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+ Welcome to Angel Hunt +

Hunted Angel

Welcome to Angel Hunt ! This site is dedicated to my ABJDs. Here you will find a full list of my dolls' information, their character profiles, stories, picture galleries and more. I hope you enjoy them and thanks for visiting !

+ Updates +

:: January 20, 2018 :: An extra album for Vale and Nexus from their last week's ADAW shoot has been added ->[H E R E] <3

:: January 17, 2018 :: I've updated a bunch of the profile pages. The Doll Profiles have been updated, with the Addition of Higher!Jun's picture and info, and Teen!Kazuya's picture and info [H E R E]. In the characters sections, the Past has been updated [H E R E] (Mashtrim and Haniel's profile have been added). [H E R E] in Modern Day Jun, Fanuel, and Saiyuri's pictures have been updated. In the Future Effects profile pages [H E R E], Lan and Sashi's pics have been updated/added, and for now I've removed Samara's profile (I plan to add this back in later when it become relevant again). In the AU01 page [H E R E], Zephyr's picture has been updated. In the AU04/Rebirth page [H E R E], Jun and Zephyr's pics have been added, Zeph and Innic's profiles have been updated and Carrow's profile and pic has been added. I've also updated the Doll Tabs above by taking out the Musedoll Ciel tab, while adding the Soom R.Chalco and Delf Cian tabs.

:: January 14, 2018 :: Parts 3 - 6 of AU01 Book 2 have been added to the story page, starting ->[H E R E].

:: January 13, 2018 :: I've added the next two Doll a Week pics to the 2018 page, you can see them ->[H E R E]. One week ahead, but it prolly won't last long -haha. Also! There's a new short story bit between Jenova and Fuan, you can read it ->[H E R E]. And finally, the extra album for Jun, Zeph, Sashi and Lan in their AU gear can be seen ->[H E R E] <3

:: January 6, 2018 :: Happy New Year! It's Year of the Dog and I'm determinted to stay on top of things this year no matter what life throws on me. We'll see how that goes, because life. Amirite? Anywho, starting out, I've updated the Albums page by adding in the 2018 Doll a Week, you can see it ->[H E R E]. I've also added Fuan and Jenova's extra shots ->[H E R E]. Yay, Jenova and Fuan <3