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+ Welcome to Angel Hunt +

Hunted Angel

Welcome to Angel Hunt! This site is dedicated to my ABJDs. Here you will find a full list of my dolls' information, their character profiles, stories, picture galleries and more. I hope you enjoy them and thanks for visiting!

+ Updates +

:: August 25, 2019 :: I've added the maps to the Ish'talla and Eden pages ->H E R E and H E R E (because the text is hard to see on the smaller images, if you click on them the full size images will open up so you can see the deets). In the [A N G E L] page, I've added a couple crack one shot comics (look under the COMICS section), and the Ghosts one shot comic I did for 2017 xmas ->H E R E. Finally, part 3 of book one of Destiny is up ->H E R E.

:: August 24, 2019 :: in the [A N G E L] page, I've added the 2016 12 Days of Christmas gift art set ->H E R E, the 2015 Inktober->H E R E, Jenova's Timewarp Redraw art->H E R E, and I've updated the 2018 - 2019 Art Themes->H E R E. In the [H U N T E D] page, I've added a page for all the Chibi Land Mansion progresses ->H E R E, and I've added the old 2006 Face+Up project set ->H E R E.

:: August 18, 2019 :: Destiny Book one, part two is up ->[H E R E], I've also update the 2019 ADAW page -> [H E R E], and seven albums have been added to the 2019 singles page ->[H E R E] (Higher Jun, 3 Jade albums, 1 groups album in the Disjointed section, 1 Nexus album and Candy Pop's album).