Angel Hunt and Streifen Roleplay

+ Alternate Universe 01 +

C H A P T E R T W O : P A R T 07

Early dawn hued eyes stare out into the darkness of his empty room from his place up on his bed. He must have fallen asleep or something because the last thing he remembers is curling in close to his best friend and then… nothing until a few moments before when he’d opened his eyes and found Taz gone. He tried to go back to sleep at first because he’s just… feeling too emotionally put down to do much of anything else, but no matter how many times he closes his eyes his thoughts keep wandering back to the day, the events and everything that happened that’s put him where he currently is. Then of course his stomach decided to start acting up, reminding him that his last meal had been at that diner and that he really should get up and eat. But he’s not even sure how close to curfew it is at the moment and whether or not he’ll actually have time.

With a sigh when another soft growl pipes up again, he finally sits his slender frame up and slides off his bed to touch bare feet to cold hardwood. It’s only kind of noticed as he shuffles his way over to the coat he’d left draped over the back of one of his chairs, leaning down to reach into the pocket in order to retrieve his small phone. A soft frown forms on his mouth as his fingers graze plush fur and a moment later he slides the small stuffed toy free that he’d put there, staring at it a little blankly before turning to set it down on the nearby table.

When he’d first gotten back to his room, he’d spent some time regretting ever accepting it because he’d been worried that it’d probably become this constant reminder at how lame he is on a whole but after thinking on it he guesses that it could just become a reminder at how things will go if he’s ever stupid enough to believe anyone beyond Taz could actually like him. That and for some weird reason he just… doesn’t want to give up something he’d been given by someone he had considered to be a real friend, even though he knows that the person doesn’t think the same in return…

Working to ignore that hallow pang that springs to the surface he pulls his eyes away and slips his hand back into his pocket to locate the phone, quickly pulling the small device free. A light press of the button switches it on and the room illuminates when the brightness of the screen lights up right after. The display tells him that he’s still got some time to make it down to dining for food before curfew but it’s the little blinking envelope at the corner that truly catches his eye. With a light frown, he flips the top open and presses a button to unlock his pad. Lifting it up after another series of buttons are touched that will bring him to his inbox, the message left in his voicemail soon spills against his ear.

The Dark’s quiet words tumble out one by one and as he listens to the message, a look of confusion begins spreading across his features. What… in the hell is the other teenager even talking about? Since when did he say he didn’t actually want to be friends? Because he can’t recall giving the blonde any reason to think the time they’d spent hanging out was anything other than genuine… Is this why he started acting so weird during at the restaurant? Because if it is, he guess it would explain the behavior, but nothing explains why Zeph would think he’d only been acting nice to him because he was new. He’s polite to everyone sure, because that’s just what you do, but he never talks to people beyond it and he thought that Zeph got that… he thought the other first year understood.

It’s… really too weird and despite the fact that curfew is almost on him, he can’t just let this sit until morning. He needs to find out what he means because his entire day has been crap over what’s kind of starting to look like some strange misunderstanding and he doesn’t want it to continue if that’s what it really is. With a slight shaking of his head, the white haired teenager snaps his phone closed and stuffs it into the pocket of drawstring pants tied loosely below his hips before he turns on his heels and moves straight for his door with intent to go find Zeph’s so he can ask him exactly what’s going on …

Zephyr: Tired legs take each step of the dorm’s side staircase with dogged slowness, worn out by the run and a couple hours of swimming laps. Despite the shower he took at Rec, the Dark can still faintly smell the chlorine in his hair, but at the moment he doesn’t particularly care. Even though it’s still somewhat early in the night, he just wants to go to bed and get the fuck out of this day. Although, really, how could it get worse? He’d managed not to help his brother out by talking to Lan, slogged through a double date with two girls he could give a shit about, found out that a friendship he’d really been enjoying didn’t actually exist, and tried to beat the hell out of his body in an attempt to make the pain go away. Never mind the fact that he can still feel that sharp hurt deep inside, so it had been for nothing in the end. Stellar fucking day all around.

