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B O O K T H R E E : P A R T 01


A loud crack and a gust of rushing wind interrupts the stillness of the roomy loft, the enshrouding darkness splashed by pale moonlight shining in from floor to ceiling windows spanning the entire stretch of far off wall. Sheer panel curtains and messy bedding left untouched rise up and flutter as the gusts begin to swirl uncontrollably, the whirlwind growing increasingly insistent until two figures suddenly materialize into view, dropped immediately onto the empty, waiting king sized bed.

As both vampire and Demon reel in the wake of travel, light coughing wracking each curved figure as their bodies slowly begin to calm, Saiyuri’s petite frame solidifies at the foot of the bed, a sly grin painting her pretty face. “It’s been a while since I’ve taken on more than one passenger…” she turns and begins moving towards the room’s bathe, flawed red eyes slipping back over a narrow shoulder and a wink offered to the stationary pair behind her, “Not too bad now was it girls?”

Lisette moves to speak but is caught by another bout of coughing as her stomach lurches, sending her wide eyed look into an uneasy frown.

With an impressed grin Bella slides up from her stomach to sit slowly, her blue gaze washing over her surroundings as she recovers from the sensations quickly. This is not the first time the Demon has felt such things, though she has to admit, this time is a lot more pleasant than her first encounter had been. This one is definitely experienced, and the distant feel of the place she is now in proves her suspicions of inter dimensional travel succinctly. “Not at all darling, one of my more pleasant trips I must admit.” She chuckles, long fingers running through her hair to slide it back from her shoulders as she props her body up, her bare back arching suggestively.

Saiyuri smiles as the Demon’s curvy frame is highlighted by the pale moonlight, her alluring silhouette causing the petite woman to linger for just a moment longer as she raises an eyebrow, shooting a come-hither look to her two guests before disappearing into the bathroom.

The vampire stretches out on the huge bed, her body finally beginning to recover from the lingering illness just enough for her to stare up at Bella questioningly. “Where are we ma chérie?” Lisette sighs, her voice tinted with the faintest hint of worry.

“It would appear we are wherever our new plaything is from…” Bella states matter-of-factly, turning her buxom form to her stretched out lover and smiling a little as she leans down to run her fingers gently across her cheek. “… I do not trust her either darling, but we should simply enjoy the opportunity. I can always take us home if necessary.” She smiles, pulling the vampire towards her as lips press softly, all worry quickly fading away under her reassuring touch. The sound of running water carries out into the open bedroom and the tone of pleased humming follows it quickly, a small grin brought to pressed lips as thoughts of the mysterious woman float through minds immediately.

“It will be nice to spend a little time away from it all… it was what this holiday was all about, non? Also I must admit… as a host she is most alluring.” Lisette smirks, kicking her long legs up to slide from the large bed gracefully. With a little chuckle Bella returns her lover’s smirk in agreement, cloven hooves settling on the soft floor as she peers slowly towards the inviting sound.

“Do you think she can hear us ma chérie?” Lisette grins, already creeping towards the open door slowly.

“I am sure of it darling...” Bella smiles wickedly, darting forward to slip in behind the curious vampire before she even notices the Demon is moving. Without warning her palms meet Lisette’s rear and push her firmly through the doorway and towards the bathe. “… So we should not keep her waiting.”

A smile forms quickly on the vampire’s lips as she passes through the threshold, followed closely by the Demon as they find steam billowing out into the pristine modern bathroom from a large glass enclosure. Silhouetted through shifting white clouds as water streams down from the wide showerhead above, Saiyuri’s curvy frame is highlighted perfectly just beyond the clear, spanning wall. Cool blue eyes slide over to meet violet and a sultry smile is exchanged before the tap of lacquered fingernails against glass pushes the wide shower door open, flashes of water slicked skin pulling their attentions back to their host immediately.

“Somehow I managed to get myself so dirty…” Saiyuri grins from within the glass chamber as her hands slide up to slick long black hair away from her face, each movement she makes outlined by the white, billowing mass that surrounds. “…and I might just need some help getting clean, the task appears to be a little beyond me.”

