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+ M O D E R N D A Y +

Jun and Zephyr in Modern Day

Jun and Zephyr
The B E G I N N I N G

Streamers of twisting snowflakes trail in the wake of the sleek silver car as it streaks across the highway in the fading evening light. The thump of a driving drum and bass song nearly overwhelms the powerful shift of the engine as it slides smoothly into sixth gear. Zephyr releases the clutch and depresses the accelerator, smiling as the speedometer slides over the ninety mile per hour mark with ease. Sometimes, he can completely understand why humans love driving so much, how it makes them feel like they are flying. It isn’t exactly the same since flying is more of an exact science given wind currents and updrafts, but the tight, giddy sensation is similar and he supposes for those who can never truly fly, driving is close enough.

Midnight eyes shift momentarily to the passenger seat as Jun scrolls through the music list on the iPod, the setting sun backlighting his white hair in red and orange. It’s still a little fucking strange that their styles are so much alike, but in a weird way it’s cool. Like he has an evil doppelganger or something. Only he’s the evil one, technically, since it’s wired genetically.

The Selestarri turns the volume down a bit. “Sorry the playlists are a mess, I just downloaded like, a year’s worth of stuff and haven’t had time to sort it out. Every band I know put out new music last year, and it’s been such a bitch finding it all. If you’re not into techno, there’s gotta be something in there you’ll like. I think I added a whole folder of international stuff from Hong Kong, Germany, and Japan somewhere.” He shakes his head. “Damn, I still feel so far behind…”

“No it’s cool, I’m not really looking for anything …” Jun answers without pulling his eyes from the screen, the sunset fading behind the hills as the Dark accelerates towards the distant bridge that marks the boundaries of the city up ahead. “You do have a lot of crap in here though,” he mumbles before pink eyes shift up to flash the one besides him a small questioning look, “Hey, what do you mean by ‘far behind’?” Setting the iPod down and letting it continue the songs on the playlist unheeded, the pink and white haired teenager sits back, resting his head against the leather covered cushioned seat at his back. The Dark shifts his attention back to the road as Jun settles into the seat beside him, guiding the car around a set of snaking curves before answering.

“Well, it’s hard to keep up on stuff when you’ve been in a coma. Damn things are pretty restrictive.” He flips stands of white blonde from his eyes. “I’d be dead otherwise, so it’s not a big deal. I prefer alive and in one piece, so missing out on shit isn’t that much of an issue, it’s just a pain to backtrack over fifteen months all at once.”

“A coma?” Pink eyes slide over to find blue and widen a little in surprise, “Whoa okay, that’s... What happened there? You just go to sleep and not wake up or something? And for fifteen months? Jesus, what the hell could have caused that?”

“It’s kind of… complicated,” Zephyr answers. “Basically I was dying and if my brain hadn’t been switched off, I wouldn’t have made it.” The Dark idly traces the stitching of the steering wheel cover without taking his eyes from the road ahead. “The whole situation was a mess and mostly my fault, although my brother blames himself. He did what was necessary, and someday he’ll understand that it was worth the loss of fifteen months.”

“It sounds like it was pretty fucked up,” Jun replies with a sigh, “but you’re here so losing fifteen months is better than losing the rest of your life I guess.”

The tall lights that adorn the suspension bridges rise out of the horizon, golden lights in celebration of the holiday season twinkling like a crown. The city proper is still thirty miles or so off, masked by the overcast clouds and lightly falling snow. Zephyr pushes the sunglasses up into his hair when the rolling hills hide the sunset from blinding his eyes. “So you came out here to be with your sister and brother you said? It sounds like they’re pretty important to you.” His thoughts slide to his check in with Sashi, wrapped in the shadows from the fireplace when he left him and he frowns. “I know what it’s like to want to protect them, even when they don’t realize what you’re doing.”

