Angel Hunt and Streifen Roleplay

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C H A P T E R T W O : P A R T 04

Jun: the white haired teen sits where he is for a moment, even after the tall blonde has exited to leave him alone in the town car simply trying to calm himself down. He takes a deep breath in order to prepare himself, tapered fingers slipping into layered strands of snow before the falling free right after as pink eyes find what little of the Selestarri he can see through the opened door. He’s really got to pull himself together for this because he can tell Zephyr’s going through a lot of trouble just to try and make it all go smoothly for them both. He may not want to be on this date, but he does appreciate what the other teenager is doing like crazy… even if he hasn’t said it, or shown it, or given any indication that he understands it’s being done at all. The apology for Ae-cha’s touch, despite the fact that his friend had nothing to do with it made him feel… weirdly flustered in a way he can’t begin to describe. It’s an odd feeling and he wanted to tell the blonde that it was no big deal or nothing he had to say he was sorry for, even if only half of that is true.

It is a big deal and kind of set off about a million alarms for panic since the touch was far more personal than he’ll ever be comfortable with. Not to mention he’s finding it a little disheartening to know that his ‘date’ seems to care nothing for his personal space, if that was any indication since if she’s okay with reaching out to him like that then what else will she be okay with before the day is done. But… all of that aside, it’s not Zephyr’s fault it happened so there’s really no reason he should be apologizing for something he couldn’t control. Just the same, he appreciates it… like a lot because it shows him that the other first year actually pays attention to what should and should not be done, despite the fact that he’s foreign. Really, when he thinks on it, something’s kind of wrong when a guy who hasn’t lived in this country his entire life comes in and gets all the do’s and don’ts pretty early when a chick who’s native doesn’t seem to get it at all.

Shaking his head to pull himself away from his thoughts, he slides his body gracefully out of the car and glances over towards the waiting girls, expectant almond shaped eyes on him in a way that fills him with dread. Without lending even a thought to the movement, he quickly stuffs his own hands into his coat pocket in a mindless attempt to preempt any play for more contact he’s now pretty sure Ae-cha will at some point try. He starts internally when the door is shut behind him, frowning lightly at both his reaction to it and his stupidity on something that should be rather small. God… he’s really got to knock this shit off, he’s acting like the world is ending when all that’s happening is a date most guys his age have already done five times over. Nodding lightly to indicate he’s ready, their escort begins leading the small group ahead and it only takes a moment before Jun’s steps slow just a little so that he can speak to his friend, his words so quiet that they are almost lost behind the bursts of excited chatter spilling from the girls walking not too far up ahead.

“Um… thanks…” he starts without pulling his eyes away from the heads before them. “You know… for all th-“ before he can finish though, Ae-cha and Eun-mi burst out with a sudden squeal as they pass a small shop and before he’s realized it’s even happening, his date has broken off and turned to move back for him. Slender fingers slip out to wrap around a corner of his jacket and before he even has time to blink, Ae-cha is pulling him away from the others and right towards the door…

Zephyr: At first he doesn’t even hear the squeals of delight from up ahead because every bit of attention is locked on his snowy-haired classmate. When his words are cut off and Jun is being pulled away by his date, it takes a little force to remain standing where he is. Midnight eyes narrow and the hint of a glare is shot at the back of Ae-cha’s head, that quiet anger that had flared up in the car springing to life once again. These aren’t even his traditions and customs that are being violated, but he knows what they mean to Jun, and he doesn’t like that they’re being so blatantly ignored. His classmate’s entire stance practically screams that he does not want to be dragged along by this chick, so how the hell can she not notice that?

A soft touch at his arm brings Zeph’s focus away from the other first years and back to the girl standing at his side. Her smile is pretty when she flashes it at him and he follows her lead without comment when she begins walking toward the shop. The small store sells stationery and other small items adorned with cute characters resembling cats, radishes, and other random little doodles. The Dark doesn’t pay too much attention to any of it aside from marking that there are two little rows of goods in the middle of the store and then more shelves and display items along the perimeter. Jun is standing beside Ae-cha at the far corner and he doesn’t look up when the bell above the door rings to indicate that he, Eun-mi and Kwon have come inside. At least the other teenager’s date has released his coat in order to fuss over the merchandise, so maybe the blonde won’t have to break her fingers just yet.

