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C H A P T E R O N E : P A R T 02


The white haired teenager stares blankly out of the floor to ceiling windows, lost to thoughts that don't seem willing to fully form inside of his head. He'd gone into the kitchen for something but forgot what it was the moment he got there. So instead, he'd moved to the living room, but once he was standing near the couch he'd forgotten why he'd started for it in the first place. He then moved on in what's become a habit he doesn't even remember starting, shifting towards the windows only to find himself staring out into the city with its people who look like small dots on the horizon while the sun shines off the mirror windowed tall buildings that cover much of the inner downtown space, again unsure of the reasons behind it or even how long he's been standing here looking at everything and nothing all at once.


It's been like this a lot these days, these moments where he'll start moving or find himself in mid movement, only to have everything snap inside of him like a switch has been flicked on or off somewhere, finding himself in utter bewilderment as to when he started whatever it was he was doing, or why he'd even begun it, completely at a loss to figure any of whatever it is out. Airheaded, that's what Taz calls him, and he guesses it's an astute assessment of himself. It's not everything he spaces it seems, and it's not all the time either, but when he does it's like this -where he finds everything is just gone from his head. It's kind of distressing since there seems to be no real reason behind it, or maybe there is and he just doesn't remember --but it sucks regardless because he doesn't like having these small bits and pieces of life gone and he doesn't know what to do in order to--


Blinking, early dawn hued eyes pull from the scenery and slide over to find his friend's light silver gaze on him, the taller teenager standing just to his right with that look painted on his features that immediately makes him frown. A look that tells him he's done it again.

"Dude, you spacing again?" Taz starts, and in his usual style, he plays it off as if it's not a big deal --something he appreciates more than he's really ever let on, "come on, I said I was gonna help you fill the shit out but you have to actually give them to me first" reaching out even as Jun continues to stare up at him with that bewildered look in his eyes, it takes the shorter teen a moment to process what's even happening.

Pink eyes shift down to his roommate's hand as it's encircling his own and it's only then that he realizes he's holding a small stack of papers, and even as Taz slowly tugs it from his fingers, he offers it, and himself, an even harder frown.

"Oh... god, sorry," the white haired teen says as it begins to come back, fuzzy and hazy in the details as if he's attempting to recall something that happened a hundred years prior and not a task that he'd started less than five minutes before.

"I'm used to it," Taz quips and with the papers in hand, he moves towards the couch, Jun soon following behind. "But I have shit to do today, you know? I don't want to be on paperwork for most of it."

"I don't... I don't really see why we're doing this, Taz" Jun says, plopping himself down on the cushions at his roommate's side with a sigh. "I like this city, the clubs are awesome and I really enjoy the beach. Plus... we just moved like what? Two years ago? I'm not really feeling up to moving again so soon." especially now that things have become harder for him to recall... he doesn't really want to start trying to learn new layouts and such when he can barely keep the ones here inside of his head.

"Yeah, but you've gotten kind of... you know." Taz shrugs at his side, his light silver gaze locked on the papers and a pen now held in hand, "and honestly I think it's a combo of the salt in the damn air and all that inner city pollution. We need to get you back to the country, less noise and toxic fumes to mess up your brain." he snorts, tapping the pen to his temple.

"I don't... really think that has anything to do with this," Jun's voice has fallen, and his tone pulls his friend's eyes over to him once again, "Something's wrong Taz..." he admits quietly, his own gaze falling to his hands, "and maybe... maybe I need to see a doctor or specialist about it... I don't know... because it's gotten... bad, lately." Bad feels like an understatement with as absent minded as he's become and he's not even sure a regular doctor would be able to tell him anything useful. Maybe he needs to see a neurosurgeon, or something. Someone who can tell him why it's become so hard for him to keep details inside of his head, someone who can maybe fix whatever it is that's made him so... forgetful.