“Yeah…” Jun shrugs, his gaze pulling from the one at his side and shifting to the streaking scenery beyond his window as he speaks. “I used to live in Korea. I’d been holed up in a boarding school for as long as I can remember. It was nice and it was home to me basically.” The shorter teen narrows his eyes and snorts, “Then when I turned fourteen the Family showed up at my door and told me I was going to have a sister and a brother… just fucking, out of nowhere. Fed me all this bull about how I was supposed to be my sister’s protector or something and how it was time for me to take my place with them. I dunno, the whole thing was insane and I was pissed ‘cause they wanted to just uproot my entire life for a family that wasn’t even mine.” He sighs, pulling his hands up to his hair before sliding them into long pink bangs, “But they had all the papers and it was all legal so what could I do?” Raking his hair back, his fingers slip down to rest on his shoulders. “They shipped me out to Japan and I met my sis for the first time, it was not long after that when we got carted here.”

Pulling long fingers from his shoulders, Jun turns to meet the sideways glance of midnight blue with a smile, “My sis is… well if you are staying in the house you’ll meet her. She’s something else; from the first time I met her I just felt like I’d known her my whole life. It was freaky ‘cause I never felt connected to anyone outside my best friend Taz. I mean I had so many friends back home at the school but none of them have stuck in my head.” At the questioning glance he’s given, Jun shrugs once more. “Remembering, I have issues with it. I knew those people for years too, but I still can’t see them clearly anymore and it’s worse now that I’m not there in person… man I can hardly remember what the school even looked like and I was there a really long time.” The shorter teen sighs, “But with Megumi it’s like we’ve been together from day one, which is why she’s so important to me. My little brother… he’s okay too I guess, I dunno. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not bad or anything, but I don’t really feel connected to him like I do with my sis. She’s a good kid and I’ll do what I can to protect her you know? Fuck it being my job or whatever, I just want to see her live a normal life and being forced to marry some old guy who already has a boyfriend of his own just so the family can get a part of his money is so fucking far from normal it’s not even funny.” Jun lets out a small annoyed sound as the hills level around them, the white flurries moving quickly by in the car’s wake. “Problem is she won’t listen to me, so yeah – you got that right. I’m going to keep trying ‘cause even if she doesn’t see it, I’m just doing it to save her a lot of grief…”

“Wow, that shit… that’s all fucked up.” Zephyr frowns. “I’d have been wicked pissed, too. I mean, they yanked you out of your whole life just by flashing some papers? Um, fuck no. No offense, but your family seems kind of messed. Did they even send holiday gifts or cards or was it a total blindside? Either way, I’d have pitched an unholy fit…” Frowning, the blonde’s hands tighten on the leather clad steering wheel. He’s always mostly done what he wanted, not particularly caring what his elders thought because to him, letting someone else dictate his life has never been an option. However, it seems that no matter how many kids he’s met over the years, family issues are a universal teenage affliction, even if Jun’s seems to be a bit of an extreme case. “The whole thing sounds like it really sucks. I hope they’ve at least backed off since you were sent out here...”

Jun shakes his head, frowning in the slightest, “Kinda… it was pretty messed up though. It’s not really like I had anything back home besides Taz, but I was still settled you know? So having some complete strangers come in and take it all away just… “ he sighs again, “Saying I was pissed is an understatement. I didn’t know anything about them before all that, my board was funded through some trust fund I’d been left by my real parents. At least that’s what I’ve always been told, I guess they were pretty loaded and left me a ton of cash after they died.” The pink and white haired teen laughs lightly, pulling his hand up to ruffle the back of unruly white hair, “No offense taken though, trust me. I’ve only been in the Family for two years and I know it’s seriously fucked up. But until I turn eighteen there’s not much I can do about it and I wouldn’t leave Megumi alone, especially now, so I kinda have to just go along for the ride and do what I can to be there for her.” Falling silent for a moment, Jun simply watches the scenery stream by while the pounding drum reverberates through the small silver car.

It’s easy to see that Jun really cares for his sister and the Dark suspects that protecting her is something the pink and white haired teenager doesn’t really mind all that much. “It’s cool though, that at least with all the shit your family put you through you two get along so well. The marriage thing… I don’t even know what to say about that. People are just fucking strange at times.” Wait, had Jun just said the Demon has a boyfriend? Meaning he’s getting married and he has a guy on the side? That is… interesting, and not something he thinks would really fly with most humans, but who the hell is he to judge given the Selestarri’s view on multiple relationships? The blonde shakes his head.

