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B O O K T W O : P A R T 08

The Demon blinks, their lingering stare broken as his brow furrows thoughtfully. “Yeah… it sounds like a fairy tale I know, but it fits a whole lot better than us both not knowin’ a damn thing about our own world. Not ta mention the wings, the horns, an’ well… just about everythin’…” Cade trails off once more, struggling with the complex idea, but at the same time, having no other way to explain his theory.

Fanuel remains silent while his mind ticks over what’s been said, still unsure that what the Demon is suggesting is even possible. But he struggles inwardly to find any evidence to the contrary, something that despite his best efforts continues to elude him. Propping himself up on his elbows Cade turns to the bedside clock and eyes it questioningly. He’s sure of it now, there’s something that he’s supposed to be doing today, but damned if he can remember what it is. Lifting one hand he runs his fingers through ashen hair, drawing damp strands away from his orange gaze. He’s barely known this Angel for a day and already he’s distracting him from his previous plans, if this keeps up he’ll be utterly hopeless within a week. He knows he should push this one away, make him leave and never return, but despite all this, every moment of the last day has made him feel more alive than he‘s felt in a long time, and there’s no way in hell that can be a bad thing. Besides, he can handle it, can’t he?

Pulled from his own thoughts when he notices the other man to be suddenly distracted, the Angel peers over Cade’s broad shoulder and begins to wonder what in the hell on the dresser could be so goddamn interesting. “What the fu-” Fanuel is cut off as the Demon mumbles something under his breath, quickly shifting his attentions back to the Angel at his side.

“Wait… one thing I remember ‘bout Ma’s story…” Cade turns his body to face the conflicted Angel, one hand coming to rest absently on Fanuel’s bare thigh. “… She said that the trip made her nauseous and dizzy, like she’d been through a whirlwind an’ beaten by debris along the way…” he stares into the Higher’s white gaze intently. “… does that sound anythin’ like the trip with Saiyuri?”

“It… sounds exactly like every damn excursion she’s ever dragged me on actually…” the Angel frowns as his fingers slide up to rake errant snow colored strands away from his face with a sigh. A soft chill races beneath the surface of his skin at the touch of the other and it takes all of his willpower to ignore it.

“Each time I come out the other side, I feel completely fucked… almost… as if I’ve been sucked into a vacuum and spit against a fucking wall. Violently ill to put it mildly…” And usually afterwards she’s standing over him, looking down like it’s all some kind of fucking joke. He hates that, especially since he can’t do shit to get back at her for it and has had to simply deal. Thinking about the look on her face alone pisses him off and one of these days, no matter how long it takes, he will find a way to kick her ass for it, he swears it.

Faint idle strokes along his toned thigh pulls him from his thoughts and for a moment white eyes settle on the Demon only to find his locked on the place the absent hand is currently resting. As he slips tapered fingers away from layered locks, the movements suddenly stop and fiery eyes rise to greet him once more.

“Well fuck me…” Fanuel sighs quietly while both white and orange gazes remain locked. God damn, it’s all too perfect an explanation and no matter how hard he tries to find a way around it, it answers everything and just makes too much fucking sense. He knows what Saiyuri is and considering his Maker, he shouldn’t be surprised at her capabilities, but even still… to have the kind of power needed to not only jump from place to place, but jump through realities too is enough to blow his damn mind. If he wasn’t so god damned irritated at her in general, he might even feel some sort of awe.

“It still sounds ludicrous…” The Higher smirks. “…and I’m not at all saying I actually believe we’re not from the same place, but if it is true then… it’s no fucking wonder that money card Saiyuri gave me didn’t work…”

Cade’s smirk widens before breaking completely as he falls chuckling deeply onto the sheets, gasping for air as he struggles to regain control of his suddenly lost wits.

“What the fuck are you laughing about Lower?” Fanuel snorts as he quickly pushes down on the taller man’s shoulders, forcing him still as the Angel leans over prone form, a look of puzzlement now crossing his scarred features.