The taller figure says nothing, spending a minute just watching his friend before he slides the paperwork and pen onto the table before them, reaching over to cover Jun's long fingers with his own. "Hey..." Taz's tone is suddenly serious, and it pulls his pink eyes away from their hands and up, "I know you think it's bad and I know I tease you about it a lot, but it's not a big deal and you'll see, once we get out of the city, I promise things will be alright."

"But..." Jun starts, the look in his eyes a telltale sign that he doesn't at all believe it for a moment, "What if it doesn't get better? What... what if it just gets worse? What if I have that disease old people get... Alltimer's? Alzheimer's? Or whatever it's called? I mean how long before I can't remember anything anymore?? You, me, even that damn family? Taz, what if I just wake up one day and it's all go--"

"Then we'll figure it out." Taz interrupts, squeezing his friend's hands, "Whatever this is, we'll figure it out. You and I have been friends for a long time and you know I'm not going to just ditch you over something as dumb as a few airheaded moments." Slipping a hand away from Jun's, he slides long fingers up to carefully brush long snowy bangs behind one of the shorter teen's ears, allowing his hand to then trace down over a high cheekbone before running along the long line of his structured jaw. "Even if you forget everything...even if you end up forgetting me, I'll never leave your side..."

"Taz... um..." Jun starts and before he has time to even think on it, his roommate has slid forward to press his lips against his own. For a moment he can only stiffen, surprised and taken aback at the same time, but soon he simply allows it to happen, finding himself falling quickly into a rapidly deepening kiss.

Without breaking any contact, the taller of the two suddenly pushes him backwards, his long tied back hair spilling across pristine white fabric as his back hits the soft cushions below. Jun has no time to think on what's happening as hands slip beneath his loose tee, a soft sound escaping him when skin contacts and pink eyes slipping closed as he begins to lose himself in the sensations his friend's touch elicits from within. But just as teeth score a spot on his neck that makes him jolt, and just as he's about to lose his senses completely, a quiet breathless curse washes across his skin moments before the sound of something unlike anything he's ever heard before -a melodic word that seems less spoken and more sung snaps his pink gaze wide open, stealing his senses in an instant as everything inside of his head suddenly turns black. Light silver eyes stare down at his friend's frosted over gaze and it takes Taz a few moments to collect himself, his heavy panting breaths slowly evening as he works to calm the fire inside of him that's screaming for him to simply take everything he'd almost been offered a moment before.

God dammit... he snarls at himself before slowly untangling himself from the prone teen beneath him, wanting nothing more than to keep going but forcing himself not to. Every damn time this happens, which has been happening more and more frequently as of late thanks to the seal's shoddy magic and what it's been doing to Jun's head, it gets harder and harder for him to actually pull back. There are times like this, and by a miracle testament to his own self control, where he manages it, but there's been a few times he's just not been able to and they end up throwing down hard in the sheets.

Which is fine with him, because he's wanted Jun since practically the first week he got assigned to him and with the arrangements they have, he's had plenty of opportunity to make what he wants happen.

What isn't fine with him is the fact that he can't allow Jun to remember it, any of it, whether it does or does not happen. Ever. He always has to reactivate the locks on his seal and he always has to be sure to cover his tracks just in case they get recalled out of the blue. Jun's here for a reason, he was assigned to him for a reason and he's been skirting a danger line for them both since they were located to this city that he doesn't want to have blow up in their faces just because he isn't able to get himself under control. So whether they keep going or don't, he always finds himself in this position at the end and quite frankly, he's nearly reached his limit.

Yeah he wants Jun, and yeah he cherishes every time they actually do get into it, but he wants a Jun who wants him in return, not a Jun he has to forcibly wipe the memories of every time he oversteps a boundary like he almost had here. He wants a Jun whose eyes aren't misted over with magic, one who isn't as catatonic and stiff as a god damned cadaver. He wants a Jun who looks at him back with even a tenth of the desire he harbors inside and one of these days, he's going to get his ass into serious trouble because he's not going to be able to make himself reactivate the locks any more just so he'll get the Jun he truly wants.

