s going to be enough to keep Jun as separated and free from discomfort as he’d like.

The towncar glides into a space on the city street and a moment later the driver is opening the doors. The girls exit excitedly, their whispers starting up before they’ve even cleared the seat. Zephyr turns to his classmate and smiles even though he can see in those pink eyes just how much Jun does not want to do this. “Sorry I didn’t catch her fast enough,” he says quietly, midnight eyes sweeping down over his friend’s knee. “I guess I didn’t expect it since everyone is always so on about the formality stuff…” the Selestarri lets his voice trail a moment before sliding forward and renewing his smile. “You’re going to order for me again, right? What I had last time was awesome, but I have no idea what it was.” Long legs straighten as he steps into the chilly autumn air, faced on one side by Kwon and the girls and the other by the patient, nearly invisible driver. Hands sliding into the pockets of his jacket, Zeph waits for Jun to get out of the car …

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