With a sigh Zeph pulls the door open and slips into the second floor hallway, fingers pushing at damp strands of white-gold hair when it falls across his face. This close to curfew the lights have been dimmed and the shadows surge around to trail in his wake like a pack of puppies. For once he wants to fall into them and be swallowed up in the darkness so the pain will leave him alone and he won’t have to think about how much fail has happened today. He’d really thought that they were friends… and he really needs to let it go. A frown slips over the Selestarri’s mouth as he rounds a corner in the second year hallway and heads toward the area that holds his room. Obviously he’d read the whole thing wrong and now its time to chalk it up to a mistake and keep going. He likes Jun, likes a lot of things about him actually, and was really hoping that he’d get to see him smile someday, but he has to accept that it’s not going to happen. For all that he can rearrange and manufacture memories, he won’t force a friendship on someone unwilling. Now he has to quit focusing on the hurt that’s stabbing, get some sleep, and let tomorrow… be a new… day…

The tall blonde’s thoughts falter and steps slow as midnight eyes pick out a slender figure leaning against the wall beside his door, long arms crossed loosely around his waist. Through the shadows, Zeph’s gaze flicks down to take in the low, loose fitting pants and absence of socks even as that spike of pain inside twists hard and one hand lifts automatically to uselessly press against his stomach. The space between them passes a lot quicker than it should considering his slowed pace and soon the Dark stops a few feet from Jun. Steeling himself for the rejection that he’s pretty sure will finalize the ending of a friendship that hadn’t existed in the first place, his hands find the pocket of his hooded sweatshirt and Zephyr tries to look as nonchalant as he can manage when their gazes meet for the briefest of moments. “Hey,” he says quietly, “I guess you got my message…?”

Jun: He sighs softly and leans back against the wall, pink eyes staring at the Dark’s door while a faint tinting of hope shifts through him that it will just open on its own despite the fact that his recent bout of futile knocking has told him that Zephyr’s not inside.

Or at least… he hopes that the blonde isn’t actually in there and it’s not a case of him being in his room and not wanting to talk to him because that would be kind of… well it wouldn’t make a lot of sense really. Especially not after he sent that confusing message about wanting to be friends when he, himself supposedly does not so he’s just going to have to trust that the other first year isn’t there and wait for him to return. He does hope he comes back soon though because for as much as he wants to figure this whole thing out, he’s risking a lot to do it and if he gets caught out after time… he’ll be screwed. Long fingers slide down to slip into his pocket and he pulls the phone out just far enough to glance at the time before dropping it right back in, crossing his arms loosely at his waist a moment later with yet another quiet sigh. He really hopes this is all just some weird misunderstanding because it seems like everything has gone wrong in the day and he’d like it to have at least one thing go right. This thing especially because-

The white haired teenager’s thoughts are interrupted by the new presence and he unfolds his arms when the tall Selestarri stops just a few feet from where he stands. Pushing himself away from the wall and turning to face the other, the words Zephyr says not quite as nonchalant as his demeanor, which springs that earlier confusion he’d felt right back up to the surface. He’s kind of acting like this is no big deal, like his message was just something he’d said off the top of his head so did he misunderstand? He’s not getting it.

“Um…yeah…” Jun answers quietly, suddenly finding himself unsure of what he should say or how he should go about saying it. “Can we… it’s getting kind of late and…I want to talk so…”

Zephyr blinks at his halted words, silent for a moment before what his classmate is trying to say appears to dawn on him. He nods and moves forward, a quick swiping of his card unlocking the lock before tapered fingers are twisting the brass knob and pushing to swing his door open. The white haired teen stares at the darkness beyond for only a second before he’s in movement, passing the Selestarri without daring to look at him and stepping inside. Jun stops a few paces in and as the door is closed behind him, he begins to realize that it’s the first time he’s ever actually been in the blonde’s room. For a moment he doesn’t know what to make of that until one of the overhead lights are flicked on and his attentions are pulled back. He turns around to find midnight eyes on his stationary frame and he slides his hand up to his opposite arm and latches on while his own gaze slowly falls away.

“Look… um… I kind of don’t know how to say it because honestly… I’m a little confused.” Which would be an understatement, he’s more than a little confused –he’s completely lost. “I guess… I just don’t understand what I did to make you think I didn’t want to be your friend but… whatever it was, I didn’t mean it…because I… do…I mean…” somehow Jun manages to pull his eyes away from the floor and slide them back up to meet deep blue and he shrugs. “I wouldn’t have ever hung out with you… or talked to you if I didn’t want to be friends… okay?” he looks away again, his tone falling a little low. “I thought… you understood that…”

Zephyr: The dawn tinted gaze locks with midnight for a brief moment and then falls away, the slight trace of hurt he hears in the other first year’s tone is enough to send the pain pricking inside like sharp needles. The Dark’s hands pull away from the pocket of his sweatshirt to grasp the back of the desk chair behind and he leans back on it. “I thought I did, too…” the blonde’s voice is as quiet as his classmate’s and his eyes find the boards in the floor and latch on. “But then you told the girls that the only reason you went into the city with me last weekend was because I didn’t know anyone else and it kinda hit me… that maybe you were only hanging out with me and talking because I still don’t know anyone else.” The possibility of it all had smashed into him hard, harder than he would have expected considering the short span of their knowing one another.