With a sigh, the white haired Angel takes one last moment to run his fingers over his friend's features, tenderly tracing every line and curve of his face before he slips his tall frame back. Swinging a leg over Jun's lithe frame, Taz rises up and moves around the couch, planting his hands on the back and then curling partially down. With another quiet Angelic word muttered, the faint blue lines of the seal's swirling script light up just below the surface of Jun's skin --one lock twisting before sliding into another, then the entire thing pulsing in unison in a way he's watched a hundred thousand times before. With it reset, the skin just above the white haired teen's heart returns to its former paleness and from one heartbeat to another, the misted look in pink eyes fades and his eyelids flutter, long white lashes shifting softly in the motion.

"You really going to sleep the entire day away?" blinking in confusion, Jun rolls his head to the side and slides his gaze up to find his friend's light silver staring down, a look of amusement painted on his face.

"Uhm... wha?" he starts and Taz only smirks, pushing himself away from the couch back before heading towards the open kitchen, speaking as he goes.

"I've been trying to wake you for hours Jun, I mean, I know you don't have a damn care in the world but come on, you could get an award for how lazy you are sometimes." the Angel tosses back, "get off the couch and get to the store. It's your turn to do the shopping, I can't cook with the nothing we have in the fridge."

Still confused and feeling out of sorts, Jun rises up with a quick apology offered to his friend for falling asleep like he'd apparently done. Taking only a second to right his disheveled clothing and then straighten his hair, the white haired teenager follows Taz, reaching out to swipe his phone from the countertop as he draws near. Turning around with a small slip of paper in hand, his roommate leans back against the marbled surface with a crooked sort of smile pasted on his lips as he offers it out for Jun to take.

"Don't forget the alcohol this time, got it?" he grins as his friend reaches over to snatch the paper from his hand.

"I won't, god" he says as he swipes his keys from the peg near the door, exiting the loft a moment later with a small wave of his hand.

The smile on Taz's lips fades once the door clicks closed and he sighs, sliding his hands up to his face to rub at his eyes with an annoyed sigh. A moment later, his own phone chirps, and dragging his hands away from his face he turns his light silver gaze towards it, snorting in response.

Two whole minutes after he activated the binders this time? They are getting slow, or lazy, or both. Fuckers. Either way, he knows he better pick it up before they decide to send a faction down to talk to him in person so he straightens, quickly collects himself and moves to answer it before it has a chance to chirp at him again. With a single swipe of a fingertip, he's greeted by the stoic hardened features of a white eyed Angel as he flicks onto the small screen...

Jun stands in the hair care isle of the store, the list in his pocket forgotten as he stares at different color hair dyes. He's been thinking about re-dying his hair for a while but he's been lazy or something since he's never quite gotten around to actually doing it and since he can't exactly remember why he walked into the store to begin with, a whim or something he guesses? Either way, he might as well make the trip worth it.

Sliding a long arm forward, tapered fingers wrap around a long, thin box and tug it from the shelf, twisting it around to stare at the color combos listed on the back. While he's trying to decide whether or not the shade will be the right pink to match his eyes, the metallic device in his free hand vibrates at him uncomfortably. With a frown and his attentions pulled, he flicks the screen on to find a message blinking at him in white.

~Where are you?~

~At store~ he types one handed, returning back to his careful examination of the box he holds before deciding it won't work.

~Don't forget booze~

~What?~ he types again, plucking another box with a lighter color table listed from the shelf.

~…check pocket.~

With the phone still grasped in his fingers, Jun offers it a frown before sliding his hand back and dipping his fingertips into his back pocket. Sure enough, he finds a folded piece of paper and with a small scoff at himself, he tugs it free. Tucking his phone under an arm, he unfolds it, his early dawn hued eyes spending only a moment pouring over the neatly scribbled list before he sighs in mild irritation for spacing it, plucking the phone back up to tap another message to his friend.

