Angel Hunt and Streifen Roleplay

+ Alternate Universe 01 +

C H A P T E R T W O : P A R T 06

Zephyr: Metal scrapes against the tile floor as the blonde pulls the wrought iron chairs out from the small table in the corner of the ice cream shoppe. Folding his tall, slender frame into the seat, midnight eyes absently follow the attendants as they scoop out the orders for the four teenagers. The other three students remain at the counter, the girls chattering about what the best toppings are and Jun paying none of them any attention as he stares down at the black and white floor. His classmate’s entire stance speaks of unhappiness, although the Dark doesn’t know if it’s just the date in general or the conversation that they’d had outside. Playing it back in his mind, he knows that he might not have been really clear, in part because of the rush caused by the girls returning and his desire for them not to know anything about it. But he’d said enough, right? At least enough so that Jun should have been happy to be off the hook in a friendship that he probably didn’t want from the start, so why does the white-haired first year look kind of miserable?

A frown tints pale features and Zeph leans back in the chair. To top it off, that odd feeling still hasn’t gone away and every so often it pricks at him like it needs to remind him that that he’s upset. This date had gotten stale a while ago and even after trying to throw himself into it in order to ignore the hurt, he’s just over it all in every way. Pulling his sleek black cell phone from the pocket of his jacket, the Selestarri quickly types out a text message and sends it off to Kwon, asking the upperclassman to return early so that they could go back. At this point, he just wants this all to end, even if he has to deal with pouting and sulking from the girls.

As if on cue, a sundae dish is set down at the seat beside him, the green tea flavored ice cream with sprinkles sitting neatly in the dish in two near-perfect scoops. Midnight eyes shift up to catch Eun-mi’s smile before she turns back for the counter and what Zeph supposes will be his own bowl. She’d thought it would be fun to pick flavors for one another and not caring enough to tell her that the idea was stupid, he’d said yes. Across the table Jun and Ae-cha are settling in, only one sundae complete with bananas, whipped cream and cherries between them. From the look he catches on Jun’s face when glancing over, he can tell that it wasn’t his classmate’s idea. In fact, Jun looks like he’d be pretty content if the ground below dropped out and swallowed him whole. The arrival of his own ice cream pulls the Dark’s attention and he stares for a long moment at the pink-tinged dessert set on top of a small bit of cake and covered with strawberries. Fucking great, this is just what he needs right now. He hates strawberries, as in abhors them and does not willingly put them into his mouth no matter what. Eun-mi is waiting expectantly and he gives her a bit of a nod while picking up the spoon. “It’s great,” he lies, and it seems to be enough for her to focus on her own dessert and leave him the hell alone. The light on his phone blinks and sliding it open he finds a text from Kwon promising to be there in ten minutes. From her seat, Ae-cha begins listing possible names for her bear while happily digging her spoon into the sundae dish, a topic that Eun-mi instantly joins in on, leaving both himself and Jun to their food. Or rather, leaving the Selestarri to his food. The white-haired teen hasn’t moved in the direction of his shared treat in the slightest, his spoon lying untouched on the tabletop. He wonders for a second how Jun had ended up in this situation in the first place when it’s most likely the very last thing he’d ever truly agree to.

The metal edge of Zeph’s spoon dips into the whipped cream of his sundae, carving out a shallow indent before he slides the relatively untouched dish across the table toward his classmate. The movement stills the naming conversation beside them and he flashes a forced smile at the other students. “I don’t really like ice cream all that much.” The blonde shrugs, “it’s just not my thing, so Jun can eat mine and that way no one has to share.” The spoonful of whipped cream slides into his mouth, but he hardly tastes it as the pink gaze from across the table meets his own blue for a brief second. “Oh, and Kwon will be here in a few minutes to take us back…” This whole thing cannot be over soon enough for his liking…

Jun: it’s hard not to sigh out loud in relief when the blonde haired Selestarri states that the double date they are on will soon be over, despite the disappointed sounds of protest spilling from the two girls at either of their sides. He’s just… so ready for the day to end completely and at this moment all he wants is to make it back to the dorms without having to either share this ice cream or hold hands or touch Ae-cha somehow so he can crawl into his bed and stay there until Monday rolls around. He also feels… bad in general now because he feels this way at all. Bad because it’s not Ae-cha’s fault that he allowed himself to get roped into the date and bad because during it he’s managed to push his new friend away with behavior only the other first year seems able to catch. He wishes he’d been listening a week ago, back in that hall when his best friend had been talking to him because then he could have just prevented all this to begin with. He’d still have Zephyr as a friend and he wouldn’t be showing how stupid he is in general this soon into knowing his classmate.