“Nothin’… ahh… nothin’ at all snowflake, just amused that after learnin’ that ya’re stranded in an alternate universe ya first thought is to conclude that’s why ya couldn’t buy any drinks...” Cade chuckles wistfully.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if that bitch did it just to spite me.” Fanuel smirks despite himself, the absurdity of the statement no longer escaping him. He’s still not sure how he feels about this revelation… on one hand being forgotten by that ruby lipped harlot is more than a blessing after the past few months of torment and considering that this puts him well out of his Maker’s path, he had to admit there are many benefits to be had. On the other hand without Saiyuri dropping back in he has no way to return home and the thought of not being able to see Fuan ever again, as hard as that already is, is really starting to anger him.

Cade can’t help but smirk as he notices the Angel’s position over him, orange eyes flicking down to watch perfect fingers digging in to toned white skin. “So, it seems I may have ta suffer through ya presence for a while yet then?” he grins wickedly.

“Oh… my my… am I interrupting something?” an accented feminine voice rings out from the open doorway, causing orange and white gazes to dart up simultaneously. A tall curvaceous woman stands silhouetted against the door frame, a small book tucked under her arm and a warm smile offsetting smart business attire as her white hair glows softly in the dim hallway light.

“How ‘bout a lil’ privacy Ursie?” Cade glares, but his smirk betrays his amusement as the buxom figure strides in to the darkened room anyway.

“The door was not locked darlink, you are not exactly the quietest lovers either, I could hear you two from the library…” she laughs, eying the Angel’s toned form and scarred features appreciatively. “… anyway, the driver has been waiting downstairs for half an hour, if you do not leave soon you will miss your plane.”

“Shit!” the Demon growls, suddenly slipping free of the Higher’s grasp to jolt up from the bed. How could he have forgotten that? Today is the day he’s supposed to leave again, he’d been home for weeks now and had already been itching to see new places and drink in all that the world had to offer him. Had this Angel really distracted him so much that he’d forgotten how boring this place could be?

“Nice to meet you little Angel.” She nods and quietly slips out of the room just as Cade moves to toss some clothes frantically into a nearby crumpled bag.

“Thanks Ursula.” Cade calls after her and spins back to eye Fanuel who now sits on the edge of the crimson bed questioningly. The Demon’s burning gaze runs over his toned form, down his supple body and scarred yet pristine skin. Shit, what is he going to do about the Angel? He’s having too much fun here to give that up for a little trip… the world is always going to be there, but how often does he get a chance to be challenged by an opponent that even now is driving him crazy. As he strides back to the stirring Higher a wicked smirk crawls across full eager lips. “Hey snowflake… wanna go to Paris?”

The Angel stares up at the other man for a moment in silence, milling over the invitation before an eyebrow is quirked in response. “Let me get this straight…” he starts while leaning back on his palms, the fiery eyes above shifting to do a slow sweep over the length of his exposed form once again. “…after all the bullshit you and I have been going through since last night, you only just now remember you’ve got some place better to be?” A smirk forms on full lips and he flips damp snowy hair dismissively to clear his line of vision before looking away. “Fuck you…” without turning his head back Fanuel glances to his side with a slightly narrowed gaze. “… Why don’t you give me one good reason I should go anywhere else with you now.”

A sly smirk plays across the Demon’s lips. “Well if ya really are in an alternate dimension Fanuel, I don’t see that goin’ a lil’ way across Europe’s goin’ ta make all that much difference…” he chuckles. “… besides, there ain’t much o’ a downside, if I kicked ya out now ya’d freeze within ten minutes. France will be much more to ya preferred climate.”

“I’ll just get myself a thicker fucking coat.” Fanuel scoffs.

“And then what? Wait around ‘til Saiyuri turns up ta take ya home? At least this way ya’ll put a good stretch between you and her before she comes lookin’ for her lil’ Angel…” Cade grins teasingly, tossing a handful of cigarette packets into his bag before slipping one long white stick behind his ear.

