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C H A P T E R O N E : P A R T 03

Zephyr: This whole situation is unreal. Walking down the street next to someone who looks and sounds identical to the person he's been searching for all these years is... surreal? Incredible? Spontaneous? Amazing? All of those things and more? Each word that comes from the other teenager's mouth pulls him straight back to that alleyway thirty-four years ago, to that person with the kind eyes and warm hand and the whole thing is just blowing his mind a bit. All these years of replaying the memory, dreaming about Jun, and thinking on what he'd say or do when he finally tracked him down, and it's all sort of unfolding in an unexpected way. Granted, he wasn't always sure in which way it would unfold, but he'd generally believed it would be the result of an active search. But that's the reason he chose this place out of any other on Earth because he'd have more time to search without interruption and more resources at his disposal. It hadn't really occurred to him that coincidence would have a say and he'd run across Jun while out running errands or doing other everyday things. Things like riding his skateboard along the beachfront.

Of course, he hasn't actually run into Jun. But the white-haired teen is damn close in looks and if he closed his eyes he'd have no idea that the one speaking to him isn't the very same person he's been seeking. There's just that little issue of thirty-four years. Thirty-four years which is a long time to humans and involves a good amount of aging. So while the one currently walking at his side may look and sound the same, it's just not genetically possible. Still, this guy is really hot and regardless of whether he ends up meeting Jun again through him or not, he's still calling today a win.

"Yeah, I moved here last week and I like it a lot." They maneuver around a line of early dinner diners at what must be one of the more popular restaurants, the blonde stepping momentarily into the street when the people in the queue block the majority of the sidewalk. "I've visited this city in the past a few times, so I knew what to expect when I chose to buy a house here." Passing the last of the line, they reach the door of the bistro and Zeph pulls it open, waiting until his companion crosses the threshold and then following. There's a short line inside, but plenty of open tables. "It's not nearly as big as New York or London or even Miami or Milan, but I really like the blend of the beach and all the nightlife. The whole place has kind of a laid back vibe, you know?"

White hair shifts as he's given a nod in return, the two of them stepping up a bit as the line shifts. In the corner on a stool, a guitar begins to strum, held by some girl he's guessing the coffeehouse set up to provide ambiance or some such, and a nearby table of what is likely the girl's friends begins to clap. The rest of the patrons are the expected mix of tourist and retiree, harried looking moms attached to strollers or herding their offspring like exhausted sheep dogs, and the practically required staple of surfers and beach bums. The place has a good feel, though, and as Zeph steps up to order his coffee and then waits for his companion to do the same before handing the cashier his card, he figures it worked out pretty well considering how impulsively he'd asked about it. The cashier is holding out his card and the Dark takes it, noting the bright red flush of her cheeks and the way her eyes keep shifting between himself and the other teen. Flashing her a grin, he steps away from the counter, heading for a table as far away from the noise of the guitar as possible and setting his skateboard down next to one of the chairs. White hair shifting around his shoulders as he leans down, the shorter teenager does the same with his groceries and then slides into a chair with a smooth, fluid grace Zephyr has rarely seen outside other Selestarri.

"So what about you?" he asks, sinking down across the table as they wait for their order to be called. "Have you always lived here or are you a transplant as well?" Long fingers push at thick, white-gold bangs before dropping to the formica surface of the table, and he leans back in the chair, legs stretching out beneath. "And because I'm apparently rude and mannerless for not introducing myself already," or more likely still a bit stunned by this whole situation, he adds silently, "my name is Zephyr..."

Jun: even though the bistro is half filled and there's a lot of noise around them --from the girl playing the guitar to her friend's supporting her via claps and cheers, to the moms with their fussy children, to the obnoxious beach goers barely dressed, sitting at this table with a total stranger, or almost a total stranger since he's just learned the blonde's name, has a kind of peace to it akin to what he felt when he was standing against that railing staring out into the glittering sea.

It's kind of weird he guesses, and maybe he's only feeling it because Zephyr is --at least as far as his looks are concerned, exactly his type, but either way it's nice. Especially since that kind of feeling is something that's been almost impossible for him to attain as of late.