The cup of relatively untouched ice cream is pushed in his direction, both this and the tall teen’s words pulling him away from his thoughts to bring his pink gaze up to meet blue. Zephyr seems to have noticed… again, that he’d somehow managed to get himself in an uncomfortable situation with Ae-cha and again he’s done something to try and make it better. But…why though? The white haired first year’s eyes falls away from midnight and shift down towards the small cup before him, finding himself once again completely unsure of what to do. Why is he trying to make this better? This isn’t the first time during the double date that he’s noticed the blonde doing something to help him and if he’s bothered by his retarded behavior so much or annoyed to the point that he already wants to end the new friendship they’d started up, why does he keep trying to help in these weird, subtle little ways?

Zephyr’s actions and his words are a bit contradictory and his confusion about the entire situation is only growing stronger as the minutes tick on.

But Jun has little time to think thoroughly on it before he finds a spoon dipping into the strawberry topped dessert he’s staring at, Ae-cha pulling it back towards her mouth with a large and happy grin painting her pretty face. He blinks at the boldness as she bites down, the frown that begins to form lost as she starts chirping about how wonderful the fruit tastes and how he simply must have a bite of it himself. She reaches over their forgotten sundae to dip her spoon in once again before lifting it free and offering it up to him. Across the table, midnight eyes go un-noticed as they narrow while Eun-mi stares on with an expectant held breath. There’s a moment of panic that washes through his slender frame while his early dawn hued gaze shifts from the spoon to his date and back again, the white haired teen caught between his absolute disdain at sharing something so personal with a girl he barely knows and his need to keep this as drama free as he possibly can outwardly.

Out of nowhere his phone’s ringer chimes up, the musical tone interrupting the awkwardness that’s currently happening to pull everyone’s attentions away. Jun slides his hand into his jacket to pull the small, metallic pink device out just far enough to read the name lit up on the display and his eyes widen just briefly before he looks quickly up to find two sets of chocolate and one set of midnight trained on him. Apologizing quietly and excusing himself, Jun pushes back in the chair and rises to walk towards the entrance while Ae-cha stuffs the earlier offered spoon into her mouth with the slightest tinting of disappointment shifting across her face. He dares a quick glance back as he makes it to the door to meet the blonde’s gaze, the bell hanging above ringing melodically a moment later when he slides easily outside.

Flipping his phone open, he skims over the words before sliding the key pad up to type a quick response –grateful beyond belief for the interruption yet flustered about it in a way he can’t even begin to explain.

~Thank you… I’ll be back inside in a minute~

Tapered fingers click send before he closes his phone again and slips it into his pocket once more, his hand grazing the small stuffed cat toy resting there as he does so while inside the ice cream shop, the Selestarri’s own phone blinks to indicate he’d just received the reply.

Zephyr: Deep blue eyes flick down to the blinking light on his phone where it sits in his lap, the soft green pulse acknowledged before he runs his thumb over the touch screen to shut it off. Sending the text was the only thing he could think of to get Jun away from the stupid cow who’d been sitting next to him with her stupid bullshit act. A hard spiral of annoyance shifts through the blonde as his gaze rises to level at the girl, his temper already frayed from the events of the date. He’s had enough of the whole thing, from the fake laughter to the fake helplessness to the subtle manipulation and his own fuck-up on the reality of his friendship with Jun. He’s had more than enough.

A soft, slightly irritated sound issues from Ae-cha as she briefly cranes her neck toward the door to watch for the white-haired teen, but sees nothing. Like the flip of a switch it erodes the last shred of Zeph’s patience and cold frosts over his entire demeanor in less than the span of one heartbeat. “Let me make this so clear that even your self-centered little mind can’t fuck it up.” An instant stillness falls over the table, both sets of chocolate eyes riveted to the tall Selestarri. “Jun is not your boyfriend. Every leading question, every stupid giggle, every ‘casual’ touch only ensures that he never will be. He has zero interest in this date or in you and would be happy never to see you again. There is no chance that you will change that so back the fuck off because if I see you so much as brush against him on accident, I will break your damn fingers.” Midnight eyes narrow. “Slowly.”

The tirade of words spill out unchecked and each iced-over syllable brings a renewed look of shock to the faces of the girls. There’s a definite part of him that loves every second of it and that would enjoy nothing more than breaking each of them down into a crying mess… But there’s also a part that knows he’s already gone too far and if he doesn’t stop he’ll more than likely end up hurting someone he’s come to think of as a friend over the past week. Jun had done his best all day to deal with a situation that he was set-up for in the first place all in an effort to minimize any drama and Zeph knows that the chances of his little talk getting back to the entire school are about one hundred percent. The last thing he wants is to put even more questions and pressure on his classmate. Maybe they’re not the friends he thought that they were, but it doesn’t mean that he wants to see Jun take the brunt of something that he’s responsible for.

