Angel Hunt and Streifen in Roleplay

+ Alternate Universe 02 +

The Faculty Years

C H A P T E R O N E : P A R T 12

Jun: white brows furrow as a distant sound pulls him from what had been a rather peaceful, and thankfully for a change, dream free sleep. For a few long moments the Angel refuses to answer its call, his eyes closed and his toned frame wrapped tightly in the cocoon of thick, warm blankets that surround him. But all too quickly the sound becomes rather persistent, a steady pounding knock that he isn’t able to ignore for very long. Finally conceding, he opens his eyes and pushes his blankets downward, staring a little irritated up at the shadowed white ceiling that rests up above.

With a sigh, Jun pushes himself sluggishly upwards and reaching over to grab a chunk of the bedding he throws off his comforter before swinging his body sideways. Bare feet hit the decorative rug beneath his bed and he straightens before shuffling gracefully towards his bedroom door, swiping a sleeveless white tee that had been slung neatly across his footboard as he passes.

As he steps out into the living room, he pulls the garment over his head and by the time another knock resonates, the fabric is settling, leaving a small slip of skin visible between the hem of his shirt and the loose drawstring pants that are draped low on his well structured hips. He pay the state of his clothing no more mind as he comes to a halt before his front door, too irritated at being woken up so early on a day off to bother with it or the slightly tussled state of his lower back length pure white hair. Reaching out, he unlocks his deadbolt before tugging the heavy door open with full intentions of telling whoever happens to be on the other side to go the hell away.

Who he finds however is Zephyr and for a moment he simply stares at the taller man without a word said in greeting, caught a bit off guard by his unexpected presence to form any real thought in his mind. In one hand the blonde holds his missing sunglasses, while in the other he holds a small wrapped package and it’s only when he begins speaking does he manage to collect himself enough to react. Snapping to attention in an instant the Angel reaches suddenly out and wraps long fingers around Zephyr’s shirt before yanking him inside. Taken by surprise, the Dark stumbles a few paces forward in an attempt to catch his footing while behind him, the white haired man darts his head out of the doorway and takes a deep breath in. Eyes the color of the early morning dawn scan the immediate hall for a moment and catching no sight or scent of another he slides fluidly back, practically slamming the door closed. Leaning his head forward, he momentarily closes his eyes and whispering some words in lilting Angelic, the scripts of the ward that protects his apartment flares brightly, illuminated for just a moment before dying back down.

“Sorry about that” Jun mutters as he lifts his forehead away from the door before turning around, “But you shouldn’t have come to my door. If one of them saw you here and spreads it around the school… ” He’ll be screwed, especially if it gets back to his handler in any way. He’s already risked that by going into the other man’s apartment yesterday and by being drunk the night before, but those were one time deals that won’t happen ever again. He can explain them away if he has to but he won’t be able to explain anything more. “You didn’t have to bring them in person,” Jun nods towards the sunglasses held still in Zephyr’s hand, “So why are you here?”

Zephyr: The glow of magic illuminates midnight eyes as the script he’d noticed on his last visit flares brightly, the curling, twisting symbols rather beautiful. The flash lasts only a moment, likely some kind of warding spell based on what Jun had told him while drunk. He’s assuming it’s the one the Angel had mentioned about soundproofing, or as it had been charmingly phrased “they can’t hears me when I’m in here so I can talks…”

Charming is not, however, the word he’d use at the moment to describe the man who walks towards him. Inconvenienced, would be a good word, given the fresh out of bed tangle of hair and the wearing of the other night’s shirt, still reeking of alcohol and sweat even from five feet away. Displeased would be another based on tone of voice, deep frown, and glaring pink eyes. A far cry from the drunk he’d carried to bed and the hungover version that had sat in his apartment yesterday. What a difference a day can make, apparently.