“You handled all that shit much better than I could. But I know what you mean about leaving the place you call home. Even when it’s your own choice, the decision isn’t easy. People don’t understand and you wind up hurting them even if you don’t mean to…” Midnight blue eyes grow distant as Zephyr trails off. Those last moments standing in the pouring rain at the top of Sentinel Tower flash through his mind before he refocuses on the roadway. “I’m sure Megumi is glad you’re looking out for her though, and you’ll turn eighteen soon and be free from the family, right?”

“Yeah…” Jun agrees before he’s struck by another thought, “Hey, you said you have a brother right? I’m guessing since you had to check in with him he’s on the grounds too? You say you don’t know the Organization but if you don’t have anything to do with them then what are you guys even doing at the house?” His words halt when he finds midnight eyes on him and he shakes his head, flashing the other teen an apologetic look, “Sorry for the twenty questions, but pretty much the only people who come in and out of that place have to do with the Organization.” Jun trails, a thoughtful look crossing his features. If he thinks about it though, Fuan isn’t a part of the Organization as far as he knows so… but then again, he is involved with that jerk so he might be wrong about it too.

“Nah, questions are cool, so don’t worry.” Zephyr smiles, “My brother is actually friends with your sister, so we aren’t part of this “Organization.” They met in the city or something, I’m not really clear on the details because I was still in the coma then. Sashi’s been… sick… for a while now, and Megumi thought it might help to bring him out here. I’m sure you’ll see him at some point, he’ll be the quiet, dark-haired guy constantly chain smoking cigarettes.” He sighs and shakes his head. “My brother isn’t getting better on his own, and there don’t seem to be a lot of options left…” Well, other than killing the Seeker, but that isn’t something he wants to attempt without a small army at his back and her death will really only solve half of Sashi’s problems anyway. Not that he doesn’t owe that bitch for what she’s personally done to him, but that revenge will come in due time. “We didn’t even know we were related until after our parents were dead, although we were already friends. He was so surprised when I told him, thinking about the shocked look on his face still makes me laugh. When I woke up after fifteen months I thought things would be better for Sashi, but that’s not the case. I want him to be well and happy, no matter what I have to do to make it happen.” Deep blue eyes narrow for a moment before the Dark laughs. “Siblings are really a pain in the ass sometimes.”

“Isn’t that the damn truth” the pink and white haired teen snorts before turning back, pulling his hand from his hair to rest it on his leg, “I hope you guys being at the house helps your brother get better.” Jun shrugs, “You never know about that place… personally I do what I can to ignore it all, but sometimes it gets kinda hard with everything that goes on. Most of the time I just want to jet, you know?” A frown forms on full lips, “But unless I can convince Megumi to tell the Family to fuck the hell off, I don’t see myself going anywhere as long as she’s there. Like I said, I’m not leaving her alone, especially not in that asshole’s hands…” his eyes travel back to Zephyr, his expression straightening and his tone turning serious, “Hey so… my best advice to you is to get the hell out of there as soon as you can, that place is like a black hole and it’ll suck the life out of you if you let it. I’m not kidding when I say weird shit goes on, I’m really not.”

The taller teen listens carefully to the somber warning about the mansion and shrugs. “The mansion and the grounds are pretty old though, right? Doesn’t weird shit go on at old places like that all the time? Besides it can’t be worse than either of the two places I grew up in when it comes to destroying your soul. They’ve already cornered that market in that.” Blue eyes meet pink and Zephyr smiles. “I appreciate the warning, though, and I’ll keep a lookout.”

