Angel Hunt and Streifen Roleplay

+ M O D E R N D A Y +

Jun and Zephyr in Modern Day

Jun and Zephyr
The B E G I N N I N G

The loud thumping beat pounds throughout the sea of moving bodies in the warehouse, the bass spilling out into the cold night air through poorly insulated walls and echoing softly across the pier the club lays nestled upon. Jun’s slender frame moves in tune with the reverberating music, his body pressed close against the frame of a small, attractive blonde that happened to get in his path during his last hour of dancing. He’d dropped the moment he and the blonde got done with their food and he’s been flying high ever since, the movement of his body pronounced and crisp while everything around him has taken on a shining halo of light. Normally he’s not really about getting in so close and personal to strangers, but when he’s high all those inhibitions go out the door. It’s the entire reason he does it because it’s one of the few times he can just let loose and have fun. It’s one of the few times he doesn’t have to care.

And right now? He really doesn’t care. He hasn’t since he stepped out onto the dance floor, as long as he can move and there’s someone else to move along with him near, he’s ace.

The beat dies down for just a moment and the segue into the next song is almost flawless. New patterns of light dance about from the various strobes anchored to metal rafters high above everyone’s heads, each one shifting to match the newest beat. Despite Jun’s need to keep moving, a more pressing need arises and he slows for just a moment before reaching up to brush damp pink bangs from his eyes, his early dawn hued depths making a quick scan of his surroundings. Mashed in together with almost no room to breathe, he’s surrounded by others – everyone decked out in various shades of leather, plaid, neon, bondage, skimpy lame’ bikinis or jocks covered by net and nylon. Goggles and masks, fake fur, chains and spikes, circles and tubes of glowing light adorn heads of every age, colored hair, no hair, spikes and ponytails –you name it, there’s a little bit of it all. There’s a certain degree of peace he finds in this environment and honestly, it’d be so easy for him to stay where he is and just keep on dancing until he collapses, but even with his head spinning and the streamers of light that surround him, the same little nagging need that got him to slow in the first place presses harder to remind that he needs to find something to drink.

He’s been on the dance floor for a while and he’s pretty sure he’s already sweated out nearly all of the moisture contained in his body so despite his wants being otherwise, he has to untangle himself to go find some water. So Jun reluctantly separates himself from the petite girl and turns away only to be stopped when small hands cling to the straps of his pants. Smiling in response, he leans over in a way that sends kite tails streaming across his vision and promises her he’ll be back shortly. With a pouting frown, the girl lets him go and he slips free, pushing through the congested crowd towards the bar while both his promise and her existence flies right out of his head. It takes him a little longer to get off the dance floor than he likes because hands tug and pull blindingly at him to entice him back into the flow while the newest song threatens to derail him completely, but that nagging thirst keeps him going until finally he’s able to step free.

The moment his feet touch the border however, the pink and white haired teenager simply detours from his original goal and wanders over to one of the nearest unoccupied booths set against the outer walls as if it were his goal all along. Sitting heavily down with a sigh, his early dawn hued gaze makes a futile attempt to scan for the companion he’d lost earlier before the effects of the drugs causes everything to spin sharply. Closing his eyes against it without even thinking, Jun allows his head to fall back against the cold stone wall behind him –still thirsty but content for the moment just to listen to the sounds and lights that swirl around him while feeling a little like he’s about to spin off the face of the earth.

Even with Jun’s silent retreat, the club remains packed; wall-to-wall kids grinding in unison to the trip-hop song, the swirling heat wrapping sauna-heavy around tightly pressed bodies. The smell of alcohol, smoke, and sweat is a thick layer in the air, almost visible in the multicolored pulse of the overhead lights. Out on the dance floor, the Dark smiles as hands slide over his hips from behind, the touch leaving electric shocks in its wake and he pushes back, happily melting into the dark-haired dancer. The E he’d scored just after arriving is kicking hard, the thumping beat a command to move, every touch an explosion of fireworks and everything is beautiful… just… so fucking beautiful. Reaching out to wrap his arms around the shoulders of the nearest dancer, Zephyr pulls her close before burying his face in her hair even as the hot breath of the guy behind washes across his neck. It’s been way too long since he’s been out, way too long since he’s felt the touch of warm bodies and taken the magic pills that make the whole world such an amazing place. It’s like wearing your favorite clothes—familiar and comfortable, and a necessity to make living worthwhile. The girl turns in his embrace, her hips tight against his thigh and the blonde stares into the incredible green that is her eyes, finding them so endlessly deep. The slow pace of the song keeps the three dancers locked together and moving as one.