But, Jun did apologize, which is something new and a small step in the direction he prefers, even if the words that follow are as curt and cold as usual. “My flawless memory recalls that you promised we’d never speak again,” Zeph answers with a smile, “however as I’ve been kind enough to return your belongings and bring you breakfast and we just happen to find ourselves in a soundproofed apartment, lets say we drop all the usual farces, okay? You and I both know you aren’t the cold, unfeeling asshole you present to the rest of the world, but it’s not my intention to inform anyone of that fact if you’ll explain to me what the hell you’re so afraid of.” A flash of surprise crosses dawn-tinted eyes and is quickly locked down as the frown still shadowing Jun’s full lips etches itself just a little deeper. “All the little checks you make, as if someone’s watching you or you have a paranoia problem? I’ve noticed. The comments about being seen, about not allowing anyone to care for you, about not talking outside of work-related matters, about some he that’s told you what to do and what not to do? Yeah, I’ve noticed them, too.”

Stepping over to the counter, he gently sets down the sunglasses and the carefully wrapped package containing a homemade breakfast before turning back to the Angel. “Can we just talk for once?”

Jun: The expression on his face begins to darken with every new word the other man says. He doesn’t like this, he doesn’t like it at all and it’s starting to set off every alarm in his head. Aside from the breakfast being given this is almost exactly how it all went down when his handler first arrived. He’s been successful in fooling both the High Council and every one of the handlers who had come before Taz, but for some reason the Higher had found him out within seconds and it’s been costing him dearly since. It’s been a nightmare that he’s beginning to feel as if he’s in danger of repeating and he doesn’t know how to back every up and get the distance back between himself and the blonde that had been there in the first place. What exactly does he have to gain in this anyway? He isn’t an Angel and it isn’t as if he has a connection to his people so there’s no one he could run and tell should they talk, or at least… that’s what he has to hope because it’s starting to look as if he has little other choice.

“Okay, fine…” Jun lets out a small, defeated sigh and slipping his hand up to his face, he rakes long fingers through messy bangs to push them back away from his eyes. “If you want to talk, then we will, but I need you to understand that I’m putting my damn life on the line by doing it so it’s only going to happen this once and then not again… got it?” slipping his hand from his hair, he pauses for a moment before making a strange face and pulling his eyes away from midnight he tilts his head downward and sniffs slightly in. “Oh damn…” he mumbles and shaking his head in the slightest, he pulls away from the door to head towards his room. “You woke me up and I just grabbed whatever was closest…sorry” His quiet words are apologetic despite the flatness of his tone and behind him, the Dark pulls away from the counter and begins following slowly behind.

Stepping inside the room, Jun moves straight to his wardrobe, sliding the tee up over his head as he passes to toss it onto the bed. Zephyr moves in to find his back turned as he pulls the white washed doors open, reaching in to tug a clean garment free. “I’m cautious because I have to be…” Jun says quietly without looking back as he slides the loose shirt up over his head. “It isn’t paranoia… I am being watched, I’m always being watched.” The Council has eyes everywhere and while they may not be on him twenty-four hours a day, the danger of having them happening by simply to check in is still very real. He has to be careful about it, because one crack in his demeanor, one slip of protocol publicly can easily earn him a ticket back home and another torture session for reform.

Allowing the fabric to settle over his hips, the white haired man turns back around and just as his pink gaze is locks again with midnight, he’s in motion again, this time to his bed to gather the dirty shirt he’d just discarded before moving past. “Getting caught not being what I’m supposed to be…that’s what I’m ‘afraid’ of” He continues as he moves out into the hall, heading towards the kitchen with the garment still in hand. “I guess it’s only a matter of time though… I’m not very good at keeping the bullshit up for long, obviously” he frowns as he reaches the pantry and opening the doors, he discards his shirt into the trash before stepping back out. Turning around, the Angel leans back against the counter and folds his arms casually beneath his chest, his early dawn hued gaze rising to greet black flecked midnight as the blonde follows him in. “So what exactly are you so keen about knowing even after I’ve told you multiple times that I’m not allowed to keep any real company or talk?”

Zephyr: Standing in the shadows near the doorway of Jun’s room, midnight eyes can’t help but to slide appreciatively over the exposed curve of defined muscle beneath pale skin as the Angel changes his shirt. It’s good to know that the backside of the other man’s chest is just as nice as the front side he’d admired a couple nights ago. In truth, there isn’t much physically that he doesn’t like about his colleague.