Jun nods. “Anyway, all that aside that does suck about your brother.” A flash of sympathy washes over his features, “I don’t know how bringing him to the house is going to help anything, but I guess you guys know what you are doing there. I am glad to hear that you aren’t apart of the Organization too, makes me like you better knowing you don’t have your hands in that bullshit.” The pink and white haired teen laughs before his early dawn hued gaze shifts out to the passing scenery, his voice dropping just a little low. “Also… sorry to hear about your parents too. Since mine are gone I guess I know how you’d feel. It’s probably worse when you can actually remember them though.” He turns back with a small smile, “but at least you guys have each other you know? Even if he’s a pain in the ass like you said.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say our hands are clean, necessarily,” the blonde smirks, “but we aren’t involved in the Organization in any way like I said. Sashi and I are just staying at Jenova’s until he gets better.” So Jun really doesn’t know what’s going on at the mansion it seems… Then again, seeing magic would freak most people out, so maybe it isn’t all that unexpected that he’s kept away from it. “My parents… yeah, that’s a long story that we’d need an entire road trip to tell. The wicked short version is that I’d only met my mother once and my father was most probably certifiably insane, so all in all, I don’t miss them. Hell, I didn’t even know they were my parents until just after they died. It might sound strange, but it’s hard to mourn for someone you hardly knew and someone who, if he’d lived, would only bring terrible things to the world.” Zephyr shrugs. “But yeah, I have Sashi, and that’s all the family I want or need.”

“That’s kinda fucked up.” Jun responds, “I guess it’s better that way then. I think if I remembered mine I’d be more upset about not having them there, so you not being close to yours is probably better… can’t really miss what you don’t know is gone.”

Zephyr says nothing in response, offering only a nod as the empty road cuts a straight path through the weakening foothills, gently leveling out before reaching the river and the city beyond. The Dark slows the car, engine purring as it downshifts to a complete stop. He meets Jun’s questioning glance with a smile and revs the engine. “So, should we see how fast she’ll go?”

Jun flashes the taller teen a grin, “If I hadn’t been talking to you during the ride I think I’d have fallen asleep already, so hell yeah, let’s see what it’s got.”

Smiling, the sound of the engine calms and Zephyr releases the brakes, allowing the car to roll forward a bit before he hits them again. He repeats the action, the car creeping further along each time. Glancing sideways at Jun, the Dark’s smile turns wicked. “I’m sorry, did you say something about sleeping?” He slides his hand over the gearshift and finally kicks the Porsche into action, gunning the engine hard. Falling snow turns to streaks of passing white, the silver car flying over the wet pavement. Pushing the engine into sixth gear, he can’t help but grin with excitement as the numbers climb… eighty… one hundred… one fifteen… Fuck, this car can move.

The surrounding scenery is little more than a blur of the indigo and blue shades of twilight, the glittering bridges moving out of the distance with rapid speed. A dip in the road drops the asphalt out from under them and they glide through the air for a moment until the car touches down again, rocking both teenagers against the safety belts.

The Dark grips the wheel, forearms crossed, still grinning as a wild rush of energy surges through his body. The speed is dangerously thrilling, like jumping off a cliff and only manifesting your wings just before the last possible updraft. Adrenalin pushing hard, Zephyr slams on the breaks, wrenching the wheel to the left and pulling the car into a full on kick stop. Tires squeal against the pavement, ruffling up snow as the Porsche slides slightly onto the shoulder before completing its circle and coming to a dead stop. The surrounding farmland comes abruptly into focus, swirling flakes cutting through the headlights as the car slightly rocks from side to side. The slight smell of burning rubber shifts around them, the iPod changing playlists and at that moment the only sound heard is the ragged, excited breathing of the teenagers.

“Fuck!” the Dark exclaims, pushing shaking hands through his bangs. “That was awesome!”

The beat starts up again a moment later, drowning out the heavy drum of the pink and white haired teen’s own fast pacing heart. He looks over to Zephyr and bursts out laughing, his own shaking hands pulled up to his chest. “Oh man,” Jun’s voice is jittery, his breathing only just beginning to slow, “I thought I was going to have a heart attack… that was so fucking cool!”

Reaching out to place his trembling hands back on the wheel, the Selestarri forcibly calms his breathing, his years of training working to resist the adrenalin-fueled urge to do it all over again. This is a sweet fucking car indeed. He glances over at Jun, the shaking of the other teenager’s body indicating that he’s just as wound up and he grins. “Happy I could meet the expectations for ‘cool’. I’d be a pretty fucking poor excuse for a driver if I’d disappointed you.” His words earn him a chuckle from the one at his side.

