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B O O K T H R E E : P A R T 04

Deep crimson eyes slowly trace each woman’s every line and curve, teeth biting at a ruby painted lip and hand resting casually at a black shimmery fabric covered hip. At her front Bella stands tall, a single long shapely leg peeking teasingly out of an even longer strap riddled gown. The rich red dress hangs pleasingly from bared shoulders while the low cut line shows the top of breasts both smooth and inviting. At her side Lisette grins, her perfect frame now covered in slips of PVC and leather, hips accented by the same hot pants she’d already been helped into with fishnets riding just beyond the line of thigh high boots. A tight blue patterned corset highlighting her small waist whilst calling attention to the lovely line pushed above.

Both women’s gazes wash over her curvy frame in return, the shimmering little black dress they’ve chosen hugging hips and breasts pleasingly with straps that cross over one of her narrow shoulders, the hem barely hiding the naked flesh they know to be below. Garters and close knit stockings wrap her legs, the ruby red heels she now wears riddled with spikes similar to those gracing the collar at the vampire’s neck.

“Very nice…” Saiyuri murmurs as white teeth release her lip, her flawed eyes shifting between the taller women before a semi thoughtful look crosses her pretty features. “Does seem to be missing something though, doesn’t it girls?” she smiles a little slyly. “I wonder what that could be…”

“Well there is much more to the night than the clubs, non?...” Lisette strides towards her lovely host. “I do believe I saw a sign or two for some more interesting stores on the upper levels.”

“Oh sugar, you do know just the right things to say.” Saiyuri chuckles and presses the shining silver button for the elevator with a wicked grin that is eagerly returned.

As the driver loads the last of many tightly packed shopping bags into the limo and forces the trunk closed Bella slides across the black leather seats and crosses one leg over the other, her smooth white thigh slipping free of her high cut dress as she plucks a long thick cigar from the well stocked mini-bar. Saiyuri follows quickly and takes the center seat, leaning up close to the Demon as she cuts the end from the expensive cigar and slides it between smirking lips to light it stylishly.

Leaning back and resting her palm down on Saiyuri’s thigh Bella flashes her host a devilish grin. “That was fun darling, we really should do this more often.” She grins, puffing on the rich cigar slowly.

Sliding in alongside her host Lisette grins and pulls the door closed behind her, wrapping one long arm around her petite waist and leaning in close. “So ma couer de sucre, you have two beautiful women at your side…” she grins, running her fingers along the back of Saiyuri’s neck suggestively. “… Where ever will you take them, hmm?”

Flawed eyes narrow and shift to her side, peering up into deep violet mischievously while a long smile graces her ruby lips. “I have… just the place…”

The sleek limousine rolls up to a long covered walkway just outside of a tall, dark mirrored building, the rich red carpet stretched up to the curb and gated by gleaming silver stands roped in velvet. Spanning the entire length of the shining structure is a long line of people dressed in a wide array of clothing, from floor length sweeping silk gowns to fetish wear of leather and PVC. Switching the car into idle, the driver dips quickly out before jogging around to the passenger side, leaning down to slide the door open for the three women inside. Saiyuri is the first out; her spike riddled patent heels sinking against the plush rug before her with Bella and Lisette in tow. The petite figure leads as hips sway and confident strides carry her right up to the bouncer blocked door. The man doesn’t even bother checking the leather bound clipboard held in hand, simply offering Saiyuri a flirtatious grin that’s easily returned as he turns to pull the tinted doors open and allow them access to what lies beyond. All manner of gazes from the waiting line sweep over the trio as they move past the open entrance and into the richly decorated foyer, flawed eyes glancing back to meet her taller guests’ gazes without even a pause in her step. “It’s a little exclusive, ladies... but yours truly has a season pass…” winking playfully, she turns her attentions back as the doors close behind them, the petite figure leading Demon and vampire alike towards the guarded elevator just up ahead.

As the trio approach the well dressed guards Lisette’s gaze washes over the sparse entrance way suspiciously… what kind of place needs two checkpoints to even get in? The lavish surroundings and rich red carpet gives little indication of what lies inside, but she can tell this place isn’t easy to get into. Eying her host as she comes to a stop and flashing the guards a confident grin, Lisette can’t help but be a little impressed at the woman’s exclusive tastes. With a curt nod the guards step away as the doors slide quickly open, a small gust of air breezing out as Saiyuri strides by and leans against the shining mirrored wall of the large elevator. Without hesitation Bella and Lisette follow confidently, no more than a passing glance given to the men whose eyes now shift appreciatively between the three women.

