The Angel Hunt and Streifen A L T E R N A T E U N I V E R S E Stories. OneShots. Memes.

Welcome to AU! This page is for the Angel Hunt and Streifen Alternate Universe timelines. Many of these stories deal with adult themes, same sex relationships, violence and more. Any stories containing these themes in graphic detail will be marked by this -->[++]<-- at the top of the page. If those subjects make you uncomfortable, DO NOT read. I take no responsibility for your delicate sensibilities or offense of.

The character profiles for the first AU timeline are H E R E.

The Teen Years

In a Korean boarding school run by the Angel Hunt Corporation, Selestarri youths from both the Dark and Bright factions are assigned covert missions to discover what secrets they can find...

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The character profiles for the second AU timeline are H E R E.

After a failed attempt to assassinate their leader, two Dark Selestarri are voluntarily exiled to Earth under the guise of Faculty at a prestigious University. Assigned a Bright Watcher with a shaky past of his own, they find there are more than humans in this school...

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The character profiles for the fourth AU timeline are H E R E.


Rebirth follows Jun and Zephyr's Regular Universe timeline through Future Effects Y35, until one stroke of a broken blade tears them apart...

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The character profiles for the fifth AU timeline are H E R E.


Destiny takes place during the in-between times of this manga short. After a chance encounter where Zephyr literally collides with Jun in an alleyway when he was a child, the young Dark becomes obsessed with the idea of tracking the pink and white haired stranger down...

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One Shots
Single shot stories. Connected but independent of the main storyline.

[Just Casual Redux] [Lasting Damage] [Monster]

Random Memes. Interviews with the crew. Etc.


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