~Got it. Will do now. Be back soon~ pulling his attentions from the messages, he sets the box of dye back on the shelf and moves away from the hair dyes, towards the produce sections of the store.

~Hurry. Been sober too long~ is the last message he gets, and he snorts at it before returning his gaze to the list with a sigh.

Thank god for his friend, because who knows how long he'd have ended up standing there thinking about hair dyes while completely spacing the list that was in his back pocket the entire damn time. Seriously. There's something wrong with him because who the hell out there forgets so much stuff and so easy?

Dipping fluidly down as he passes a neat stack of baskets, pure snowy locks slip over his shoulder as he plucks one from the top, straightening again with the basket now in one hand and the list held in another. His pink gaze slides over the sea of produce for a moment before he begins the task he'd forgotten he was supposed to do the moment he'd stepped over the threshold of the small store...

Zephyr: Midnight eyes scrutinize the brick work on the pathway leading to the house from the street, passing over every inch to ensure that each is free of cracks. Once satisfied, he nods, and the man at his side looks visibly relieved. It's not that Joe's a bad contractor, if he had been then he wouldn't have been hired for the remodel in the first place, but sometimes the guy fails to come by and check on his subcontractor's work in person. In the case of this walkway, it meant several cracked bricks and a few that weren't properly aligned. For the amount of money that's been paid, it's not something the Dark will allow to slip.

"You'll be here tomorrow to correct the fireplace hearth in the master bedroom?" Joe nods and Zeph takes his leave, returning to the house and the smell of fresh baked bread that wafts from the kitchen. Just inside the door, a small gray and white cat hops down off a bench and twines himself around the tall Selestarri's ankles until he's scooped up. Tinsel was a resident of the house before the blonde arrived, as explained by the construction crew, who had often spotted him but been unable to catch him. All the Dark had to do was open the door and Tinsel waltzed in with ease and hadn't left yet. Of course, it could be the fresh fish and chicken he's fed every day and not because he finds the accommodations to his liking.

Breezing into the kitchen with the cat in his arms, Zeph gives a smile to the tiny woman standing behind the large island, patiently stirring the simmering pots on the stove. Mrs. Phan was the third person he and Innic had interviewed for the housekeeping job, a woman who had spent half her childhood in her mother's homeland of Vietnam and half in her father's homeland of France and as a result could cook like no one’s business. Married, she has two pre-teen kids and lives in a neighborhood near the city's south side. She's attentive, efficient, and discreet, all of which makes her absolutely perfect. "Mrs. Phan, I'm heading out for a while, so if you can wrap dinner and leave it on the counter before you go, I'd appreciate it." Setting Tinsel just outside the opened doors to the backyard, he gives the cat a gentle nudge with one bare foot. "Also, please make sure this one stays outside so he doesn't help himself to my meal. I'll feed him when I get home."

With the woman"s assurances that she'll follow his directions, he heads back toward the door, pausing long enough to snag a pair of aviator sunglasses, push his feet into a pair of sneakers and pull a skateboard from beneath the bench. Minutes later he's flying down the street, white-gold like a banner in the wind, the salty air streaming by, and the sun beaming down from above. It's a perfect summer day--not too hot, just the right amount of breeze, and no deadlines or demanding schedules. It's been just over a week since he arrived and so far settling in has been easy. The house is amazing and sits right on the beach for easy access to the water at any time. The city's main nightlife and restaurant area is a twenty minute walk or a ten minute drive. The weather is sunny and seventy-five degrees every day, with the exception of the occasional rain shower or thunderstorm. He'd been a little concerned that this place doesn't seem to have actual seasons and that in order to find winter he'll need to head to the mountains an hour away, but so far it's been fine. Skateboarding every day or swimming in the ocean and then partying downtown at night is definitely something he can get used to.