Once the doors slide shut and the lift begins a speedy ascent to the upper levels Bella leans in to her host and runs her long fingers along the woman’s curved back. “It appears you are quite well connected darling…” she chuckles teasingly, turning and allowing her stunning blue gaze to meet flawed crimson. A deep and heavy beat begins to filter in through the thick metal walls as the elevator begins to slow to a stop.

“I have my ways…” the petite woman grins back, sliding past the smiling Demon as the doors open to reveal a wonderland of sight and sound, a huge lavish club with grinding bodies covering the dance floor. Up above brightly colored lights spread out across the crowd and beam down from balconies strewn with rich and beautiful people dressed in designer gowns, tailored suits and fetish wear of all tastes and persuasions. Scattered across the sea of people tall show boxes house scantily clad dancers, writhing and pressing against the steamy glass and several steel cages hang from the roof with leather clad eye candy secured expertly inside.

Lisette’s violet eyes travel over the exclusive venue, smiling at the waiters clad in all forms of alluring dress striding around with silver platters filled with drinks, drugs and other enticements. Walking slowly into the vast parlor of lights and sounds her gaze takes in the bar, skimming over the assortment of drinks and frankly impressive wines to appreciate the beautiful serving women with a little smirk. Oh yes, she likes this place already, it reminds her of her own club in all the right ways. Sliding in behind Saiyuri she leans down to whisper softly. “So ma chérie, who’s a girl need to bite to get a drink around here?” she grins and nips her hosts ear teasingly.

Saiyuri smiles slyly and glances to the side, her flawed gaze easily meeting deep violet. “For you sugar? Anyone you like.” Lisette chuckles in amusement as lacquer tipped nails slip up to trail lightly over the vampire’s cheek before the petite figure slides her hand away and shifts her attentions ahead.

As if on cue, a scantily dressed waitress hurries up to the trio, her small but shapely body barely covered by the bondage gear she wears. She bows deeply to the three women, her eyes cast at their feet in subservience. “The usual, Mistress?” she asks quietly, her voice pitched just loud enough to carry above the pulsating beat of the industrial music reverberating throughout the noisy club.

“Always, cutie.” the black haired woman chimes to gain her a nod before the waitress rises, turning swiftly on platform patent heels to lead them through the crowds. “Private booth…” Saiyuri offers slyly with a glance back to the taller pair now striding confidently behind her, paying no mind to her steps as other guests stop to appreciate the new views while they walk. “Anything we want dolls, they’ll make sure to provide… that’s why I like this place.”

The suggestively clad waitress leads them down a few short steps and across the sprawling club, moving quickly between writhing bodies to a curved series of enclosures along the wall spanning the dance floor itself. She stops beside a richly decorated booth set back and away from the grinding dancers but still in view of the bustling club. Pushing aside a sheer curtain that barely separates the beautifully decorated area from overlooking the rest of the club the woman’s eyes remain pointed directly at the floor as she shuffles back to allow Saiyuri and her guests to pass.

Smiling widely as she slips inside the plush private booth the dark haired woman sinks down onto a curved velvet couch, the long red lounge arching around a low table in the center of the sunken area. “Mmm, exactly how I left it.” She smiles, pushing a few plush cushions onto the floor to free up room for her companions.

Sliding down beside her host with a sly smile Bella crosses one long leg over the other as it escapes from the high split of her strappy dress, leaning back into the comfortable lounge and wasting no time in kicking her dark red heels under the low circular table.

Giving one last glance across the impressive club Lisette steps down into the dimly lit booth, long fingers reaching back as she moves to latch on the long chain dangling from the waitresses leather collar and pull her inside with a small jolt. She allows the chain to slack as the scantily clad woman follows obediently behind, daring not speak before she is spoken to again. With a small sigh the vampire sinks down to the right of her host, stretching herself out on the soft couch as the sheer curtain falls closed, allowing a view of the bustling dance floor, but affording a degree of privacy as well.

Bella meets the waitresses gaze firmly, her powerful blue eyes capturing the woman’s attention completely without a single word between them. With a small flick of her eyes Bella motions to a space in front of Lisette on the cushioned floor, the leather clad servant dropping quickly to her knees to crawl over to the designated spot and sit obediently, her gaze once again falling to the smooth polished floor.