Sometimes they are joined by others for a brief moment or two before the next track begins to wind up, the laid-back, grinding beat accelerating into Asian speed techno in a way that pulls the random newcomers away. Soon the dance floor explodes in a riot of jumping, twisting bodies, the fluid pulse of the song creating a living wave of motion. From the corner of his eye, Zephyr catches a flash of pink and he turns only to find that it belongs to an unfamiliar girl and not Jun. Where has he gone? They’d been separated just after arriving but he has to be here somewhere… right?

Untangling himself from his companions, the tall Selestarri slides easily through the crowd, scanning the other kids and looking for the telltale pink and white but unable to find any sign of his new friend. Rounding the corner of the bar, he finally spots the other teenager sitting alone in a booth at the back of the club and for a moment he’s confused, wondering why the hell he isn’t still dancing.

“Hey!” The Dark shouts, but the music drowns him out and Jun remains still, his lithe frame leaning against the wall behind his booth, eyes closed. Sliding onto the tabletop, Zephyr braces his feet against the back of the seat and smiles, leaning in close enough to the shorter teen to be heard. “You crashing on me already?”

There’s no immediate response as the pink and white haired teen remains silent while his world continues to spiral out of focus, and he’s unable to hear either the blonde’s words or feel his presence nearby. The loud drumming of the techno has already faded and long since taken the heavy pulse of lights with it. The only thing Jun can see behind his closed lids is a fog where faceless figures and shadowed shapes swirl across his vision and somewhere deep down he finds an odd sense of comfort with them because they feel almost familiar; as if they are something he’s long since forgotten but has known always. His brows furrow as he works to focus but no matter how hard he tries, as always they refuse to solidify enough for him to truly remember who or what they are.

God… he really hates it when this happens. He knows better than to close his eyes while he’s tripping because it’s mostly when they come in and try to take control. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, in fact it’s been happening quite a lot lately. It started back when he was still going to school and seemed to get worse after he, Megumi, and Kazuya were shipped off to the States. If he closes his eyes, especially when he’s high, they are there and while his best friend is usually around and can shake him out of it, he knows he doesn’t have Taz with him this time so he’s probably going to be a little screwed. Helpless and stuck, all Jun can do is sit in place and let it take control. Which is exactly what it does.

Just like always, Jun soon finds himself standing in an empty white room as the figures begin to swirl around him, vague shapes of people in the background shadowed beyond his view. He always wants so badly to reach out and touch just one of them, to have just one of their voices come into focus enough for him to understand what they are saying, to have just one of their faces take shape enough for him to make out who they are. But it never happens, instead the figures stay locked in this small shifting flux, their features jumbled and blurry while he’s helpless to do little more than stand in front of them, listening as their muffled cries grow louder in his ears. He can’t understand them, he never can because what they say sounds something kind of like a cross between a foreign language and singing, but they yell at him –their voices growing louder and louder until he has to clap his hands over his ears in order to shut them out. But it never truly works, he’s never able to shut them out and whatever it is they want him to hear, despite the fact that he can’t understand them, just like always it becomes deafening. He cries out, tries to tell them to stop, and that’s when he finds his voice is silenced and his body suddenly stuck in place. Then the pain sets in, searing, suffocating pain and he’s unable to scream, unable to do anything but take it.