The neighborhood connects directly to the downtown area via several side roads and pedestrian walkway and soon enough the Dark is flying past the open air patios of bars and restaurants, weaving around joggers, walkers, and baby strollers, with the ocean a bright blue ribbon to his left. The wind is stronger here, laced heavily with salt and tugging hard at loose clothing and hair. Content to follow the paved path and boardwalk along its entire three mile loop, it's a flash of pure white that almost completely derails him, the color out of place among the bright pinks, oranges, reds, and blues.

Slowing the skateboard, his head snapping back to the other people he'd most recently passed, Zeph's gaze slides over each one, discarding them until he reaches the source of the flash of white. Casually leaning against the rail, a couple bags emblazoned with the name of a local grocery chain next to his feet, and his gaze fixed on the ocean is a man with long white hair. Toned and clad in relaxed jeans and a t-shirt, he doesn't seem to notice any of those around him at all. Not the tourist couple snapping pics off to his left, the crying toddler pushed in a stroller by his harried looking parents, the young teens whizzing by on bikes and those pay by the mile electric scooters, or the girl having a screaming fight in German with someone on the other end of her phone. He simply stands there through the hustle and bustle, the wind doing its best to unravel his long hair from the ponytail.

Stepping off the barely moving skateboard, Zephyr steps on one end, flipping it up into his hand and then moving out of a jogger's path to stand against the rail not ten feet away from the one he's watching. Heart hammering, all he can do is stand there and stare, not quite believing that after all these years he may finally be standing so close to the person he's been seeking. Well, maybe not actually him, because this guy looks to be the Dark's age and the Jun he met all those years ago would have to be nearing fifty by now. But still, maybe a relative of some kind? A son? A nephew? A cousin? Whoever he is, he looks peaceful and beautiful and... like he's leaving.

Shaking himself from his thoughts, the blonde suddenly realizes he's watching the guy walk away, the faded wings on the back of his shirt shifting in the wind. "Hey!" Zeph calls, pitching his voice above the myriad sounds all around them. "Hey, you forgot your bags!"

The white-haired man turns, his pink gaze settling on the Dark and the entire world falls into stillness. Holy shit. Those eyes, they're the exact same as thirty-four years ago. Warm and clear as the first rays of the sun at dawn. He's seen them over and over in his memories and his dreams, so ingrained that he can recall them with ease and even though he knows it's not possible, he swears that the ones looking at him now are identical as those that looked at him as a kid. It can't be him though, it just can't… except now he's saying thanks and that voice is even more of a confirmation than the eyes. Still, the numbers just don't add up, not when the laws of human aging are in play...

Stunned, it's not until the other man moves toward his bags, slightly flustered, that the world comes crashing back in on Zeph. Scooping up the bags, the white-haired stranger is just about to turn away again, when he manages to find his voice. "Hey, I just moved here," the words spill out, the blonde not quite sure where they're going but knowing that if he doesn't say something this encounter will be over in mere moments. "Do you know a good place to get coffee?"

Jun: early dawn hues stare out at the ocean, the constant shifting of the light as it dances across its surface an odd sort of calm he's come to love. It's blinding and glittering all at once, as if the sea is made of a million sparkling diamonds and he can get lost in it pretty easily. The constant ebb and flow of the tide makes it easy for him to tune everything else out, from the birds squawking up above, to the sounds of the tourists all around him, to the boat engines and general noise that often comes along with a busy beach front, he can as usual, allow it to fall in the background and think of everything and nothing at once.

It's one of the reasons he doesn't want to move away from this place and one of the things he'll miss most when he does. Taz may think all the salt in the air or the emissions from the inner city are harming him or whatever, but in truth he thinks that this part of the ocean, that this part of the beach in fact, is about the only thing keeping him sane. It's peaceful and serene despite his surroundings, and it reminds him of something that he's never quite able to place, something of comfort, something a little like home.