With a small smirk of approval Saiyuri’s eyes travel between the women in the booth, her smile only growing wider as she ponders what fun tonight is yet to bring. “So sugar…” she coos to the vampire now curling up against her on the velvet couch. “… Would you like that drink now, or would you prefer a little bite?”

As she chuckles softly Lisette’s fingers stretch out to play casually in the short styled hair of the obedient waitress, the woman kneeling before her shivering visibly in appreciation at the vampire’s delicate touch. “I think I will stick to wine for now ma chérie, I do not wish to spoil my… appetite.” She grins, her beautiful violet eyes sliding up to gaze into flawed crimson suggestively.

“Then wine it is.” Saiyuri smiles slyly, her flawed gaze slipping down to the kneeling waitress and with no further words said aloud, the woman nods obediently and begins crawling backwards on her PVC covered hands and knees. Rising up without lifting her head, the petite figure turns once she’s reached the sheer curtain, stopping only when Saiyuri calls out at the last minute. “Hard liquor for me, doll. The usual.” She grins, turning her crimson gaze to the Demon before Bella gives a nod of approval that this will suit her just fine. The waitress smiles and answers quickly with a ‘Yes Mistress’ before slipping past the billowing material to hurry off and gather what has been requested.

“Adorable.” Saiyuri chimes before turning her attentions to Bella while lacquer tipped nails reach down to play in blue and black dreads, leaning over playfully “Humans can be so cute. A little too easy to break sometimes, but cute nonetheless…” grinning when she’s offered a smirk in return, the petite woman slips back while a single heeled foot rises to set against the low set table before them, her eyes shifting out to the color splashed club beyond. “So girls, what do you say to slipping out onto that dance floor and getting ourselves a little sweaty…” she glances down, her smile turning positively wicked once she’s met Lisette’s violet gaze again. “…once we’ve had our drinks that is.”

“Sounds just perfect ma chérie.” The vampire practically purrs, leaning in closer to press against her host as the petite woman’s lacquer tipped fingernails drag through her soft dreads and tease at her neck.

“Humans can be a worthy distraction, at times… don’t you agree darling?” Bella smiles and stretches one arm out to rest behind Saiyuri’s back, long fingers draping softly across her far shoulder as the Demon gives a small nod to her purring lover.

“Oh quite right ma petite bique, a fun little snack for sure...” Lisette chuckles, sinking down on the soft couch until her head rests gently in the petite woman’s lap, Saiyuri’s shapely fingers still running playfully through her hair. “… and your little waitress is adorable indeed, I sense you two are quite well acquainted, non?” she grins knowingly.

The center of the trio smiles slyly. “In a… manner of speaking…” flawed red eyes slip down to her violet counterparts as Saiyuri sinks against the Demon at her side, winking playfully. ”

“Speak of the devil.” Bella smirks as the leather clad hostess slips back through the curtain with a shining silver platter cluttered in an assortment of drinks in fine crystal glasses, the tiniest of smiles crossing her lips when all three of her patrons eyes slide up to lock on her shapely form.

“Just as you requested Mistress.” She smiles hesitantly, sliding the silver tray down onto the low table and dropping immediately to her knees to await further instructions.

“Hmm…” Saiyuri starts while her fingers continue to circle playfully in Lisette’s hair, entwining a single dread as she inspects the alcohol set before them before allowing it to fall free. “It doesn’t seem to be exactly… as I requested though.”

“Mistress?” the woman asks without looking up, the slight smile still playing on her lips for a game she knows all too well.

A spiked heel rises up and Saiyuri slides it deftly over, her gaze narrowing wickedly as her tone easily matches. “The assortment appears to be fine doll, the table however…” the tip of her heel taps the edge of the silver platter and without so much as a shift from her spot on the velvet plush couch, she pushes it towards the scantily clad waitress while both Demon and vampire look on, the various bottles and fine crystal barely disturbed in the movement. “…isn’t quite fit for my two lovely guests…” allowing the tray to stop just as the edge, she slips her foot away and lifts it further up to tap one of the fluted glasses. The sly smile on her mouth only widens when the kneeling figure at their fronts reaches suddenly out to catch it before it can contact with the hard surface below, the crystal falling into shiny black leather gloved hands. “We require a more pliable surface…” she smirks.