Stepping on the clutch, Zephyr eases the Porsche into gear, the last vestiges of farmland disappearing with the final small hill cleared. The traffic thickens as a larger highway merges in but the sleek silver car weaves in and out without issue, soon crossing the bridge to enter the city proper. The exit for the lakeside district is one of the first and they descend the elevated roadway onto the main street along the waterfront. Old warehouses, mostly revamped as clubs, edge the lake itself and a myriad of bars, restaurants, and coffee houses stand directly opposite. Early partiers are already beginning to crowd the streets, walking from place to place despite the falling snow.

Zephyr follows the public parking signs to a large ramp and he pays the attendants before finding an open spot on the second deck. Climbing out of the Porsche, he pretends to fuss with the car’s alarm system for a moment as Jun stows the iPod in the glove compartment before the shorter teen slides himself out of the silver vehicle a moment later. Without a second thought he slams the door shut behind him, turning to look out into the streets as the snow falls from above, taking a deep breath in, “Man… nothing quite like the smell of a city.” Jun shivers from the cold and reaches down to pull the zip of his sleeveless jacket up as if it’ll do him any real good.

As the pink and white haired teenager’s back is turned, the Selestarri quickly sketches a few alarm spells of his own on driver’s side door. One pattern will seal all the doors and windows once he and Jun have left and one will negate any of those electronic devices that automatically unlock and start a car. He lived in Hong Kong way too long not to know what’s out there and available to car thieves. Hell, most of his friends had excelled at ‘borrowing’ cars, and with something as awesome as the Porsche sitting around, it’s better to take precautions. Trying to explain to the Demon that the car was broken into or stolen or something is not very appealing.

Turning back towards the Dark just as he finishes his hidden task, Jun smiles, “I almost forget there are actually people left in the world when I’m stuck back at the house.”

Taking a moment to comb long fingers through white-blonde strands in the reflection of the window, the Selestarri flips the switch for the alarm, a loud chirp signaling that it’s armed, and releases the delay on both spells. Satisfied that the Porsche will be untouched when they return, he glances at Jun as they head out. “Yeah, you’re right. Each city has its own unique smell, like it’s how the people who live there have marked it.” With a smile, Zephyr inhales sharply as they move down the onramp pedestrian path and step onto the sidewalk, letting the amalgamated scents wash over his senses. “We have about an hour to kill before the rave cranks up, so any suggestions?”

“Yeah… there’s this sweet little Korean restaurant about four blocks up,” Jun answers as he reaches up and pulls the goggles from his hair, taking a moment to shake the accumulated snowflakes off before he drops them around his neck. Latching his fingers into the open pockets of his bondage pants as they weave through the various people moving around them, a subtle shiver begins to wrack his slender frame as pink eyes shift back to meet midnight blue, “I haven’t eaten all day and I kinda want something spicy right now. If we’ve got an hour, it should give us enough time right?”

Nodding, the taller teen pulls the blue scarf wound around his neck a little closer to his face “Plenty of time, so lead the way.” Tiny white puffs spill into the air as he speaks, his cold hands pushed deep in the pockets of his coat as fluffy flakes crowd the skies and Zephyr smiles, finding the whole atmosphere of a good snowfall getting him excited as if he were a little kid.

The streets are busy but not in an annoying way and they easily thread through the groups of strolling couples, window shoppers, and bar-hopping college students. Music spills from the bars and coffee houses as they pass, lending to the festive mood brought on by the nightlife and the snow. Zephyr shakes thick flakes from his hair as they pass a brightly painted Moroccan restaurant, laughing at the lopsided snowman standing beside the door. “So the rave’s at Ink, which I’ve heard is actually a huge club… but they throw raves on certain nights. Have you been there?” The Dark pulls the colorful cardstock flyer from his pocket and hands it to Jun. “There are some really good DJs mixing the sets so we should get practically everything from down tempo to hard house.” They step out of the path of a woman being towed along by an excited Rottweiler, grinning at one another as she begs the dog to stop. Zephyr shakes his head as they turn down a narrow side street. “I haven’t really been out since I woke up, so I hope this party fucking rocks.”