The thought makes him frown.

Speaking of home, he should probably get back to it since knowing his best friend, he'll probably have something planned that he needs to be there for. He's been standing here for a while, and while he really doesn't need to answer to his roommate or anything at any given time since they tend to both do their own things most days, he's most likely agreed to go out or do something he's already forgotten about and the least he can do is check in to be sure so he won't have to hear about it later.

So with a sigh, Jun tugs his gaze from the ocean and pushes his lean body from the rails, not two steps away from where he'd been previously before a pointed shout pulls his attentions back. For a moment when his pink eyes meet the stranger's midnight revealed the instant a pair of sunglasses are tugged free of a really good looking face, he finds himself at a bit of a loss. Tall and built with a lean frame that immediately draws him in, the other man is dressed in a light tee and long shorts that hang low on some very structured hips, his shoulder length white gold locks windblown and softly disheveled, with the sides held back by small gleaming clips.

Unsure until the tall blonde nods towards the two bags he'd just left that it's even him he's addressing, it takes a small amount of effort to pull his gaze away from him, and when he does, he slides it over to the grocery bags before cursing at himself internally for almost completely forgetting them. God damnit... he'd done it again and he doesn't even know how considering the things were right near his feet. With a quick 'thank you' given, he scoops the bags up, and irritated at himself he's about to turn away again when the stranger's question pulls him right back.

"Um... I... might?" Jun's words are hesitant and come out a little slow, as if he has to think about each one a second or two before he says it because it's exactly what he's doing. Pulling his gaze from the taller figure's own, he slides it over to the line of shops that run just beyond the winding three mile stretch of bustling boardwalk trail, and he spends a few moments running over each one of them in his head.

He's pretty sure Taz and him have had coffee in a few of those shops, and he's pretty sure he's liked some over others, but for the life of him he can't pinpoint one in particular that he'd personally consider good above all else. But, as he's trying to come up with an answer for the stranger that's something more than a shrug, he realizes he's probably been silent for too long thinking about it, or at least, longer than a normal person would be when asked a simple enough question, and in the interest of not coming across like a total idiot to this really good looking guy who didn't even know how much of a favor he'd done him by reminding him to pick up his bags, he decides to pick a random shop that he figures he's most likely gone to at some point in the last two years. After pointing the blonde in the direction of a small bistro that's only half filled because it looks just slightly nicer than the rest, he's about to turn back in the direction he'd been going when the other teen stops him again --this time to offer him a cup of coffee in thanks for the tip.

At first Jun is about to decline, tell him that it's not necessary because he'd feel a little like a jerk for accepting on a suggestion he really just pulled out of his ass, but the instant his early dawn hued eyes find midnight again, something about the way the blonde is looking at him stops him short. For a moment, just a fleeting second he feels as if he's seen those eyes before --like there's something about the sheer depth of the blue that's almost familiar in a way he can nearly place, but as fast as it had set in, it's gone and he's left feeling slightly flustered for a reason he can't even explain.

When he realizes he's fallen silent again for longer than he knows he should be, and to ease over the awkwardness inside of him that's sprung up to the surface, and also because he's pretty sure he has nowhere else to be at the moment, Jun accepts. The smile the stranger offers him in response is blinding and in a way he doesn't at all expect, his heart does a weird sideways flip inside of his chest that he has to work very hard to ignore. What... in the hell has gotten into him? It's like he's never met a hot guy or something before, one, he has to note, who he knows nothing about and who's only talking to him because he walked away from groceries he'd forgotten he even bought. One who will find out pretty quickly what an airhead he is if he doesn't figure out how to get his shit together fast.

"So uh..." The white haired teen starts as they easily weave through the crowd, crossing the wide expanse of boardwalk and stepping onto the cobbled part of the sidewalk beyond, "You said you just moved here huh? How... how do you like it so far?"

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