With the smallest of grins almost hidden from the smirking trio the waitress leans forward, supporting herself on her hands and knees as her eye line drops to the polished floor, her breath catching as she hears the silver tray begin to slide across the smooth table. A tiny gasp is issued when the tray slips from the low table to rest carefully on her back, her body tensing as she struggles to remain very, very still.

“Mmm, much better, but you are still much too far away for us to reach our drinks Sugar.” Saiyuri smirks, lowering her heel to drag it across the kneeling girls shoulder, sending her swaying just a little as she tenses to accommodate. Watching the scene play out Bella cannot help but chuckle, the blatant game her mysterious host is playing only heightening her respect and desire for the beautiful and mysterious woman. As the waitress completes the small trip perfectly and turns to present the tray to the seated women the Demon grins and uncrosses her legs slowly. With a wicked glint in her eye she moves one long shapely leg to run her toes ever so slowly and teasingly from the girl’s heel along the length of her leg, making the waitress gasp audibly as the tray shudders but settles once again.

Flawed crimson eyes run over the Demon’s shapely leg, watching the scene play out with wicked amusement, oh yes, she likes this one’s style indeed. “Don’t drop anything doll, or you’ll have to be punished severely. ” She chuckles, leaning down to lift a large glass of red wine from the tray and hand it to the vampire in her lap, the lounging woman sliding up reluctantly to accept the drink with a smile.

With a renewed smirk Bella’s foot continues its path along lace stockings, her toes teasing at the trembling skin beneath as she slowly and wickedly travels the line of soft thighs. The waitress bites her lip to keep from making any noise, the glasses rattling slightly as the woman’s toes send shivers of excitement through her body, her position and task only heightening the thrilling effect.

Looking on in amusement Lisette takes a sip from her deep red wine, an approving sigh slipping free from her lips when she returns the drink to the silver tray. Sliding her hands down she returns her fingers to the kneeling girl’s short hair, running them playfully through the bleached blonde strands and down her soft cheek. Brushing her thumb gently over the tormented blonde’s lips Lisette grins and bites her own lip gently as the girl whimpers in approval and excitement.

Grinning widely Saiyuri leans forward to claim two crystal glasses of fine liquor from the silver tray, unbalancing the load slightly and causing the waitress to have to lean to accommodate. With a wicked smirk she hands one glass to Bella, meeting her gaze with obvious approval and lingering as she raises the polished crystal to her lips, downing the strong contents in a single draw. Smirking widely Bella raises her own to do the same, the amber liquid drained quickly as she moves her foot absently below, teasing toes dragging quickly along the inside of trembling thigh and finding firm purchase in tightly bound leather. The kneeling waitress gasps loudly and lets out a low moan as her legs falter and begin to shake, the silver tray toppling suddenly to send fine crystal and expensive liquor crashing to the polished floor. Lowering her glass with a positively evil smirk Bella sighs. “Ooops… how very clumsy darling, whatever will we do with you, hmm?”

“I’m so sorry Mistress!” the waitress apologizes quickly as she shifts her slender frame to center between the three women, bowing her head nearly down to the floor and earning herself soft chuckles of amusement in kind. “I didn’t mean it, I’ll clean up immediately!” rising back up without lifting her eyes, she starts turning in order to clean up the mess made, stopped immediately when a spiked heel slips out to tap at her shoulder a little faster than she can follow.

“No doll…” Saiyuri grins slyly as the woman gasps in response, the waitress’s gaze darting up to the shoe now blocking her way as the other two women look on. Deep eyes begin slowly traveling the line of a long leg, daring to linger on the silken skin revealed before her for only a moment and pulled away when Bella smirks in response. Reluctantly she slides her eyes further up to meet flawed crimson, the glint showing within the smaller woman’s gaze prevalent even in the low overhead light that highlights them all. “You’ll clean it up… after you’ve been punished.”

Smirking, Saiyuri allows her foot to trail down, applying enough pressure to drag the shiny silver spikes on her shoes over PVC wrapped skin and cause a whimper before she allows her heel to click against dark tile below. Pushing her back away from the velvet cushion while shapely legs spread, the petite figure leans forward purposefully slow and reaches out to latch onto the leash hanging in between pretty breasts and a moment later, she yanks the blonde towards her. Tilting her head to the side, ruby lips nearly touch painted red, the waitress’s breath held despite herself as words are spoken into supple skin.

“Naughty girls like you…” she grins and glances back, her smile widening when she finds both the Demon and her vampire’s gazes riveted on her every move. “… Deserve to be spanked …”

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