Following the white-haired man back into the main section of apartment, Zeph listens to Jun’s ongoing words as he walks, finally coming to a stop when the Angel stops and leans back against the counter. The pink eyes that meet midnight are clearly unhappy about this entire conversation and it’s clear that Jun would rather be anywhere but here doing anything but this. Knowing that, however, doesn’t change the Dark’s interest in hearing this whole thing out, if for no other reason than to satiate the curiosity he’s had about the other man since he’d arrived at this assignment.

Letting all that he’s been told settle in for a moment, the tall Selestarri slowly sinks down onto the arm of the sofa, his gaze never leaving the Angel’s. “First, you are actually very good at keeping “the bullshit” up, it’s just that my skill at observation happens to be very good as well.” On Nova, one learns to observe and observe well or wind up manipulated or dead. “You presented very few cracks in the cold asshole front and at first I only caught them here and there. If I didn’t have a perfect memory and the ability to replay things over and over through my telepathic abilities, you might have continued the front for a very long time.” Long enough that he probably would have given up, truthfully, because it’s not like he doesn’t have other distractions to keep his attention if his hunches about Jun didn’t immediately lead anywhere.

“However, it sounds like this is a story I need to hear from beginning in order to understand a few things.” Long fingers rake black-streaked white gold bangs from his eyes out of ingrained habit. “Why are you so special that your own kind is spying on you? Why have you been assigned to this school?” The blonde smirks, “unless you are also attempting to assassinate the leaders of your people and have been temporarily exiled while a bunch of idiots fuck around with political bullshit as well.” Jun doesn’t seem the assassin type, so he’s pretty sure there are other reasons behind his placement here. “Also,” Zeph points at the package just behind the Angel on the counter. “Eat your breakfast before it gets cold.”

Jun: There’s a part of him that’s almost a little happy to hear that he hadn’t been slipping after all and that had it not been for the other man’s apparent abilities with memory, he would have been able to keep up the farce for much longer. It means that perhaps he won’t be so easily found out and he might still be able to keep himself from earning another trip home, which is something, considering what will happen once he gets there, that relieves him in every sort of way.

Pink eyes pull away from the taller man and slide back to the counter to rest on the package that lies there. “Ah right…” Uncrossing his arms, he pushes his lithe frame up and turns to undo the wrappings, revealing a lacquered container similar to those he’d been offered that day in the park. Lifting the lid he finds a variety of wonderful smelling foods -a small breakfast sandwich with a thick slice of grilled ham smothered in cheese and topped with a perfectly cooked egg. The sandwich is wrapped partially in a pale pink parchment and at its side are a couple slices of bacon, a sausage link and a pink striped cup filled with a variety of fresh cut fruit, all seated upon a matching striped cloth.

For a second he just stares down at it, a little amazed by both the presentation and how delicious it smells. “Wow…okay that’s kind of… wow” he says quietly and despite being unable to see the other man’s expression because his back is turned, his reaction earns him both a pleased and a slightly amused smile. His stomach clenches rather tight, as if his body has only just now realized that he’s hungry and it pushes him into action immediately. Pulling his attentions away from the food and reaching upward, he slips the nearest cupboard open to reveal a few fine china plates. The Angel pulls them down and turns around to set them on the center island, reaching over for a nearby drawer. “I’ll eat it…” he glances upward as he slips a knife and then some silverware free, setting them on the counter besides the plates before turning to retrieve the lacquer box. “But you’re going to share.” Setting the box down, he slips his hands up to the partially tangled mess of his hair and taking a moment, he deftly gathers his locks together before spinning them around to knot them at the back of his head.

“I’m not special…” Jun begins again without looking up as he begins splitting the meal in two, starting with the single sausage link. “As far as my people go, I’m pretty average actually” well, average enough on the outside that is. He may look almost like every other of his kind, same hair and at one point in his life, the same colored eyes, the same build, the same color wings, the same magic, the list could go on, but what’s on the inside is completely different and that’s where his problem has always been. “I guess I’m a little short,” he snorts a bit as he sets each half of the sausage on the two plates before moving on to divide up the bacon. “But other than that, there isn’t anything different about me really…” which is why he’s never understood why Haniel chose him in the first place or what it was about him that set him apart from the others at the time.