“Stupid bitch,” the Dark mutters mostly to himself. He was really trying not to mess around in either of their heads because with humans there aren’t a lot of chances to make mistakes, but he can’t unsay what’s been said without erasing a few key items, so there isn’t a lot of choice. There’s a slight glazing over of Ae-cha’s brown eyes when Zephyr steps inside her head and a tightness that grips her slender body like a vise. The long clotheslines of memory-pictures spread out before the blonde and it takes only a second to locate the day’s events, each scene playing out like translucent ghosts in the darkness beside him when long fingers brush over the surface. Not much attention is paid to the swirling figures as he begins to manipulate them, rewiring Ae-cha’s thoughts into the strictest form of friendship when it comes to Jun.

The tint of red in the far corner of the Selestarri’s vision goes unnoticed at first as he’s busy resetting the events of dinner, the seeping tinge slowly bleeding in like water on a sheet of paper. The unexpectedness of its presence snaps him momentarily back into his own head, midnight eyes staring down at now shaking hands covered in blood. No… It’s not the same, it’s not… He isn’t Sevyrikk, he doesn’t hurt the people he loves, doesn’t betray them and leave them drowning in their own blood… But he did… he watched his father die and did nothing to stop it and in his own twisted, bizarre, fucked-up way, Sevyrikk had loved him, even if only as a tool to be used… He’d known that and still stood motionless as the older Dark choked to death, all while his memories trampled Zephyr’s own barriers and took root deep inside.

That does make them the same…

The sharp clatter of metal colliding with tile rips Zeph back into the ice cream shop and he blinks hard as his gaze focuses in on clean hands and his spoon that now lies on the floor. Heart racing, the blonde swallows hard and lifts still-trembling fingers up to push aside the long strands of his bangs. That should not be happening, not anymore… right? He got away from Nova in order to make it stop, so why isn’t it? The blood is gone, he washed it away, yet it won’t leave him, coming back again and again… A long, shaky sigh slides from between full lips before a light touch at his arm sweeps all focus onto the second year seated beside him, her eyes wide with concern as she gestures toward her friend. “Something’s wrong with her. She hasn’t said anything in a while and she just keeps staring. What should we do?” Fucking leave her as a public service, is what he wants to say, but instead he shrugs and steps back in to finish the memory rewrite. Less than a minute later he’s altered both the girls’ recollections of various parts of the date and is out just as the door chimes and Kwon steps into the store, Jun just behind…

The town car pulls away from the curved lot as goodbyes are quickly said, the two girls walking in one direction with satisfied expressions painting their features and Kwon sauntering off in another while both Jun and Zephyr remain still, simply watching as their dates’ steps carry them farther away. Pink eyes remain fixed, an odd sense of relief and hollowness shifting through his slender frame now that it’s finally over –the mix of emotion confusing him in a way he can’t entirely explain.

The trip back had been really… weird, if he had to find a word to describe it and he’s kind of not sure what to make of it in the end. Ae-cha’s demeanor had changed the moment he’d stepped back into that ice cream shoppe in town. Her attempts to touch him, her forwardness, all of what she’d been doing before Zephyr’s text had ‘saved’ him from sharing that ice cream had just…stopped. She’d been acting a little odd during the ride back to the school as well -like she’d just woken up from a nap and was still kind of sleepy or something. He didn’t know what to think at the shift, especially since it seemed like he was the only one who’d even noticed there’d been a shift to begin with. Eun-mi hadn’t started acting any differently than she’d been acting beforehand and both Zephyr and their escort seemed normal as well which had made him think he was probably just feeling off because of everything that’d happened during the day.

A light breeze blows across the two first years to pull him away from his thoughts and he glances over to his side to find midnight eyes staring not at him, but at the same place his own had been just a second before. It takes only a moment before he finds the Selestarri looking at him and less than a second longer for him to shift his own gaze away again. He’s about to open his mouth to say something to the blonde because the silence suddenly feels a little awkward but it’s Zephyr’s words that break the stillness instead. He’s issued the briefest of goodbyes before the taller teenager stuffs his hands in his pockets and turns to move towards their dorms, assuring him that he’ll see him later and then nothing else further said.