Lisette cannot help but chuckle as she plays along with her new host’s little act. “Oh, this is most troubling ma chérie, we should see to this immediately!” Her almost serious tone is utterly betrayed by the wicked grin playing across her lips. Slipping one long leg in to the steaming shower gracefully she makes an appreciative sigh when the warm water runs across her supple skin, wasting no time as her lithe form quickly follows.

With no hesitation Saiyuri wraps her arm around the vampire’s waist, pulling her into the steady flow as mouths roughly join under the rain of warm water. Rivulets stream down joined bodies as a low moan is shared, wet forms pressing together as tongues quickly meet.

“I’m afraid it’s more serious than you think darling, this one cannot be trusted to stay clean… she really must be protected from herself.” Bella smirks, watching the pair move under the running water as she plucks a white towel from the counter and lets it unfurl in her grasp.

Breaking free of the lingering kiss Lisette begins to turn to her Demon lover, the wide smirk on her lips replaced with a surprised gasp when Saiyuri drags her lacquered nails lower to graze across the vampire’s thighs teasingly. “Oh!... yes… she is very dirty indeed.” Her violet gaze burns with mischief as she nods to Bella before turning back to get revenge in kind.

A loud tearing sound fills the air as the Demon rips the towel and claims a long strip, testing its strength in tapered fingers before blue eyes dart up to her companions wickedly. Moving quickly she slips into the large shower, hooves clicking on the white tiles as she moves behind Saiyuri while the vampire continues to distract her.

Within moments white fabric is looped around slender wrists and drawn tight as the petite woman smirks, allowing herself to fall into the obvious and easily escapable ploy, but rather curious to see where it will lead. An instant later her arms are lifted above her head as Bella hoists the binding fabric high and ties it to the solid beam supporting the showerhead.

“Oh my, you do appear to have me at your mercy.” Saiyuri grins, feigning a slight struggle as the Demon moves to slide long fingers across her stomach slowly.

Leaning in, Bella’s soft lips press to Saiyuri’s ear as her sultry whisper barely carries over the sound of the running water, sending a chill down her captive’s spine all the same. “All part of the full service darling…” With that Bella’s hands are already moving, pouring cool liquid soap over bare shoulders as the new sensation sends a pleasant shiver through the petite woman.

Gasping as long fingers dance across wet skin, Saiyuri squirms under the Demon’s roaming touch, elegant hands exploring each and every inch of the shorter woman’s supple body. Turning her head to reach Bella, the dark haired woman moans as crimson lips claim her own, any protest dying on the Demon’s tongue as she returns the fevered kiss passionately.

No longer content to simply watch the beautiful torment playing out before her, Lisette grins as she sinks to her knees, taking the moment of distraction to surprise the captive woman when her sharp fangs graze across Saiyuri’s thigh. The new sensation forces mouths free, the shorter woman’s breath stolen as the vampire’s teasing mouth drags over sensitive skin.

The petite woman writhes as the torment quickly becomes too much for her, the teasing building until she can no longer stand it and she simply must break free. Readying her arms to pull at the simple bindings she takes a deep breath, only to have it stolen quickly and passionately. Pleasure courses through her slickened frame as the vampire’s lips claim heated flesh, knees threatening to go weak in an instant if not for the Demon’s hands that now press to ample breasts. A wicked moan slips free from ruby lips as she leans back against Bella’s voluptuous body, her two guests working in unison to send Saiyuri’s mind reeling.

Water continues to slick over wet bodies as the petite figure falls deeper and deeper, beading across curved frames as hands and tongue work expertly to pull her down. Flawed crimson slide shut while lithe frame arches, breathless moans and gasping whimpers spilling into the steam warmed air. Tapered fingers glide over ample breasts, a single hand slipping up to grip just beneath the petite woman’s jaw and Bella leans in as she tilts Saiyuri’s face up, teasing lips brushing before her mouth is claimed again.

Delicate hands clench at makeshift ties and soon the bound woman is unable to stand the torment any longer. Tearing the cloth strip away from the showerhead with no effort given, lacquered fingernails tangle in wet coal strands and blue and black locks alike to hold her willing captors in place. The tattered strip falls to the tile, gasps lost to deepening kiss and heated flesh. Without even a moment’s pause the vampire’s hands trail back over perfect thighs and take hold, the contact broken momentarily as she suddenly lifts to pull a long leg over her narrow shoulder.