"Jun" he replies with a nod, oblivious to the way the blonde seems to still completely as soon as he says his name, or the way his blue eyes slightly widen and become intensely focused in on him at once, "Sorry, kinda spaced that outside I guess," though in truth it's less that he spaced an introduction and more that it was combination of being irritated at himself for forgetting his bags, being flustered by how hot the blonde is, and being taken aback by the way Zephyr had been looking at him during it all. Or at least, he hopes that what it was considering the way things have been going lately inside of his head... god.

"But yeah..." Jun continues, slipping long fingers up to brush a few errant strands of snow out of his line of vision, "I mean, I've been here for a few years myself so I'm kind of a long timer but since it's only been a couple, I guess I'm also a transplant at the same time, depending on how you look at it," he smiles with a shrug, "it's a good place to live though, you have the inner city that can get a little crowded, but the club scenes are fun and there's a lot to do if you know where to look for it. Then you know, step five blocks outward and you have all that-" sliding his eyes over to the windows, he motions towards the beach with a small wave of his hand, "which... I guess you know since you said you bought a house on it."

When the white haired teen turns his gaze back and before he can say another word, he finds Zephyr just... staring at him as if he's grown some kind of second head. Stopped up for a reason he's not entirely sure of because of it, he's unable to do anything for a few moments but stare back, midnight eyes intently locked with his early dawn hues as if they are the only two people in the bustling shop. It doesn't take long for everything to fall into the background for him, and he's struck again with a sense of familiarity about the blonde that he can't place, but before he can delve too deeply into the whys of it, the spell is suddenly broken by the presence of another -their drinks set down on the table between them by the very barista girl who took the order to begin with.

Blinking, Jun pulls his eyes away from Zephyr's and shifts them upwards to find her smiling shyly down at them, muttering in hurried and nervous words that she'd tried to get their attentions and how they probably couldn't hear her calling out their orders over the surrounding noise so she figured she'd deliver it to them herself. Thanking her for her efforts with a smile that causes her already red tinted skin to flush brighter, for a second it seems as if she wants to say more to them but the shout of her coworkers from behind the busy counter pulls her back to the line before she has a chance. The white haired teenager's attentions shift down to his cup as she moves swiftly away and he finds a swirl of milk foam in the shape of a small heart topping his mocha that quirks a single white brow in question. Glancing over at the other teen's cup, he finds there isn't any of the fanciness his has, and there's definitely no shaped foam heart in his cup so he can't help but wonder about it. Glancing back over he catches the barista staring at them both from her place behind the counter as if she's looking for some kind of reaction and the second he catches her eye, she jerks her gaze back to her newest customers -obviously flustered for some reason he's not even going to try and guess at. He can't do much beyond smile about it and without much of a thought lent to it afterwards; he reaches out to wrap long fingers around the porcelain handle and lift his cup from the saucer, pulling his drink to his lips.

"So... um," He continues after taking a small sip, sliding the cup back and setting it down before finding midnight eyes again, "what brought you here for a permanent stay? You have family around or was it a job or something like that?" when Zephyr doesn't immediately answer, Jun offers him a slightly apologetic look, "sorry, not trying to be nosy or anything... it's just this place is more of a tourist trap type deal. A lot of people visit it but you know, they usually leave when summer's over I guess." he shrugs, trying to play his interest off as casual while hoping he's not coming across as creepy or anything like that...

Zephyr: The other teen's introduction sends his mind reeling, attempting to piece together shapes that have no business fitting together at all. Thirty-four years ago, he met a teenager named Jun in a random alleyway near the downtown area of this city. That guy had zero magical signature, meaning he was, in all likelihood, human and would now be in his late forties or so after the passage of three decades. Today he meets someone that looks and sounds like the twin of the person all those years ago. Which, okay, some members of a family look like clones of one another--well, human families anyway, Selestarri obviously don't--so it's entirely plausible that they share a familial relationship in one way or another. Now, though, the teen sitting across from him says his name is also Jun, and he has literally no idea what to do with that information. It's true that some families pass names down through the generations, so that's possibly the case here, too, but the stacking of one coincidence on top of another is starting to break the limits of what he can reasonably believe. Just because there's a whole lot of similar things going on, doesn't mean he can simply overlook the very black and white fact that thirty-four years have passed. Even for long-lived races, that's a good amount of time. For humans it's more than a third of their lifespan.

