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+ Welcome to Angel Hunt +

Hunted Angel

Welcome to Angel Hunt ! This site is dedicated to my ABJDs. Here you will find a full list of my dolls' information, their character profiles, stories, picture galleries and more. I hope you enjoy them and thanks for visiting !

+ Updates +

:: September 17, 2017 :: I've updated the current ADAW in the album [H E R E]. I'm still a bunch of pictures behind, and anyone who follows my Instagram Adventures knows why, but I'll get there eventually. Eventually.

:: August 14, 2017 :: I finally finished the inset for book 2 of the first AU, so I've started adding in the pages. Right now parts 01 and 02 are up in the AU page [H E R E]. Eventually I'll make an art page for all my Angel Hunt related art, but for now, enjoy the reading. More to come soon ^^

:: August 8, 2017 :: Annndddd, it's been a while again since the last update. Life has been getting the better of me again and so I've fallen behind. Working on it, always working on it. You know. For now I've gotten the Doll a Week 2017 page updated. I'm a few pics behind in that too, but what I have has been added. I have extra albums of some of those to add, which I'll get to at some point. For now though, feel to the free to check it out and see the 12+ pics that are in there now ^_^