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B O O K T H R E E : P A R T 02

Flawed red eyes slip back over a narrow shoulder, the petite woman grinning a little slyly in return. “Oh… of course, doll…” slipping her gaze back to the Demon before her, she smirks. “…what fun would this be without a little fair play, hmm?”

The vampire grins and pulls away, soon joined by her Demon as they move back towards the large open closet behind while Saiyuri simply turns and strides back to the bed in order to plop her curvy frame down in the center. Violet and blue eyes alike skim over the contents as fingernails run through all the various styles and the sitting figure leans back to watch intently, long legs crossed in front and an amused smile spanning her ruby colored lips.

After a few moments of sifting, Lisette’s entire expression lights up and a look is shared with the Demon at her side before a small nod is given in approval. Plucking a tiny red garment free, the blue haired woman turns back towards the seated figure to hold her choice out.

Saiyuri skims over the slinky scrap of fabric before glancing back up to the standing pair, her tone as sly as the look painting her pretty features when she speaks. “Very nice, sugar…” she starts as she straightens just a little, making no move to remove herself from her bed. “However I feel… a little help might be in order...” Her grin widens. “You know what they say… two sets of hands are better than one.”

The Demon smirks, abandoning her efforts to ensure she isn’t busting out of the tiny leather top to stride across the room towards Saiyuri. “They do say that don’t they? Well, we must do our best then… mustn’t we darling?” Bella chuckles, shooting a quick sly look at Lisette who returns her smirk quickly.

Standing in front of the bed, Bella’s hands slide along Saiyuri’s bare legs -dancing towards the skimpy garment before suddenly pulling away. Slender thighs are trapped by long fingers when the Demon gives them a sharp tug, sending the petite woman’s back crashing down to the soft bed. “Why don’t you help our host with her dress Lisette?” she grins, bright blue eyes staring into flawed crimson devilishly. Pressing one knee to the soft bed Bella leans over Saiyuri’s form, her mouth lingering teasingly close to ruby lips then drawing away to flaunt her momentary power in their little game.

With a wicked smile the vampire takes the thin dress and slides it along Saiyuri’s legs, taking her time to tease each inch of exposed skin carefully. “It is a delicate process… we must not rush things, non?” Lisette smiles down at their captured host, reaching curvy hips and letting out a disappointed sigh when the dress will slide no further, limited by the bed beneath her rear. Sliding her fingers behind Saiyuri’s neck the Demon pulls her free of the large bed, drawing the petite woman up to herself as she stands gracefully. Without bothering to look, her hands grasp the tiny dress to slide it up Saiyuri’s frame, the skimpy number parting at her waist to end behind her neck and leave little to the imagination.

Lisette grins as she admires her handiwork, the dress she chose ending not much lower than her own form fitting number and revealing Saiyuri’s curvy body very suggestively. “Mmm, perfect... Though of course anything at all hiding my present is a little shame.” She smirks.

“I think we’ve discussed this already sugar, you two are definitely my presents, and I intend to enjoy them as much as I can. Do you have a problem with that?” Saiyuri grins back, her body pressed against the leather clad Demon whose hands still hold her tightly against her curvaceous frame.

“Not at all ma chérie, in fact, I insist that you are well and truly satisfied.” The vampire grins and bites her lower lip suggestively.

“So… what does our gracious host have in store for us, hmm?” Bella leans in close and her lips play across Saiyuri’s ear gently, the soft sensation quickly sending a shiver down the smaller woman’s body.

The sly smile on the petite figure’s lips widens, flawed red eyes sliding up over a narrow shoulder to meet stunning blue. “That doll… will be a fun surprise you’ll have to wait a little longer for.” Long nails travel up towards the Demon’s jaw and Saiyuri traces the very tips once before she pulls away, turning from the pair to move to the bedroom’s open doorway, her hips swaying with every step. “First… I think it’s time to go shopping. As much as I’m enjoying the view my clothing provides, it’s just not going to do I’m afraid…” glancing back over her shoulder again as she reaches the threshold, Saiyuri motions to the taller women to follow with a slight nodding of her head. “…traditional modes of travel this time girls, just for a change of pace… and some fresh air.”

“I suspect that means being a little more discreet doesn’t it darling? I don’t suppose Demons are public knowledge in this world?” Bella sighs ruefully, her long horns already winding back between her dark locks, twisting away and then gone as she follows Saiyuri to the doorway.

“I’m afraid not dollface, but you can bring them out again for me later, I promise.” The petite woman grins, taking one last lingering look at her scantily clad guests before leading the way out into the rest of the open plan loft.