“There’s all these formalities and layers here that I just don’t get and I realized that maybe you were only following custom and being kind... not because you like me and want to be friends, but because of that… I mean, you’re a nice guy in general…” Jun has to be a nice guy to handle all the times Zeph has stomped on the customs of his culture, whether intentionally or not. Not everyone would put up with shit like that, especially when they’re as bound up in it as much as the other teenager seems to be.

Shifting his weight a little, the Selestarri lifts one hand to run through damp, white-gold bangs, pushing them free from his eyes in a habit so ingrained that he doesn’t realize he’s even doing it. Jun sounds so confused and he’s confused, too, and right now it feels like he royally fucked everything up… A quiet sigh slips free and his hand falls back to the chair. “I like hanging out with you and talking… and I don’t want that to stop. I want to be your friend, but I just got… really thrown off by what you said since I’ve never heard you say anything that you didn’t mean… so…” Zeph gives a slight shrug before deep blue eyes lift to catch pink. “Am I getting it really wrong here…?”

The possibility that this was all a misunderstanding flutters to life inside and gives his heart a little kick. Jun said he hadn’t meant it, even though the white-haired teenager had confessed to not understanding what he had done in the first place. Maybe the Dark heard incorrectly and jumped to the wrong conclusion and they do have the friendship that he’s been enjoying so much over the past week… There have been so many maybes all day today and he’s too tired both physically and emotionally to handle many more. “Are we really friends?”

Jun: his fingers slip away from his arm and both hands slide down to dip into the pockets of his loose, drawstring pants. The more Zephyr says, the worse he begins to feel. He remembers saying that stuff at the table, but he hadn’t gotten a chance to finish it all because the waitress had interrupted him to bring them their food. He didn’t mean it like the blonde apparently took it and while it completely explains why the other teenager got so weird halfway through the meal, he feels like an ass for unwittingly setting the entire thing off in the first place with a couple of rambled words. It’s his fault the day ended up sucking for them both, entirely and couple that with his retarded behavior when it came to the date to begin with, he’s not really sure anymore why Zephyr still wants to be his friend.

“I… hope so…” Jun answers quietly, his pink gaze still locked on the floor. “Cause I really liked hanging out and…talking and stuff and I don’t really find a lot of people here that… you know, that I can just kinda… be myself around.” It’s a bit of a confession to say that much to the other first year because for as many of his fellow students that call him friend, he’s never really felt like he’s able to live up to the label they give him. He doesn’t talk much and even when he hangs out, he feels so out of place that he really can’t bring himself to do much more than stand around and shrug - answer questions with some quiet ‘yes’ or ‘no’s’ while his best friend pulls up all of his slack.

It was weirdly different with the Selestarri. Zephyr may have tripped up a few times in the beginning over what can and can’t be said but despite the fact that the white haired teen kept pulling away when it’d happen, the blonde kept coming back anyway. For the first time since Taz, he felt like the other teenager actually wanted to get to know him instead of wanting to add him to a list like everyone else in the school has done. He guesses it’s why he got so upset when Zephyr started acting so weird. He’d actually, for the first time in a long time, started to relax to the point where he almost felt it was safe just to relax and be himself. It had hurt him a lot to think that being himself was the entire reason he drove a new friend away, because he never feels that kind of comfortable around anyone and the thought that he shouldn’t either had struck him hard inside. So even though the entire misunderstanding is still turning out to be his own fault, he’s pretty relieved… more so than he’d thought he could be just to find out that it was in fact, a misunderstanding and not a matter of being so unlikeable that he’d drive anyone away.

“I’m… sorry about that though…what I said…” he continues in a tone set apologetic, pulling his eyes away from the hardwood beneath him in order to look up and meet blue. “Because I really didn’t mean it to come across that way. It’s just…Ae-cha was kinda in my face about going into town… and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to promise her anything I knew I wasn’t going to give so I was trying to explain why we went in a way that didn’t sound like some invitation…” he frowns and slips a hand away from his pocket in order to slide tapered fingers up and scratch absently at his hair. “It seemed like everything I was saying during that date, she took as an invitation and I don’t get how I came across that way but…” Jun sighs, “It’s kind of like I was just messing everything up, signal wise or something. I wasn’t trying to at all but somehow I was managing to upset a friend and lead some chick on all at the same time… I guess . So I’m sorry, because I really…” he drops his hand away from his hair once again, his early dawn hued gaze soon to follow. “…really didn’t mean it.”

