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B O O K T H R E E : P A R T 03

Lisette leans against the idling red car and runs her fingers appreciatively over the shiny hood, beginning to wish, not for the first time that she had a cigarette, for the cinematic quality alone. “Who do you think lives in there?” she smiles up at her curious Demon, who even now is studying the grounds through the heavy fence as if they’ll give some vital clue.

“A Demon darling… but not like we know them, that alone is enough to make me very interested…” Bella turns back to her lover just as a small ripple forms beside the small car. “… oh, it looks like our gracious host has returned.” She smiles as Saiyuri’s lithe body shimmers back into view.

“Sorry to keep you waiting dollface, he can be so stubborn sometimes.” She grins, wasting no time in bounding back into the running car and revving the engine as the gates begin to swing open.

“Oh, wait for me…” Lisette grins and leaps gracefully into the passenger’s seat, shooting a teasing look at Bella as the voluptuous Demon finds herself suddenly without a seat. “… sorry ma petite bique, first come first served, non?” she chuckles.

With a raised eyebrow Bella shoots her vampire lover a chiding smile and sends her curvy form over the car door to land more heavily than necessarily in Lisette’s lap, a small “oof” released as her rear grinds into the vampire’s legs. “Be careful who you tease darling.” She grins, but reaches her hand back to caress the tall woman’s neck lovingly as the tires squeal and the car takes off at speed the instant the gates are open.

Speeding down the short driveway Saiyuri’s eyes dart up to her guests, taking the sight before her as the vampire’s arms wrap around her lover’s waist tenderly and the Demon smiles back at her as the car approaches the opulent mansion. She knows Jenova will make her pay dearly for this favor, but as a sly smile pricks the corners of her mouth, she knows her beautiful companions will make it more than worth her sacrifice. Throwing the car into a tight spin Saiyuri grins as they come to a sliding stop directly outside the mansion’s wide doorway. With little effort the petite woman slides out of the driver’s seat and strides around the car quickly, reaching the doorway as her guests are hoisting themselves free of the passenger’s seat. “After you ladies…” she grins as heavy doors open, held for all by a servant with her eyes plastered to the tile floor even as the petite figure stands back to let her lovely guests through first.

Smiles are flashed from full lips as vampire and Demon alike move fluidly up the scrolling stone staircase and into the welcoming dim light beyond, followed shortly after by Saiyuri herself. Turning back, the petite figure tosses her keys towards the secondary servant waiting near immobile by the first, the man catching them with only the slightest glance up before he turns quickly away and moves out into the nighttime air.

Lisette comes to a momentarily halt as her violet gaze sweeps over the immediate rich décor once she’s just past the threshold, the rounded entranceway stretching up high. As the large double doors are closed behind them, her eyes sweep over the rich gilded inlays covering nearly every inch of the tall ceilings above until a light slap on her backside pulls her attentions away. Dropping her head, she’s flashed an amused smile by the shortest of the trio as she passes and the vampire takes little time to move forward in order to catch up even to her Demon even as she’s coming to a halt just inside the main foyer. Shining marbled tile spans every inch of gleaming floor way beneath bare feet while the main stairwell looms up ahead – the pristine wide white stone framed by a heavy scrolling banister of deep carved wood. Columns line each archway of darkened hall stretching far out on every side, every pillar topped by gilded scrolled leaf and accented by the same rich carvings spread over head.

“Like I said, girls” Saiyuri starts as she steps around the stationary figures only to come to a half a few feet in “We won’t be here for long. Just waiting for our –“

“The requested… arrangements will be made…” strong liquid notes echo softly from above, all eyes shifting up to find the source. Standing near immobile with one glass tipped hand resting casually on the framing banister is the white haired master of the house, pale skin barely covered by the long semi sheer antique kimono hanging nearly free of his well muscled frame. Long snow tinted plaits trail over an exposed broad shoulder, the billowy fabric he wears tied loosely at structured hips and left to pool at the heavily woven burgundy rug trickling down the stairs beneath his feet while crystal clear crimson eyes stare coolly down at the three. “Once you and your… associates are underway…”

“Speak of the devil…” Saiyuri mutters as her flawed gaze lights up just a little before she pitches her voice high enough to be heard “Thanks, doll.” Shifting her gaze over, she finds Bella’s ice blue eyes locked on the looming figure above, her features set in neutral concentration.