That earlier feeling of hollowness springs back up to the surface as he watches his classmate walk away and soon, early dawn hued eyes drop towards the grass beneath his feet. He’s a bit upset to have the reality of an ended friendship kind of thrown in his face with that quick set of nice, but dismissive words the other teenager had said. He’d seen it coming since the restaurant and he should have been prepared, but it’s still upsetting him regardless. His own hands slide up to his coat pockets and slip inside, tapered fingers finding the small stuffed toy he’d been given while a quiet sigh slides free of his lips. This sucks… royally, because Zephyr had been the only other person besides Taz that he’d started to feel kind of comfortable around and now… he guesses this’ll teach him that he should never try to relax around another ever again. His best friend seems to be the only person out there who’s okay with who he is on the inside instead of wanting what everyone tries to see on the out, and he should really just… understand that by now.

Glancing back up, pink tinged eyes watch the other teen for only a moment longer before he turns and starts back towards the school. He really wants to go to his room and meld with his bed for the rest of the weekend, but the blonde’s kind of just made it clear that their short lived friendship is over and he doesn’t want to make it awkward by being close when he’s not wanted so he’ll just loop around the main building and head up then...

Zephyr: Sneakered feet touch lightly against the wooded path as the blonde Selestarri runs hard through the last dregs of daylight. The sweat that sticks the light tee shirt and hoodie to his body and the music that flows through metallic blue headphones are all but ignored as he pushes himself harder and harder. The trees that line the trail blur together as he passes, but no matter how fast he runs or how strained his lungs are or how much his muscles protest, he can’t seem to find the usual quiet place within that comes from a long run. Each time he gets his thoughts settled and he thinks he’s almost there, the events of the day replay and he’s right back where he started from. Where ever that is.

The whole day has been shit and if he had the ability to go in and erase his own memories, he’d do it. At the beginning of the day, his biggest worry was his brother’s issues with that third year Bright. Maybe it had been an omen that he’d left the conversation with Lan feeling like none of his questions had truly been answered nor his concerns assuaged in the slightest. He should have just gone back to bed and said fuck it to the rest of the day. It really would have made everything easier. Instead, he’d gone on a date that had ended with rewriting a bunch of memories, that ghost blood that he can’t seem to shake, and the loss of a friendship he’d never apparently had in the first place.

Dry leaves crackle underfoot as Zeph veers onto a side trail, the width of the path narrowing to the point that stray branches and leaves brush against him as he runs. The phantom blood, the bleed over from his father’s memories, the nightmares, he can handle those—at least he thinks so… They should stop soon because there’s nothing to trigger them here, not like on Nova, and it’s only been a couple of times in the past week, so he can deal if that’s all it fades into. God, he kind of hopes that’s all it fades into… More than the psychic issues he currently has, the events of the date continue to stab at him, thin needles that remind over and over that he’s lost a person that he considered to be a friend. Or rather, that he’d never had that friendship to begin with. It hurts and he doesn’t understand why. Jun’s just a human and there are lots of them here to get close to, so what does it matter? Why is he so stuck on his classmate? It shouldn’t really bother him that the other student has only talked and hung out with him as part of some formality and not an actual connection as friends. It shouldn’t… and yet the pain keeps jabbing at him over and over.

Sweat stings at midnight eyes and blurs the path ahead, obscuring the small tree that rests across the dirt until it catches his foot, sending the Selestarri stumbling hard. Frantic hands find branches close by to keep from completely slamming into the ground, his stride shattered as he grips tight and the momentum sends him into rough bark. The world spins out, the air pushed from Zeph’s lungs and he remains still for a moment before flopping backward, the only sound the soft panting of his breath as his gaze meets the twilight sky through the canopy overhead. This isn’t what he wants, to let this friendship go with words that were hurried back at the ice cream shop and the forced casualness he’d managed once they’d been dropped off. It had taken a lot to walk away like that, to pretend that he was okay. This may be what his classmate wants, but he can’t leave it without some kind of finality or closure.

The thin black phone appears in one hand, the touch screen bright against the shadowy darkness all around. “Call Jun,” the Selestarri says quietly, deep blue eyes once more staring into the sky. On the other end, the white-haired first year’s phone goes straight to voicemail and Zeph waits for the tone to leave his message, his voice soft. “Look… I know that you were only being nice to me because I’m the new kid and because you’re a nice guy. I know that we weren’t really friends and that I misunderstood, I get that now. But I really liked hanging out with you, Jun, and getting to know you… I promised that I’d back off and I will, but I just wanted to say that I’m sorry I didn’t get it before. All those times I made you uncomfortable and I didn’t realize that it wasn’t just because I’m a foreigner, and… I’m sorry. I wanted us to be friends and I still do, but... So, um… yeah… I guess I’ll see you around…” With a quiet sigh the phone slides shut and the Dark continues to lie still as night begins to descend on the school.