Zephyr: The confirmation from Jun that they are in fact friends, sends an odd bit of warmth coursing through the Selestarri, the heat from deep within suddenly making everything feel like it’ll be okay. Hearing that their like for one another is mutual and not only on his end, that his white-haired classmate enjoys talking and hanging out as much as he does, sinks in and pulls a smile to the Dark’s mouth. It truly had been a misunderstanding on his end and not just cultural niceties or feeling bad for the new kid. He’d been so upset to think that the friendship was lost and now to know that it’s not is just… really relieving. There’s still no real explanation as to why he wants so badly to be friends with a human, but all he knows is that his whole day had gone to shit when it seemed like they were done and now that he knows it was just a fuck-up in communication, everything feels much better.

As Jun mentions the dinner and Ae-cha’s antics, the smile melts away from Zeph’s lips. There it is again, Jun taking all the blame for something that wasn’t entirely his fault. He shakes his head when the other teen’s words slide to a halt, blonde hair falling into the line of his midnight gaze. “I was the one who messed up by telling them that we’d gone to the city in the first place, so you don’t need to apologize to me. If I hadn’t put you in the corner like that, then Ae-cha wouldn’t have tried to get you to promise something so stupid. I’m the one who should be saying sorry.” Deep blue meet pink and he holds Jun’s eyes for a moment. “And I am. I made the date a lot harder for you by throwing my shit on top of the stress and I feel really bad about that.”

Zephyr straightens and steps to the side of the chair before one long leg eases over it and he settles down, arms draped across the high back of the seat. Tapered fingers gesture toward the bed, indicating that Jun should make himself comfortable before the blonde continues speaking. “Look, the shit with Ae-cha… first, she was way out of line being so familiar with you. I guess that I at least have an excuse when I fuck up, but she should definitely know how all of that works.” Her stupid girl routine had worn thin very early on and he wasn’t even the target of her affections. “I don’t know tons about girls, but I know enough to say that not all of them act like that. Not to defend her at all, but I’m sure that Ae-cha was under a lot of pressure back at her dorm since she was the very first one to go on a date with you.” At the look that immediately slides over Jun’s face, the Selestarri quickly adds, “Which you had nothing to do with at all. That was her deal and she chose to handle that pressure in ways that were just bad.” Even after he’d given Eun-mi that line about how distance will make Jun more interested, Ae-cha still hadn’t listened. Girls. Why do they have to do everything their own damn way?

The chair creaks a little as Zeph shifts his weight. “I don’t think that you’ll have much to worry about with Ae-cha now. This one date was probably enough to satisfy her, plus you did win that toy, so she’ll be happy with that…” The memory loss that she’ll be experiencing will definitely help that along. Well, it will if he didn’t fuck everything up when he was putting it all back together. Human brains are kind of delicate and too much messing around will send them fraying at the edges. He had been in a rush though, so all he can hope is that nothing was permanently broken because he really doesn’t want to clean up a mess that starts with, ‘After Ae-cha came home from that date with Jun and Zephyr, she just hasn’t been herself…’ Deep blue eyes shift back to find pink on the floorboards. “So you didn’t give any mixed signals or lead her on or anything. You did what any of us would have tried to do when cornered by a chick we’re not into: make the best of it and then get the hell out.”

The Dark laughs quietly for a moment and then smiles at his friend. “See, I told you it wouldn’t be the end of the world, and it wasn’t. But I will definitely promise you that the next time we go on a date, we’ll be with people we actually have some kind of interest in, okay?”

Jun: There’s a moment of hesitation when the other teenager settles in his chair and gestures towards the bed, mainly because it happens to be… well, his bed. He’s not even sure why the thought of sitting on it makes him feel kind of like he’s intruding, especially since Zephyr has been in his room and sat on his own bed a few times before. So somehow he manages to dismiss it in all its strangeness and move to seat himself onto the plush surface while the blonde continues to say all those reassuring words. He feels happy… in the weirdest of ways to see the other teenager smile at him during it, because that smile is the first one he’s been given since the restaurant earlier on in the day.