Fanuel shudders involuntarily. The thought alone makes his skin crawl and he has to admit that distancing himself from Saiyuri does seem like a good idea, especially if it gets him out of this frozen hell hole as well. His white eyes flick over the Demon’s toned form, tracing the strong lines subconsciously before he comes to his senses and tears his gaze away. Is he seriously considering actually choosing to spend more time with this Lower?

The taller man kicks aside the bag, packed haphazardly with discarded clothes, none of which have found their way on to his body. Striding slowly across the room towards the contemplating Angel, a wicked grin plays across full lips as he leans down to whisper into Fanuel’s ear. “Besides… way I see it we’re even right now, if ya leave now then ya’ll never truly beat me…”

A smirk forms and the Angel turns his head in the slightest, his quiet words spoken against the warmth of the taller man’s skin. “I’m sure you’d love it if I took the easy way out…” white eyes close momentarily and he inhales before he realizes he’s doing it, taking in the scent of scarred flesh that he’s beginning to know very well. When he really thinks on it, he finds he’s not sure if he’s ready to give this up just yet, despite the fact that he probably should. If Saiyuri has dragged him to a completely different world, he should be focused on finding a way to get back. Yet… it’s not as if spending any more time around the Demon will put a damper on that long term, because he knows that eventually that bitch will come back for him since she seems to live for making his life an irritating hell. So what can some extra time spent hurt him when all is said and done?

The Higher continues to linger for a moment longer with his mulling thoughts, his eyes reopening only when Cade shifts enough to slide his head back until their mouths are brushing, one burning gaze quickly meeting the other. “…I don’t think I’m up for letting you win anything between us by default.” He smirks against the full lips near locked with his own as tapered fingers slip towards the standing figure’s hair while another hand slides to the built chest looming above.

Slipping the cigarette free of its place behind the Demon’s ear, Fanuel flattens his other palm and suddenly pushes him back to allow himself room enough to rise.. Cupping the white stick in-between his lips the Angel grins before striding past the Demon and towards the room’s only bathe. “You also owe me a pair of pants…” he continues as his single seeing eye slides over his shoulder to narrow at the man standing behind. “…brand new, Lower, so I don’t have to gag every fucking time I move while I’m wearing yours.”

“Funny, ya didn’t seem so disgusted by my scent a minute ago snowflake…” Cade grins. “… but don’t ya worry, the first thing we’ll do when we land is go shoppin’, there’s no way I’m puttin’ up with ya wearin’ that same outfit the whole time we’re travellin’, ya don’t smell so fuckin’ fresh after a trainin’ session either.” The Demon taunts, tossing the large bag onto the bed as his eyes travel up to meet Fanuel’s snowy gaze.

The Higher turns and slips into the small ensuite, smirking over his shoulder before he disappears. “That’s just your stink Lower, and I’m going to wash it away before we leave.”

Blazing orange eyes trace over pristine skin as the Angel slips away, the white of a perfect shoulder glimpsed fleetingly as Fanuel slides completely from view. They really do need to get moving… the driver will wait for as long as needed of course, but the plane will not extend them the same luxury.

Peeking his head through the doorway Cade glimpses Fanuel’s bare form as the Higher leans over to run the water on the large antique bathtub, a wicked smirk crossing the taller man’s lips as steam begins to fill the small room. The Demon strides across the cool white tile and eyes the beautiful man slowly and wickedly. There is always a later flight… besides, who is he to pass up getting clean?

Long legs slip into the heated liquid, the Angel sinking down into the rising water as steam billows around his lithe form. Fanuel dips his head back to rewet layered white hair as Cade moves in closer, fiery eyes staring down at the sight before him for only a moment before he steps in over the one below. The Higher arches fluidly back up as the Demon sinks down, long legs moving over toned frame and an arm sliding beneath the surface to slip around his narrow waist. Cade’s free hand grasps onto the tub’s ledge for support before he snaps the other man up towards him, leaning in without hesitation to claim wanting lips. Tapered fingers trail over perfect skin before wrapping the Demon’s thighs as fiery eyes lock and only a moment of stillness keeps them apart, no words needed and none given as the desire in each man’s gaze burns clear.