It’s usually around this time that he realizes it’s not real, that he’s fallen under and he’s stuck. And as always, he curses himself for closing his eyes in the first place because for as often as it’s been happening, he should know better by now. There’s no one to help him return this time, no one who will be able to bring him back up to the surface because he didn’t come to this club with his best friend like he normally would and god, does it make him feel so stupid. He really shouldn’t have -

Suddenly the club comes crashing back and pink eyes snap open, the teen’s gaze glazed over momentarily before he’s able to focus, finding himself staring into a pair of deep midnight blue eyes. The blonde remains close, confused for a moment as a flash of psychic static passes through his mind. For just an instant, Zephyr is overwhelmed by a jumble of voices talking all at once inside of his head while a harsh, glaring light floods not only his vision but his entire surroundings and he pulls away from Jun just slightly, forcibly shutting the sensation out.

Jun blinks and remains still for a moment before he slides a shaky hand up to his face, and while Zephyr works to reign his telepathy in –a task he finds harder than normal because he’s high as a fucking kite, the shorter teen’s fingers shift upward to rake back long strands of dyed pink fringe. “Crashing my ass…” Jun says after a moment and with a heavy sigh, he allows his head to fall back against the cold stone wall behind him. Jesus, how long was he under this time? It felt like forever… but then again, it usually does, even though Taz always tells him that whatever it was that happened lasts only seconds. “I was… just a little stuck, that’s all.”

The tall blonde flashes him a questioning look, attempting for a moment to decipher his companion’s words while still locking the last of his telepathy down. It’s usually not too difficult to screen out the humans, especially when he’s actively thinking about it, and whatever that was, definitely didn’t feel human, but then again… he’s high as fuck so it could easily be reasoned away as backlash or something just from so many people being pressed into such a small area or whatever. Not like it really matters though, because it’s gone now… “Hey…” The pink and white haired teen starts again, pulling the blonde from his thoughts. As Zephyr’s midnight gaze returns their focus, Jun falls silent again and for the first time since they both stepped into the club, it seems to dawn on him just how deep the taller teen’s eyes actually are. He gets lost for a moment just staring up into Zeph’s eyes and he can’t help wondering why it took him this long to see it. His newest friend’s eyes are vast and they seem to go on forever, he could totally lose himself if he isn’t careful –just fall into his gaze and float off into the endless space to be surrounded by a shifting, star filled darkened sky.

Fuck, okay, this is definitely one awesome thing about dropping; it always seems to clarify things he’d probably never bother to notice normally.

In the periphery of the Dark’s vision, the club’s lights pulse green, purple, yellow, but straight ahead there’s only pink, those limitless depths holding him still and demanding all of his attention. Staring at Jun, he finds it a little like drowning in cotton candy… or bubble gum… or flamingos… or… whatever… Fuck, but does he love how alive everything is, how sound and touch seem more real, and color much more vibrant. All the things one would normally overlook is made so beautiful and in that moment, like Jun, Zeph finds he could easily drown. But, the pink and white haired teenager does have to remind himself that he’s staring and with a small shake of his head that snaps both of them from their spell while sending more streamers swirling off to the side of his vision, Jun smiles and pulls his head free of wall behind. Leaning forward, his hands slide to either side of the blonde’s slim body while the sensations of the table’s surface against his palms sends small flickers of electricity spiraling up his arms. Everything is so pronounced by the drugs running rampant through his system and he falls still again, nearly getting caught up in the feeling of touch before he remembers why he’d leaned forward in the first place. Turning his head, full lips slide close to the blonde’s ear and the wash of warm breath when he speaks causes Zephyr to suck in an involuntary breath, the flare of heat slipping over his skin causing him to involuntarily shiver as the sensation travels down his spine. “Remind me later to repay you for pulling me back… okay?”