Setting the fork down, he carefully removes the pink parchment from the sandwich, his early dawn hued gaze glancing up to meet midnight once more. “The reason they’re so focused in on me is because a long time ago, I did something I wasn’t supposed to… and then got caught” Which was entirely Haniel’s doing and something he’s still a little bitter about to this day. She grew bored and in her boredom, began doing things around the others, calling attention to them in a way that once she left, ended up biting him harshly in the ass.

Setting the parchment down on the counter and dropping his gaze as well, as he begins cutting the sandwich in half while his voice drops a little low. “I told you already that my kind is very rigid when it comes to following the rules… if you don’t follow your orders or you break a law, you don’t get to live very long.” Trials, torture, humiliation… those who break laws are allowed to live long enough to endure them and then to set an example to the others before given, often times, a rather merciless death. It’s always been this way within the Angelic Society, it’s how the Council maintains order and the only time enough rose up in an attempt to liberate them by declaring war –it failed. No one has ever tried since.

“I broke a law” Jun says flatly as he divides up the fruit, his movements slowing just a little and his jaw clenching in the slightest. “And because of some special circumstances surrounding me at the time, I was given a choice that most of my kind never gets -live or die. I chose live.” Shrugging, he sets a clean fork on one of the plates before sliding it closer to the blonde, looking back up. “Living came with a price though, and that’s why I’m here…” turning away from Zephyr, he moves over to the fridge and tugging it open, he reaches in. “Where ever they decide they need me, that’s where I’m sent.” Or rather, where ever they think Haniel’s been sighted or suspect her to turn up, they put him there as bait.

“I don’t question it because questioning would give me away so I just go and this time, here is where I ended up.” He sighs as he closes the refrigerator door, the carafe Zephyr had given him the day before held in his hand. “Coffee?” he gestures to it before moving back to the counter to set it down, retrieving a couple of fancy mugs as well. “I still haven’t figured out how to work these damn appliances without starting a fire so sorry that it’s cold. Unless you want water I’ve really got nothing else.” Pushing a cup towards the Selestarri, he leans forward to rest his elbows against the counter while lifting his fork up, his loose shirt dipping downward to reveal his collarbone and expose the upper part of his chest while his tied locks slide over his shoulder. “’Political bullshit’ is one way to put it I guess…” Jun smirks before quirking an eyebrow as he skewers his half of the sausage. “So assassination and exile huh? Is that why you’re here?”

Zephyr: Rising to his feet, the Dark moves soundlessly against the whitewashed hardwood floor to stand beside Jun as he portions out the food, listening carefully as the Angel’s explanations unfold. He’s guessing that whatever he’d done to earn his punishment must have something to do with what the other man had told him a few days back about allowing someone to care for him. Angelic society is not okay with that, apparently, which fits with the highly militaristic qualities he’s read in the early reports Innic had sent back this morning. The Angels like order and they like rules and it would seem they’re quite harsh when it comes to seeing them followed. It makes sense that anything not strictly conforming would come under scrutiny and this Jun he’s standing with now, the one he believes to be the real Jun, definitely breaks those rigid expectations. Understanding even this small bit about their culture begins to slip pieces into place for the blonde including why his colleague was so reluctant to speak with him and why he always acts like he’s paranoid, as well as a few of the things he’d rambled off while drunk.

Midnight eyes can’t help but to notice the skin exposed by the looseness of Jun’s shirt, but he slips them away to meet the smirk flashed in his direction and return one of his own. Picking up the fork left for him, he neatly spears it through two pieces of fruit. “So you may not be special, as you’ve said,” although he’s not too sure he believes the Angel about that. He got a choice when he broke the law when everyone else is executed? Even with the alleged special circumstances, he’s not fooled. Also, those pink eyes? Those are not the standard issue silver or white the other Angels have. “But Sashi and I are.” Closing his mouth over the fork, he slips the fruit free, chewing before continuing. “Before we were born, the bitch who is the current spiritual leader of our faction spoke a prophecy about two brothers who would unite our race and fulfill an even older prophecy.” He waves the fork a bit dismissively before selecting two more pieces of fruit. “She speaks bullshit all the time, it’s part of her abilities, but this particular prophecy also happens to line up with her personal agenda, and so she was determined to make it happen.”