Lisette’s eyes slide over the small kitchen and combined dining and living space, the compact place never the less sleek and modern, not too dissimilar to a few places she owns for her own travels. “Nice place…” she smiles, her gaze darting to the large open balcony with a beautiful view of the city.

“Thank you sugar, there’ll be plenty of time to give you the tour later, the night is still young.” Saiyuri chimes, her hips swaying hypnotically as she reaches the top of a wide staircase leading down to the ground floor.

Bella smiles at her vampire warmly, her arm wrapping loosely around her slender waist as they descend the long stretch of staircase, and a look of expectant excitement graces delicate features as they step into a wide open floor space at the base of the stairs themselves. The tall echoing area devoid of anything save a sleek silver car parked in the open room near a large roller door.

“Oh, she is so pretty!” Lisette grins, padding over towards the small sports car in excitement. Slowly she runs her fingertips along the sleek lines, the vintage convertible glistening a little under the bright warehouse lights.

With a little grin Saiyuri presses a button to begin sliding the huge docking door open, a rumbling motor kicking into action as she strides around the sleek car with pride. “Hop in sugar.” She smirks, kicking her slender legs up and over the convertible’s door to land gracefully in the driver’s seat. Following suit Bella slides herself into the passenger’s seat flawlessly and crosses one leg over the other in the small space the car affords.

Lisette moves to follow then freezes when she realizes that the two-seater car is quite full, shooting a little pout at her Demon she never the less launches herself over the door gracefully, landing in Bella’s lap with a small yelp and flashing her an innocent smile as her long arms wrap loosely around her lover’s neck. “Mmm, comfy.” She chuckles, her grin returning when Bella’s immediate shock turns to sly amusement. The vampire’s feet nestle into Saiyuri’s lap and she gives her host a little wink when toes brush teasingly against her bare thigh.

With a wicked smirk Saiyuri starts the vintage machine, reaching her fingers down between Lisette’s knees to shift the car into gear they roll out of the non-descript warehouse and into the street. Lacquer tipped nails slip gears again as a single hand twists the shining wheel, flawed red eyes glancing over to her passengers and a wide grin given soon after.

“Brace yourselves” The two women have only enough time to flash the petite driver a smile before a bare foot slams onto the gas pedal, a hard jolt spinning tires against the asphalt to send smoke screeching up behind as the car speeds recklessly down the darkened roads towards the city lights far beyond…

Bright blue eyes glance over to the side and Saiyuri grins in acknowledgement without pulling her own away from the road ahead, the car’s momentum never once slowing as the highway flitters by. The vampire’s violet gaze is plastered up towards the night sky as the scenery streaks by, the wind whipping blue and black locks behind and her lover’s arms securing her slender waist to keep her in place. Lisette gasps when a sudden jerking turn sends gravel kicking up behind the vintage car’s wheels and her Demon clamps down to hold her tighter, the highway quickly left behind as the driver pulls onto a long winding, pitch road nearly hidden by the shroud of covering trees lining its sides. Despite the surrounding blackness, red eyes are trained on a pathway she knows very well and before long, the forested area at their right begins to speckle with the hints of iron and a flicker of immaculate grounds beyond.

“We’re just stopping by to see an old friend, doll…” Saiyuri smiles as the rush of heavy magic in the air pulls a skeptical look to the Demon’s features and she glances over, winking playfully to reassure. “Where we’re going, it’s needed. But don’t worry, he’s guaranteed to kick the night off in style.”

Saiyuri slams on the brakes and car skids to a stop in front of two very tall black iron gates, ornate detailing skirting their edges and closing off an equally high iron fence.

Bella could feel the energy of this place from the start of the road, but now the feeling is almost electric in the air and even the vampire’s ears are pricking at the sensation. Yes, the magic protecting this place is very powerful indeed, and it sends a small tingle down the Demon’s spine. “This friend… he is the domesticated one you spoke of earlier, isn’t he darling?”

Saiyuri gives a quick nod and runs her fingers teasingly over Lisette’s heels as she frees them from her lap and slides her lithe form out of the car. “This won’t take long doll, I promise.” She grins back at them, striding towards the large gates with a visible sway in her step. With a final glance given to the pair left behind, a sudden small ripple of sparks from the invisible barrier flickers in front of Saiyuri before she’s simply gone, the brief commotion silenced the instant the petite figure fades from view.