At his side, Jun looks over the flier as they move down the contrastingly empty side street, “Yeah, I’ve been here a few times… I think.” Pink eyes looks up, a small trace of embarrassment moving across his features, “I dunno, it’s kinda hard to remember sometimes which ones I’ve been at… Taz and me usually hop and it all gets hazy when I get a little fucked up,” he laughs lightly, handing the brightly colored paper back to the Dark. “I’m sure anything would kick ass after being dead to the world for as long as you were though…” he flashes the blonde a teasing smile.

A mixture of smells waft out into the cold winter air from the few various open Asian restaurants riddling the strip and Jun leads the Dark to the small restaurant set back at the end of the block, nested behind a closed Vietnamese market and easily overlooked past the tarp covered bins and large gates framing the boundaries. “It doesn’t look like much,” the pink and white haired teenager shrugs as he stops in front of dingy glass doors and reaching up, he ruffles the snow from his hair while flickering neon from the ‘Open’ sign shines softly down on the pair. “But they have the best mixes of kimchi and some really good soups.” Which he can so go for right now due to the cold, he’s not even kidding.

The small attached bell rings lightly as Jun opens the door, the cracked and peeled plaster edges flaking in the slightest when he steps aside to let the Dark in. Met briefly by a few odd stares from the mildly interested patrons seated in the warmed homey restaurant, the shorter teen grins as a petite Korean lady comes out from the back, age marking what was once the very pretty features of a smiling face.

She waves the pair over, speaking in broken English from thin lined lips. “Hey honey!” she reaches down and pulls a small order pad close, almond shaped black eyes shifting from Jun to Zephyr and back again. “You no friend today? You brother instead?”

Jun shakes his head with a small laugh, “Nah, my friend’s busy.“ Pink eyes shift over to the Dark with amusement, “He’s a friend too, not my brother. So not my brother.”

“Ah sorry honey, you same hair so I think brother, honey,” She smiles wide, motioning to the pair to come closer, “What you want today?”

Jun is about to answer when his cell goes off. “Ah fuck, hang on” Reaching down and unzipping the pocket that contains the metallic pink phone, he slips it free and flips it open. Furrowing his brows for a moment when he sees the caller id, a single finger flicks the screen on before he slides the device to his ear. “Hey, gimme a sec...” Pulling the phone away and reaching back to free his wallet of his back pocket, Jun lifts it up and reaches in, hastily grabbing the closest card before setting it on the counter, “Give me an order of Maeuntang and whatever he wants,” he says to the woman before turning to Zephyr. “Sorry, it’s Taz. I’ll only be a minute. Grab us a seat okay?” Pulling the phone back up to his ear, the shorter teenager turns and walks back to the doorway, the small chime of the bell ringing as he steps out into the cold to take his call.

The Dark turns back to the counter as Jun leaves the restaurant, smiling down at the patiently waiting Korean woman. “I’ll have the Ganjajang and a cup of Saenggang Cha, please.” She nods, neatly writing the characters on the pad, taking Jun’s credit card before disappearing into the kitchen.

Zephyr slips out of his damp coat and drapes it over a chair at the table furthest from the other diners, absently combing his fingers through wet blonde strands. Taking an unopened box of cigarettes borrowed from Sashi’s stash out of his coat pocket, the Selestarri settles into the naugahyde-covered chair and slides the ashtray out from between the condiment bottles. He’s normally only a social smoker, the taste turning too nasty to him after a while to keep him from doing it regularly, so he keeps it to a minimum. Given his brother’s habitual intake, he supposes it’s a good thing the Selestarri race isn’t susceptible to things like cancer and emphysema.

Smoke fills his lungs and Zephyr shifts sideways in the seat, resting his back against the wall and propping his feet on the adjacent chair. The painted mural on the opposite wall, a wooded, mountain scene, begins to slightly blur as he drops his telepathic barriers, the rush of the other customer’s thoughts instantly audible. Most bitch about the snow or contemplate the upcoming activities of the night, and after a moment he fazes them out to a dull, underlying buzz at the back of his consciousness.