He's been staring for far too long, entirely missing the exchange between Jun and the barista, and it's going to weird the other teen out if he doesn't stop like right now. Yeah, it's all a whole lot of coincidence, but he needs to pull it together and save the analyzation for later. Shoving it all aside, Zeph manages to tune in just in time for the white-haired teenager to ask about his family. Something in the back of his mind wobbles dangerously, threatening to crumble and take the rest of him with it. Gods... this... he really can't do this. It was just an innocent question asked by someone who doesn't mean anything by it, he knows that. It was just a way to make conversation the way people who are strangers make conversation, and he's not expected to give it an in depth answer or any answer at all, which is what he's going to do. Innic has been protecting him all these months from just this sort of question, and it's suddenly become crystal clear that he still can't handle it . That he may never be able to handle it.

Taking a deep breath, the Dark forces himself to speak before the conversation completely withers and dies. "You're not nosy, I really just like this place, that's why I moved here." Once the first sentence is out, he fares better, the words slightly less stilted. "Like you said, there's the beach and the city, the best of both worlds. The tourists I can ignore. They're no worse than some of the people where I used to live." Because you know, the worst they may do is crowd your favorite beach or ask you to take a group picture or give directions. None of them would be happy to shed your blood or use and manipulate you or are certifiably insane. Not hard to one up Nova when it comes to things like that, and he far prefers living somewhere he can relax and not have to watch over his shoulder or constantly remind others that messing with him has unpleasant consequences. "I even managed to convince my best friend to move here, too. We're both trust fund kids, so other than taking care of this cat who took it upon himself to move into my house, there's no need for jobs." This is sort of true since he and Innic both receive a stipend for living expenses from Nova just as all adults in his faction receive. Although he ensured that his was far beyond what most Dark get since he figured he was owed it and so much more by that bitch. She's going to reap what she's sown in one way or another, so it may as well start with his stipend.

"What about you?" the blonde asks, his question almost overshadowed as the girl with the guitar plays the first few bars of a song and the crowd claps and whistles. She pauses to good-naturedly chide their interruption before continuing, the chords layering to form the melody of a song he heard last week on the radio the contractor was playing. "Why have you stayed here? Is it for family and friends or do you just love the beach?" Lifting the coffee mug to his lips he takes a sip of the rapidly cooling liquid before setting it back down. Midnight eyes meet deep pink and he smiles, relaxing once again and happy to allow the conversation to simply flow. "Also, tell me more about these clubs, if you don't mind..."

Jun: Zephyr... is a trust fund kid? His best friend lives here too? Talk about an odd fluke of circumstances and similarities because what are the odds that after two years living here, he'd have a chance encounter with someone whose life sounds a bit like his own. It's weird, but also pretty cool to already have something in common with the blonde.

"Um..." early dawn hued eyes slide down to his cup and he lifts it up to take a sip before he sets it back down, "it's... kinda funny actually cause I'm living with a friend I've known since school and..." he points to himself with his free hand with a small sheepish smile, "trust fund kid here too" slipping his hand from his cup, he sits back in his chair and in an instant, his expression straightens, "I mean I have a family..." if anyone can call them that, which with the way they treat him, he probably never will, "...sort of, hard to explain but I was adopted when I was fourteen or something and I don't know, never liked the arrangement-" that's the understatement of the year there since he'd rather pitch himself off the nearest skyscraper than have to live with any of them for any period of time, "-so me and my friend decided to jet since when I wanted to take off I was still underage and they weren't going to let me get a place of my own unless I had someone to room with who was legal," though now that he thinks about it, it does seem kind of weird that they'd allow him to live with someone who's really just a friend from his old school. He knows that the family likes his best friend a lot, and that they treat him with all the respect he's not afforded, but he's still got no connections to them beyond being his friend. Seems kind of... just, strange that it was ever allowed in the first place all things considering.