Eun-mi heads into the second row of short shelves, stopping before a sign that has a picture of a cat with an umbrella on it. Disinterested, Zeph stands behind her, his gaze moving frequently to Jun, but never catching a glimpse of the pink eyes that are pinned to the floor. His friend just looks so completely unhappy and he knows that all this random intrusion into the white-haired teen’s personal space is seriously not helping. After a moment the Dark casually leans over Eun-mi’s shoulder and reaches around her to pick up an address book on the shelf. The movement brings their bodies close together and he notices how soft and small she is, as most girls are, and how different that is from the lean muscularity of guys. He’s never been one to prefer one type over the other, and while it’s definitely something that he’s realized in the past, it’s probably striking him right now since he’s kept so distant from others physically since he’s been here. The second-year student freezes at his touch, a pencil case held in a hand tipped with perfectly manicured nails. Zephyr tilts his head just enough so that his lips are near her ear and the soft words carry only to her. “I know that I haven’t been at this school too long, but let me give your friend a hint about being around Jun.” Eun-mi nods, but doesn’t move. “If she backs off a little and gives him the normal amount of space that I’ve noticed people in this country like, she’ll have a much better chance.” Which would be about the same chance as a snowball in hell, given that he knows his classmate isn’t into Ae-cha at all. “He’s shy, so direct things like being all touchy aren’t real good with him.”

The tall Selestarri straightens up and returns the address book to the shelf before taking a half step back. Midnight eyes meet chocolate as the slim girl turns partially around, the pencil case still held in her hand. “What about you, Zephyr? Is that also what you like?” She asks in a tone that is somehow flirty and shy all at once. He grins at Eun-mi and pushes white-gold bangs from his face. “You’ll have to find out for yourself. Can’t give away all my secrets, right?” Walking back down the short aisle, he turns his steps toward their fourth year escort as Kwon waves him over. A minute later the soccer player has departed, mentioning that he’ll meet up with them at the ice cream place in a few hours. Standing alone, the Dark lifts his head to meet pink for the first time since they’d entered the shop, noticing pretty immediately that Jun still looks completely miserable despite all efforts on his part to hide it. He smiles reassuringly at his friend before pulling out his cell to check the time. Their dinner reservation is coming up fast and so he starts toward Eun-mi to let her know that they need to get going…

Jun: pink eyes stare at the round, stoneware cup of cornflower tea before him, fixed on the light ripples each slight movement at the table causes within while buzzing in the background is the chatter of the busy restaurant mixed in with the chattering of his date, Zephyr and Zephyr’s own. All three are talking so easily amongst themselves, the casual banter leaving three sets of lips something he’s only partially paying attention to. Ae-cha and Eun-mi are going on about their families, their homes away from the school while the blonde seated across from him does the same. Occasionally he’s pulled from his shell, asked questions that he’s been giving his standard ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to, or asked to agree or disagree; in which case he’s simply nodded or slipped out the occasional ‘I guess’

The trip over to the restaurant had been thankfully better than the trip into town had been to begin with. Eun-mi had latched onto her friend’s arm in the way that girls seem so prone to do once they’d managed to get out of that overly cute stationary store that he swears is like crack for chicks of any kind. She’d pulled her ahead while he and Zeph kept a safe distance behind, walking in near silence while both sets of blue and pink eyes stayed locked on the back of their dates’ heads and the standard hushed, giggling of whispers that girls have mastered continued to fill the air up ahead. Once at the restaurant, he’d been seated next to Ae-cha, and across, the blonde and Eun-mi were seated as well. The fact that he’d been put next to his date had worried him, mainly because of how close she’s be getting to him since this whole day had begun, but surprisingly she’s kept a respectful distance despite the close proximity, something of which has relieved him like nothing else probably could.