Goddamn… even the slightest things feel so fucking amazing and he already wants more. A whole hell of a lot more. Pulling slightly away, Zephyr seeks out those deep dawn tinted eyes again and he can’t help but smile. “I’ll remind you…” Without thinking about what he’s doing, the tall Selestarri reaches up and long, pale fingers thread through pink strands, reveling in the touch as he gently slides his hand down to the ends. Jun’s hair is smooth and silky… just as he expected. The shorter teen’s gaze closes briefly in response, the trailing strands of light from every movement Zephyr makes still visible behind his closed lids. “You’ve been touching your hair all night,” the Dark explains as pink eyes reopen. “I just wanted to know what it felt like…”

Before both teenagers can get caught up again, the Selestarri suddenly pulls back and slides off the table, catching Jun by the wrist and pulling him out of the booth as he goes. Moving with graceful ease towards the dance floor and grinning excitedly, Zephyr has to shout over the reverberating bass of the music blaring from the sound system as it shifts to a new song “Come dance with me,” he yells back, “it’s too early to go home…”

Jun’s nod is lost as he allows himself to be pulled quickly back to the dance floor, and soon the pair are weaving effortlessly into the sea of bodies before them as if they’d never left. The teens are caught up instantly by the beat and both move to the pounding command to take flight. Intricate patterns of light explode across his vision when Zephyr pulls him closer and Jun quickly melds against him, their bodies rocking to the blaring music that surrounds. Each hard beat of the unending bass dictates his movements while the world continues to spin by, and despite the many sensory distractions of sight and sound, everything that he is stays focused on the sensations of fireworks coursing through his companion’s midnight colored eyes. An earthquake could hit and Jun wouldn’t be able to look away and he doesn’t even want to try; the taller teen’s eyes are mesmerizing and he revels in the feeling of drifting into that void, finding himself still unable to believe it’s taken him until now to realize just how deep a blue Zephyr’s eyes are.

The DJ has become a god. Commandments handed down through the ceaseless, driving bass: shake, jump, grind, turn, move, move, move… The congregation of dancers worships in a tight, writhing mass, flowing to the rhythm as a cohesive group, heedless of where one individual ends and the next begins. Overpowered by the beat, they can only trust that the flowing vocal melodies are a gospel that will lead them to nirvana. Every person on the dance floor is a willing follower, assured that the DJ will open a new level of transcendence that they never believed possible before.

The Dark can’t stop smiling, not as the rushes of happiness run hard through his body. How long has it been since he’s been this happy? He can’t really remember… but then again it’s hard to remember anything outside of the heat, the lights, and his need to touch… Zephyr’s palms itch, eager to move, and he trails them from Jun’s hips up to his sides and back, the teenager shivering in a way that causes the Selestarri to laugh. Touching or being touched, it doesn’t matter; they elicit the same bursts of electricity that lights up his skin like a fireworks celebration and it’s nice. So fucking nice…

The beat begins to slow, switching flawlessly into a softer tune and the entire dance floor drops like a well-oiled piece of machinery; each gear running perfectly together in a synchronized haze. Jun turns in Zephyr’s grip, sliding back against him with ease and they continue to move perfectly as one. Slender fingers slip across his stomach, pulling a small gasp from his lips when they graze the metal bar piercing just below his naval tattoo before they come to rest across his trim hips. Bodies press in close around them and every touch from every source sends soft chills racing across heated skin. Just damn… there really isn’t anything like being touched when he’s tripping and he loves it. Everything is like pure fire; every breath against his skin sending shivers down the length of his spine, every movement they make rippling through him and threatening to pull him completely under. The world can melt away for all he cares so long as he’s left with the touch of his newest friend.