With a little sigh Lisette leans back against the car door, arching her entire body and stretching herself out in the small space afforded by the tiny car. “Nice place.” She murmurs, looking out through the tall gates to scan over the immaculate grounds, the driveway behind the gates flanked by well kept gardens and trailing down to a huge fountain, nestled in front of a tall stately mansion.

“Yes darling, and whoever lives there has gone to a lot of trouble to ensure their privacy, and that only makes me more curious...” She frowns, sliding her hands beneath the vampire’s legs to lift her free as she slips out of the small car and strides closer to the gate. The place reminds her in many ways of her own mansion but she’s never sensed this type of magic before, the way it feels and the restrictions she knows it imposes on even someone as powerful as herself sets her immediately on edge. “Yes… a lot of trouble indeed.”

Saiyuri sits perched at the foot of the Demon’s oversized bed, her curvy frame sitting casually at the edge of a heavily carved footboard while flawed red eyes simply stare down at the pair resting on red silk covered down. Fanned snow white hair and pale skin practically glow in the minimal moonlight shining in from floor to ceiling windows spanning the far end of the empty room. The only sounds beyond the distant call of crickets are that of the soft breathing spilled against a built chest as the Former Angel rests in strong arms buried beneath the deep folds of uninterrupted sleep.

She smiles as she stares on, her crimson gaze sweeping over every line and detail of both men while the very tips of lacquered nails tap idly at carved mahogany wood. She knows her Demon is awake, he’s always awake. She’s been here for a few minutes already and this little game is something she’s come to expect when it comes to her white haired beauty.

Though as the minutes of stillness begin to tick on, a slow frown forms on ruby colored lips while her tapping grows just a little louder, her impatience growing along with it. For as much as she’s enjoying the view she’s being given, she does have guests waiting for her outside and it’s just a little rude to keep them there, so either Jenova acknowledges her soon or she’ll simply have to make him do it instead.

[Be silent…] the Demon finally says as if on cue and a moment later, clear crimson eyes slide open to meet her gaze through the surrounding darkness of the room. [I will not have you wake him…]

[Wouldn’t dream of it…] Saiyuri grins in response, the tapping of her nails halting in an instant. [Though you could have acknowledged me sooner and I wouldn’t have made any noise at all…]

[Why… are you here…?] The words are more of a demand than a question, the coldness to each syllable clear despite his even tone.

[I need a favor] Saiyuri’s smile never waivers as she continues, shifting silently to slide a long, stocking covered leg up and drape her arm across it. [I’ve got some out of town guests waiting, as I’m sure you already know. I’d like to show them a good time and you’re … a little more equipped to handle this particular task than I am… Considering your resources and all.]

Jenova simply quirks a single white brow in response, causing the petite figure to chuckle quietly.

[Just one little favor dollface, then I’ll be out of your hair…] she smirks while nodding her head towards Fuan [and his… I promise.]

[And should I feel… generous enough to grant this favor…] the Demon begins again, his words trailing purposefully.

[Oh, I’ll make it up to you… whatever you want, sugar… Anything] Saiyuri grins while leaning forward, coal tinted strands slipping over narrow shoulders as her tone turns serious and sly. […and I’ll do it.]

Jenova smirks. […Very well...] he says after moment of silence, [… I will be down shortly…]

[Great!] the petite woman chimes happily while sitting back [I knew I’d be able to count on you, see you in a few… Just have to go bring my guests inside] with a wink given her curvy body fades out, the heavy seal over his room rippling softly as her presence slips from view.

The slightest of sighs slides free of pale lips once he and Fuan are again alone. The Demon turns his head down to touch his nose at a crown of dark black colored locks, a deep breath soon taken in.

How very interesting that she would bring what she has to his home. At this moment he isn’t sure whether he should feel annoyed at the disruption or curious for the presences themselves…

Either way, it will concern him little in the end; they will not be around long enough for him to care.

Shifting back, the Demon’s gaze slides over the Former Angel’s face and he takes in the sleeping man’s features, a light smile cracking at the corner of his mouth before he finally decides to rise. Carefully slipping a muscular arm from beneath Fuan’s head, he takes a moment to lay him carefully back down against the pillow and arrange his long coal locks before twisting fluidly to slide his body from the large bed. Bare feet touch at cold hardwood, the sheer kimono draping his muscular frame trailing down a broad shoulder as he moves with silent steps towards the room’s heavily carved door. Glass tipped fingers twist ornate brass, the seal dissipating only momentarily as he steps into the hall. As the door clicks closed behind him and the seal ripples back, the tall Demon begins moving through the fourth floor landing towards the large stairwell that will take him to the levels below …

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