Air forces Bella and Saiyuri apart, both women left panting even as the Demon’s arm wraps her captive’s waist in an attempt to regain the control she’d nearly lost. Lithe frame arches against hers, full lips skimming water slicked skin and the renewal of Lisette’s assault from below tearing new cries from parting mouth.

Fingers grip tight in Lisette’s hair, pressing her tormenting mouth hard against hot flesh, the vampire’s moan lost in slickened skin as she fulfills Saiyuri’s need eagerly. Shifting her form the petite woman grinds her hips against the wicked sensation, desiring more of the vampire’s maddening mouth and growing needier in every passing moment. Water streams down swaying forms as their bodies move together gracefully, a rolling wave building inside Saiyuri’s core as she claims the Demon’s lips forcefully once more, a needing whimper lost in her crimson smirk as the edge begins to loom in the distance.

As breathing quickens Saiyuri’s lips slip free, the need for air becoming too great as her legs grow weak with the building ecstasy. Thin fingers tightening in blue locks Lisette moans as the pain sends her own nails digging into supple thighs hard, the petite woman leaning back against the curvy Demon as lithe arms wrap her tightly. All else is lost in the moment as Saiyuri bucks against the vampire’s tongue, drawing ever closer and every mind wracking second passing feverishly. With a wicked smirk Bella’s lips tease across bared skin, the added sensation sending petite form rocketing towards the looming edge.

Lisette’s head is wrenched back as their captive arches, the petite woman soaring into the abyss as waves of pleasure crash across her body, trembling form supported by the buxom Demon as soothing lips trail across her narrow shoulders slowly. As Saiyuri recovers the vampire slides up from her knees to embrace the reeling woman, water slicked bodies pressed together as the three lovers sway under the downpour, breathing heavily. Violet eyes meet flawed crimson as the pair share a wicked grin before the vampire’s gaze flicks back to blazing blue with a smile. “Oh ma chérie, it appears we have only made her even dirtier.” Lisette chuckles teasingly.

“That does seem to be the case, sugar.” Saiyuri starts as a sly smile reforms on her full lips, flawed red eyes lighting as lacquered nails begin trailing towards the blue and black dreads at her front. “I wouldn’t want to have my guests feeling left out so I think...” sliding over wet hair as the Demon grins down from behind, Saiyuri’s fingers slip beneath the vampire’s jaw to tilt her head back until violet eyes meet both crimson and blue, “…I’ll just have to find a way to remedy that right now…”

A plush towel runs through coal strands as Saiyuri sits upright on the large messy bed, her legs crossed casually before her. Lying to her side, Bella’s curved frame is perched alluringly while one long arm remains draped over her hip and the other supports her pretty head.

“That way, doll.” The petite woman directs Lisette without bothering to look up at the lithe figure moving through the darkened room, the large closet she motions towards highlighted by the light spilling out from the opened bathroom doorway and spanning windows alike. “There’s a closet full of clothing right there.” Finally slipping the towel down, she discards it over the side of the bed before leaning back against the rich wood headboard. Sliding her legs out to cross at her front, an amused look forms as the Demon reaches over and runs a tapered finger over the lines of smooth skin idly. “Not sure any of it will fit that pretty body of yours, but it doesn’t hurt to try right?”

Lisette grins as she strides over to the wide closet, putting a little extra sway in her hips as she sees the two lounging women watching her closely. Pulling open the heavy doors she begins to flick through the contents slowly. “Hmm… yes, we are not all so slender I am afraid.” She chuckles before slipping out a tiny black miniskirt and eyeing it approvingly.

The Demon smiles as Lisette presses the garment to herself, leaning in to whisper in her host’s ear. “You’re going to enjoy this aren’t you darling?” she smirks, a moment later sliding herself from the bed gracefully. Saiyuri only makes an appreciative noise in return as the vampire begins to slip the tiny garment along her long shapely legs.