Soft sheens of sweat glisten the skin of fellow dancers as they move all around them; every shift causing streamers of light to be left in their wake. Jun can hear each sound crisp and clear and yet at the same time, nothing is quite in focus and the only rooted thing that stays in his mind is how hyper aware he is of his own body pressed against the blonde’s, his presence solidified by the trails of fire across his skin that every small movement makes. It’s as if this night and this very moment is the entire reason he and the other teenager have been made and he’s perfectly okay with this purpose, content to spend the rest of his life locked in close and dancing until the universe comes to an end. The languid beat keeps them close, hemmed in by other dancers, and although there’s a set of unfamiliar hips behind the blonde, he keeps his attention focused on the body he’s currently wrapped around, both teens rocking back and forth to the beat. Alternately lit by the shifting colors from above, Jun wears the same expression as many of the surrounding kids; as through his sense race along the edge of over stimulation, but slightly unfocused at the same time. Leaning forward, Zephyr rests his chin on the shorter teen’s black-clad shoulder and drops his head against silken pink and white, smiling again as he squeezes his companion tight. When everything is so fucking amazing, knowing that your friends love it just as much as you is awesome. Everyone should feel this connected and so wired into the people around them as far as he’s concerned, absolutely everyone.

The songs begin to wind together, slipping into a series of unbroken, fluid motion. Time means little, spaced only by the constant changes in rhythm. Sweat soaks them both, plastering clothing and dampening their hair, slicking the friction that’s long since built up between them. A fresh rush of happiness sends warm tingles down his arms and legs and Zephyr switches his grip to pull Jun around to face him, those deep pink eyes meeting his midnight as they slide fluidly together once more, both teens perfectly in sync with the resonating beat.

How long have they been dancing? How many songs have passed them by? It’s all blended together so perfectly that the pink and white haired teenager can no longer tell… the music courses through them as if it’s their life’s blood, the lights and movements trailing around them in fiery streamers of white. Everything feels so good, so perfect and so right –as if everything up until this moment has been completely meaningless. The rest of his life seems to have blurred and as far as he can tell in this moment, he and Zephyr are the only two people left alive. There’s no one else around them, nothing distinct on the planet except for them, and they are just two bodies moving in sync on a dance floor that has become the center of his fucking world.

The Selestarri lets his fingertips run down the length of Jun’s back and he’s momentarily distracted by the sensation that travels over his skin before he manages to pull himself up long enough to speak. “Fucking good party, right?” He flashes a teasing grin. “Better than staying home alone, yeah?”

“Better than staying home alone like you wouldn’t believe…” Jun replies as a smile quickly lights up his entire face.

Suddenly the music shifts again, the slow tempo gaining speed and as they answer this new command, it seems to suddenly strike Jun that his throat is unbelievable dry. He’s pulled back in an instant to when he’d first left the dance floor, and his body’s movements begin to slow. He was thirsty wasn’t he? He must have been because there would have been no reason for him to leave, but did he ever get that drink? He can’t remember but judging by the dryness of his throat, something must have happened to keep him from that task. And no sooner does he think it, then the pink and white haired teen finds himself caught again, but this time it’s his new friend’s eyes that hold him, it’s the glistening of Zephyr’s lips that pull him in. Without taking any time to think on his actions, Jun suddenly slides his head forward and tilts it to the side, pressing his mouth against the blonde’s in a mindless attempt to taste the softness of his lips.

Stilling when tapered fingers slide up to touch at his cheek, a hard jolt rockets through the Dark’s body as velvet lips connect with his. Inhaling sharply and held in place by pale fingers, fire spreads in warm trails down his face and neck in a way that threatens to steal the very air from his lungs. The dance floor begins to go slightly blurry as the shared kiss causes deep blue eyes to become unfocused, and Zephyr finds himself caught in the sensations for a few long moments, reveling in both taste and touch.

Oh fuck… that was nice, the tall Dark smiles when his shorter companion begins to pull away, unexpected but nice. Very nice…

“I… sorry,” Jun tries. “I thought you might be thirsty...” he offers in what at that moment seems like a perfectly plausible reason for his actions even as his pink gaze is sliding back down towards the blonde’s mouth. Biting his bottom lip in order to fight the urge to lean back up and kiss the other teen all over again, Jun finds it a harder task than it should be, so to keep what little wits he has left in him, he reluctantly slips his hand away from the blonde’s cheek and contents himself with allowing his fingers to slip down towards Zephyr’s partially exposed waist.