Bella studies the white haired Demon carefully, her blue gaze drifting over the man’s scarcely clad form but settling on his cold crimson stare. So this was the Demon that controlled the magic surrounding this place, and the one who she reminded her host of, at least in a prior time. Feeling the aura of power radiating from his built frame she could start to see why, in appearance they were so vastly different the comparison was laughable, but his unparalleled power and air of ice cold confidence was enough to bring her entire attentions to bare on the beautiful man.

The blue eyed Demon lets her stare linger as neither move in their gaze, long seconds stretching on that seem to linger indefinitely before Bella’s lip finally curls into a smirk when she realizes the other Demon is simply not going to react. [It is a pleasure to meet another of my kind who has such taste…] She transmits not only to Jenova but in a chorus that the others hear within their own minds. [I do hope you weren’t too disturbed by our visit?] The voluptuous Demon smirks, making only the smallest nods towards his current state of undress.

With a little smile Lisette let’s her eyes wash over their lavish surroundings, the tall columns and pristine surfaces almost sparkling in the dim moonlight. Letting her attentions shift from the rich decorations back to their statuesque host she almost chuckles at the stir the man causes inside her Demon, invisible to all but the most well conditioned observer such as herself. It takes a lot for Bella to become truly interested in someone, but ever since they approached the mansion she could tell that something about this one immediately stirred an uneasy level of respect in the ancient Demon. Without warning she suddenly feels an arm wrap around her waist, turning to see Saiyuri grinning up at her, her lithe arm slipping down from the vampire’s hip to rest suggestively on her rear.

“Demons…” she scoffs, her voice dropping to a low whisper. “... let’s just let them sniff each other and get it over with doll.” She whispers up into Lisette’s ear while neither Demon even flinches to acknowledge their presence.

Turning her head down, the vampire smirks in response and a moment later the petite woman slides her body away, her hand reaching out as she turns to latch around a slim wrist in order to pull her back into the rounded entranceway. Saiyuri turns back long enough to toss a wink up to the white haired man, her free hand slipping to ruby lips and a little kiss blown in his direction as she and the taller figure go. “Thanks again sugar, I’ll be back sometime later so we can discuss payment.”

Clear crimson eyes narrow only momentarily without leaving the black haired Demon’s gaze even as the double front doors are being opened and the two women are stepping back into the night time air to move towards a limousine idling quietly outside.

“You… would be wise to keep your senses sharp around that one… ” the white haired figure finally breaks his silence, his soft tone even as he turns away and begins moving up the stairwell in which he stands “…as one… similar kind to another…” peering back over a broad shoulder, the lightest traces of a smile forms on pale lips as he meets Bella’s gaze once more “I am confident you and I will meet again… Belial…” and with that said, Jenova turns away again, blue eyes remaining glued to his built frame as each silent step he takes moves him fluidly up the wide stairs to the darkened levels above.

An impressed smirk pricks the corner of Bella’s lips, turning on her heels to stride back across the hallway towards the open door. It’s rare that anyone sees her thoughts, let alone enough to grasp anything useful, and it had only been a moment before she’d realized and been able to shut the other Demon out. Yes, this one intrigues her very much. “Until next time then darling...” She grins, slipping through the open door and down the polished steps to the waiting limousine.

“That was quick ma petite bique, are you done sniffing now?” Lisette chuckles teasingly, sliding her lithe body through the open door and across the leather seats to curl up against their curvy host, the crimson eyed woman already working the cork out of an expensive bottle of French champagne.

“Come on dollface, we’ve got a big night ahead of us…” Saiyuri grins, the cork bursting from the large bottle with a loud pop as bubbles begin to foam out and onto the black seats.

A wide grin crosses the Demon’s lips as she slides into the long limousine and across to comfortable seats on the opposite side, brushing long coal locks away from her beautiful face as her blue gaze washes over her two companions appreciatively. She’ll punish them for their teasing words later, but right now the opportunity is far too good to waste.

As the door closes behind them Bella slides her bare foot across the richly carpeted floor of the limo and teasingly up the dark stocking of her grinning host, finally resting between the two women delicately. “Then you’ll just have to show us a good time then, won’t you darling?” she smirks.

Saiyuri’s smile widens and she slides forward while tipping the bottle in her hand, “Sugar, I’m all about showing you a good time tonight.” winking playfully, she earns herself an amused chuckle in return as Lisette hands Bella a delicately fluted crystalline glass. Reaching for two more, she raises them just in time to catch the stream of bubbling liquid as the petite figure simply begins pouring, taking no care to be neat in her task. Foam spills over each as she fills them to the brim before she twists her lithe frame just far enough to drop the bottle into the inset tray of ice at her side.