"But I um, I couldn't tell you why we chose this place originally," Jun continues with a slight shrug, doing his best to ignore the sudden round of loud chatter from the guitar girl's friends and pass what he's saying off as more casual than it actually is, "I think... I think I have a thing about the ocean so maybe that's it," It's the one place he's really ever felt at peace -which he guesses is why he can get so lost when he's staring at it sometimes too. "My friend's been on about picking up and moving out lately though because I guess he misses home and wants to head back there but..." the white haired teen goes quiet for a moment and when he does speak again, his voice leaves him a little low, "I don't know, I'm not really into it cause I like it here and I'm not sure I'm up for moving yet..." Though mostly it's a matter of him not wanting to leave a place he actually kind of knows. They may be moving back to their old home according to Taz, and he should be fine with that, but he hasn't told his best friend that his hesitation comes mostly from the fact that no matter how hard he tries, he hasn't been able to remember much about the place they'd lived in before they came to this city. The prospect of going back there worries him... he wants to stay in this place while it's still mostly familiar, for however long that familiarity lasts inside of his head and he's worried that the moment he walks away from it, like everything else, it'll be gone and he's just not ready to have that happen yet.

"Anyway," Jun starts up again with a small shrug of his narrow shoulders offered once more, "So yeah, it's a whole thing you probably didn't want to hear about I'm sure but I guess the bottom line is me being here is kind of a combination of the three; my friend, that family and the fact that I do really like that beach." he smiles, nodding towards the ocean beyond the cafe's windows.

"As for clubs and stuff uh... There's a lot... of good... ones..." falling silent for a moment, slender fingers reach out to begin picking lightly at the handle of his cup and soon he starts turning it absently around while he gets lost a little to his thoughts. But a few seconds into trying to think of good recommendations to give the blonde, his focus begins to slip away and pretty soon he's just staring at his hands while idly turning his half empty cup as if it's what he's meant to be doing all along. He's not sure how much time passes before his companion's voice breaks through the static that has overtaken his mind and blinking his early dawn hued eyes, he lifts them from his task and up to find Zephyr staring at him with a questioning look. Realizing that he was supposed to be doing something and feeling completely flustered internally over what he suspects just happened, he has to push himself into action again, muttering a quick apology for his momentary lapse.

"Sorry, um, was... thinking about it and, okay, so the thing is... hang on," slipping his fingers away from his cup in the most casual way he can possibly manage, he leans fluidly to his side just far enough to dip his hand down into one of his cargo pockets and tug his phone free, "It's kind of embarrassing but I get so wasted sometimes that I don't pay attention to the names of the places I go" which is not entirely the truth sure, but it sounds a hell of a lot better than him saying he's a fucking space cadet and honestly couldn't tell Zephyr what any place was called let alone give him directions to one. God, today's just been the worst with timing, on one hand he meets this totally hot guy who's shaping up to be pretty cool too, but on the other he's been really bad head-case wise and he wishes it would stop because he'd like not to completely weird the blonde out and scare him off before they've had much of a chance to actually talk. "See my best friend keeps tabs on them for us when we're out so I won't have to..." sliding his finger across pink device's screen, he dips into a folder with a snort, "...but I have it in here somewhere..." finding what he's looking for, he taps another folder open before twisting his phone around and setting it on the table between them so the other teenager can take a look.