It makes him feel comfortable and warm… so much like how he feels around Taz and considering how rare it is for him to feel any of that in general; he’d say it’s kind of a big deal. A bit of an odd girly type deal he’s sure, because what kind of guy gets stupidly happy when one of his guy friends smiles at him? But whatever… for now he’ll try not to think on how gay his thoughts have turned and just be okay that things between him and the Dark aren’t over like he’d thought they were. He liked being able to call the other first year a friend and he’d been hurt in thinking that he wouldn’t be able to anymore or that Zephyr saw something in him he didn’t like and wanted to end their friendship before they’d even had a chance to really get to know one another. The fact that he’d been wrong and it had all been a misunderstanding alone makes him feel that weird sort of warmth deep inside.

“Yeah… that’d be nice…” he nods when the Selestarri’s words come to an end. “Because I really don’t want to go through all that again. It was just… too hard…” Going through all those motions, trying to maintain a polite distance or trying to pretend he’d been interested in anything Ae-cha had to say, hell just trying to pretend he wanted to be there proved to be way too hard for him to do. What he told his best friend all those hours ago seems very true, if this day has been any indication. He’s seriously just not ready to start dating.

Which is kind of sad considering his age and how it seems like everyone around him has already been doing it since he’d come into school. At times it makes him feel odd, because it’s not like he hasn’t found girls to be unattractive or anything… it’s just he hasn’t found any here that he’s liked enough to think about on a more… personal level. Feeling set apart probably hasn’t helped that, but it’s been his feelings just the same. Maybe there’s something wrong with him since it kind of seems like he’s the only one in this place who hasn’t made some kind of effort to hook up with someone else. He doesn’t know, but like Taz said, he sort of has to do things on his own time and at the moment; his own time isn’t up to par with everyone else’s.

“One of these days, I guess I’ll get why girls act the way they do… but for now… I think I’m just happy to know that it wasn’t me sending Ae-cha some signals I didn’t realize I was sending.” He sighs, pink colored eyes shifting over towards the room windows before a soft frown forms on his lips. The time… fuck. He’d like to sit here and continue talking, but the last he checked curfew was almost on him and now that it’s all worked out, it’d probably be best if he heads back to his room so he won’t get caught out. Jun slides his eyes back and a moment later he’s rising up while hands are being slipped back into his pockets. “It’s… getting pretty late so… I guess I should head back. Thanks though… again” he says shyly with the slightest of shrugs. “for helping out today and stuff ‘cause… I don’t think I could have gotten through all that alone.”

Zephyr: The Dark’s midnight gaze follows pink when they slide to the windows, taking in the dark, star-filled sky beyond and as the white-haired teenager rises to his feet, the Selestarri does as well. The shyness that he finds so cute in his friend slips back as Jun quietly offers his thanks and the blonde is struck with a sudden urge to touch, one of those little, lightning-fast things that have been creeping up on him a lot lately. His arm is rising before he even knows what’s happening, but luckily Jun’s eyes are still on the floor and he doesn’t catch the quick, slightly jerky movement that forces tapered fingers further up to thread into long bangs. Yeah, that would definitely not be a good idea here. Now that he’s sure that their friendship is secure, the last thing he needs to do is completely ruin it by intruding with something that he knows will upset the other first year. If Jun wasn’t interested in Ae-cha, who’s a cute girl, casually touching him, then he more than likely will not be okay with the Dark doing it either. He’s got to find a way to stop those weird urges…

“Yeah, the time…” Zeph agrees, pushing white-gold from his eyes before smiling at the other teen. “And no worries, you know, about helping out. We have to look out for our friends, right?” Crossing the room, the Selestarri eases the door free, silent hinges swinging open into the darkened hallway beyond. “For the record, though,” he says as Jun slides past to stand at the threshold, “I think you would have done fine without me. It probably would have been awkward, but that’s what dates are like for most people.” The tall first year leans against the door frame, little attention paid to the shadows that slip in from the corridor to swirl around his ankles. “See you tomorrow?” White hair shifts as he’s given a slight nod, the smile that’s on his lips remaining even as he watches Jun pass the few doors that separate them and the soft click of his door echoes into the deserted hall.

They’re true friends and that makes him very, very happy.