Orders had been taken, most of which he’d done since he’d already been asked by his friend to do so. The talking had started up almost immediately after the menus had been handed over and most of it was stuff he found he couldn’t really dive into at all. So just like how it is during school when he’s standing in the middle of his group of friends, he’s feeling very much set apart from where he actually is. Thankfully none of them seems to have noticed, probably chalking his quietness up to the normal shyness he’s apparently so renowned for -which in the end is fine so long as he’s not put on the spot like he almost was when they were all sitting back in the car.

Tapered fingers slide away from his lap and up towards the cup, wrapping around the hot mug and lifting it free in order to pull it to his lips. He makes it about halfway before he notices that midnight eyes are on him, his movements stopping momentarily and his pink gaze trailing up. The restaurant seems to fall away for the briefest of moments as the two first years do nothing but stare at one another and he finds it really weird that for the life of him, he can’t pull himself away. It’s not… the first time he’s found Zephyr looking at him, nor is it the first time he’s found himself looking back in return but… something about the way the other teenager keeps looking at him makes him feel really… strange somewhere inside.

Before he can think too deeply on it though, his name is said to rip him back to reality and he shifts his gaze over to find Ae-cha smiling the sweetest of smiles aimed solely for him. He blinks as his surroundings sort of crash back, flustering immediately for reasons that have nothing to do with his date before setting his cup back down before him while searching quickly to find whatever it was she’d just said.

“Um… yeah…” he answers slowly, being careful not to look back across the table and meet a set of blue eyes he can still feel on him. “I dunno… I’ve just always liked it, so I just… end up playing a lot…” finally a subject he can actually talk about, something not too personal and nothing that’ll put him on the spot.

“You’re amazing.” She answers, the sweet smile on her features growing a little dreamy while her tone is clearly meant to flatter. “The first time I saw you in Rec playing, I thought so. I’ve always wanted to play too, but I’m so terrible at it.” She laughs with a shaking of her head, reaching out to swipe playfully at Jun without actually making any contact. “Maybe you could teach me sometime…? Show my friends that I’m not as hopeless as they say I am since I’d be learning from the best…” Across the table, Eun-mi can’t help snorting at her friend’s hopeful words in a way that’s lost to nearly everyone there as the white haired teenager mutters his standard ‘I guess’, causing the other girl to smile so stupidly. Ae-cha is doing what she does best, putting on the innocent helpless act and even though she’s seen her do it a million times before, she still can’t help finding it a little retarded. Boys can be so gullible… seriously.

Zephyr: Although he actively participates in the chatter and laughter that bounces back and forth between himself and the two girls, the vast majority of the Selestarri’s attention is trained on the silent teenager seated across the table. It’s easy to rattle off the cover story he’d been given on Nova and made to memorize before leaving: his mother was a model in Europe who died, no close family so guardianship went to his father who he barely knows, blah blah blah. In between talking about himself he tosses out a question here and there to one of the girls in order to keep the conversation diverted from Jun as much as he possibly can. He’s reasonably sure, though, that despite his efforts in steering the topics and getting Ae-cha to keep her hands to herself, his friend is still absolutely miserable. He knows that short of erasing memories and dumping their dates in a closet somewhere for the rest of the night, his classmate isn’t going to enjoy this whole thing one bit. While he’s not against doing that to the girls should it become necessary, or hell, if he just gets irritated enough, he still finds himself wanting to do something to make this night more than just endurable torture for Jun. He likes hanging out with the white-haired first year, but he would definitely rather be doing it without Eun-mi and Ae-cha around and needing constant supervision and even though he helped set everything up and volunteered to be in charge of ensuring that everything goes smoothly, he’s still feeling annoyed.