The vampire frowns when the tiny skirt only makes it to her thighs and will go no further without serious tearing. “Oh… damn, I liked that too.” She chuckles and quickly slides the garment free. Before long Bella joins her and the pair flick through skirts, gowns and a little fetish wear that they both find intriguing. Moments later however Bella slides a slightly larger pair of black leather pants from the far end of the closet and studies them slowly.

“Oh, those belong to my little Angel, but since he is not here to complain…” Saiyuri chuckles, nodding towards the Demon as she slides from the bed to watch them a little more closely. Bella smirks before glancing down at her cloven hooves as they begin to bend and warp, the soft pop of bone and muscle filling the air as they shift back into long shapely legs, her little toes soon digging into the soft carpet. Shooting a small look to her host she begins to step into them, the black leather hugging her ample curves tightly. “… You know, that suits you Sugar… quite well actually…” She adds, smirking at the topless Demon as she turns back to rummage through Saiyuri’s tops carefully.

Before long Lisette finds a stretchy black evening dress that hugs her form tightly, sliding it over her tall frame and grinning as the short garment ends just below her hips. “Mmm, not bad…” the vampire smirks, striding back across the room and spinning in front of her host as the slinky fabric barely covers her rear. “… but perhaps I may require some underwear… in the interests of leaving something to the imagination?”

“Imagination is overrated.” Saiyuri smirks as she continues to eye the vampire approvingly for several long moments before she shifts her attentions back to the drawers at her front. “Personally, I like it, but…” red eyes light up as she makes a quiet sound, slipping something free and spinning on her heels while waving the garment in hand. “…I do think these should finally get some use.” Lacquered nails trail out to hold up what looks to be a very small, very shiny PVC thong out, her grin practically wicked. “Care to break them in?”

Lisette smiles as the petite figure swings the garment teasingly, exchanging a look with her Demon before moving to take the offering. Saiyuri pushes away from the dresser as the taller woman begins to examine what she’s been given, reaching out as she passes to playfully scrape long nails over her backside in a way that earns her a soft little gasp.

Swaying hips bring Saiyuri back to the Demon and she stops to run her flawed gaze over the contents of her own closet, a thoughtful look playing across her pretty features soon after. “Hmm… I’m not sure any of this will do…” her tone is that of feigned innocence, the glint in her eyes giving away the obvious ploy. “but… until we can get you girls something more suitable, why don’t you wear-“ reaching out, Saiyuri plucks a leather bustier free and turns towards the Demon at her side, the straps and buckles clinking in her movement as she grins up at the taller woman. “-this”

Bella smirks as she eyes the strappy excuse for a top amusedly. “Darling I may as well not wear anything at all. The effect will be the same…” She grins but takes the garment all the same, turning it over in her fingers as she strides to the full length mirror. “… I believe I may need some help getting into this however.” She turns to her host, slipping the buckled straps around her from behind and holding them as the material already stretches tightly against her busty frame.

“Oh I do believe I can help with that Sugar…” Saiyuri grins, slipping between the Demon and the mirror as her fingers slide across the buckles gently. Flawed red gaze meet vibrant blue as a wicked look is shared, small hands teasing unnecessarily slow across barely contained skin as Bella carefully holds the taut leather around her while each buckle slides into place.

Something catches Saiyuri’s eyes and suddenly crimson eyes slide away, entranced by a sight over the Demon’s bare shoulder. Glancing in the mirror Bella smirks as she spots the vampire sliding the thin PVC slowly up the curves of her long shapely legs, bent over strategically and facing away from their host so that the tight dress rides almost entirely free of her bare backside. Turning to grin at the enthralled pair Lisette sways her hips as she straightens, exaggerating the act as she shoots them a sly look.

“Hmm yes… definitely the right choice.” Saiyuri grins, buckling the final strap on the straining bustier as her gaze returns to the Demon finally. Gazing down at the taut leather Bella smiles despite herself, unimpressed by the fit, but amused all the same. “Still, I would prefer to pick up something a little more my style…” she chuckles, sliding her hands down to rest on Saiyuri’s hips. “… but that can wait darling, for now, I think our new host needs an outfit picked out as well.”

Lisette grins, sliding in behind the pair to whisper into Saiyuri’s ear teasingly. “It is only fair, non?”

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