Taking one of the filled flutes from tapered fingers once offered, Saiyuri raises it up and grins. “Here’s to being beautiful and living large” Bella and Lisette both offer ‘here here’s’ in response, the glasses in hand clinking melodically before all three women pull back to down the contents in a few eager gulps.

The city lights streak by, muted softly by tinted windows as the limousine slides near silently through busy streets. Buildings stream and blur as turns are taken one after the other, soft laughter and teasing amusement filling the roomy cabin while the outside world remains momentarily forgotten. As a large towering mirrored structure set in between a scattering of others slowly slides into view up ahead, flawed crimson eyes pull away from violet and shift over, a smile soon spanning ruby colored lips.

“Looks like it’s time to play, girls.” She chimes and turns to drop her glass into the ice along with the now empty bottle just as the sleek limousine is pulling into a large, rounded paved driveway set before a shining high rise with uniformed ushers standing dutifully outside. “Our white haired Beauty made sure we’d have this place all to ourselves.”

The long car slides to a halt and the driver exits quickly and jogs his way around to open the back door, his head bowed and dark eyes glued to the floor even as Saiyuri steps out.

Following right behind Bella slides out of the limousine and onto the paved entrance path of the boutique building, her bare feet padding softly across the pristine concrete as it turns suddenly into shining marble tile, the uniformed ushers eying her nervously to spot anything they can help with.

Sliding herself across the leather seats Lisette leans out to snatch a packet of high end cigarettes from the tabletop before she steps out of the long black car, slipping a slender stick between her lips as her long legs bring her up behind her Demon with a small smirk, leaning over her shoulder as the temporarily shorter woman flicks her fingers and uses the resulting flame to light the vampire’s cigarette wordlessly. “So what is this place ma cherie?” she puffs and lowers the cigarette from her lips, turning back to their host and holding out the packet questioningly.

“A rather large shopping mall sugar, and not a single customer apart from us… for a little while at least, whatever we want, it’s on the house.” Saiyuri grins, as the driver closes the door behind them and stands obediently by the idling car, his eyes staring intently at the concrete.

Lisette lets a huge grin cross her features as she moves in close to her host, an arm wrapping excitedly around her petite waist as she pulls her in for a sudden kiss, the crimson eyed woman falling into the surprise embrace and almost kicking up a leg before the vampire slips away just as suddenly. “Merci ma petit coeur de sucre.” she calls back, already darting into the tall building with a skip in her step, leaving ruby lips smirking.

Turning back to her other companion Saiyuri’s smirk only widens as she sees Bella unfasten the final strap on her tight top, sliding the leather bustier over her head as her buxom cleavage bounces free. With a small grin over her bare shoulder the Demon deposits the garment in the waiting hands of a young bell boy, his jaw drooping visibly as he barely notices the black leather deposited in his grasp.

“Don’t worry darling, I promise I’ll pick something just as fun for tonight…” Bella lets her voice trail off as she strides into the lavish building, her hips swaying hypnotically as her white skin gleams under the bright lights streaming out from within.

Not even attempting to hide the wicked grin spanning crimson lips Saiyuri follows her two guests quickly, taking her time to watch them as the pair begins to walk the length of the long foyer, peering into each shop curiously. “Ooh, yes yes!” Lisette grins and darts into a small shop towards the back of the first floor, her Demon following with an amused grin as she reads the large sign advertising fetish, leather and club wear, ducking inside and looking around curiously.

Red heels clicking on the polished floor Saiyuri trots quickly to see what all the fuss is about, poking her head around the well stocked window to see the vampire pawing through a low rack excitedly. “What have you found doll?” With a big smile, Lisette turns to her companions and holds up a tiny pair of black leather hot pants, stroking the smooth material proudly and turning her eyebrows up in mock innocence. “I may need some help getting into these…” she grins.

Grinning wickedly in return, the petite figure straightens to round the corner and step inside, moving quickly to the vampire’s side. Reaching out, Saiyuri snaps the garment away from Lisette’s hands while rising up onto her toes, long neck stretched up to find the mouth above. “I suppose then…” she smiles as she brushes full lips with ruby, her flawed eyes locking with violet before she begins sinking back down to slide her lithe frame along the other’s. “…if you ask nicely…” shapely legs spread as she sinks into a squat near the taller woman’s feet, the hot pants brought up and snapped to tease “…I could be persuaded... to help ”

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