Midnight eyes slip closed as Zephyr pulls away from his own mind and steps into the dreamscape, the familiar, diluted scenery of gates and doorways scattered across the empty, rolling landscape marking the presence of sleepers. The Dark instinctively reaches for Sashi, patient as the overworld begins to shift. The barren trees and imposing gate that bar access to his brother’s dreams comes quickly into sight, and all is still and silent. Zephyr sighs, relieved to see that Sashi sleeps interrupted. He doesn’t sense the Seeker, so maybe the bitch really has been blocked for good as Megumi’s promised…

The scrape of ceramic against Formica and a light touch on his wrist yank Zephyr from the overworld and back to the restaurant in an instant. Blue eyes reopen to meet almond shaped black and the small woman smiles as she places a hot cup next to a dish of kimchijeon. “No sleep now, honey,” she jokes. “Early night.”

The Dark shakes his head and taps a long piece of ash off the end of the cigarette. “Yeah, it won’t be much of a party if I sleep through it, right?” He takes another drag as she reaches into her apron and pulls out two white packets, placing them neatly beside the cup.

“You need happy so I make drink special.” Zephyr gives her a questioning look and she gestures toward the steaming liquid. “Instant coffee.” Their laughter echoes through the small room as the bell rings, signaling Jun’s return. Flipping the small cell top down with a sigh, the pink and white haired teenager makes his way back into the restaurant and to the table the Selestarri has chosen. Sitting himself heavily down on the chair opposite of the blonde, he nods with a smile to the petite hostess as she sets the rest of their ordered dishes down before stuffing his card back into his hands and walking away, leaving them to their food.

Jun tosses his cell onto the tabletop with a small dismissive flip, reaching up to run his fingers into his bangs and rest his elbows on the scratched and worn tabletop. Shaking his head when Zephyr reaches down and offers him a smoke from the pack, he snorts. “Man… I have no clue what is up with him lately.” Early dawn hued eyes shift down, watching the steam from his soup curl and dissipate in the air before catching the slight look of question that moves over the blonde’s face, that pulls his eyes back up. “My friend Taz…” he explains, “it’s like he’s busy a lot, but he won’t tell me what’s been holding him up. Then he acts like I’m some kid who can’t take care of myself. I get he’s concerned or whatever, but I have no clue why. He’s acting like me being out here is some dangerous thing when it’s only a party and it’s not like we don’t go to them all the damned time ourselves.” He pulls his fingers from his hair and sinks his head against the aged Formica table, his forehead coming to rest with a dull thud, “He never used to act this way in school but it seems like ever since he’s moved out here everything’s gone kinda weird.” Without pulling his head from the table, Jun reaches out blindly for the glass of water sitting across from him, his sigh muffled. Sitting still for a moment longer, he finally straightens and takes a drink while a slightly annoyed look remains pasted on his features. “I just want to have fun tonight,” Jun smirks as he sets the glass back down, flashing the Dark a smile before reaching over to pull his soup bowl closer. “Screw going home before I’ve even had a chance to make an appearance, Taz will have to deal.”

Dipping a piece of shrimp in the thick black bean paste before him, the Dark smiles sympathetically as he pulls his own food to his mouth. He knows as well as anyone that friendships can be complicated, sometimes even more so than romantic relationships. These are the people who know you inside and out, who take care of you when life goes to shit, who will drop everything when you need them to… For a moment his thoughts slide to the friends he’d lost when leaving the Eyrie, the ones who just couldn’t understand why he had to go. He’d grown up with them, as close to family as Selestarri culture recognized, but at the end they couldn’t overcome the big hurdles. It all happened a few years ago, but thinking of them still hurts.

“I’m sure he’s just looking out for you,” the blonde offers. “I mean, it’s not like we know each other well, so maybe he’s afraid I’ll abandon you or something.” Zephyr takes another bite of his seafood. “Sometimes our friends can just get weird when they think they’re protecting us. It’s annoying and all, but it’s just ‘cause they care about us.”

“You’re right I guess…” Jun sighs, lifting his soup spoon up to take another sip, “But I don’t wanna think about it right now, so let’s eat and get to the damned party already.” He snorts as he pulls the utensil away, “It’s been way too long since I’ve had any fun.”

Chopsticks dip back down into his dish, the noodles sending a curl of steam into the air between them. It’s been a crazy day, so he’s more than happy to concentrate on the party they’ve come here to enjoy. “Then allow me,” Zeph says with a grin, “because fun is what I do best...”

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