So determined that it didn’t matter what she had to do to see it fulfilled. For someone who already has little grasp on decency and morals to begin with, there was very little she wouldn’t do. Including using Sevyrikk, who was never completely stable, to force their creations, and then when her manipulations during their early childhoods didn’t work out the way she liked, she attempted to effectively brainwash him using their father and slowly destroy Sashi piece by piece. “She pushed us to do what she wanted,” Zeph continues, “we said no. She pushed us again.” Because the Seeker doesn’t understand the word “no” when it comes to her directives, and it makes her angry. Violently. But they’d already had enough by then, more than enough and he and Sashi knew the only way it would ever stop is if she were dead. Slightly cold midnight eyes meet dawn-tinted pink, the tone of the Dark’s voice gone slightly flat. “So we tried to kill her.”

The memories of that day make a stab at rushing back, stinking of blood and sweat and a hatred so deep it immediately fills the blonde with a bone chilling cold. The scenes of explosive magic, of fighting, of dying, some his own and many belonging to others, shift through his mind, pressing for release all at once and it takes Zeph a moment to pull them back, to recognize that those scenes are memories, not the present, and to remember where he’s currently standing. Dropping a gaze gone slightly fuzzy at the edges, the tall Selestarri focuses in on his fork and lifts the fruit to his mouth, taking another moment to eat it before continuing. “She got lucky during the fighting and she lived.” Lucky that Sevyrikk was so in love with her that he would run his sword through his own son. Lucky that his response was to shatter his father’s mind, and therefore give her enough time to pull the gun and empty the clip into his neck and shoulder. Lucky that Sashi had been disabled by a spell meant to kill an entire unit, and it prevented him from killing Ecanus, who was then able to get her to safety and save her life. The bitch had been damn lucky that day.

“We lost and essentially our faction panicked and the Bright completely freaked out, mostly about Sashi, and the response was to call a full Assembly.” The first since the Valcarean Wars, several thousand years past. Sitting in a room full of people who despise one another and trying to get them to make decisions was hilarious in spite of their failure. The arbitrators had tried to bring order, but it was like herding feral cats. “All our people gathered, but politics being what they are, no one could make an actual decision, so we more or less gave them the idea to send us here, which they believe is a temporary exile while they get their shit together.” Zeph shrugs and watches as Jun eats a strip of bacon. “In truth it’s just a layover while we decide how to finish what she started.” Not so much an assassination failed as an assassination postponed.

Setting his fork on the white marble countertop, the Dark lifts his half of the sandwich from the plate, flashing the Angel his most charming grin. “So yes, I’m an assassin and, at least as far as most my people think, temporarily exiled from Nova.” Making a sweeping gesture with his free hand, Zeph gives Jun the floor. “Your turn again. Who’s the “he” you mentioned when you were drunk? The one who said you couldn’t let the humans touch you?”

Jun: Pink eyes pull away from black flecked midnight as Zephyr is speaking, traveling from his features to the flashes of scarring he can see peeking out from his clothing at his neck. For a moment he finds himself a little curious, wondering if what the blonde has said he’s done is the reason for the wounds or if it’s due to something else. He finds that he wants to ask him about it, to get to know more of the one who stands before him now, he finds that he isn’t surprised either to learn that he’s an assassin, because despite the friendliness and smiles and his outwardly outgoing personality he can see something else in there, something colder swimming beneath the surface somewhere. He and Zephyr aren’t much different in that regard he supposes… everyone, including them, has blood staining their hands in some way.

It’s all very interesting regardless but his curiosity is dangerous and it’s that danger that keeps him from asking more. They are talking because he said they would, but after this he can’t allow anything between them to progress further –for the other man’s sake mostly, but also for his own.

“My handler…” Jun frowns as he pulls his fork away from his lips and begins sifting absently through the pieces of cut fruit as distaste flashes across his features. He knows he was drunk the other night and wasn’t entirely in control of his senses but he really should have kept his mouth shut about some of his restrictions because just thinking about it puts a bad taste in his mouth. “Taz, the other of my kind… you’ve seen him around, his cover is counselor at the school” he sighs and pushing the food around on his plate, his grip around his fork tightens. “I’m given handlers every so often… usually low ranking Highers like him get assigned to me just to make sure I stay in line.” Which is only a half truth really. They aren’t so much as assigned to him to make sure he stays in line as they are there to make sure his re-writes have remained intact.