The blonde’s hands tighten on slim hips when his new friend’s fingers touch at his abdomen, and unable to stop himself, he presses their bodies even closer together. “I might be, actually…” Zephyr replies, but his words quickly trail when he finds himself caught. The way Jun is biting at his lower lip holds his gaze intently, and the desire to kiss him back is almost irresistible until the movement of the other teen’s fingers creates a fresh wave of distracting tingles just beneath the surface of his skin. His eyes slip half-closed as he soaks every new sensation in, unable to help the smile that forms when the newest surge of happiness begins to take over. This is definitely the only way to feel really alive -dancing and touching in a way that makes everything vibrant and beautiful, leaving them with no worries or sadness.

Jun snaps the blonde from his new trance when he suddenly speaks up again, blurting quickly out -“Yeah, drinks!” as if it were a conversation they’ve been engaged in for hours. As blue eyes slide fully open, Zephyr is met with a wide grin before the pink and white haired teen pulls his hand from his stomach and slides it over, his fingers wrapping the Dark’s wrist. Turning around so quickly he almost veers off balance, Jun takes a second to ensure his footing is solid before he begins to tug the blonde through the mass of bodies, weaving them both effortlessly towards the back and the bar.

The night has already begun to slowly wind down, the kids who’d flown too early strewn in the booths that line the dark walls of the warehouse to begin their unwanted crash. Rainbows reflect through the overhanging glasses and scatter across the stainless steel bar top as Jun comes to a halt with the blonde in tow, the patterns the drinkware causes on the surface pulsing along with the background music. As if he’s done this a hundred times before, the pink and white haired teenager elbows his way in-between a few other clubbers who refuse to immediately move, still holding firmly to the Dark’s wrists until he’s made them a wide enough path. As Jun waits to signal the bartender, Zephyr steps forward and wraps his arms around the narrow frame just to his front, sliding his face against the back of Jun’s neck and his nose into strands of sweat-streaked white. Closing his eyes, the Dark rocks slightly to the slow rhythm of the song echoing from behind them, hazy warmth seeping into his core when Jun absently begins moving along with him.

After what feels like a couple of hours, the shorter teenager finally turns around in the blonde’s grip with a glass of water held in his hand. Taking a step back with a smile, Zephyr follows him towards the crowded concrete wall along the side of the club where other dancers are resting in hopes of reenergizing after the last long song set. Leaning up against the cold stone, Jun takes a long sip of water before handing the glass over. Taking a drink himself, a slight chill ripples through the Selestarri’s chest and stomach as the cold liquid slides down his throat. He hadn’t realized just how overheated he’d gotten or how long it’s been since he had a drink because the dancing had been so good that everything else up until this moment had felt a little meaningless. But damn, he’s thirsty and right now as far as he’s concerned the water is the best thing that’s ever been invented. Lowering the glass, Zephyr fishes an ice cube from it and slides it over his face and neck, sighing as the cold touch continues to cool him off. Wiping the sleeve of his t-shirt over wet skin, he catches pink eyes staring at his every movement and a smile lights up his face. Jun looks just as overheated as he is, so he dips his fingers back in and fishes out another ice cube, closing the half step between them before wrapping his hand around the back of the other teen’s neck to press the ice against his hot skin.

Midnight eyes again lock with depthless pink, and the Dark leans forward until their foreheads bump. “Better?”

“Yeah…” Jun whispers, his voice barely audible against the loud pounding drum that continues to resonate in the background. With the blonde’s face mere inches from his own, he finds himself caught up all over again and soon staring intently into midnight blue eyes. At this exact moment he’s sure they’ve always been friends, he’s sure they’ve done this exact thing before -danced and touched and kissed and been so familiar with one another as if they are old friends. Somewhere deep inside of him he knows that’s not true of course, he knows he and Zeph have only just met and this is the first time they’ve spoken, let alone gone out to a club. But that rational voice seems so quiet in the face of the drugs in his system, louder and more pronounced in their reassurances that everything that’s happened so far is age old and familiar, and his only truth. And when music begins to fade in the background it takes the entire club along with it, the flashing colors and streamers of light becoming indistinct shapes and voices until his only focus is those deep midnight eyes he knows he’s destined to fall into. Those beautiful moving eyes… god, he still can’t get over the fact that he somehow missed them before, missed how deep and how vast they are because how could anyone overlook something so vibrant and alive? Zephyr’s eyes are beautiful and he wonders if the other teen knows the extent. “A lot… better, actually…” he answers quietly and without another word said or thought lent, and because it makes perfect sense to him in that moment to do so, Jun simply closes the small gap that separates them and presses his lips against the blonde’s once more.