"These three," Jun sits up and leans forward, the long ends of his ponytail slipping to his front at the same time the small wing charm around his neck spills against the Formica top as his loose tee bows down to reveal the toned chest that lies below. Too intent on his task he doesn't notice the way blue eyes rivet to him as he motions to three neon icons in a folder full of labeled map squares -some obviously bars, others clubs ranging from warehouses to small, basement type deals, "Pretty sure these ones are the best places to go," well, they are at the top in order and he wouldn't have put them there if they weren't ones he and Taz frequent more than the others. Or so he hopes. "You go clubbing a lot?" he wonders as he sits back in his seat, his phone left in its place for Zephyr to study and he doesn't seem to see the envelope icon lit up in the corner indicating he has three unread messages, "Cause uh I'm usually out there on the weekends-" and weekdays too more often than not, he notes to himself, "-and maybe we'll hook up sometime," Jun stops, realizing what it is that he said and suddenly embarrassed over it in a way he sure as hell hopes is not showing on his face, "not hook up-" he amends quickly, "-but you know, run into each other and club... together I think is what I mean..." okay seriously, what is with him right now? It's as if his brain's been actively trying to make him seem like the stupidest person on the face of the earth during this entire exchange or something just to ensure the taller teen won't ever want to speak with him again, god...

Zephyr: There's a moment when Jun falls silent and those beautiful pink eyes go a little glassy, staring down at the cup shifting between long fingers, that the Dark isn't quite sure what to do. This is the second time he's zoned out since they met on the beach walk, although this time is more pronounced than the last. Sure some people are natural space cadets, having a conversation on a topic one minute and then shifting gears in a total direction the next. This is different, but the only thing he can really say for sure about it is that it's happened both times he's asked the other teenager to recommend something to him-- first the coffeehouse and now a club. Like trying to think in depth temporarily blew a fuse in his mind or something. Really weird, but maybe that's just how he processes things or whatever.

Calling his companion's name snaps his attention back after a minute, and Zeph listens as the explanation of the locations marked in the phone is made, any concerns he had about Jun's mental check out evaporating when he's given a glimpse of the pale chest beneath the loose t-shirt. Smooth skin over lean, toned muscle is one of things he likes the most about other guys, the way they feel like steel under velvet never failing to turn him on. Packaged with the other teen's intensely good looks, the tall Selestarri's interest is absolutely piqued. He would very much enjoy putting his hands on Jun at a club, pressed together under the strobing lights while the beat shakes the very floor and pulses into their veins, sweat creating an almost electric friction with even the smallest movement...

The white-haired teenager slides back into his seat and Zephyr forces his gaze down to the phone screen, well aware that the thoughts currently coursing through his head are manifesting as something rather predatory in his eyes. Probably not a good idea to have that seen, not when it has a tendency to freak out all but the most adventurous humans. The club locations are pretty easy to pick out, all of them in the downtown area, the locations familiar due to a combination of his previous visits to the city and his flawless memory. None of them will be hard to find.

"Meeting up would be fun," the Dark saves the other teen from stumbled and trailing words. Easing back in his seat, midnight eyes take in the bright crimson flush currently crawling up Jun's neck and into his cheeks. Okay, that's so adorable he almost wants to say something risque just to see if it can possibly get any more red. Very tempting... but instead he picks up his half empty coffee cup and takes a sip. "I do go clubbing a lot, when I know a good place. Just something about the music thumping loud, pulsing like the beat of a second heart, you know? It's freeing to be on a packed dance floor, the conventional social norms meaningless when strangers are so close they might as well be another layer of your skin." Zeph grins, managing to reel the wicked edge of it in so only a hint leaks through. "You lose yourself and find yourself all at the same time. It's a bit addicting."

As a Dark, clubbing had been a thing at holidays for a long, long time. Every holiday on Nova begins with tradition and ritual and ends as a party in the only style their faction knows: massive and no holds barred. Food, liquor, drugs--they're everywhere for whomever wants them, and once a Dark is old enough, there's sex, too. There can't be any of those things without music, a large part of each holiday basically a huge rave. It's really no surprise that when finally given freedom in their immersion trainings, he and Innic sought out the clubs. There's so very much to be learned about humans on a dance floor. Sometimes he and Innic played one human off another, sometimes they competed against one another to see which of them the human would choose, or sometimes they lead a human on, but left them in the cold and went home together at the end of the night. If the instructors griped, they argued they were still completing assignments, and if they happened to enjoy themselves at the same time, where was the harm in that?