Jun sets his fork down and slides his plates to the side, early dawn hued eyes rising back up to find midnight as he crosses his hands to his front. “The ones I’ve had in the past never cared much about me personally, they’d drop in every so often, make sure I’m who I’m supposed to be and then go back home. This one though… Taz, he’s different.” From the first day he was assigned and the first talk they had, he learned that the other Angel had found him out and he’s proceeded to use it against him ever since. “About the touching thing… one thing you have to understand is that my people don’t have a very high opinion of humans,” they don’t have a high opinion of anyone actually who isn’t another Angel and even then one’s status is questionable depending on the rank they hold.

“I don’t mind them honestly, I haven’t been able to look at them the way everyone else does. I don’t think they’re filth and I can’t see them as dirty or lowly. They’re just… what they are.” Shrugging, the white haired man untangles his fingers long enough to reach up and push long bangs away from his face. “It’s just that I think they’re so innocent and they live such short lives so I kind of feel like they should be protected because of how fragile they are on a whole instead of looked at with disdain. I’ve never really understood the hate-“ he’s never really understood the hate his people hold for everything and everyone in truth, “-but it’s there and Taz, he’s no different when it comes to his views about them. It’s why what you said about them that first day we started talking rubbed me the wrong way,” Jun smirks and slipping his fingers from his bangs, he taps at what’s exposed of his chest. “Hit a little too close to home” Hearing Zephyr call them ‘human cattle’ that day had upset him, in the same way it upset him when the other Angel had called them ‘filth’ during the school’s opening ceremonies.

“Anyway, he knows I like them and because he’s an asshole, he recently forbade me from letting any of them touch me…” Since Taz became his handler he learned very quickly that the Higher is a manipulative jerk who knows how to strike where it’ll hurt the most, and unfortunately he takes the opportunity to do it to him every chance he gets. “He said if I did let it happen and he catches it, I’ll be the one to dish out whatever punishment he sees fit to give.” And he did mean it, knowing full well that if it came down to a choice between being dragged back home and following orders, however damaging, he’d most likely choose the latter. Which is something he’s more ashamed of than he’d care to admit. “He may not think much about them, but I don’t like killing innocents…” Jun frowns and dropping his gaze again, his fingers clench together as his voice falls a little low. “I’ve done enough of that in my life already and I don’t want to be forced to do more...” He’s been into battle too many times, killed too many whom he felt didn’t deserve to die simply because he was following orders, he doesn’t really want to have his hand forced into hurting some unwitting humans now just because of some carelessness on his part.

“I know I said it already, but I am sorry about that by the way.” The taller man flashes him a questioning look and smiling, the Angel untangles his fingers and straightens his toned frame out. Pushing snowy locks back over his shoulder before reaching for the carafe, he pours himself a cup of the cold liquid then leaning back against the counter; he slides the cup to his lips. “What I did the other night… the dancing. I guess I need to explain that it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to get close to anyone like that-” In a way that hasn’t involved restraint cuffs, a bit of torture and a whole lot of pain, “-and even when I was at those bars and that club I kept my distance from everyone for obvious reasons. By the time you found me, my judgment was a bit clouded so I kind of took advantage of you being there.” Sighing, he takes a sip of the muggy black liquid, furrowing his brows at it for a moment before pulling the cup from his mouth. Leaning fluidly sideways, he sets it down on the counter at his back while glancing up through messy white strands. “Honestly I just wanted to touch someone for a change and I guess I reasoned that because you aren’t human it was alright for me to do. I know you said you had fun, but my intentions weren’t exactly innocent and I overstepped a big line” A line he hates to admit that he enjoyed stepping over even now. Despite himself and despite knowing better, every time he thinks back on how it felt to be pressed up against the blonde and have the other man’s arm around him, a small streak of fire travels down his spine.