As mouths brush and bodies tease, Fanuel has to wonder yet again what in the hell is wrong with him. It’s as if he’s been acting depraved, because no matter how hard he tries to pull away from Cade, he can’t seem to stop himself from taking more. Between last night and every event of this morning, he should be satisfied but fuck if he can get his body to believe it. He really can’t seem to get enough of the Demon’s touch, his taste or his scent and he’s not entirely sure at this moment if he ever will.

The Angel’s thoughts are forcibly interrupted when the shift of the taller man’s built frame grazes the excitement below. Wasting no time, he grips toned thighs tighter and tugs the Demon down, the breathless moans torn from both quickly lost as mouths and hips crash together hard…

Tapered fingers slip the last of his belt buckles into place before twisting the ties of white leathers closed. Allowing the ends to fall into place at his exposed stomach, Fanuel turns to push his feet into thick soled creepers before moving towards the Demon’s bed. A hand slides up to rake wet snow tinted strands back away from his face as he leans down to scoop his fur lined coat from messy red silk bedding. His white gaze trailing back over a bare shoulder to find the other just as final buttons are being pushed through the holes of a crisp shirt now covering his built frame. The Angel’s movements slow as he finds himself caught, his seeing eye watching every small movement and shift the taller man makes. Orange eyes soon catch his to break the spell, both gazes held a moment longer before the Higher smirks and pulls his own away.

“Don’t think too much about any of this shit,” He starts while straightening, throwing his coat around his body and sliding it up toned arms as he moves towards the door. “I’ve just got nothing better to do…”

The Demon plucks up some black and white dress shoes and sits down on the bed, orange eyes darting up as he slips them onto his feet. “Is that so Fanuel? Then I guess I’ll just have ta keep it interestin’.” A sly smile crosses his lips and he raises an eyebrow at the Angel knowingly.

“Whatever…” Fanuel grumbles as he slips through the doorway, his back turned so the Demon can’t see the small smirk that forms as he begins to walk away. Lifting a long crimson coat from the now smaller pile at the end of his bed Cade slides it over toned arms and slings the heavy bag over his shoulder, scooping up a cigarette from the dresser as he follows quickly.

Catching up as the Higher strides towards the stairs Cade turns to take in his unexpected travelling partner slowly, his burning gaze dropping quickly to the pair of his own pants the Angel is now wearing. A wicked grin pricks full lips as his eyes witness the way black leather hugs the shorter man’s body tightly. “How’s that scent workin’ out snowflake, ya could always take em off if it gets too much for ya.” Cade grins teasingly.

“Fuck you, this whole goddamn place smells like your kind, they’ll do until I get out of here and then I’m going to burn them and wash for a fucking week.” The Angel growls as they reach the foyer and a middle aged man in a plain black suit bounds up from a waiting room couch to greet them enthusiastically. “Are you ready to go sir? Here let me take that.” The driver nods as the Demon dumps the bag into his waiting arms but otherwise ignores the man to turn back to Fanuel quickly.

“Ya know ya say that snowflake, but every time we go ta clean up ya do seem ta get more of my scent on ya than before.” Cade chuckles, pushing open the heavy doors as he moves. He turns at the bottom of low marble steps to slide the cigarette into his mouth and begin to wait for the driver impatiently. His gaze washes over the waiting black town car before turning back to his companion as he lifts his hand to smirking lips, fire sparking between tapered fingers to light the long white stick dramatically.

The man in the black suit hurries to deposit the Demon’s bag into the car before he scurries around to open a door for the waiting men. Bowing his head he steps back as the door opens, gesturing for them to enter while he fidgets a little nervously.

Before Cade can move to respond Fanuel pushes past him, tapered fingers flicking up to steal the cigarette from his lips and raise it to his own in taunting defiance. “You’re too damn slow. Don’t you get tired of being inferior Lower?” the Angel smirks, sliding across the leather seats as the smoldering stick burns and a puff of smoke is blown back in the Demon’s face in challenge.

With a wicked grin Cade dives into the back seat, gravel kicked up in his wake as the door is shut firmly behind him.

This is going to be a fun trip.

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