The last of the coffee is drained and the cup set back on the table top. "So yeah, I think we'd have a good time if we ran into one another at a club. You have to promise you won't move away before that happens." Long fingers reach up to flick thick white-gold bangs from his eyes. "It figures that the first cool person I meet in this city is about to leave." Well, technically Jun is the second cool person--and the second Jun for that matter-- that he's met in this city. Maybe he can meet this friend and telepathically "encourage" him to stay. A nudge in the right place or the addition of a few happy memories are likely all it will take to make this city seem like the best city on the planet. Compared to some of the things he's made people believe over the years, that would be a piece of cake.

"I think another cup of coffee is in order." Sliding the empty cup to the edge of the table, Zeph unfolds his tall frame from the chair. The girl is still playing guitar, but most of the rest of the coffeehouse is emptying out since the conventional dinner hours are rapidly approaching. Midnight eyes glance down to find pink looking up at him and he flashes a smile. "Do you want another mocha? Something else? Any food?"

Jun: god, that smile, he could easily get done in by that smile. Zephyr's just... really good looking and he needs to stop thinking about that because not only has he just met him and knows barely anything about him, he doesn't even know if the taller teen swings in his direction. Coming out and saying "Hey, I'm totally bi and I'm also totally into you" to a person you literally just met isn't something that usually goes over too well. Not to mention the fact that he could already be in a relationship for all he knows, and then it wouldn't even matter which direction he does swing in because regardless it would bring his chances down to none...

"...Sure," Jun answers with a nod when he realizes he got a little caught up in staring at Zephyr's smile that he's probably been silent for too long again, but when the blonde looks as if he's waiting for more than the ambiguous reply he gave, he adds, "another mocha would be cool."

As his companion scoops both cups from the table and moves back towards the counter, the white haired teen watches him for a moment before forcibly pulling his gaze away, shifting his early dawn hued eyes to his phone instead. Reaching out, he slides the device to him and once he's spun it around, it's then that he notices the lit up message icon in the corner now indicating that he has four messages missed. Tapping his messenger open with a fingertip, he finds a short series of texts from Taz; the first asking him about his eta back home, the second being sure to remind him not to forget the booze, the third asking him if he's remembered the entire list and if not, to be sure to check his pockets, and the last and most recent text asking him if he's okay or if he needs help. After reading each one, it seems to snap back into his head that he'd originally gone out to do the shopping and was supposed to bring it all back what's probably become hours ago and he swears at himself for the lapse.

Oh god, okay talk about bad. He already thought it was bad enough that he almost left the very groceries Taz has been sending him messages about at the beach, but then he'd started spacing a few times when talking to Zephyr, and now it seems he'd completely forgotten there was a reason he had the groceries with him in the first place. What's next? Is he going to forget meeting the blonde or having coffee with him? Will he even be able to keep the last hour or so in his head when they part ways, or is he going to lose that too? The thought of that is more than a little disturbing...

With a quick glance over to his bags to note the top of a bottle sticking out, he taps a quick message back in to his friend, telling him that he didn't forget, that he stopped by the beach and now he's having coffee. Then he adds a quick apology for not replying sooner, that he just got distracted but he promises he'll be back with the stuff in a bit. What he doesn't say is that he got distracted by a tall, good looking blonde, but it's not really like that's any of Taz's business anyway.

Hitting send just as Zephyr returns, this time with drinks in hand since the cafe has mostly emptied out, he thanks him even as his companion is sitting down before reaching forward to pull his new cup in close. "Hey so," Jun starts, setting his phone back down on the table in order to grip his cup with both hands, his early dawn hued eyes finding midnight through a line of side swept snow "I'm getting kinda hungry actually and I was wondering if you want to take off and find some place to eat when we get done here?" It's kind of forward of him to ask since coffee is one thing and dinner is entirely another, but he's hoping that maybe if he ends up spending a little more time talking to the blonde, that if he has just a little more time with him, maybe he won't forget him when they each go their own ways , "I mean, I need to drop those off at my place first-" long bangs shift when he nods towards his bags "-and it's about a fifteen minute walk from here so it's cool if you have somewhere to be while I'm doing that, but maybe we can meet up somewhere when I'm done?"

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