“However drunk I was though, I shouldn’t have done it…” Leaning back a little more, he slides his elbows up to the counter to support himself before crossing his legs casually at his front, glancing sideways again. “Especially since I know you have other things going on.” He could smell that other Selestarri’s scent on the blonde that night, he remembers it quite vividly in fact and it still even while sober, finds it just as unsettling as he’d found it at the time. Zephyr is obviously in a relationship with that dark haired friend of his and no matter how inebriated or impaired he’d been, he had no right to encroach on it at all.

Zephyr: He listens quietly as Jun speaks about his handler, the humans, and the limitations set on his interactions with them. He’s seen Taz around from time to time, but had never given him much regard and it doesn’t surprise him to learn that he’s a complete asshole. He sounds controlling and manipulative and he knows that type extremely well, and it doesn’t sit with him that Jun is being subjected to such treatment just because he doesn’t share the forced belief the rest of his race has about humans.

As for his own misstep when it comes to the humans, he was speaking his thoughts about them, and for that he doesn’t apologize because he’s entitled to his own beliefs. The humans are like mindless cattle, destroying the Earth and harming the environment and other inhabitants of the land and water without any care at all. They are aware of what they are doing and yet they still continue. Their entire existence is what caused the rift in the Selestarri originally--a disagreement over whether the humans should be eliminated for so wantonly destroying everything they touch or whether they should be protected as inhabitants of the Earth and gently guided in directions less destructive. It’s not hard to figure out which faction holds which opinion.

That’s not to say there aren’t some humans worth the carbon that composes them, he’s met a few here and there, so he can see why Jun may like them when compared to his own race. Out of respect he’ll keep his opinions on the humans to himself from now on. He can also understand why the Angel would have difficulty hurting them if he sees them as innocents and despite the blood on his own hands, he can agree that there is no enjoyment in killing those who don’t deserve it. Some of his fellow Dark take pleasure in such things, those who murder without thought and torture for the thrill and power that causing pain gives them, but he’s never been one of them.

A warm smile lights Zephyr’s face when the Angel expresses his concern for overstepping lines because it’s really kind of cute. Finishing the last of his half of the sandwich, he shakes his head. “You have nothing to apologize for when it comes to the other night. I really did enjoy our dancing, brief as it was.” In fact, he’d be very willing to do it again anytime Jun wants to hold a private dance party. “Since I lost the skies, dancing is one of the few ways I have left to relax,” the blonde’s smile fades a little. Sometimes snowboarding or running through the mountains helps as well, although he doubts any of it will ever truly replace the freedom of flying.

Wiping his hands on the napkin beside his plate, the tall Dark leans back against the counter, black-streaked midnight eyes meeting pink. “As for Innic and me and what you smelled that night, let me explain something about the Selestarri.” He’s never had to explain this to anyone else, and it should be interesting given how much Jun claimed not to like their combined scents. “We have lax views when it comes to the boundaries between friendships and relationships. They tend to be very overlapping, which doesn’t mean that we don’t have serious, intense, loving relationships with one another, it just means that we don’t have problems having sex with our friends and leaving it at friendship.” The human term of friends with benefits, is quite accurate when it comes to most Selestarri friendships. “Innic and I fall into that category. He’s my best friend and has been since we were small. We mess around when the mood strikes us, but we’re not romantically involved.” His smile warms back up when given to the other man. “So you didn’t infringe on anything because there’s nothing to infringe on...”

Jun: He nods slowly as he listens to the taller man’s explanation as far as his relationship –or rather, non relationship with that other Dark goes, finding his feelings about it mixed in a way he can’t exactly explain. On one hand, he’s kind of relieved to hear it… mainly, he tells himself, because it means he didn’t step over a line and intrude where he wasn’t wanted during a drunken, but rather selfish moment. But on the other, knowing that the blonde seems to take even close intimate relationships just as lightly as he seems to take everything else beyond an apparent assassination attempt still bothers him even if he isn’t exactly sure of the reasons as to why.

In the end it’s really none of his business though, it isn’t as if how the Selestarri feels about those he beds will affect him now or in the future so there’s no reason it should matter to him at all.

“That’s good, I guess.” Jun finally answers and catching himself, he quickly adds, “That I didn’t infringe I mean... not about the bit that you two aren’t romantically involved-” Cutting his words off, he makes a face -as if he’s just realized exactly what it is that he’s said and how it might sound. The reaction warms the Dark’s smile in a way that causes a sudden rush of warmth to streak through his lean frame and pulling his eyes free of midnight; he shifts his gaze across the living room to the set of French patio doors and begins steering the subject onward rather quickly.