The light knock at his door is ignored as the white haired teen lays in his bed, curled in a partial ball with his pink eyes closed to the approaching darkness that’s begun to taint his room. He doesn’t move even when he hears that same door open, or move when it clicks back closed and there’s no blink or acknowledgement given when his bedding sinks back a little at the new presence now sitting directly behind his stationary frame.

“Date went that badly, huh?” Taz asks as he shifts his body over to stretch his legs out while sitting back against the headboard of his best friend’s bed.

“No…” Jun lies quietly. “It went fine.”

Taz snorts. “How long have we been friends, Jun? Come on…”

The white haired teenager furrows his brows at Taz’s words and despite the fact that his back remains turned to the second year, he understands that his friend knows him well enough to be able to see right through him. With a soft sort of sigh, he finally opens his eyes and rolls over only to curl in close immediately after. It’s a small comfort he’s seeking that he rarely indulges in, one of those sparse times that he’ll reach out and break the lines of protocol because he’s upset enough to be able to do it. Taz simply smiles when Jun does it, slipping his hand over to touch lightly in short, layered strands of snow in yet another gesture of comfort that they both pretend isn’t happening despite the fact that it currently is.

“I’m not…” the first year starts, his words muffled slightly against the side of his best friend’s leg as pink eyes slip closed again while tapered fingers continue to brush lightly through his hair. “…I’m not ready to date anyone.”

A soft smirk forms on full lips that the tall second year can’t help and he slides his hand away from white strands before allowing it to slip over a narrow shoulder where it soon comes to rest. “Yeah… seems like it…” he answers with the softest of sighs, leaning his head back against the patterned wood behind him while light silver eyes shift to the darkening room.

He knew that Jun didn’t want to go on that date, just as much as he knew he’d never even noticed or cared about the chick he’d been set up with and he probably shouldn’t have ever pushed him into it but… at the time it was the only thing he could think of to send a message to that Selestarri and show that his friend is to be left the hell alone. Not that it ended up mattering because he found out afterwards that the blonde somehow managed to slime his way along with Jun and somehow made it into a double date type deal. He’d spent a good chunk of the week being pissed off for the Dark taking advantage of the situation to get himself in close like he knows he did, but sitting here now, with his best friend curled up against him the way he is, he’s gathering it didn’t go so well after all. Which… is perfectly fine with him.

“You know…” the white haired Angel starts again, his tone soft. “…people do things at different paces… whether it be dating, school work, building friendships or whatever else. You, Jun… are definitely one of those people who needs to take it all at your own pace-“ silver eyes glance over when he catches the frown that spreads across the first year’s mouth. “-It’s not a bad thing though… it’s just… you.”

The white haired teenager says nothing at first, simply nodding slowly while curling in tighter towards Taz’s leg. He’s not sure at all if him being himself is actually a good thing like Taz is suggesting because… well if this day is any indication, it’s definitely not a good thing. He does appreciate what his best friend is saying though, but in a weird way it brings that hollowness he’d been feeling outside right back up to the surface again. He knows Taz doesn’t know that he’s upset, not because of what went on between him and Ae-cha, but because of what went on between him and Zeph. He’s upset because despite what the other teen is saying, being himself seems to be a bad thing when it comes to truly keeping a new friend. And while surface friendship never seems to be an issue for him considering he has all these people he knows in school, all these people who talk to him, send him notes and cards and all the things he works to ignore, it’s the deeper friendships he can’t seem to hang on to. The other kids, his groups, his classmates –they all see whatever it is that’s on the surface and there’s nothing to him as far as they are concerned beyond that. He understands why but it’s one of the reasons he feels so set apart from everyone else as well. He’s never been able to relax around any of them, or smile, or joke around and actually talk about anything of substance the way Taz can. No one here except for his best friend knows anything about him and no one’s ever bothered to ask much either. They all have parents and homes and places to go while all he has is this school. He’s really kind of alone in truth and Taz is the only one who’s ever reached out to him in a way that’s made him feel not as alone as he really is.

So he’d been happy, even if he had a weird way of showing it, just to have someone else come in and actually want to be his friend. Happy to have someone want to get to know him and make it to where he wanted to know the other in return. And it hurts to have that same person brush him off just because he didn’t seem to like what he is when he got a good look at what’s on the inside.

“Yeah…” Jun says finally, the hurt in his tone clear despite his attempts to hide it. “I guess… it’s just me …”

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