Happy enough to celebrate by going out for food. There’s nothing in the room beside a couple bags of snacks and he hasn’t eaten since the date. Plus, he really wants pizza right now. Sneakers slip easily onto his feet and he switches out the hooded sweatshirt he’d worn to the gym for a fresh one. Sure it’s curfew, but he’d have to actually give a fuck about the rules to care about that, wouldn’t he? Plus, nowhere in the student handbook did he see anything about a ban on teleporting to another city in another country in order to eat. So really, as he sees it, he’s clear to go. The magical darkness opens beneath Zephyr’s feet even as he’s reaching for a scarf and between one heartbeat and the next, the school falls away to be replaced by the noise and lights of a city…

Happy and full of freshly eaten pizza, the teleport dissipates almost instantly, leaving Zeph in his darkened bedroom. Every alarm in his head goes off automatically as he’s hit with the fact that his room is now flooded with a familiar magical signature so bright and close that it fills the air. Eyes adjusting to the glimmer of moonlight filtering in from the open curtains, the blonde reaches back to check on the door and make sure that it’s locked. A quick scan of the room finds an open liquor bottle on the floor halfway between the door and the bed and when he picks it up there’s very little liquid left to swish at the bottom. The younger Dark sighs softly, sets it back on the hardwood floor and crosses on silent feet to stand beside the rumpled mattress. The only visible part of his brother is the shock of raven hair against white sheets. When long fingers gently touch the strands, Sashi stirs in acknowledgement, but quickly falls still once again.

The number of times that the older Selestarri has appeared in his room like this can be counted on one hand. It’s so very rare that he asks for comfort of any kind, always keeping it within and struggling on his own. Watching Sashi endure it all and rebuff every offer of help or care that Zeph has tried to give is so difficult. Only when the pain becomes too much does the telepath come to him and even then, there’s little he can truly do it ease any of it. An entire lifetime of hurt and no reason for it, nothing done on his brother’s part to deserve the treatment he’s received from their faction. A soft frown slips over pale features and the first year rakes long bangs from his eyes before tugging the sweatshirt over his head and dropping it to the floor.

The mattress creaks faintly when he settles on it, slipping between the heavy blankets a moment later. Sashi smells strongly of alcohol and is barely lucid, but when the younger Dark wraps his arms around his chest, the telepath curls in close. The familiarity of being so physically near to another is comforting and sparks a small flicker of homesickness deep within. On Nova, things like this are commonplace and taken for granted. He’s needed this all week, too, just the small touch of another person. This school is so formal, so distant in regards to something so basic, and even though Zephyr had known that before arriving, it had hit him a little harder than he’d expected.

Nose nestled in raven locks, the first year soaks in a bit of his own comfort before his thoughts slip back to the one he holds. There’s no doubt in his mind why his brother is here, that it has something to do with the same thing that caused him to flee the school earlier in the week. Obviously the floating island hadn’t provided what the older Dark was seeking. What he still doesn’t understand is what had sent him there in the first place. The third year is involved; he has to be because nothing else has changed in his brother’s everyday routine aside from their new association. “Sashi,” Zeph whispers, his breath warm against pitch-colored hair, “what happened? Are you okay?” The answer is slow in coming, a simple nod of his head and the slight tightening of his body against the blonde’s chest. “You went to Nova because of Lan, because of something he did.” It’s not a question and he doesn’t get a response, which is an answer in itself where Sashi is concerned. Half of talking to his brother is interpreting all the things he doesn’t say. “Yesterday you said that he wanted something from you. Something like what…?” A long moment passes in silence and it’s clear that even with the liquor forcing down some of the walls that normally surround his brother, there’s still an ingrained defense mechanism that keeps him withdrawn. “Please tell me,” the first year presses gently, “I don’t want to see you hurt like this.”

Sashi remains quiet for several minutes, long enough that Zeph begins to wonder if he’s fallen asleep before the older Selestarri’s faint, muffled voice reaches his ears. “He wanted… to be my friend…” The blonde blinks in surprise, confused for a moment as the words sink in. God, no wonder his brother kind of freaked out. Lan had offered him something he’s never had before. “I can’t… I’ll hurt him… poison him… he doesn’t understand…” A sharp stab of pain sinks into Zephyr’s chest at the hurt he hears in his brother’s voice and the repetition of things that had been driven in hard to the other Dark for his entire life. “Today I saw him… on accident… and he walked past me like we had never spoken… I guess he wants to forget… That’s how it should be, right…?”

Midnight eyes close and the blonde shakes his head, the pain he feels for what the fourth year is going through settling like a heavy weight in his stomach even as the misunderstanding he’d had with Jun today and their reconciliation replays in his thoughts. Friends are so important, so vital, and his brother has never known what it’s like at all. “No, Sash,” Zeph’s voice is gentle and soft, “it’s not.” That’s never how it’s supposed to be …

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