“Things are really different for us aren’t they?” the white haired Angel begins again, careful to keep his early dawn hued eyes at his front, “In my society all everyone has is issues with intimacy and relationships… We’re expected to be these perfect clone soldiers who are above feeling because feeling anything except hatred apparently is considered lowly and base.” He snorts and pulling his eyes from the glass doors, he shifts them downward to stare at his bare feet, “Along with everything else it’s bullshit though, we’re really no better in that regard than the Demons we kill and the humans we all call ‘filth’.” Instead of being honest about how they feel however, his people attempt to hide it all behind closed doors, claiming to be above it and so scared to admit they aren’t that any show to the contrary is enforced in permanent life ending ways.

“As a rule, we’re not allowed to form friendships, or relationships, or do anything that contradicts the image of the flawless soldiers we’re supposed to be.” Or at least contradict it in the open he should say. He knows as well as any other Angel that things often happen in secret, even on the highest level despite the claim to contrary there, and so long as it’s kept from public eye and they can all pretend it isn’t in fact happening, for the most part they’re all left alone. It’s when emotion is shown to any other that it becomes a problem and that problem is what usually costs the ones who slip their lives. “It’s all pretty ridiculous, but it’s the way it’s always been…” And unfortunately, because not enough of them think it should be differently, it’s probably how it will always continue to be.

Jun falls silent for a few moments as he continues to stare down at his feet, only partially aware while he gets momentarily lost in his thoughts that the blonde is studying him carefully. It’s only when something Zephyr had said drifts through his mind that he pulls his attentions back and slipping his pink gaze from the floor, he slides it sideways to find midnight through long strands of partially messy white. “You said the skies have been lost to you… what did you mean by that?”

Zephyr: Amusement spreads across the blonde’s features when Jun stumbles over his words after the explanation of his relationship with Innic. Between this and his worry about overstepping lines, the Angel is getting cuter by the moment. He doesn’t press the matter, though, and allows the subject to be changed when the other man sets his gaze firmly on the doors leading to the empty balcony.

Continuing to lean against the counter, Zeph listens in silence as Jun gives his views on the behaviors of his society, gaining a better insight than any intelligence report is likely to give. There’s almost a hint of sadness when he speaks about the ban on forming any kind of personal relationship, as if he’s known exactly how difficult the idea really is. Living beings aren’t meant to be alone. They have emotion and drives, both sexual and purely platonic, that push them to seek out company in one form or another. To ban such things all together seems completely asinine and unnecessary. If the Angels truly wish for soldiers, wouldn’t they encourage their people to form bonds in order to fight harder? Battle emotion is a very strong thing, so overpowering that it can easily overwhelm the coldest of opponents. When one has no connection to the person beside them and they get cut down, what drives them to keep fighting? When there’s no connection, there’s no feeling of protection over one’s allies, and that instinctiveness has turned the tide of many battles. Selestarri historians have made voluminous books on the subjects and while he’s no scholar on battle tactics and strategies, Innic is the best his race has had in a thousand years.

The tall Selestarri watches the Angel as Jun seemingly takes an in-depth study of his own feet, midnight eyes passing along the lines and curves of his slender frame. It seems such a waste that the other man lives in a society where he has to hide who he truly is, because the Jun he’s seeing now, the real Jun, is someone he thinks he could like very easily. It’s not fair that he has to put up that cold, arrogant front just to please a bunch of other people putting up the same fronts all while pretending that they’re emotionless assholes.

He’s about to say as much when the Angel changes the conversation again, shifting back to something the Dark had mentioned a few minutes prior. Zeph’s smile falters a little, unable to retain its warmth, and a hint of sadness creeps into the tone of his voice. “I mean I’ve lost them.” The space across his shoulders blades where the ward sealing his wings away lies hidden begins to itch in the slightest, but he ignores it. “During the fighting, half of my right wing was shorn off.” The pain of it stalks his nightmares more often than he’d like, just as agonizing as the dreams where he’s soaring carefree through the skies. “I’m permanently grounded ...”

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