It doesn’t help that his little issue from the dorm is returning, is refusing all efforts to be quelled, and will probably cause a lot of discomfort should it be noticed. No matter what he does or how hard he tries to find distractions, his eyes seem glued to Jun. What the hell is wrong with him? He’ll get settled on one thing and then before he can stop, his gaze has gone right back to the other teen. It’s enough to unnerve anyone, but with how sensitive his friend is to things like that, he’s pretty sure that it will cause a lot of unease. There’s no reason for it to be happening in the first place and it’s not like he does this with all his friends or anything, so he needs to knock it off, and quick.

But Zeph realizes too late that his gaze has once again found its target and this time dawn-tinged pink are staring right back. The rest of the world seems to drop out as they continue to look at one another and even though the Dark is trying hard to get his mouth to make words so that he can maybe save this whole thing going from sort of weird to really creepy weird, he’s failing utterly at the attempt. All that he seems able to do is look into the deep pink eyes of his friend and take in each slight variation of shade and hue from the center outwards and to admire the coloring that even in his race is unusual. He’s also kinda wishing he was just a little closer because the lighting in this restaurant is crappy and when is being closer a bad idea in general? The thought sends the blonde backsliding a bit, the things in his head getting jumbled badly and yet still unable to look away before Jun snaps the connection when Ae-cha calls his name.

Slender fingers wrap around the glass of water that sits at Zephyr’s front and he takes a long sip as the conversation turns to the arcade game that his friend is so good at. The blonde only half listens to what’s being said, too distracted by the tumbling mess in his mind that he’s working hard at locking down and shutting away before he seriously embarrasses them both. He’s able to refocus in time to hear Ae-cha ask for a tutoring session on the game, the hopeful pleading in her tone making it pretty obvious that it’s not the game she’s really interested in whatsoever. Zeph can’t stop the frown that slips over his mouth even as his white-haired classmate gives his standard noncommittal reply. “It’s a hard game,” the quiet words slide out as he sets the glass back on the table, midnight eyes forcibly held on the swirling ice cubes before he can be sure where they’ll go when he lifts them. The Selestarri’s gaze shifts to the two girls and he shrugs. “Maybe if you’re not good at it, then you’re just not.”

The waitress interrupts just then to freshen their drinks and turn on the grill at the center of the table. She places a row of small, assorted kimchee dishes between the four teenagers and chatters happily that their main meals will be out momentarily. Jun looks relieved for the new focus of attention and dips his chopsticks into the nearest dish in order to pull a bit of it onto his plate. Without fully realizing it, the Dark watches the graceful movements of his classmate, slow to pick up his own utensils as the careful motions are made. A soft touch at his arm pulls him back and he turns to find both girls looking at him before they launch into an alternating explanation of what each dish is. “Look, I know I’m a foreigner and all, but I’ve eaten Korean food before,” he assures them, chopsticks sliding between long fingers with ease. “Jun brought me here last week since I was new to the city.”

Zeph’s slip is immediately pounced on as both girls put on their most hurt look. “That’s where you two were instead of at the party!” Ae-cha pouts and Eun-mi shakes her head before adding, “You should have brought us, too. We know lots of great places in the city that you would love, Zephyr.” The second-year’s chocolate brown eyes slide over to the silent white-haired student. “Promise that next time we’ll all come together, okay Jun? Promise that you won’t leave us at the school while you two go off all alone?”

Jun: early dawn hued eyes shift from one girl to the other before moving back towards his blonde classmate, a look of desperation sliding through his slightly widened gaze so briefly that if the tall Selestarri hadn’t already been looking he’d have missed it before it was gone. For the space of a few moments he’s at a total loss as to how he’s supposed to answer, because seriously, what in the hell can he say to all that? How can he promise anything to anyone, let alone a girl he has no intentions whatsoever of taking out on a date again after this one is over? It makes him wonder if all girls are this forward or if it’s just Ae-cha, and also makes him question how in the world his best friend thought she’d be an okay match for him knowing how he feels about these sorts of things. Seriously, did Taz know anything about her at all before he set him up on this date? It’s bad enough she keeps invading his personal space but now she’s asking him to make a promise to her as if they are boyfriend and girlfriend or something. Promises aren’t anything he can take lightly and if he’s going to make one, it won’t be something he’d brush off. Making a promise is about as good as giving his word and there’s no way in hell he’ll give his word on something like what she’s just asked. He’s really beginning to feel put on the spot all over again and his doubts on how this whole day will end are only growing by the minute.