The electric rush that streams through the Dark’s body when their lips touch melts the surrounding lights and noise of the club completely, his dark blue eyes sliding closed against the staggering sensations. For a moment Zeph finds himself drowning in the tight press of their bodies, oblivious to anything beyond Jun’s hips against his and the rising need that’s beginning to slip between the waves of fuzzy happiness. Caught up in the moment, the pink and white haired teen’s hands reach out to wrap around the blonde’s trim hips in order to keep him close while their kiss continues to deepen, the touch of his fingers against his skin kicking in hard while firecrackers ignite in progression down his spine. Every nerve begins to wind tight in their wake and a deep shudder shakes the Dark to his core, momentarily stealing his breath. Hands tug at his hips and their bodies grind closer, if it’s even possible, pulling a quiet wanting sound from the shorter teen’s throat.

Delving further in, the kiss they share continues to deepen until Jun finds himself at a loss for actual air. When he feels like he might actually suffocate, Jun reluctantly tears his mouth away. "Sorr… sorry...” His hands grip harder on the taller teen’s hips in an attempt to steady his own body, his early dawn hued gaze slips back down to the blonde’s lips and it takes a monumental amount of self control he barely has to keep himself from sliding back in. “I shouldn’t have…” With a sigh, Jun’s head falls against against the stone wall behind him and the club comes crashing back in that instant, the lights and sounds swirling into the blurred haze it had been before. He’s flying so fucking high and he can barely think, let alone form an actual real, coherent sentence so he’s a little surprised he can even work two strung words together from his mouth. “God... if I don’t stop…” he won’t be able to stop is what he wants to say but he can’t seem to get it fully past his lips.

“If you don’t stop, what?” Zephyr teases, his hands slipping down to Jun’s sides and stroking absently from hip to ribcage through the sweaty t-shirt. There’s a demanding itch in his palms that only seems placated by this touch as heat spirals through his wrists and over his arms and he has no plans on stopping now. The long line of the other teenager’s throat quickly draws him in and he can’t resist pressing his mouth against the delicate skin, full lips moving from jaw to collarbone and back again. Tilting his head upwards, the Dark kisses Jun again, relishing in the delicious fire that instantly rekindles the moment their mouths touch, a fire that easily threatens to consume them both. “Do you really want me to stop?” He smiles as he pulls back, gently nipping at the other teenager’s bottom lip.

Does he want him to stop? Hell no. Not only is he high as a fucking kite, he’s actually pretty turned on, and stopping is about the last thing that he wants right now. But should he stop? Probably, because once again somewhere deep down, there’s a rational part of the pink and white haired teen that would like to remind him that he and Zephyr have only just met, and he’s not usually the type of guy that messes around with someone before he’s even learned a last name. But those thoughts and that rationality seem so quiet in the face of what his body is currently crying out for, so quiet in fact that he’s not even sure they ever existed to begin with.

“…No,” Jun manages after a moment, sliding his head free of the wall and slipping his tongue out to lick at the place the blonde had nipped. “I don’t want you to stop… ” It almost seems absurd to him that Zephyr would even ask him the question. Why would he want to stop? They’ve been friends for years haven’t they? Good friends, close friends, friends that hit up clubs and dance together, get high together, kiss and touch and do everything in between. “It’s just…” the pink and white haired teen smiles, tilting his head in to take another taste of the blonde’s mouth before sliding himself slightly over until his lips come in contact with the softness of Zeph’s ear. “Not here.”

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