God… he should have just thrown himself out of that car when he’d had the chance. Next time he’ll just listen to his instincts because even lying dead on the road somewhere is shaping up to be a lot more appealing than sitting where he’s currently sitting now.

“Um…” Jun starts, pulling pink eyes away from deep blue after the other teenager has offered him a quick apologetic look to shift his gaze back towards the expectant dark brown besides him. Tapered fingers slip up absently towards the back of his head to run through lightly spiked strands of white as he searches for some non-committal way he can reply. “Stuff like that doesn’t… happen…” he’s really not sure what words can be used without upsetting his date and causing drama that he knows he’ll never hear the end of once they all get back to the school. “We didn’t plan to come down or anything so it’s not like we knew it was happening until it… sorta happened. It’s just… Zephyr didn’t… really know anyone else… so….” he frowns as he realizes that both Ae-cha and the others are basically hanging on his every word. He suddenly feels as if the world had gone completely silent and just when a light trace of panic for the eerie stillness that had set in shifts through his slender frame, movement at the table’s side pulls the girls’ attentions mercilessly away, all eyes shifting towards the source.

Standing before them with a wide smile plastered on her face is their waitress, holding a large tray filled to the brim with the food they’d all ordered a short while before…

Zephyr: The Dark sits quietly as the waitress begins unloading the tray and chattering with the girls about the best ways to prepare the food. Each time the older woman looks his way, she raises her voice and changes her speech patterns to one word phrases, obviously expecting him not to be fluent in Korean. Across the table Jun’s gaze is locked on the teacup that sits before him and it’s obvious to see that he’s relieved at the timeliness of the interruption. Guilt strikes at the blonde for letting the info about their previous trip into town slip and basically putting his friend on the spot. He was still pissed at Ae-cha’s fake girly act and the distraction fucked him up enough to allow the slip. That’s not an acceptable excuse, though, since he should be able to keep his mouth shut on topics that he knows are better left away from public ears. Way to be on top of that.

A soft frown slides over Zeph’s mouth and darkens his features even as the bustle continues around the table while the meal is laid out. Despite that fact that it’s his fault Jun was jumped on by the girls, it kind of strikes a little deep that the white-haired first year said that he came into the city last weekend just because the Selestarri didn’t know anyone else. He’d thought that they were friends… but maybe he’s the only one who thinks that. It’s not like he’s been using his telepathy a lot or anything to know if he’s being lied to and Jun really is a nice person, so it’s entirely possible that the only reason he’s talking to him at all is because he’s new…But, it really shouldn’t matter, right? Or at least he shouldn’t be feeling this weird hollowness in his stomach. He took this assignment to stay closer to his brother and to get off of Nova, not to come down here and make a bunch of friends. There are plenty of friends at home, people he’s known his entire life, and keeping up with them is hard enough as it is. Plus, there are kids at the school wanting to be all over him all the time, so it shouldn’t matter if Jun is just being nice because he feels bad for the new foreigner, it shouldn’t…

So why isn’t this feeling going away?

Slender chopsticks drop a piece of cooked meat onto his plate, yanking his attention back to the table and blue eyes lift to meet Eun-mi’s chocolate. She smiles excitedly and waits for him to taste it, her eyes lighting up when he nods that it’s good. Glancing across the table finds Jun and Ae-cha concentrating on their own meals and Zeph busies himself with placing a piece of meat on the grill as the girls go on about how they like the seasonings and which spices give the best flavor and whatever else that he’s not really listening to. He gives answers when asked, mostly about whether he likes something or not or the types of food in Europe, but that feeling he can’t shake is distracting and it keeps him mostly quiet as the meal continues …

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